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Stayed a night with no problems. Gets a little noisy in the morning but quite pleasant at night. Seems like a lot of kind seniors walk the trail directly behind it though.

Dead-end Arden 48.45626, -123.31334

Parked at the back of the lot. Clean and quiet. Us and 3 other units.

Walmart Clarenville 48.17080, -53.98572

This is a city park with water connections in several places. There is also open electrical outlets

Buffalo City Park 44.34533, -106.70353

private shower and laundry section downstairs, 1 small shower stall but clean, hot water, and $5 / 20 min, nice people

Showers and Laundromat at Vitus Gas Station 63.39520, -148.89276

Found a nice spot right on the water. Non-electric for $16 a night. It's first come first serve. Nice quiet spot. Has pit toilets and several water spigots. Some sports did have electricity. Good AT&T phone service.

Drummond Island Township Campground 45.99731, -83.79057

Water available on north wall of the restrooms. Push button. Height is fine for gallon jug, maybe something else close to that height.

Kootenai Rest Area 48.43629, -115.85073

A small Iranian style hotel. Lots of workers in the hotel but not detrimental. Very clean and the staff very friendly. Necessary to negotiate the price, otherwise tourist price. Double room about 250-350 tons. (about 8-12 €). WiFi only in the lobby. Motorbikes could be parked in the backyard. The rooms facing the street are a bit noisy but not disturbing.

Khorshid Hotel (Motel Sun) 36.05994, 49.68741

Quiet lovely park in Richmond. No signs indicating parking hours of any sort. You can park anywhere around the perimeter of the park. We spent one quiet undisturbed night here under the trees. There is a tennis court, a few picnic tables, a nice playground. A couple other vans here. Residential on the other side of the street so keep it respectful and quiet. There are two porta potties but they are currently padlocked; not sure why, so don’t count on bathroom use. It’s 9:45 am now and very active, lots of kids and dog walkers. But overnight, very quiet. Safe neighbourhood.

Dover Park 49.17126, -123.16214

Also security let me know there was no overnight parking around 9:30pm

Valley River Venter 44.06921, -123.11252

“Residential area, No camping” signs posted.

Destruction Bay Boats Launch 61.25451, -138.80248

Nice simple camp site with toilets, shower and washing machine. Neighbor restaurant plays loud life music until midnight though, street is close and Mamuka was a bit too fond of me as a solo traveling woman.

Otherwise as described: parking 30 GEL, shower 5 GEL, washing machine 5 GEL! If you wanna eat dinner with Mamuka: 50 GEL including wine and karaoke show. He is a real entertainer. There is a super friendly German couple living and helping Mamuka at the moment. So English, German, Russian, Georgian and even Spanish are spoken there at the moment.

Gelati 42.29798, 42.75358

Rest stop on I-90. Relatively quiet with a huge grassy areas perfect for dogs. There was a no camping sign on the door to the bathrooms, though no one bothered myself or the other car campers here overnight. Arrived at 11pm, left at 7:30am. Bathrooms are clean and spacious.

Rest stop 43.66595, -97.42153

nice laundromat, very clean. machines take debit/credit cards or coins. free wifi and friendly employee

mohawk coin laundry 44.06468, -122.99365

This Place is different! The Owner (bought it in 2021) is hardly working on making this beautiful spot even better!

8 big Campgrounds (power available) and clean Ablutions! The old station is a nice and different surrounding. Equipped Safari Tents for „Glamping“ are also available. The Kitchen Area offers a fridge, a freezer, a stove and a microwave. We paied 140 Rand pPpN. Recommendation!

The Station -33.53965, 21.68572

Nice hotel in the Centre of Kashan. No parking at the hotel but they have closed parking at 500m.

Atlasi Hotel 33.97592, 51.44244

Great spot to stay, fairly quiet. Really good brewery by night and amazing coffee spot in the morning. Close to Walmart, Whole Foods, and gas stations. Off rt 70. Lots of other vans. Wouldn’t try a full size rig here, but this whole area seems way more welcoming than Breckenridge

Outter Range Brewing Parking Lot 39.58922, -106.09909

Really beautiful views if you hike even a 1/4 mile up the Continental Divide Trail, which runs through the gravel parking area. At least two parking spots available that could accommodate a rig around 25-30ft long. No cell service unless you walk up the hill, then you get 2 bars Verizon or T mobile. The elevation is higher than most spots in the area so it's a great place to escape the heat.

Flesher Pass Trailhead 46.97078, -112.35920

No camping signs now posted in the dirt pullout next to the golf course, cites “City of Pacific Grove Municipal Code 18.36.040” - no camping allowed on any public street. We’ve parked here a few weeks ago and didn’t see this sign and wasn’t bothered, but came back and this sign was up and ended up leaving.

Waterfront 36.63421, -121.93781

We looked to take our 37' trailer in, but the climb up would require building a bridge out of our blocks to keep us from tearing off the jacks. Not worth it for overnighting. Great solar there and 4 bars of AT&T roaming.

big place behind trees 63.32762, -136.62912

Cracker Barrel doesn't own this parking lot as it's more in a strip mall setting. I called to check on this and while some Cracker Barrel's own their parking lot and are happy to allow overnight parking, this one does not and they can't legally give you permission to park. Of course you can take your chances parking here.

Cracker Barrel 45.61021, -122.68222

It does not look like much when you enter. Take a walk around. Stunning place with beautiful views. Fruit trees everywhere, Marula, Mango and Coconut. Guests are free to pick. Lots of dogs, not strays! We brought our puppy with no hassle. Facilities are what you can expect from African ablutions. Everything works, but obviously not the Grand Hotel.

(Marina's) Wheelhouse -13.80113, 34.43115

Honestly just go anywhere else. There's broken glass everywhere and there's literal swarms of mosquitoes. The river looked really pretty but it's actually really slow moving and is full of algae floating on top.

Odessa established campground (free) 42.43080, -122.06102

The road is actually blocked about halfway up.

Quarry 39.92653, -118.83328

Still 1000 per person, parking included. If it is to hot to walk you can take the childrens train or the scenic cabin railway. Have fun!

Rawandiz canyon viewpoint 36.61794, 44.50431

As described
Clean dorm rooms for 210R also dbl rooms available.
Clean bathrooms and kitchen.
Extra blankets if needed and friendly staff.
Very good location with easy walking distance to supermarkets,restaurants and city and 30 min walk to waterfront.
Not a party hostel and quite at night so good for the more mature crowd.
If staying a week you get 1 day free.
Also a good sitting area with a selection of good books.

Zebra Crossing Hostel -33.92728, 18.41011

Coo place with good pizza, nice people, relaxed atmosphere free Foosball, horseshoes, and fire pit

Panorama Pizza Pub 63.56552, -148.81592

Plenty of free parking on a tree lined avenue next to the river Severn. Small vans only. Very quiet, the lane mainly frequented by runners, cyclists and dog walkers. Fairly close to town and there's a cafe and toilets nearby, next to the Weir.

Shrewsbury Weir 52.71398, -2.73779

The road has been cleared - but is still in a terrible condition. Used by local cars (21 July 2022).
However, great for hiking.

A second rock block. 39.77734, 45.62395

The road has been cleared - but is still in a terrible condition. Used by local cars (22 July 2022).
However, great for hiking.

No way through 39.78181, 45.62944

Nice Campsite run by very friendly local women. Located at the lakeside. 120pppn. They also have rooms and a restaurant on site. Definitely a great place to stay in windhoek and to support the local community!

Penduka Village -22.52664, 17.01630

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