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No water at the tap. Easy dump available here.

Petro-Canada 46.07511, -64.76356

Very nice place, today is around 42° in the city but here even if it's hot it's windy and nice. Unfortunately lot of garbage around.

Sanliurfa Gullubag Mah. 37.24529, 38.82814

lots of more secluded and level spaces available in the forest next to this parking. you can find blueberries, ATV tracks and some trash. you hear the road but it is fairly quiet at night. cell reception OK. some youth roaming the area.

Mi'kmawey Debert Interpretative Trail head 45.40869, -63.42775

Free machine museum owned by Craig Anthony. really awesome collection of Canadian tractor history. he will do demos of lumber mill and other engines. Thank you Craig!

Blast To The Past 45.17539, -63.72228

Probably the only place for gas in Arica. Had to wait for a shift change. Minimum they sell us 5kg so if you’re like me and have a 2.2kg tank you still end up paying 13k. Better than not being able to buy any in Bolivia though.

Lipigas GLP -18.46305, -70.29254

This spot is on a plateau at the intersection of three valleys. You have a stunning view into all three. If it is too windy, you can stay in one of the several ditches around that are around 2m lower than the top. There are a few yurts. The river is a few hundred meters away from this spot. This is a super deluxe spot! I think it is exactly the kind of spot a user of iOverlander would be looking for.

Three valley view 41.79005, 77.02633

In the previous comments most things are already mentioned. We came from Issyk Kul, driving towards the direction of Naryn (we actually drove a loop back to Issyk Kul over the Arabel pass). The last 2km before the pass are a bit gnarly (steep and rocks) and I had to drive in low gear. It took us around 1,5 hours from Issyk Kul to the pass. After the pass it is easier. The first kilometer was still steep though. No snow at all. The river crossings weren't much of a problem (Mitsubishi Delica) but might be difficult when there is more water. The views are spectacular and the track is definitely worth driving. Big rigs can do the track. The track is wide enough. There are no sections that are exposed or where your car will be tilted/angled. Don't forget to deflate your tires a bit. It definitely helps with all the rocks.

Tossor Pass 41.94039, 77.37412

small path, but great for the night. lots of mosquitos

Hwy 58 Michigan 46.51589, -86.32779

no overnight parking
vending machine

East Bound Rest Stop 35.87039, -88.00375

Varosha city was abandoned in 1974 during the Turkish invasion. it has been in the UN buffer zone since then. it has been partly opened for tourism with most of the buildings remaining the same since the invasion. an interesting look back in time to a top holiday resort which is totally abandoned. free entry, bicycles can be hired which i recommend to see all areas.

Varosha Ghost Town 35.12026, 33.95672

Great place to stop over. $15 for electric and $10 without. Water is available but not at sites. Big rig friendly. Go past the confluence visitor center and past the picnic area down a little hill, near a small boat ramp.

Confluence Interpretive Center Boat Launch 47.98590, -103.98505

You do not have to cross the little bridge to get to this camping area, that is just to get to the cemetery. It is big rig accessible, but watch for low hanging branches on the far end of the loop.

Ford Buford Campground 47.98453, -104.00275

We were 6 campers and a guy come and told us "he work for the city" and that no overnight is allowed. The night before he told 10 campers to leave. There is no sign saying no camping but he will put one shortly he said.

Wood Street Lookoff 45.35363, -63.30454

Stopped again presented with photo receipt given but it was invalid, we have dashcam footage to prove we were not speeding.
Policeman asked if we haf a camera and checked in car for cameras but ours are well hidden

police speed check corrupt -6.35785, 38.50816

this worked well for one night. nice little path along the river to walk. very quiet at night.

Chessie trail head 37.74720, -79.37215

We had dinner at the planet puna. After that we ask if we could park next to the rest to spend the nigth. The gentle woman said yes. It was cold and the trucks remain turned on during the nigth cousing noise. For us not a problem.

In front of the Planet Puna Restaurant -24.37227, -66.99326

Une bonne place pour remplir l’eau potable, faire la vidange sanitaire, remplir le propane liquide et mettre de l’essence. (L’eau potable est gratuite sur le mur du côté de la station. Le vidange sanitaire est payant (15$). A noter qu’il y a un petit marché de fruits annexé à la station

Esso/Crossroads Market 50.51335, -115.99691

18 July 2022
Site without services Price $40.25 including taxes.

Falls and Gorge Campground 47.04575, -67.73221

Slept here last night. There was 2 other vans in the parking lot. Very quiet and very dark.
On a couché ici la nuit passée. Deux autres vans étaient présentes. Très tranquille et très sombre.

Cape Split Trail Head 45.31502, -64.43059

Stiller there, with rince water.
Toujours la et avec de l'eau pour rincer.

Greenwood Mall 44.96861, -64.92339

Great spot in the wood. Quiet. A lot of moscitos at night.

forest shelter near river 45.93340, -67.24034

Good spot. $50 for a night, full hook up, hot shower/private bathroom well maintained. Neighbors & staff were nice. $2.50 in quarters to wash & dry a full load of laundry on site. Dogs were good, there’s a trail around back that leads to a spot where they can run, although we didn’t check it out. Potable water at each pull in.

Flat Creek RV Park 42.91069, -110.99639

We stayed there for one night it was quiet and the police were checkin the area BUT when we woke up we were surprised to see how dirty (plastic and gabage everywhere) the beach was! We decided to go somewhere else to spend the day.
Attached you Will find some picture

Nous avons passé une nuit sur ce spot qui est très safe, la police tourne la nuit.
Mais quel déception a notre réveil lorsque nous avons découvert la plage pleine de déchets plastiques et autres , nous avons donc décidé de repartir.
J’ai ci joint les photos

Playa Herradura 9.64511, -84.65528
Red Hat

Nice little campground. I took site 5 AKA overflow site. The water point and bathroom are a ways away but so your the other campers. No shade.

Big Twin Lakes Campground 48.45009, -120.19700

Quiet, flat and safe place to spend the night. They offer water and energy. The people from Casa do Turista are very kind and receptive.

Lugar silencioso, plano e seguro para passar a noite. Eles oferecem água e energia. As pessoas da Casa do Turista são bem atenciosas e receptivas.

Cambara do Sul - Casa do Turista -29.04816, -50.13888

Pour 10$ nous avons pu passer la nuit sur le grand parking de la compagnie de croisière.
Un peu bruyant avec le train mais ils vendent de très bonnes glaces jusqu’à 21:00 et l’endroit est joli, ça compense !!

Parry Sound 45.33878, -80.03693

CAUTION: As you approach Costa Rica border, local police have multiple ‘traffic rules’ enforcement checkpoints. Locals sail thru while foreign plates are pulled over. They ask for your drivers license only, mention some law you’ve broken and indicate that your license will be mailed to your Nicaragua address once a fine has been paid at a local bank. You are encouraged to negotiate a quick return of your drivers license.

Road rules enforcement 11.26381, -85.64431

fomos atrás de banho neste local e disseram que só podia tomar banho quem estava hospedado

Polideportivo -54.79061, -68.22584

quis nos cobrar 1000 pesos por pessoa para tomar banho. achamos caro. não tomamos banho lá

Hostel Amanacer -54.79060, -68.22587

Water spigot over by the propane. Free air too.

Exxon fuel, water and propane 47.70040, -116.79120

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