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Finca privada tranquila que admite perros con una casa de campo
Málaga y Parque Natural Montes de Málaga a 30 min conduciendo
Se permiten las barbacoas; tiendas y restaurantes a 15 min conduciendo
¿Tienes pensado pasar tus próximas vacaciones en un destino con montañas y el Mediterráneo? Situada a media hora conduciendo de Málaga, el Parque Natural Montes de Málaga y el Aeropuerto de Málaga - Costa del Sol, Finca Colores es justo lo que estabas buscando. Este establecimiento admite perros y tiene una ubicación estupenda para emprender aventuras al aire libre y reconectarse con la naturaleza: a eso de media hora conduciendo te esperan playas de arena dorada, montañas en las que practicar senderismo, desfiladeros, cascadas y lugares de interés histórico.

Una atmósfera tranquila reina en esta finca privada que se alza a 700 metros por encima del nivel del mar.

Finca Colores 36.86418, -4.46384
Fine Feather Adventures

We stopped to enjoy the creek and ending up loving it so much we stayed over 24 hours. The creek by blue hole was very busy on Sunday but we parked in a gravel lot down the way and it was quieter at our section. No amenities but it was a great place to stay and enjoy the natural creek and spring.
There is a water fill-up a few miles up the road at the Arkansas Welcome Station

Wishing Springs Trail 36.41958, -94.22076
DWQ Expeditions

Brasilia is an expensive city and not easy to find a nice place with good prices.
Hostelplan is one of these rare place .
Double room ensuite for R$ 100 without breakfast / R$ 125 with.
Good wifi, clean rooms and very helpful manager.
Closed parking
There is also dorms
Whats +55 61 98533800 w/ Israel

Hostelplan -15.79113, -47.85456

Estacionamento inteligente para RVs, 100% autônomo, opera de forma automática a entrada e saída de veículos através de um sistema de reconhecimento, previamente cadastrados na Plataforma. Controla, fornece e lança a cobrança sob demanda de água e energia. Oferece  mais segurança aos estacionamentos e seus usuários, uma vez que são monitorados por câmeras e com imagens guardadas em nuvem.  WIFI e local para descarte de esgoto já incluso na diária. Não temos banheiros. Bem localizado, mercado ao lado e demais comodidades, dois km do centro e dos principais atrativos da cidade. COBRANÇA DAS DIÁRIAS POR VEÍCULO SOMENTE, não cobramos por pessoa. Check in 13:00; Check out 12:00. Parking baseado nos modelos europeus.

Casa Lena


Our "River camping" with a thermal pool, is 30 minutes from our B&B, and is located along the river bank of the famous Apurimac in “the eyebrow of the Peruvian jungle”, close to the thermal baths of Cconoc. It is surrounded by beautiful carob trees, banana plants and cacti. You can set up your own tent, van or mobile home, but it is also possible to rent one of our tents. On the campsite the toilet, warm shower, barbecue spot, lounge chairs and the pool are at your disposal 24/7.

The pool fills naturally with tepid water from the rocks. It is said that this water cures arthritis, muscle aches, rheumatism, and other disorders. The odorless warm water, which ranges from 20 to 29 degrees, combined with the beautiful view from the pool into the Apurimac Canyon will put even the busiest minds at ease.

A catered breakfast can be prepared for our guests on demand. To fill empty stomachs during or after a busy day, you can choose from a number of national dishes, prepared by us or one of the “tías”.

Casa Lena River camping -13.54193, -72.63991

What a great place outside of BV and Salida. Big views, lots of options, level areas, cattle on the road, some traffic to the trailhead near by, mountains, ponderosas. Loved being here. I couldn't leave so i set up camp with a tent and explored the towns during the mornings and came back afterwards.

Browns Creek 38.68362, -106.15815

As described, however a neighbor across the street told me the owner of the property has been complaining about RV’ers parking there, and Marfa has a city ordinance against overnighting in vehicles.

Marfa sur la rue 30.31361, -104.01992

Great place for a quiet night! As said you can drive up the hill and sleep on a flat surface in the grass on the left side of the track. However the track going up the hill is a bit steep and has corrugated because of heavy rains. No problem with 4x4 but we wouldn’t try that with a 2x4. Nobody around and almost no noise of the main road. No Airtel network. We enjoyed!

Hwy T2 -12.10178, 31.26499

Great spot in front of the Pacific. Some cars passing during the night, quiet in general

Nye Beach 44.63596, -124.06333

Good wifi, still working on Sundays when it’s closed

Del Norte County Library 41.75234, -124.19530

For a quick oil change when you are doing a big road trip. Not sure for RV size tho. I have a van 16ft long 8ft high.

Valvoline instant oil change 44.65421, -124.05432

A nice open space, with a lot of places to pitch your tent.

Järavallen 55.81931, 12.94636
4ever2wherever (Margriet & Jan)

Used to do demonstrations of making Cambodian art. Since COVID a shop only. Not clear if and when they will restart the demo's.

Artisans d'Angkor 13.35262, 103.85184
4ever2wherever (Margriet & Jan)

Used to give demonstrations of the entire silk making cycle. Closed since COVID. Not clear if and when they will reopen.

Artisans Angkor Silk Farm 13.43724, 103.74286
4ever2wherever (Margriet & Jan)

Bakery an coffee bar with a good selection of bread.

Tous Les Jours Authentic Bakery 13.35316, 103.85342

Per employee, the water is not potable. We then asked if they had any potable water and they said no.

Love's Water Refil 43.73665, -98.95801

Great views with beautiful sunset Just beauty and vastness in front of us. We even saw a couple of sheep on the cliff

The Wall-Buffalo Gap National Grasslands 43.89833, -102.23315

Beware of car insurance touts on the Georgian side. Better book insurance on-line in advance, and don't even let them wave you over. They wait right after the Georgian immigration checkpoint and try to look official. The guy tried to convince me my insurance was expired when it was clearly valid for WEEKS.

Sarsi border 41.52094, 41.54918

Nice hostel, a bed in dorm cost 6000 CFA per night.
Good location, right in the historical centre. WiFi is ok, electricity and shower too.

Auberge De La Vallee 16.02795, -16.50405

Beautiful parking close to the beach. Container bar on the scene providing fresh beer and snacks and (container) restrooms.

Fresh water and cold outdoor shower for free.

Bonus points for military airbase random shows on scene (helicopter search and rescue training, WWII aircraft, F16 low pass)

Police showed up but did not bother anyone. Please keep site superclean.

Nice beach parking 40.92083, -8.66026

Next to the Lake Lipis. Frenquented by locals and with a village nearby. Needs quick cleaning.

The land apparently belongs to one of the villagers. He was happy to see we had cleaned up and told us we could stay. He even offered us potatoes.

Lake Lipis 41.52357, 44.38569

Cheap rooms available, prices changed a little (first 8,000 a room, then 9,000, then 15 but it's ok you can have it for 10). All rooms ensuite, but without water running the whole time (needs to be turned on I think). Managed by a sweet older lady and her son who speaks some English

Kowere Guest House -8.95283, 33.24408

Careful if wild camping south of galton gate. We camped about 14 km south of gate, where the fence ends and there are a few scattered houses (we stayed about 1 km from the house) but was disturbed about 130 AM on a Sunday by a bunch of very drunk guys from the hobatere camp or conservancy (they proudly flashed the logo on the jacket). They kept talking in circles repeating themselves and in the end wanted food and money. We had to come down the rooftop tent at 2 AM to pass them some, and they still continued pestering us and went away eventually.

Galton Gate (Etosha NP) -19.31408, 14.48256

Try not to wild camp anywhere close to here. At 130 AM on a Sunday rudely awakened by drunk guys from a lodge and conservancy nearby demanding money and food. They kept us awake for an hour talking absolute nonsense and repeated themselves countless times. Even after receiving money and food (he was so drunk he dropped the money and had trouble finding it), they continued yakking for a good while more before leaving.

Might be better to take the west road and go deep in

Drunk guys extorting money -19.42626, 14.45508

Elephants with 4 small cute babies and 2 teenagers

Renostervlei -19.17433, 14.53083

A welcome clearing not too far off the road. Nice open space scattered with mopani bushes and trees. Plenty firewood laying around. There’s signs of Elephant activity here so make your fire big! But please clean it up afterwards.

1. GOING TO THE TOILET - Find a place where people are unlikely to walk. Dig a hole, do your business, burn the toilet paper (without causing a fire), cover the hole again.
2. FIRES / BRAAI’s - If you have to make your fire on the ground: Dispose of the ash (without causing a fire) & cover with sand. Leave it looking as natural as you found it.
3. Do not leave any rubbish behind.

Wild camping should not disturb the environment, animals or the people that live nearby.

Wild Camp -17.05984, 28.37036

Not the cleanest but not terrible - I’m sure they see heavy use - super nice staff and unlimited shower with private toilet and power plug makes $5.75 a screamin deal. Only one washer and one dryer but they work fairly well and do the job but again for $1.00 each is a great deal !!

Petro Pass Truck Stop 44.70602, -63.59740

Cheap laundry 🧺 - $1.00 wash $1.00 dryer - only one machine of each and only open M-F 8am-5pm - $5.00 showers also

Petro Pass Commercial Lock 44.70601, -63.59739

Huge parking next to Langsanden Beach. there's a little stream with fresh water for drinking.
there is also a service house with toilets and showers. It costs 10 nok for a shower for a few minutes.
Great location for campers and tents.

Langsanden Beach 67.16216, 14.22605

One of the coolest informal campings, because of a shower. The beach is beautiful

Langsanden Beach 67.16216, 14.22605

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