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End of route 28.2.23
We visited it on a rainy morning to check if the route had been continued.

End Of The Road As Of February 2021 -54.58609, -68.82120

This place is permanently closed.

Las Golondrinas - Casa De Ciclistas -42.03186, -71.53167

This place is permanently closed.

Illuchi Camping -1.39278, -78.42493

This place is permanently closed.

Camping Baños de Água Santa -1.38897, -78.41879

great free place for the night in the national forest! plenty of space, although the heat and bugs were no joke as of Feb 2023

Buckhorn Hunt camp 30.33468, -84.53472

This place is permanently closed.

El Pericón Restaurante 16.82418, -93.46905

This place is permanently closed.

Sima de las Cotorras 16.80877, -93.47417
The Irish Rambler

Spent the night. Very friendly. Restaurant on site only open Thurs- Sun 11am-6pm
Wi-Fi is very weak
Good shade for eating at the sites
Nice beach for a walk just beyond the campsite

Campo Turistico No. 1 31.03000, -114.83200

This place is permanently closed.

Cracker Barrel 33.38192, -111.72020

Pets are only allowed in the camping site, not the lodge

Molengoane Lodge -29.40277, 27.78266

looks temporarily closed

Cuatro Casas Hostel 30.93350, -116.24222

Very good park to sleepy on rv

praça boa para dormir com motorhome

Best free place in São Paulo -23.55094, -46.71420

Border no longer accessible for foreigners to enter India! This is non negotiable and no exceptions will be made.

India migration office 26.48241, 90.66897

I wasn't able to find this place.

Turismo al Galope -42.80834, -72.66579

This is a great spot for food, drinks, and entertainment; relaxing and casual. However, our experience sleeping was not the same story. The noise from highway 1 was loud but expected. What was unexpected was the continuous dog barking through the night. There were several having a contest at who could be louder. A dog even kept circling our van and barking. We were traveling with 3 other vans and they had some troubles sleeping as well.

Mulege Brewing Company 26.87214, -111.93572
Jorge Moscardi

Esivemos este final de semana (24/2/23). O encontramos fechado e quase em situação de abandono.

Camping Terramar -26.77100, -48.66430

They charge R$ 150 per night, now. According to the gatekeeper it started last week. We didn't stay.

Estão cobrando R$150 a noite, segundo o guarda começaram a pouco tempo. Não dormimos.

Casa Valduga - wineyard -29.17708, -51.55630

Surfers Beach - nice beach - gets busy on the weekends. Have to camp away from the water as the sand is soft.

Camino Cabo Este Playa camp 23.12322, -109.52578

a beautifull place to stay at daytime for a picknick and a swim. voor 1800pesos per person you can enter. of you want to sleep here its 2000pesos per person more.

3 little beaches to swim. there are lifeguards. you also can swim a bit further, but with a life jacket.
toilets, bbq pits, picknicktables and a little store to buy some drinks.

Camping Bahía de los Sentidos -34.58684, -68.66332

Grutas was a tourist trap so we wandered here to overnight
Really nice people- safe night behind the shop, free wifi and toilet is open
(We filled up next day and drunk a coffee & smoothie)

Gas Station Linda Vista 15.33545, -91.01649

Paid 50000 for double bed with AC. Room at the back less noisy. Good wifi. Could also park motorcycle at the back in the inside court. Good for 1 night stop

Hotel el Gran Bachue 7.46542, -73.20182

Stefan and Marco run Car-Tech Namibia in an outstanding way: super friendly, supportive and with a knowledge of all needs of Overlanders. We arrived Monday morning and had just 2 days in Windhuk. They fixed all issues with a.o. suspension and wheels - after 20k often very bad streets there were a lot of issues... We were absolutely happy with the service and with the reasonable prices!

Car-Tech Namibia -22.57566, 17.09086

Well maintained campsite. 9k for non Chilean (4.5k local). Each site has water access and covered area for cooking and shelter. Wood fired hot shower available in evening. Clean toilets. Well sheltered spots from wind.

Laguna Chinguay -45.98701, -71.88123

What a great place! No amenities, but it’s quiet, peaceful, and remote. When we came to the campground at about 4pm, there was only one other vehicle here. We saw a couple of gators. There are multiple campsites which have fire rings and picnic tables, and there is ample shade. Some campsites are along the river. Worth the drive in. Note: if you drive faster over the washboard, it feels smoother than taking it slowly. We didn’t find a privy. Unfortunately, some campers have left their trash (and waste) behind. ATT has LTE and 2 bars cellular. Overall though, a very nice remote and free place to stay.

Town of Kicco campground South Florida WMA 27.66957, -81.14462

awesome place for the night. tons of van lifers and other RVs here. called the manager and she said parking in the back is fine overnight so long as we eat breakfast or dinner with them-so a win-win. Great service, would come again

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store 29.91544, -81.41348

Gostei do local, bem movimentado, mas a noite é tranquilo. banheiro e torneira na estação do lado e tomada na praça.

Praça da Estação de Trem -20.39078, -43.50678

Lugar tranquilo, banheiros ok cozinha ok, Internet rápida, bem próximo da Praia, funcionando normalmente, preço super acessível recomendo.

Camping Tamandaré -8.75000, -35.09424

nice simple place, great to see the stars. wifi is good & fast ..! city close by get all supplies or restaurant. I was charged 200r for one person or they forget to give me change 😂😂..

Kleinplasie -31.46283, 19.80060

Middle of nowhere is right! We drove north along the coast from Todos Santos, in our 170” 4x4 sprinter! Ride was fine, probably doable in 2wd with high clea jo rance, but in our opinion it is not big rig friendly, small towable but that would be our limit, that’s our .02 cents. We came across s lot of deep ruts other then that it was a nice ride. We made it to lighthouse just as sunset was going down! It was beautiful! Although in the excitement to catch the fading sunset (which was amazing) we rushed up dune and got stuck! Lol, deep soft sand with heavy rig! we aired down, shoveled a little and got out! We settled in to enjoy the night to head further north the following day!
Met the only local , Jesus who lives just down the road from lighthouse. What a friendly nice man, we gave him some cerveza’s just to make his evening more enjoyable, he then came down for a chat and headed off home after a nice conversation.

Faro- Middle of Nowhere 23.75706, -110.66883
Michael Head

We decided to stay in a hotel rather than camping due to the weather. Other descriptions were correct regarding clean rooms and hot showers. We paid 850 pesos for a room with 2 double beds. Like any hotel you can never predict your neighbors. It was somewhat noisy, but earplugs solved that problem.

Hotel Alma Viajera 27.96671, -114.03285

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