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On a park street. He is very quiet, calm and quiet, Next to the police office. Near there is a Santuario de la Virgen. There is a toilets in several Coffee Shops

En una calle del Parque. Es muy tranquilo, calmado y silencioso, al lado de la oficina de policia. Hay un Santuario de la Virgen.

Street Parking - Parque Principal Paramo 6.41630, -73.16913

Pasamos dos noches aquí, varios motorhomes como vecinos que nos rodearon para abrir la carpa de techo, el lugar es seguro y amigable, un ciclista incluso durmió al aire libre junto a su bicicleta. El kiosco de la gasolinera está abierto 24 horas (por la noche el chico que atiende la bomba es el que vende)

Refinor -26.06259, -65.97061

Got here around 7PM and parked to the right side of the store, facing the fence, close to the pick up reserved parking spots. Wi-Fi reached sporadically from there.
Didn’t talk to no one. No one came to me neither… One quiet night. Store hours are 7-11 daily.

Comi Walmart 39.07642, -108.52025

This is the base for trips to visit the 'serpientes colgante de Kantemó', a tour to a cave in which snakes live in the cave walls and hang down to snatch bats out of the air when they leave in the evening. It consists of about a km hike or cycle through the forest to the cave mouth, then 90-odd minutes checking out the snakes and the bats, the aquatic life inside a small cenote within the cave, and some marine fossils which apparently date back to the Jurassic era.

Necessarily an evening tour, $630pp. Kids are welcome from aged 10 and up, same price. It's pretty physical (and not for the claustrophobic, or bat or snakephobic!), take closed shoes and comfy clothes, and water. You'll get hot and sweaty, and probably a bit dirty. Hard hats, gloves, headtorch and facemasks provided.

Apparently best end August till May (we were there in July and just saw a couple of - disappointingly inactive, though I'm sure not from the bats' perspective! - snakes; it's mating season and they're mostly hiding out deep in the cave where humans can't access them!).

There are also comfortable cabañas available nearby for $700 (mosquito nets, hot and cold running water etc) - I'm sure they'd have no problem with people parking up for the night in the village, or in the lovely quiet cabañas parking area. Small village so come prepared in terms of food and water etc.

Contact Baltazar on 997 977 4920 to arrange.

Beej Ka'ax Ha Community Project reception centre 19.93017, -88.80598

We stayed here 2 nights. Lots of spots all around the lake. Road is in good condition, we are in a class c motorhome. Big rigs can camp up top easily. Toilets all around the lake. Cows grazing all around. Lake was very nice to swim/paddle.
There was lots of people but all spread out, it was still pretty quiet at night.
Toilets were pretty smelly where we where, but we went for a walk around the lake and used another toilet there and it was fine.
Great spot!

Horseshoe Lake Recreation Campground 49.57070, -115.51316

A parking area at a cove with picnic tables and a swing. Nice, quiet location. Several locals walked by and waved or said hi. No one cared we were there. We had great cell and hot spot service.

Port au Choix 50.70293, -57.35387

stayed one night. beautiful views. several other vans/RVs were parked overnight along the boardwalk. utilized the free pool and showers in the morning. great spot.

Victoria Park boardwalk 46.22702, -63.14158

Unmarked gravel road just outside Port au Choix. Potholes so drive slowly. Right on the water’s edge

Port au Choix 50.67202, -57.31867

We arrived here around 6pm on a Friday. There were at least 6 spots available, in one of them there were spots in a white pick up that didn't seem happy we were there, but we stayed anyway. around 1am they ran past our spot screaming trying to scare us. That was pretty inconvenient. We stayed there the next day the whole day, the place is very beautiful and pleasant. We didn't see anyone camping, I just saw families going there to fish and leaving a few hours later. Therefore, we are not sure if it was even allowed to camp there, despite the fire pits, there was no sign. the way there is difficult for those inexperienced, it has very big holes, but even with a little difficulty, we went through it in our Toyota Highlander with a tent on the roof. 2/3 Verizon signal bars.

Strawberry Reservoir Off FR090 40.14616, -111.02756

Spend one night here, very quiet and close to Watson Lake.

Quarry/gravel lots at Watson Lake 58.77554, -125.68037

Great location with lots of room in behind Chevron.

Chevron Gas - Free Dump/Potable Water 59.64300, -151.53777

It's all below. But the staff inspires the most. Not cheap by Iranian standards but worth every penny. Highly recommended.

Sarv 32.65061, 51.68239

Little open space for a quiet overnight camping. For 5 or less RVs maximum.

Tie Fork trailhead, on road 31, close to Huntington State Park. 39.45561, -111.14191

Small Chevron gas station on the side of the road with a big parking lot. Really quiet. No trucks or noise in the night. We asked the cashier if we could stay the night and he told us there is no problem. Nice view to the mountains. Good place to spend the night. Small grocery store at the station. Also dump station but we didn't ask the price.

Little Creek Station 37.10044, -113.12703

New owner since 2020 and the covid crisis, who is asking 10.000fcfa per night per car, to stay in the parking lot. We didnt stay, looks like noisy.

Hotel Hippocampe -4.27308, 15.27767

Nous avons passé deux nuits là. Agréable, calme malgré le vis à vis avec tous les autres. Deux douches et 4 WC par sanitaires. Propres. Très belle plage.

Broad Cove Campground 46.71123, -60.35597
Humble Bumble

Stopped in here for the night traveling back home. Nothing great but there's a lake and peacefulness. I stopped right near the entrance and bathrooms as there was shade to park under. Most other areas are in direct sun and it's hot. Good AT&T LTE, Verizon works here and there but when it does, it's usable. Yours to enjoy project and keep clean 🌲

Ocean Lake, more sheltered 43.17161, -108.64451

It is a good idea to save a little Lei for the payment of bridge money. (15LEI) However, you can also pay in euros (3euro), but not dollars. If you want to buy a vignette at the petrol station before the bridge, you must also pay with LEI. They do not accept cards.
Do not use ATM at the border, has high exchange fee.

Bulgaria-Romania 43.83668, 25.96654

Nice and safe spot to rest for the night. Cell phone only Oi. The WIFI was great.

Posto BR Santa Bárbara -9.65804, -65.73774

Got here around 7:30pm. There are about 5 or 6 others staying here tonight. It is 11:30pm now. All is quite.

Bruhel Point 39.59953, -123.78486

We stayed one night from Sunday to Monday and had perfect tíme. YES, there were a lot of people when we came, but ako left when it was getting dark. The night was calm and in the morning we had the hot pools all to ourselves. We were leaving at 10 am and still nobady appered.

Hot Springs next to a river 42.36530, 42.19604

really quiet forest spot. perfect for the night. thanks for posting!🤲❤️

Power Line Road 40.74943, -75.95649

Yes, a free, municipal dump station. A bit out of the way, but convenient enough. Dump station is on the wrong side of the rig as you drive in so you have to turn around in the large lot adjacent from the dump station. Massive cover over dump hole. Huge catch basin. About the most overbuilt dump station I’ve ever seen. Works great with sewer hoses that do not have an elbow on the end. Those that do will have to find a way to direct the flow from the elbow into the huge hole or remove the elbow.

Water Waste Treatment Plant 46.96911, -120.53936

Couldn’t get through on NF-040. There was a down tree and we were too tall at 7’10” to squeeze under it.

Forest Road 2840-120 47.96963, -122.99560

Nice gravel parking with beautiful evening view of the mountains in the golden hour. toilets open now, they have water. close to gas, stores, hospital, but still a rural feeling. we were alone here.

Panguitch ATV Trailhead Parking Area. 37.82815, -112.42672
Tamar Kimmel

Best restsurant and coffee. On the way from Libano to Murrilo

EL AGRADO 4.89546, -75.10128

Beautiful little oasis with blue/green water river passing right through. Perfect for a quiet stop only 40 minutes away from the busy city. Open only a year a go, it has basic service but the host is very nice. Staying overnight 30px. The parking is limited as is the space. No big for rigs. Camping and cabins(400) available too.

Rancho "La escondida" 16.59955, -92.96878

Correct gate GPS Coordinates -20.32018. , 16.41577

Camp Gerus -20.32016, 16.41577

Propane. It was 2.99 per gal when I was tanking. Really quick service

Store 39.55942, -91.64860

Getting creative I found this lot that isn’t used by the law firm on the weekends and nights. Parking attendant on Sat was friendly, even helped us park our 37’ A-class head out towards the street so we wouldn’t get blocked in. Even cones around to look official. Paid him $20 for Sat night or show up after 5:00 and no one here. Sundays no one on duty so Sat night thru early Monday are free with plenty of room. If you stay till Monday or during the week just leave early :) small sign says no overnight but the attendant says it’s not enforced.

Very little foot traffic at night, some street noise, well lit, safe feeling.

Walkable to the waterfront and downtown, loads to do and see. Across the street from a beautiful park.

The Canal Parking lot - overnight! 41.82828, -71.41031

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