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Andrew Kingston

Great Spot would do again.
2 or 3 spots. Close to hwy but not to close.

Sproat lake-OK 49.31969, -124.53453

Small shop with liquids, dry food, snacks.
Also police checkpoint.

N2 Road 19.40365, -16.05392

I was asked to pitch my tent at the checkpoint. Bicycle traveler.

N2 Road 19.40369, -16.05394

Cost is now 25 $. Probably open only on business hours. Installation is ok.

Thompson's Septic Tank Serv 46.27669, -63.21885

Crossed about a month ago by bike, coming from the Ecuador. It was quick and we were only asked for our covid vaccination record; at the time the officer asked for 3 vaccines, which we had. Their website said that as long as you have a full scheme based on your country of origin then you’re good.

We are on bikes and received 180 days each. We’ve heard some other cyclists are only getting 60 days at the border, regardless if their nationality allows them to have 180 days in Perú. It seems it’s been an arbitrary decision by the officers, so just beware.

La Hormiga (La Balsa), Ecuador to San Ignacio, Peru -9.53314, -77.51879

rocky road getting up but less than a mile from main road, campsite is at switchback, fire ring, million dollar views. no service, 10k elevation, flat. probably not for trailers. done easily in jeep grand Cherokee with roof top tent.

million dollar views 37.94176, -107.66315

Passamos aqui uma noite, sem água, sem energia, wi-fi da cafeteira bela vista para o mar, em frente a igreja.
Noite iluminda com circulação de pessoas.

Armaçao -27.75032, -48.50302

Checked it out. 20’ limit posted on the signs. Our chinook is 22’ and we barely fit into site 1. We didn’t stay for long as the mosquitoes put out the word of our arrival and it was a massacre within minutes. Also, very muggy this time of year. Decent shade from the trees. Creek was nearby but not next to the site. Probably best to visit in the fall. Easy drive to get to. $10 or $5 with access pass. No one else around. Makes sense with the bugs.

Deer Creek campground 37.85484, -111.35537

Still working, water runs quick.
Clean Restrooms.

Fabbri picnic area. 44.31445, -68.19531

Tap outside the church. Local people told us that its potable.

Villa Ibanez -31.45953, -68.72156

Large site at meadow off Lower Boggy Rd/FR258. Previous users had left a mess and coals were still smoldering in fire ring. Bad Humans!
Site is on high ground so the winds help with warm July temps.

Dolores - San Juan Nf 37.54084, -108.45900

Still available.We are two.
Owner wanted 2800ARS for a double bed. He accepted 2000ARS for a small bed.

Hostal Santuario Tres Pozos -23.53319, -65.96487

Nice free parking at the trailhead entrance. Very quiet.

Duxbury Window Trail Head 44.36924, -72.87934

It seems like parallel parking is allowed on Silver Spur and Tuxhorn. When I arrived around 8 pm on a Monday night about half the spots were taken by cars of people using the park. By 10 pm most were gone and I spent a quiet night on Silver Spur. I’m surprised by the last person’s description, because on the other side of the street are homes, so it didn’t seem like an area people would drive fast (and that wasn’t my experience).

All in all, good spot to stealth camp a night or two. 2 bars of Verizon LTE before using my booster. I felt safe.

Residential In town Park 38.41176, -122.73429

Typical Walmart. Lots of overnight campers (probably like 20), but there was still plenty of room by the garden center so everyone had a few spots between them.

Butte Walmart 45.96263, -112.50887

Various sized machines. Quarters only. Plenty of parking for big rigs. Next to gas station, general store and post office. Reasonable prices with top load washers starting at $2.00/load.

Joyce 48.13634, -123.73433

I only saw the yellow spigot. A Loves employee told me that the spigot was not potable and they do not have any other spigots with potable water.

Love's Water Refil 43.73666, -98.95775

Useful little hotel on a quiet edge of Campeche. About a couple of miles from the Centro Histórico. Simple and clean. M$620 for a two-bed room. They have their own parking lot, which seems to be less common for the hotels in the old quarter downtown. You can keep a bike/van outside the room.

Hotel Villa Campeche 19.82372, -90.53358

Stayed here 3 days and nights, they clean the pools on Mondays but all other days open from 1:00 to 9:00 pm. A wonderful experience especially for arthritis. Discounts are available, I stayed at the tent sites with my campervan. I highly recommend!

Yellowstone Hot Springs 45.11330, -110.79275

Stunning campspots along the road next to a small river. We drove up to number 28. Not sure how many more there are but each one was stunning.

Sawtooth National Forest 43.64031, -114.47895

Can't plug a hose but if you have a water bandit, will do the trick. You'll have to plug the other end with your hand though.

Ashland Artesian Well 46.58290, -90.91717

I stayed here. This place is brightly lit, was a wee bit noisy, but overall, it was a place to stay. There are no signs about parking overnight and it seems like about six or seven other cars also stayed. I think I was the only van.

Service Plaza 42.33331, -71.25604

Very nice quiet place. Not much else to say.

Rest Area Route 25 eastbound 41.78038, -70.61153

We did the road with our 2WD Ford e350 with high clearence. The road IS though, lots of high rocks. If you dont have a high clearance you will bumb a lot. We went at 4:30pm up and had to pass just one vehicle. They fixed some parts of the road.

Caraz District -9.03124, -77.72677

Beautiful spot directly at the water. You can see the US coast on the other site (and we only had US phone service as well). Pit toilets and a drinking water tank. Self check in - 15$ per night in the high season. Park operator came in the morning and checked the permits. Would definitely recommend.

Jordan River Campground 48.42119, -124.05234

Easy spot to pass the night but noisy with the highway beside and some trucks running all night. It’s fine for one quick night

Walmart 45.71088, -121.54041
Eugene da Silva

Space for large and rooftop tents in car park, and a nice green garden campsite in the gardens. There is food and a bar-restaurant. Manager Jean +250 788 356 603 gave us a room key to shower warm. They locked the gate at night so safe. Beautiful bird song in morning. Recommend at a great price. We were family of 5 and paid 10usd to stay. Manager might change the price to per person as we were the first overlanding vehicle they hosted. Not sure about paying more in most African car parks, one always walks away feeling 10usd too much per person, but per car, good price.

Fravan Eco Resort -1.49766, 29.61242

Perfect spot with a nice view on the sea!
Quiet at night.
Toilets available at the ice cream shop and at the tennis courts.
Free showers available at the pool from 10 am.

Victoria Park boardwalk 46.22803, -63.13907

Basic camping but fine for a night. Hot showers. We paid 300 for 2 adults and 2 kids. Friendly owners.

Moonsong Backpackers -34.08265, 23.31904

Awesome spot, there were only a handful of other campers. The wind showed up at about 1am, it had to be a constant 30-40 mph, more with the gusts. Our van was rocking pretty bad and peoples were losing stuff over the cliff. We watched a number of sites scrambling and leave in middle of night. Make sure you check the weather and don’t leave anything outside.

Buffalo Gap National Grassland 44.44445, -104.42922

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