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Great t mobile service, snowy drive up and a bit slippery on my rwd van.

BLM Water Canyon Recreation Area 40.92702, -117.66762

Visitei o local porém não fiquei, não encontrei ninguém na recepção e não sei qual valor cobram, parece que a administração está desorganizada.

Camping Maresia -8.90662, -35.15364

Price went even more up to 400 per load (clean and dry). It‘s way too expensive.

Laundry Express 12.15210, -86.18603

park here all day at the beach for free. fit our 21 ft van. parallel parking on one side street and pull in spots on the other

Isle of Palms Free Beach Parking 32.79031, -79.77989

Same great place, with some improvements - a new entrance and the common area is fixed up a bit.

Dora as always is accommodating. She took 20 USD in lieu of 350 Pesos.

A good quiet, safe, peaceful night.

Punta Vista RV Park 30.53573, -111.11685

An absolute beautiful area. Even the Walmart down the road is spectacular though There are no overnight parking signs everywhere at the Walmart. No signs prohibiting you from staying at this Home Depot but we were very paranoid about getting kicked out just because it’s a great one! But we didn’t, completely undisturbed.
Cleanest bathrooms for the morning. When they open at 6 AM though, it’s very loud! 😂

Home Depot 29.70146, -82.34279

This place is permanently closed.

road block - private property -14.84172, -75.05959

Welcoming and friendly! Stopped here on the way to San Felipe from Ensenada. Piedad greeted us outside even though the restaurant was closed for the evening. She exchanged information with us, invited us for breakfast, and ensured we would be safe for the night. The bathrooms are sparkling clean. Practice your Spanish before you get here!

Restaurante Yacqueline 31.40173, -115.71774

Large store, only a few other RV and vans stayed. Lot quieted after 1000p
Otherwise all was good

Walmart El Centro 32.81275, -115.57515

Passamos 1 noite aqui. Tranquilo, porém começa a circular veículos logo de manhã. @naestradacomleao

playa de estacionamiento -37.99675, -57.54113

Un buen lugar para pasar una noche. Es tranquilo e iluminado. Encontramos una toma de energía eléctrica y recargamos baterías. Amanecimos frente al mar.

24h Parking -27.57301, -48.53952

very nice place, many people in the evening, but after 23 hours it is calm and save (cameras)
great sunset over the river!

Costanera Paso de Los Libres - Frente a Prefectura -29.72223, -57.08355

I wasn't able to find this place.

Moran Mini Mart 32.76732, -115.26937

Sehr ruhig in der Nacht, auch am Tag trotz Baustelle nebenan. Die Polizei sah uns und ließ uns gewähren. Wenig Schatten durch einzelne Bäume

Buraydah 26.38103, 43.94712

really really nice hostel whit 2 building next each to other. the owner Pierre Alain is very kind and there is a possibility to park motorcycle inside the yard. paid 15usd for a very comfy dorm bed. the place is super clean added whit great vibe !

Hostel Mapatagonia -41.31798, -72.98892
Cinquentões na Estrada (Marcia &Marco)

Lugar tranquilo, 120 soles para dos personas y el carro, con energía y uso de todas las instalaciones incluida la piscina, 80 soles sin energía, pero negociamos 4 días por 60 soles el día con energía. tratar con Richard, el socio mayoritario, no es bueno para negociar.

lugar tranquilo, 120soles duas pessoas e o carro, com energia e usar toda as instalações inclusive a piscina, 80 soles sem energia, mas negociamos 4dias por 60 soles por dia com energia. negocie com o Richard o sócio mais velho não é bom de negociar.

Punta Ballenas -4.10767, -81.06096

I just got towed while parked! They hook up my van because it’s a private property and you need a decal! Cost me $550 plus Uber ride! Don’t do it!

Quarry apts, Rockland Key 24.60416, -81.67157

Awesome little coffee shop where they roast their coffee and cocoa beans on-site. The young owners have a passion for coffee, cocoa and love to educate customers on the product industry in Mexico. They sell coffee, cocoa products, mole and have a small restaurant next door. Short walk from the Trailer Park Las Americas to enjoy this amazing little cafe.

Café Pajchá 19.07017, -98.29760

there is a workshop at this spot and i talked to the owners that it’s not allowed to park there for free

Bariloche -41.13441, -71.29546

40 soles for single room, good location, lots of motorcycle shops and a vehicle wrapping shop across the street that can do it in 2 days for 250 soles

Hotel Los Angeles -5.71114, -78.80382

I wasn't able to find this place.

Travel Agency 15.57642, -89.98581

Passamos uns 5 dias aqui. Pegamos energia na barraca da Wilane ( barraca camurupim ). Pegamos água e usamos banheiro e wi-fi no restaurante do Jardel ( Paradise beer ). Muito tranquilo e seguro todos os dias, movimento um pouco maior final de semana mas ainda sim é tranquilo.

Grande Estacionamento Praia Pedra do Sal -2.80612, -41.72970

We parked outside for free. 50 cent pp to visit the lagoon, it isn't so nice..  not worth it for us.

Estacionamos afuera gratis. 50 centavos por persona para conocer la laguna, que nisiquiera es tan linda.. no vale la pena para nosotros.

Laguna Colta parque -1.72536, -78.76160

Came back on a Tuesday. Can confirm dryers are Free on Tues, Wed, Thur. Also, free wifi.

Buhler’s Laundry 40.37521, -111.78920

No crossing ob bicycle possible. You have to pay 20 JD exit fee and also the coach you have to take. In total we argued a lot about the price, all in all we paid 30 US dollar for the transportation.

Jordan border 31.88591, 35.55078

very open spacious area with a lake. flush toilet and shower nearby

Imperial Dam- South Mesa, LTVA 32.90004, -114.49973

Dump station + potable water fill for $10.

Upper Blue Sanitation Station 39.56658, -106.05236

The road down to the river seems to be graded. It is definitely doable with 2WD, even with a bigger Ducato or something like that. I was there on a Tuesday and the place was full of locals. The price is still 60$ per night per person and you pay the pesos to the kids. The river is really nice, the toilets not.

Cascada Salto de Ixtagapa 18.05291, -94.95078

This place is permanently closed.

Playa San Pedrito 23.37014, -110.20512

free dump site with paid park entry. Potable and non potable spigots.

Malaquite CG Dump Station 27.43089, -97.29771

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