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Estacionamiento cerca del lago de los Patos. Amplio espacio verde con seguridad las 24h . Gratis!
Hay una canilla de agua, lugares donde comprar cerca. Se pueden usar los baños de la universidad.

Street near University -31.43533, -64.18938

This place is permanently closed.

Rocky Area 23.77233, -109.71026

Spot plat et assez grand à côté d'une jolie rivière.A n'utiliser qu'en semaine car il est à côté d'un site de détente ouvert le week-end.

River Camp 0.89202, -77.54181

At the end of a dead end road. Stone bottom. Houses are far enough to have a lot of privacy. Scarlet macaws flying around. Sea is calm but a lot of algae in the shallow water. We were the only ones between this wildcampsite and the other one a little more south. (And a lot of optional sites in between)

Playa La Palma 8.64849, -83.43350

Amazing campground in front of Lake Atitlan. Good for campers, RV's, tents. Access to pool. 75Q/per night

Bahia Atitlan Inn 14.74719, -91.16397

estação de serviços na entrada da cidade com excelente infraestrutura. banheiros limpos, café com aquecimento, ambiente acolhedor, estacionamento amplo e drivethru de sanduíches.

YPF - El Calafate -50.33142, -72.23056

I wasn't able to find this place.

Allsup's Convenient store 33.94722, -105.78484

This place is permanently closed.

Estancia El Chillo -6.40684, -77.87721

it is a special place with a replica house of the Chachapoyas culture, with 2 rooms for rent, each including private bathroom. Very nice.
Daniel is very friendly and knows a lot about the different archeological places arround, which he can lead you to.

Macros Camping -6.72400, -77.79790

Nice place, quiet at night. Trash bin and toilet available

Beach Camp 23.95747, 57.13926

Basic but cheap enough hotel on a side street, right by a tram stop and near a lot of shops and restaurants, including lots of motorcycle shops. has 24h reception workers and cameras to watch motorcycles parked on the street in front. Rooms are a bit noisy but so be it. 450 for a double with breakfast after bargaining.

Murat Hotel 38.72053, 35.48099

The Little Ranch
This Juwel of a place is well known by locals and is the best for eating, drinking and sleep on their parking (for a good tip) if you need a break on the N6. I was the first who wanted to sleep on their parking... Lets make this place a legacy. Very friendly owners Oosie & Jeanre arrange facilities when people come. Also rooms available.

The Little Ranch -30.70620, 26.71613

Are you are looking for an unconventional wild campspot? Maybe after a long wine tasting in the nearby winery silva daganakis? Then this is your place! It is the old road underneath the new main road, which nature is about to conquer back. You have a nice view into the valley. It is quiet apart from a little bit of traffic from the main road. Access is from the village.

Old Road in Nature 35.21374, 25.03751

Motorbike shop and garage, accessories, tyres, parts, mechanics, maintenance... specialised in European brands (Yamaha, KTM..., Bihr, LS2, Japan, Taiwan...)
Owner is an enduro enthusiast, very good knowledge of European motorbike mechanics, possibility of free use of the workshop for travellers...
A very good motorbike address in Abidjan.

TOP MOTO 5.28535, -3.97622

This is a popular restaurant, we stopped here as we saw a lot o people eating here. They have the usual indian/arabic dishes.
We took spicy chicken with rice and it was more than 2 people can eat. Payed 24 rials.

Local popular restaurant 18.06734, 42.21638

The historical Najdi Mosque was built by Ibrahim Al-Najdi, who was one of the largest pearl merchants on the island of Farasan.

Najdi Historic Mosque 16.70288, 42.11642

Peaceful stopover, we paid 50 cedis pp for a night. Super clean toilets and shower also ability to swim in the river. Two to three shady flat spots.

Aylos Bay Garden Lodge 6.24389, 0.09249

Brilliant find! This is a cafe/wine bar, bakery, supermarket, butcher, Deli, wine shop. Literally a one stop shop and same prices as simba supermarket. Excellent place to buy what u need for Rwanda and the first few days if you are crossing into Tanzania.

La Galette supermarket -1.94570, 30.05593

Just outside Abomey, there is a big open space on a hill. Beautiful view. Only few locals passed by.

Wild camping on small hill 7.21534, 1.97666

We really liked our visit here. They have an official price list now. 3000cfa per person for foreign tourists. They have guides that speak perfect English. The tour takes one hour and they will explain everything about the Danxome kingdom.

The entrance is a bit difficult to find. It's the bookshop or clothes store on next to the museum.

Historic Museum and Royal Palaces of Abomey 7.18565, 1.99405

Since there is no place to spend the night in Faranah we ended up just outside the city in the fields. No houses nearby but the people who work on the fields come by in the morning and evening. They invited us to visit their property and explained to us how the agriculture works in Guinee. We had a great time with them! If you sleep here pay them a visit, they would love that!
Also the internet connection is perfect here.

(Continue to drive down the track until you get to a wooden fence. The GPS coordinates are a bit off)

Spot in nature 9.99573, -10.72764

Confirmed- this place is closed. Don’t park here.

Parking Lot 38.81188, -104.82364

Good restaurant. Acheke-Aloko with chicken or fish for 2500CFA. I say yeah.

L’amicale 6.36055, 2.08559

Perfect to fill up water! Thank you for sharing.

water source 27.33537, 37.78755

Beautiful huge area with many rock needles and formations. Perfect for astro photography. Some spots accessible with 2wd and many more sports accessible with 4wd only (deep sand driving). Just choose yours. Spent there 2 nights. Some locals come to camp here. Good internet signal.

National Park 2WD 27.35861, 37.80768

I think the lady here owns an all the guesthouses in town. apparently she doesn't do camping anymore as it's irresponsible since there is no fence/gate to keep people out. Fair enough. I got a room for me and my bicycle for 400r which is the price for people riding bicycle. room is nice and kitchen if you want. originally I went to the other place Garias Kamping but no one was home and I'm 99% sure this lady owns that place too and that's where she used to offer camping. she's super nice anyway. nice stay

Sophia's Guesthouse -30.56060, 17.99054

We slept on first on a field but the wind was soo hard that we were afraid that the car would fall over. Now we parked the car on the road with the with in front of us. Well its a nice spot of there is no wind, we are both kitesurfers and we know what wind can do. We were very scared for the car. The whole car was moving. The gust was unbelievable to 60 knots.

Dont park here when there is wind

50knots -45.67464, -72.06626

Gorgeous ! Part a posh community. We are blessed to have the privilege to park here with no issues . White sandy beach , palapas, walking paths out of a tropical fantasy . Wow! Come early - before 9 or after 5 if you want to park here. Busy place! Oh and if you’re not an early riser you may not enjoy . Lots of staff starting with here at 7am And you need to be stealth .

Playa Palmilla 23.01044, -109.71675
sage schlebach

This place is epic! Turn left of the road round the hill abit and you’ll find it, fire pit and easy sleeping for a day trip the next day to the canyon, beware all the accomodation at ai ais and fish river canyon is fuuuuckin expensive 😅 also if you hike up the hill towards the desert on the right as you head in, there’s an epic view at sunset

Dry river bed -27.61918, 17.71527

As described. Fairly level spots for multiple rigs. There is a gate you need to open to access. A bit muddy when wet. But even after a light rain it wasn’t too difficult to get out. We stayed close to the road as we arrived late in the evening. We have an in truck camper and are cautions because we are heavy but didn’t have any issues here.

Crozier Ranch - Route 66 35.45851, -113.62618

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