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$4.50 per person for a shower if you are out of the building in 20 minutes. They charge you $9 and have your receipt time. If you come back to the desk within 20 minutes, they refund you $4.50. Or between 11:00-1:00 you can pay $7 to use the building with no time limit. Separate mens and womans change rooms with public showers or 4 private shower stalls in the family change room.

Meadow Park Sports Centre 50.14414, -122.95985

Great spot. Popular and tons of spots all over, but most of the best ones are taken by midday Friday I'd you're looking to stop for the weekend.

Twin Lakes 39.10078, -106.36174

Small park with super clean restrooms and a bike self service fix-it station with a pump and basic tools right outside the restroom. Also water fountain and bottle refill. Several loop trails in this area too.

Ainsworth park 47.59597, -115.35474

Coin Op Laundromat behind Cenex gas station. $1.00 for washing machines. $0.50 to start the dryers. There are also two showers here but I’m unsure of the cost.

Cenex Gas Station 48.41518, -114.04978

Two showers in the Laundromat behind the Cenex Gas Station. I’m not sure of the cost or run time but they are here.

Cenex Gas Station 48.41534, -114.04985

Decent size parking area for trail. Level and good for small to medium rigs. We did not stay but stopped to do the trail. Hardly any traffic.

Freshwater Cove 46.65316, -53.21508

Sitio tranquilo para pasar una noche en baja temporada, frente al mar.

Beira mar Itapoa -26.06288, -48.61072

From HWY 2 drive over river take the first left. Down a uneven road to the river from there atleast 1/2 mile of disburse camping locations. A pair of honey buckets are in location to keep bad stuff in a designated place. Peeps can stay here 14 days National Forest, I’m sure no one is checking. To West Glacier Park entrance maybe 15 min.. WiFi 1-2 bars depending your server…
Peeps are fly fishing, having camp fires. Location is one of many out spots for Rafting Companies..

By the way West Entrance RV has free WiFi. Just ask if you can park near main office and do your thing..

We did 2 nights here perfect spot..

Blankenship Bridge 48.46394, -114.07214

nous avons été arrêté par les militaires du Nicaragua pour un contrôle de passeport et des papiers du véhicule (tip). pensez bien à présenter le ticket de l'entrée au Nicaragua avec le tampon.

we were stopped by the Nicaraguan military for a passport control and vehicle papers (tip). remember to present the entry ticket to Nicaragua with the stamp.

Military Nicaragua 11.23474, -85.61295

Technical Issue currently only running 7am to 7pm.

George Black ferry 64.06971, -139.43664

good for day use, has water and bathrooms

Arizona Beach Day Use area 42.61403, -124.39655

You will be towed away if you park here! no overnight parking, folks.

Planet Fitness 39.67691, -104.90371

owned and operated by the county of Musselshell in Montana and located adjacent to the fairground in Roundup. About 35 sites under Big Cottonwood trees.

Cow Bell Campground 46.44025, -108.52810

Lots of Room big park lot. Nice trail to see the sunset

Lighthouse trail parking 49.11693, -58.40609

Potable water spigot at the marina
There are two hoses, but I would bring your own
Close to parking spaces but there are a lot of business’ around. I would come early or late so you aren’t blocking their customers.

Marina Potable Water Spigot 42.86857, -72.55795

We managed to fill from the side walk here, you will need your own hose and it needs to be a decent length. Otherwise to get close to the tap you'd be parked in front of the fire truck doors, which they obviously ask you not to do!

Waterton Free Sanidump + water 49.05285, -113.91147

bad access, only one or two parking spaces in front of a small private house. Not always busy.

Villa Margarita 1.20110, -77.21832

Site is as described, great spot. lots of camping choices

Glenn Highway - Nelchina River 61.98874, -146.94397

Free potable water and dump station about 150m down the road of the entrance to the campground

Lake Louise campground 51.41434, -116.17210

Public library, has fast free wifi available

Public library 53.25400, -132.08010
Andrew Rosca

Not the nicest camp spot I've stayed at, but flat and has room for multiple vehicles. Road has some rougher sections but should be accessible to most vehicles (4WD recommended). No cell signal but good view of the sky for Starlink.

Portal Creek 45.29336, -111.14153

Was not able to reach this site. Road closed due to logging.

Custer Gallatin National Forest 44.82099, -111.19661

Signs now posted that read “No Camping on Front Street”

Roadside 43.36988, -124.21187

This is a parking lot connected to a public park. Off Orange Street, a small alley between the church of Christ and a wall to residence.

I stayed the night Wednesday, a few people came and went, a few also stayed.

Restrooms open up around 8:00 - 9:00. There are trashcans and day sports activities. Room for larger vehicles at times.

Lots of bird activity. Also community walkers. Please keep noise to a minimum at night, it stays quiet.

11am - 5am No Overnight Parking, sorry just saw the sign.

Chaparral Park - The Church of Christ 33.82647, -117.94353

Closed, we received a 200$ ticket for the night.Rv city parking. Small place beside the street between street and railroad. Very noisy.

Interdit: 200$ de contravention au matin. Stationnement en bordure de rue pour les VR. Entre la route et les trains. Très bruyant.

Revelstoke 51.00236, -118.19911

club deportivo frente a la estación de tren. permite pasar la.noche dentro del club que cuenta con baño, agua potable, luz y enchufe. muy hospitalario y amigable. Al lado hay una despensa de alimentos que ofrece también comida preparada.

club deportivo San José pumahuasi -22.28853, -65.67917

If you want a quiet place, NOT a gas station-here is perfect. Nothing but nature and birds. Good possibility to turn round even with a big rig. 1.6 km from main road.

abandoned house -1.54332, -80.54535

Stayed a night with no problems. Gets a little noisy in the morning but quite pleasant at night. Seems like a lot of kind seniors walk the trail directly behind it though.

Dead-end Arden 48.45626, -123.31334

Parked at the back of the lot. Clean and quiet. Us and 3 other units.

Walmart Clarenville 48.17080, -53.98572

This is a city park with water connections in several places. There is also open electrical outlets

Buffalo City Park 44.34533, -106.70353

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