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Motorcycle + Tent 2 People 157.00 Kuna Night

Camping Kate 42.62360, 18.20653

didn't stay but still looks like a good spot. no Verizon but roaming available. any size rig can fit.

US101 siding 42.33878, -124.41226

Parking lot before horse camp. Pretty level, lots of fire rings, pit toilets. Quiet. No cellular service.

Horse Camp Lot 48.39052, -119.88964

very nice and easy trail by the coast. impressive to walk under giant windmills that create fan like sounds. just had a picnic and a hike and moved on.

Pubnico Point Trail 43.59575, -65.79887

Wild camping near lake. Great swimming, shade and restaurant.
No services as such but restaurant has toilets when it's open. 4G is strong. You can hear the highway but it's not loud.
Many spots around lake, some shady.

Lake side camping 48.15810, 17.25448

I confirm
very good place to have a break and very good food
Not expensive

Restaurant Chawarma Les Delices 7.40538, -7.56001

Ok for a night. The site may have changed. We saw the owner of the plantation very nice who allowed us to stay

Beside a track in a coffee plantation 7.36391, -8.23467

We stayed along the #3 post sites for 3 nights while exploring the area. (#2 needed a bit higher clearance.) Location is peaceful and scenic, though not secluded as you will see other campers and hear activities at one of the near by children's camp. This was the best spot we found in the area that was navigable in our 2WD extended Transit as other forest roads we came across needed higher clearance. Definitely needed bug screens but otherwise a nice escape from the summer heat! No facilities; leave no trace!

Apple Canyon Yellow Post Campsites (National Forest) 33.67965, -116.66871

We arrived at 13.30 and there was an attendant. He wanted to charge us 70 kwacha per person just to have a picknick. We decided to leave. He also charged 70 kwacha p.p.p.n. for camping.

Lake Wakawaka campsite -12.51655, 30.60323

Update prices: 97pp for bracelet, 85 op for park.

Palenque Entrance: Tickets for NP and ruins 17.48819, -92.04114

Comfortable and simple place, good price, shared room and bathroom, breakfast, good vibes. 3 km off road.

Hostel y Camping Mandala -21.72617, -44.96354

Increíble lugar, limpio, organizado, alegre y tranquilo. Pagué 1500 pesos por la habitación compartida (por día) pero tiene espacio para acampar.

Hostel La Casa del Patio -38.74120, -62.22588

Tree of Mystery hike with the family . Our pit stop before heading to Washington

Klamath ca 36.78595, -119.75170

Nice wild place for camping under pinetrees, we were alone here. Beautiful views over Pamukkale valley and you can enjoy nice sunset here.

The view over Pamukkale valley 37.91121, 29.14635

Great place for a quick overnight stay! There are a few homeless people, but we had no issues here. Healdsburg is a lovely town and this place has you within walking distance of discovering a wonderful little city! And Safeway is right there as well!

Healdsburg Parking Lot 38.61084, -122.87268

Great place. Good camping spots. Overlanders go visit the Man’s Cave !!

Campingplatz Eisenbachtal 50.43734, 7.90527

Nice place on the beach. Toilet Nice and clean

Beach 62.78688, 6.99121

The road in is a tunnel of branches and definitely not for campers or taller vehicles.

Cascade Creek Trailhead 48.43607, -113.80820

Had some drinks at the museum and asked if i can sleep in my car, they said it was ok at the back. be careful to not be on the paved site, I was kick out of there at 9 by a security guard :)

Back of the Museum Bar 35.21471, -111.59970

Not a good place right now. there are better places in town. definitely the new owners do not have the ability to keep the place up to what it used to be. the lawns are neglected and the basins etc are not cleaned in weeks. we paid 10 US pppn plus 5 US pd for our car.we paid for 5 nights but not going to stay longer. however.. we are loosing our money for 3 nights and going to N1 rather. cheaper and clean.

Victoria Falls Rest Camp -17.92655, 25.83909
Philip & Sharon

This appears to be an informal, free campground established by the town of Trepassey in a field on a hillside. There appear to be 4 - 8 vaguely defined semiflat campsites suitable for tents, campervans, and small travel trailers. Some of the sites have stone fire rings and one site has a couple of benches. There are no amenities and the sign only says "Leave no trace." Access is easy via a short gravel road off the main highway. Cellular service is present but marginal. The field is surrounded by trees and bushes.

Nor-West Camping Park 46.75949, -53.38820

looks like a bunch of flat spots. would not want to be here in rain. no cellular service. starlink works great.

Rock pit spur road 48.56832, -120.77983

nice sunset, camp in front of a small beach. place for two tents.
there is a fire pit. perfect swimming water.
try to fish but no succes.

tent camp joëlla 57.35310, 14.25255

Posto de gasolina bem simples mas tem água filtrada e gelada gratuita, ponto de apoio bom para um descanso e repor água.

Posto goiabeira -5.35198, -49.13550
Dejando huella en familia

This is a very professional and helpful mechanic place. I contacted them through Google maps and then we talked using WhatsApp. That told the price of service in advance and helped us to find some pieces that we needed to change.
Phone number: +52 981 139 0866

Taller mecánico Ugalde 19.81909, -90.54153
Amar e viajar sm

Ficamos por 4 dias em baixo do sombreiro no quiosque do Peba..

Existem outros pontos aqui em Prado pra ficar, porém aqui foi top embaixo debaixo do sombreiro, tem um ponto de energia no poste ao lado dos quiosque e próximo ao campo de futebol, o Peba e Rita (dono do quiosque ofereceu água potável)l, a 200 mts do Beco da garrafa, 400 mts de mercado e padaria.

A Rita faz um bobó de camarão espetacular por apenas 15,00 a tigela..Minha esposa amou..O PF deles custa 18,00 uma da pra 2 pessoas tranquilo.

Nos decidimos ficar aqui porque próximo aos quiosque da praia tinham muito barulho e aqui muito tranquilo.

Vou deixar algumas fotos pra te ajudar.

Sinal da claro e Tim pega bem por aqui, não tive problemas

Espero que minha experiência que são as dicas que deixo aqui te ajude

Não esqueça de deixar seus comentários, poderá ajudar outros amigos também

Praça de eventos -17.34357, -39.22054

Not too bad. Everything done in one building. Took a while as I needed to get my USA visa and they weren’t too familiar with the process. Cash only. Bring all your things and extra.

Car gets checked twice. Once for goods and once for agriculture but strangely they didn’t bother to take my avocados that I showed them. I’m sure your mileage may vary.

Bolivian Border Post -18.27878, -69.00718

Free potable water, 24 hours per day, just press the start button for 20 liters. You have to bring your own container(s) or blue jug(s).

Yukon Community Services 60.16739, -134.71037

Single spot on a Ridge overlooking Snake River, amazing views and excellent Verizon signal. Trail to the spot is rutted but I straddled it with no issues. Wouldn't want to attempt it in wet weather, very silty soil.

High above Snake River 43.43022, -111.35203

Got our brake fixed here for our 1977 Dodge. Not east for us to find a mechanic willing to work on our vintage van. These guys are great and efficient. They also do body work. Highly recommend.

Orlando the Mechanic 4.68052, -74.10070

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