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Several sites along the lake and a few across the road. Very popular with families. Fills up in the summer with campers from Prince George. Worth staying if you can find a site. Bugs less here than other sites we've stayed at this week.

Chubb Lake Campground 53.28114, -122.56837

Fantastic food in restaurant and great to find fresh food and meat from the farm stall ( which is close to the road). The campsite and restaurant is further from road, so a lovely quiet night. Hot shower, clean ablutions, sit on composting toilet. Boma shelter if it rains. 50 km s of Iringa. Nicky is a count of knowledge and provided valueble advise. 23000Tsh each to camp. 3 course meal was 35000 and great quality (and quantity)

The Old Kisolanza Farm House -8.14550, 35.41256

Great Location we spent 2 nights and asked permission to stay. First night we had another semi with us. FREE WI-FI and picnic tables. Quiet spot at night. Great food at the harbour across from here

Visitor Information Center 48.99452, -64.39722

Well, we expected good food. What we got (Casuela) was differ ent. Great Views
, nothing else. Next time we just take the views.

El Sombrerito -1.40275, -80.75433

A man came to tell us that this spot is PRIVATE property! apparently he's been repeatedly asking people to leave because he's constantly cleaning up after these people going on his land, and he keeps putting signs up to deter visitors but they get taken down. Please respect his land. Find another spot.

Ingonish Ferry Road 46.63161, -60.38568

Great place, quiet and safe.

Excelente sitio, pasamos 3 noches aquí, la gente del museo es amigable y nos obsequiaron agua caliente, el lugar es tranquilo y seguro. Baño a 2 cuadras en la YPF, sin ducha pero muy limpio.

Parking Museo Antropología Salta -24.78655, -65.39778

A nice hostal built recently in 2021-2022. It has 4 double bedded rooms but they have no windows on 3 of the rooms.

CLP$ 30000 for the night, simple breakfast included and some ammenities like a coffee brewing machine, microwave oven, electric bread toaster, and some other things.

There is parking for two compact cars inside, but outside nothing ever happens so you can park outside.

The owner is called Francys and its a super sweet woman, she only speaks spanish as far as i know.

Hostal Francys -39.56701, -72.00576
Ein Sof

So many sites to choose from. The first few area with multiple sites had 1 car and the last before going around the lake which is only open seasonally had around 3 campers. We went back and chose an area that had no one else. There was a truck that drove by in the night and a can that came in around 6 am parked right in front of us, went out in a kayak for a couple hours and then left. At 2:30 am we woke up to someone in a canoe with an extremely bright light they were shining around. Besides this it was quiet minimal garbage and beautiful. Game warden drove by in the morning and just waved. We would’ve been happy to stay a few nights but this was just a stop traveling through. Wasn’t too far off I-70 and great free site.

Ottawa State Fishing Lake 39.10911, -97.57269

This is a free established campground. Only facility is a chemical toilet. Nice view of the Castle Rock. This is technically for climbers, but all others use too. Not that far from the road, but not almost no traffic even during the day. Super nice! Access is not super level, so not really for RV, all others should be fine.

Castle Tower 38.64229, -109.37687

Mostly day use but camping also possible. Lot of shade. Big rigs can stay at the boat ramp. Out of season during weekdays Mo - Fr ok. Celular signal ok, Restaurant not always open

Balneario Municipal Pauliceia -21.28635, -51.84591

On bicycle. I found a cane juice business at the spot of the pin. Down the road looked overgrown. But about 200m up the hill I found a pull out with a water tank. Someone told me there may be a truck that comes late to access the tank, but I camped away from where the truck would park.

Street Parking -3.99528, -79.32460

Very nice government campground. Has a variety of sites suitable for anything from tenting to large rv's. Free firewood but it's difficult to split and not that dry. $20 per night.

Klondike River 64.05182, -139.11161

At end of gravel road from highway. Gravel parking area for La Manche Village and Suspension Bridge trail, which connects to the East Coast Trail. We did not stay overnight but it looks like it would be fine. There was a travel trailer parked at the side that looked like it was staying. Fairly level, room for several once day users leave. Garbage bins, nothing else.
Road in was OK, a few potholes.

La Manche Village Trail Head 47.16266, -52.88019

Beautiful lake! We camped 5 days here and enjoyed swimming and relaxing on the beach. Quiet during the week and even on the weekend no one else camped overnight. Pit toilets were a plus!

Lake Cameahwait 43.29530, -108.24366

Unfortunately the road out here was closed at hwy 12 as of today due to a landslide.

Selway River camping 46.08549, -115.49814

Great internet connection/speed from parking lot. Parked my sprinter on the street overnight without issue. Area directly in front of library is a bit of a dead zone so park in one of the spots near the parking lot entrance.

Port Orford Public Library 42.75021, -124.49766

good spot. big gravel parking lot and mediocre pit toilet. bring your own TP. very quiet on a weeknight. the lot is bordered by some of the vehicle trails so have a good look around first to be sure you're not blocking any.

Short Pine OHV Area 46.99428, -104.74272

All other CGs full and lots of spaces to choose from here. Right now 16.75/night. Self registry. grass patch with table between each site. Lots of room and nice surroundings! Potable water but you cannot fill RV tank as it is only available in totes.

Snaring River Overflow Campground 53.01737, -118.08691

This is a regular camping BUT the owner is just completing the work to adapt his parking lot for boondockers. Spaces are then available just for one night without any service but the wifi at 20$/night. And no need to reserve in advance. The detail infos is given for the parking lot not for the regular camping

Camping au bord de la rivière 47.66790, -70.16208

small wild camping site. benches with a fireplace next to the water. any kind of car fits, 2-3 cars can fit.

Vilhelmina road sign 64.36700, 16.92801

Large sandy spot next to the river. Some work has been done to protect the river banks with concrete blocks. The bridge has disappeared. Additional spot a bit further from the river. Few insects until sunset (but then, they were out in force). HWY 1 audible but not visible. Good for one night.

Rancheria River 60.06545, -130.50501

Filled our tank with diesel and asked if we could stay overnight… problem

Turners corner 61.68504, -149.24160

little spot for hikers in front of the waterfall

next to the waterfall 31.08743, -7.96710

They didn’t want us as a van, even not for only parking and no use of facilities

Achik Wasi Hostel -3.62419, -79.24216

Very rough road with large rocks and divots. Recommend high clearance and off-road tires.

Muluke FS117 45.30034, -123.84877

Good place to stay one night or more. ac in each room and refreshing swiming pool. private room with bathroom for 550 $ Mex /night.

Hostelito 18.49590, -88.29639

Estacionamento com água, luz e segurança, no entanto o chão é bem irregular.

Casa Valduga - wineyard -29.17713, -51.55593

Parallel one-sided street parking with generous space sizes. Our 24’ van fit easily. We were lucky to find a good spot as other campers were also parked here, including an RV and another van. Overall quiet, but we were woken up pretty by some large trucks driving to the building at the end of the road. You can see Burlington Bay from this spot. No parking restrictions we could see.

Quiet side street on the Burlington waterfront. 44.48156, -73.22213

Wendy is a wonderful host! Lovely site - would stay again.

Prudhomme Lake Provincial Campground 54.24068, -130.13354
Jack and Lindsey

Google maps says take a right but that’s not correct. Take a left and you can see all the campers from the main road. Amazing spot.

Conata Township 43.89358, -102.22919

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