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Changes euros. Today (7/3/23) 1€=365 Ars

Casimiró bigua restaurante -50.33148, -72.23079

they only fill fixed tanks. just what we needed...

GPL/LPG Gas Station Posadas -27.46167, -55.81975

lot of birds and view to the beach . quincho for rest.

Atacama Glamp -28.46279, -71.21063

DON'T STAY HERE. Literally open sewage in the bathroom. Worst smelling hotel my entire trip. People not friendly

Dubai Hotel -5.75715, -78.43949

Great spot, slightly tilted, gorgeous view, minimal traffic at night.

Meyers Creek Beach Viewpoint 42.31228, -124.41481

arrived late and left early. no problemo.

Walmart Supercenter 27.82946, -80.48017

Really nice place to spend one or two nights. Its an old road not in use anymore that you can access easily from main road. Plenty of flat space and you are perfectly hidden by a big hill. You can even try to keep going on the old dirt road how leads into the forest, maybe it would be even more private (we didnt try). We didnt see anybody in the evening, arriving at 3.30pm. Peaceful and fresh night (1600 m of elevation).
Bonus : we had the visit of some vervet monkeys in the evening. Just curious, they left after staring at us for a minute.

Roadside -14.15164, 14.47618

camping and cabins inside the jungle, quiet place, small parking lot for large motorhomes. the entrance from the main road is narrow but in good condition for large motors.

Rayu Pakcha, Gran Cañon -0.83012, -77.76668

sendero from the road to the river where it is has dug an impressive canyon and several waterfalls, one of them inside a cave, a small lagoon for bathing.

Cascadas del Gran Cañon -0.83012, -77.76669

They let us camp for free in the nice garden beside the big church .
Very kind and nice priest that open for us a room and let us use toilet and shower.

Catholic Church Saint Hilaire -1.63229, 13.60718

local amplo, único parque possível fazer churrasco, para nós Brasileiros foi cobrado 800 pesos por carro, a diária, banheiros somente com água fria, em má condições de uso, mas sendo possível usar.

Camping Municipal (4,2,1) -31.36015, -64.26364

Road side pull off no signs prohibiting parking, camping, or overnight parking. Large open and close plowed in the winter time. 1 bar ATT

9 pull off plowed 39.85331, -106.23668

There is a small 'no acampar' sign but we spend the night here, no problems yet. We stayed here during the morning to wait for our kayak trip. Around 11.00 the police kindly asked us to not camp here. They pointed across the lake, we understood they preferred us to park there.

Park in the 'woods'. -43.18358, -71.85928

All info still the same. We paid 30 Soles for 2 People and a Van.

Ramada Campestre Huaca del Sol -8.13042, -79.01355

Same as the hotel pin, but I know I don’t always check hotel pins. Great place to stay overnight in the parking lot. You can read the hotel pin reviews for more. Very friendly staff and security guards, very clean bathroom open all night and FREE to stay! We had some food and drinks & coffee in the morning to help support. The front desk lady called her boss to make sure it was okay and he sounded happy to have us! Definitely recommend. Also great wifi and they let me work from the restaurant area which is beautiful!

Villa Napoli 13.97023, -89.54463

Awesome place! Super friendly staff that were happy to have us. Very clean bathrooms open all night, good wifi I used to work, and free! We bought some food and drinks & coffee in the morning to help support! Really friendly and nice security guards.

Villa Napoli 13.97027, -89.54462

Came here to do the papers for the dog to cross to Chile.
Nice guy, did it on the spot in 45 minutes.
Price 2970 pesos

SENASA El Calafate -50.33928, -72.26675

Found diesel fuel here for 500CFA. First station coming from South Gabon, nice and new.

Total Fuel Station -4.19720, 12.68006

Came in March and the roads getting here were somewhat muddy but doable with 2WD until the parking lot which was a mud pit. Both roads going left and straight after the parking lot were muddy as well so we turned around and left.

Meadow 38.86227, -112.50560

Completely covered by snow when we went in March. Had to move on.

Fishlake National Forest-Side of Road 38.58808, -112.48867

Completely covered in snow in March so we had to move on.

Dirt road pull off 38.58562, -112.48938

Parking lot of the hippodrome. Many horses and riders around in the area. All very friendly, we were allowed to use the toilet of the stadium.
The road is close, so some traffic noise.

Hippodrom Parking -33.53688, -56.88752

We’ve got 2 road blocks on the RN5 this one is the second one the first one was 2 km ahead. Both times there were two guys and they had put big rocks in the middle and ropes.
What worked for us is to keep the windows 4/5 closed. Say we won’t pay and we will call the touristic police. We actually did call and while on the call we put the speaker on. The guys got scared and removed the rope and the rocks letting us pass.

Better take the road through Coban. The RN5 is a very beaten up track and very long to cover.

Road block 15.66547, -89.99370
Roadtrip 2020

I consider this spot the same as ‘Valle de Bascan - ecoturistico’ entry but with the wrong coordinates. No entrance whatsoever on this location.

We stayed at the parking lot for 160 pesos for entrance and staying overnight. Nobody around. Beautiful falls to have a swim in.

Waterfall 17.33101, -91.92512
Miss Daisy

This is the starting point of Namakwa 4×4 eco trail. It's also a great spot to stop on the side of the road between Upington to Springbok.
Make sure to close the entrance gate. In our opinion it is even possible to sleep here. Good MTN signal

Namakwa 4×4 eco trail -29.12760, 19.23961

Very safe and quiet, the police is very close have toilet an very nice place to visit! 😁 a lot waterfalls! Very big! Play garden in the square

Tranquilo y seguro! Baños y juegos para los niños en la plaza! La policia en frente. Nos dijeron que podiamos parar aca 🙌!

Tourist Information -25.21422, -50.98104

Could be a nice space direct at the beach. However lot’s of noises: young people’s music, dogs, fishermen,….
Good for one night, not more.

Playa Tarcoles 9.75999, -84.62757

Guarded site. No free access in the evening/night. But the guard kindly let us stay overnight. He was super friendly and interested.

Parking - Visitors Center - Madaba 31.71630, 35.79674
Danes on the Road

We were in and out in less than 10 minutes and got our propane tank filled for 3.33 USD per gallon. There's a slight discount if you pay with cash, but credit is also accepted.

Bell Hydrogas 29.35148, -98.46477

Some locals with a cord ask for money. They are friendly but wanted 5 pesos. There was a police car in front of me, but the locals didn’t care.

Road Block for money 18.12501, -95.53261

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