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Showered here. It was $2 for 30 mins.
Check times of showers.

Redwood Rec Center 40.70419, -111.93690

Free dump station, open during winter months.

Maverick Station 40.69931, -111.90621

Gorgeous views! Very private. We stayed at the second campground. There is a third one farther down the road but the road is a bit rougher. 1 bar with Verizon.

At the foot of mountains 34.96879, -115.40062

Ch Punta Arenas Glasflaschen 11 kg gefüllt mit Südamerika Adapter von Seabridge 30.000 CLP!!!

Propane Gas (GasCo) -53.16838, -70.91239

Want ice cream? This open air courtyard is full of amazing ice cream vendors and is quite picturesque. Recommend!!

Ice Cream Plaza (Plaza de la Danza) 17.06322, -96.72954

Service très rapide! Enfin un endroit qui acceptent de remplir notre bouteille achetée au Canada!! Nous cherchons depuis plus d'une semaine...
Ils ont chargé 15lbs même si nous avons une 10lbs, mais bon...

Very fast service! Finally a place that agrees to fill our bottle purchased in Canada !! We have been looking for more than a week ... they charged 15lbs even if we have a 10lbs ...

Zgas/Tropigas 10.48100, -85.21398

MAGNIFIQUE! Directement au bord d'une superbe rivière. Rafraîchissante, eau claire et agréable de s'y baigner. Quelques locaux de jour qui ont quitté à 17h. Nuit très tranquille.

Beautiful! Directly at the edge of a superb river. Refreshing, clear and pleasant water to swim there. Some locals during the day that have left at 17h. Very quiet night.

Riverside 10.72648, -85.41257

we were sent here from mechanica serna because of some issues with our front wheel drive. as they had a very busy day but told us that they do it that day, they worked till late in the evening to fix all our problems the best way they could (no spare parts available for our 4x4 sprinter). let's hope it will last. really fair price and super honest and friendly people. Their alignment is maybe a bit old fashioned but highly recommended and the best I ever had!

San Jose Alineados -24.19460, -65.31842

Nice spot for the night. There were only three of us for the night. Well spread out. Peaceful with a low rumble of Highway and train noise. Not disturbing.

S Ave 52½ East, east of Yuma AZ 32.73722, -113.73944

Posto muito tranquilo. Banheiros limpíssimos com chuveiro quente R$7,00. Também tem lanchonete

Lorry Park Posto Paraiso -15.62557, -39.43701

We arrived around 4pm on a Thursday, paid for 2 hours, then went to the beach which is only about a block away. We woke up to a full parking lot, probably mostly locals. I suggest getting there before 5PM to get a spot.

Miami North Beach P107 25.86419, -80.12150

O local é um paraíso a beira debe rio manso, com aguas claras. Há muito espaço para barracas e Motorhome. O local tem fácil acesso às margens da ruta 40. Ótima opção pra quem quer fugir das cidades próximas.

Rio Pichi Traful Free Camping Area -40.48837, -71.59576

A wonderful spot and little village on the river. We think you should register at the tourist office near the pier but not essential. An employee come around in the morning with a form for us to register and provided maps and brochures of the region. All for free

Nuevo Berlin By The River Of Uruguayo -32.98229, -58.06536

Great and safe place to stay. At 8pm all locals are gone and you have the beach to yourself. when walking 1 min on the right you see the volcano. Be caution not to park on the sand and to be able to go up the steep section at the beginning of the road. We almost got stuck with our Mitsubishi L300.

Lakeside -39.30085, -72.06872

Life saver!

This is a building that used to be part of the ticket office. It’s covered and it has well established benches and windows. There would be space to fit 2 tents in the center area. When we were there it was unlocked and it even had a electrical socket with 2 plugs. It has a door too, so it’s a great spot to shelter from bad weather, have lunch or even spend the night? - we only stopped here to wait for the ferry.

It seemed people had slept here since we saw a tent and some poles left over under one of the benches.

Bathrooms from the tienda across the street are $500, very clean.

Lady from the tienda sells snacks

Shelter at Puerto Yungay -47.93496, -73.32395

Came here because el mosco was full. We got a double room for 30k. It’s 15k p/p. The room was upstairs and a bit chilly but lots of blankets and the shower was hot. We hung our wet clothes around the stove.

Breakfast is now 5k, we didn’t get it. He let us use the kitchen to cook.

Guy is nice. WiFi is now gone.

Hospedaje 'Carretera Austral' -48.46737, -72.56094

Nice place. The camping area is big but has very little wind protection (some bushes). It had rained for a few days in a row so the ground was very wet, we got a bed in a shared room (6 ppl).

Camping is 9k/p
Shared room is 14k/p

Hospedaje Austral got beds for 15k/p in double rooms in case you need something more quiet than a hostel. This is a nice spot but it can be a little too loud at night since unfortunately quiet time (23hr) is not really enforced

El Mosco Hostel And Camping -48.46462, -72.56072

The parking lot to access the walks around the Wentworth Falls is very quiet at night. There are toilets, water and a picnic site. All the walks leave from here.

Wentworth Falls Parking -33.72514, 150.36889

GREAT spot totally hidden from the road. We used this as an option to stay the night to get to Punta tombo early next morning. Good option if you're self contained.

RP42 - Close to entrance to Punta Tombo -43.96918, -65.41715

Still nice. But not perfectly groomed anymore. Facilities quite tired and smelly.. Only solarpower, just enough for charging cellphones. Paid 200 Pesos p.P....quite overpaid for what you get. Beware of scorpions!

Laguna Azul 18.92500, -88.16611

we stayed here for 3 nights and really enjoyed that little paradise. there are animals all around and coming over to say hi. the mill is old but the place is very lovely. 2 blocks away from downtown. the dogs are shy and rather inconfident in the beginning, but as soon as they get to know you they are very friendly, so no problems with the dogs. we payed 25.000 COP per person per night.

Molino del Balcón 5.63510, -73.52686

Great information centre with lots of info about the region. Also, great open and free WiFi!

Tourist information Center -39.24152, -70.91284

The place is great! The actual name of the campground is La Güera, after the owner Señora Güera, who is the nicest lady ever!

They provide electricity, table, chairs, and hammocks! Toilet is clean, but without a seat. Showers are cold, but it’s warm outside. If it’s cold outside, Señora Güera will let you take a hot shower inside her house.

There is tons of shade and cover from wind off the ocean. Animals all around: iguanas, chickens, turkeys, huge frogs, all sorts of birds. You can even catch some fish in the river right off the property!

Only downside is food, just small convenience stores, mo restaurant. Make sure to stock up before arriving.

Camping La Güera 18.70386, -95.24047

We checked this place, but didn’t stay. He wanted to
have 150Q/night. We try to negotiate, because the last visit with 80Q wasn’t that long ago. His answer was we can have the price of 80Q if we don’t you the banos.

La Herradura 14.73757, -91.15662

We asked if we could camp here. Although it is only open during the weekend, the friendly lady said it was okay. You pay what you think it's worth.


Brisas del Nowen 2.54717, -72.78029

We asked what would be the costs for one night. The lady said 30.000cop p.p. We said other persons only paid 20.000 cop in total, but she didn't lower her price. For us it wasn't worth paying that much for such place.


Piedra Alta 2.56219, -72.80182

We only came here to watch the River Dolphins from the shore. We enjoyed 2 River Dolphins swimming around. There are small restaurants, but it seems like you need to reserve upfront if you want to eat there.


Puerto Arturo 2.57924, -72.86626

the place is closed, impossible to reach the river

Riverside camp -36.25397, -71.81358

lugar tranquilo, chegamos a noite e o proprietário da pousada Recreio das Fontes, nos ofereceu agua, energia e banheiro, bem solicito. ficamos apenas 1 noite porque choveu muito, mas nos sentimos bem acolhidos.

Estacionamento na Praia da fonte -4.52048, -37.70838
JK Basecamp

Stayed overnight, no issues.

We were alone when I arrived, and when I woke up in the model of the night, there were 2 other vans, and 2 RV, which stopped overnight as well.

Cracker Barrel 37.63906, -77.57000

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