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We had to stay almost 2 Months in Calafate ( with pause) waiting fot our carparts, and we stayed behind the ypf with out popup camper. Small river there, fresh water to drink and wash, toilet and bin at the petrol station, aqua caliente non stop 馃槄,in the center close to the shops, bars. It can be loud during the night, mostly at the weekend. Place for 8-10 campers.

YPF Station -50.33824, -72.25839
Penelope S.Miller

Very busy and crowded campsite. we didn't try internet. Some toilets were not that clean, but did see maintenance crew clean. Some sinks near campsites were dirty and clogged. No electrical outlet at site. Shower facilities worn but clean.

Camping Los Coihues -41.15880, -71.41184
Cycling Fab

When there with my touring bike and camped one night (Feb. 2023). Perfectly quiet and just a bit exposed to wind.

Wild Camping Beyond El Toro 36.83690, -2.33348

RV spots in rear. Next to two hotels. Decently level

Cracker Barrel 32.48878, -86.41167

This is a rough road in and I didn鈥檛 go all the way out to the palms because of the really deep sand. I turned left up a rocky little hill and there was a fire pit on a flat open spot. No cell service Verizon

Vibrant Desert 28.48996, -114.06041

We recommend you this place to stay for a night and take a rest.
Let you be surprised by his unknown menu. You won鈥檛 be disappointed.
William runs this place, he has a bike shop where you can rend some to take a tour near the Dead Sea.

Be aware of dogs 馃槣

al numeria association (free camping for cyclists) 31.27149, 35.52609

For the Iveco drivers; Vito is a super friendly Italian fluent in French who specialises in diagnostics and services/parts for Iveco. You can reach him at +224627105221 or +393475709317

Iveco Diagnostic 9.53707, 13.67624

Perfect place. We did the open water in mares ecuador and lego our van here while we did our inmersions. Mares Ecuador took care of our dog. Peaceful nights even in weekends.

playa free camp -1.56269, -80.81777

Propane refill. Friendly and fast service.

Uhaul 31.77791, -106.42257

OK place, little road noise from the Highway bridge. Nice little trail with some more petroglyphs at the end of Loop A.

Sand Island BLM 37.26100, -109.61900
Mar铆a Isabel

Estaci贸n de servicios Axion excelente atenci贸n, sanitarios impecables, duchas gratis, shop, agua potable, playa para parar y pernoctar. junto a la terminal de micros. Excelente.

AXION Station-Perito Moreno -46.58262, -70.92768
Mar铆a Isabel

Estaci贸n de servicios YPF con playa para estacionar y pernoctar. agua potable, combustibles, duchas no hay x que est谩n en refacciones.
excelente atenci贸n. tienen app YPF

YPF - Estacion de Servicio -46.59158, -70.92639

Stayed one night from 7pm-7am. No one bothered us. Quiet and safe.

Public Parking 37.39399, -122.08116

absolutely the best camping spot in PE. Oscar is the manager and such a nice guy.

Escondido 15.83288, -97.04349

between Medina and the Red Sea, a quiet corner, with trees and may be water at good season. Easy access for all vehicles

Fat land between mountains 24.12380, 39.21974

Very good museum on petrol : its formation, ways to extract it and ways to use it.
Lot of different kinds of supports, which makes the museum not annoying.
2000 Pesos / pers.

Museo National del Petroleo -45.83702, -67.48098

Free showers very clean. Hot water for men, almost cold for women.

Free GOOD hot shower -45.81780, -67.45760

Nice spot with no wind during the night : so good !
We saw whales with binoculars.
We also saw about 150 sealions, which were at about 1km in the north.

Caleta Olivia -46.52722, -67.45783

Enter the beach from san clemente.
Drive north, enter the dunes to an conveniant point.
We parkt a four by four next to a field of pampa grass. We where not fysible from the beach. Later at night we woke up by passing quats. But no one did see ius.

Dunes san clemente -36.31667, -56.73333

芦聽Les chouchous en vadrouille 芦聽
Le plus s茅rieux m茅canicien de la ville, on recommande !!!!

Ckamuria Muley -22.90196, -68.20122

free wifi in bus terminal, slow connection but it works

Terminal de 贸mnibus -46.53795, -68.93496

Expensive. They put the wrong oil in our landrover 300tdi and they don鈥檛 have a lot of knowledge. Go to SSS autoworks with your landrover. They can help you, are very helpful and have a lot of knowledge.

CMC -6.84230, 39.26494

Very nice hoster铆a 50 Meters away from the PanAm. Rooms 11,20 per Person for a cabin like matrimonial with private bathroom. Good Wifi, showers were cold but we were the only guests and didn鈥檛 reclaim it, as it was a warm enough day so. Place is surrounded by lovely gardens and fruit trees. There is also a swimming pool with slides, but it was under construction when we were there. Very friendly administration. Safe for parking cars, motorcycles and bikes. There is a height limit at the entrance so don鈥檛 know if big rigs can enter. At weekends also restaurant-service. Place is run by volunteers 鈥渃lub de voluntarios de la fuerza terrestre鈥. Best recommendations!

La Palmira 0.45615, -78.00778

Cracker Barrel told me it was ok but it鈥檚 not allowed. The security guard for the shopping complex let me know that she鈥檚 been cracking down on the dang vagabonds doing all their drugs in rvs !!! Lol find somewhere else buddies this is no longer a good passing through one night spot

Cracker Barrel 33.38192, -111.72020

Wild camping is legally forbidden in the country and especially in nature parks and reserves

Malcata 40.47290, -6.93904

Just called to book a dry camp for the night. No dice, dry camps only if they are full. Full price for Vanagon $49, $29 for dry site but you can鈥檛 have one.

Orange Grove Camping 35.34278, -118.88008

Dirt parking lot in the middle of town. Spent the night in a couple of tents with no issues.

Mercado de Artesanos -24.21712, -66.31996

wanted $30 dollars per vehicle to stay in a gravel car park with a small flat section and no view. Would negotiate as low as $25 per car but felt this was too much for what was on offer.

does have a restaurant but we did not stay.

Kivu Paradis -1.73367, 29.27317

Camped in the car park, nice and level but not massive. Had use of a nearby toilet and cold shower. Warm shower available at extra cost - would have to open a chalet. Secure car park with security present overnight
Lovely view from the restaurant and gardens. Allowed us to bring in our own hot drinks and eat our own breakfast in the gardens.

Bar and restaurant on site. Didnt est but extensive options. Also the possibility of hiring bikes/kayaks.

Decent WiFi in the bar and gardens

Paradis Malahide Cottages And Campsite -1.73361, 29.27310

Another Cracker Barrel to the rescue. We called to confirm permission. Several rigs were already parked when we arrived around 6pm. Lots of parking spaces, and plenty of well tended grass for our dog. Some rvs were parked not in the designated area, which is unfortunate since CB may limit overnight parking if it interferes with their customer parking.

Cracker Barrel 31.15189, -81.56943

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