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There is no free potable water to fill with here. There is a water fountain by the bathrooms only. There also is no wifi here. Today they told me that the road us washed out by creeks and we cannot go past mile 30. They do not know when it will be open again since they are expecting more rain all week. Check at the visitor center before you go.

Slana Visitor Center 62.70990, -143.98184

We are staying here tonight, since the roads past here are flooded. This campground is as previously described and is well maintained. Bugs are bad when there is no wind. There is an "interpretive trail", but we only found one board (see photo). There are garbage cans, bathrooms, but no potable water.

Kendesnii Campground (Nabesna Road) 62.52867, -143.25703

Showers, laundry. Attendant on duty and helpful for questions.

B&C Laundry & Showers 64.85522, -147.81158

Potable water along the street side of the lot. Easy to access.

Pioneer Park 64.83720, -147.77599

Plenty of room. Beautiful 360 views. Close to road but traffic was minimal. One other vehicle camping in the area.

near Safari expedition 63.87379, -149.25144

Most crowded camping area I’ve ever seen and it was a Monday! Camping on the beach and in parking lot (good luck finding a spot). I would not attempt the beach with out 4x4. My van and another got stuck. Truck tipped over on the way out. Be careful!

Kasilof River Special Use Area 60.39062, -151.29392

Beautiful view. Only downside was wind and some hwy noise but no bugs!

Kalifornsky-Beach Parking 60.44799, -151.28203

Amazing spot! 360° view. Sunrise over Mono Lake and sunset over the mountains. Super quiet.

Gravel trail towards Panum Crater 37.92273, -119.04206

Now $20 a night with noise from bridge construction during the day.

Big Creek Campground 60.15865, -129.70526

Deer Lake Boat access St Croix Falls, WI 54024
Nice medium sized fully paved boat landing. Porta Johns onsite. No hrs posted, no real prohibitions posted, close to St Croix Falls, nearby state HWY 8 access. Steep paved driveway down to lake. May be a bit busier on weekends during the day. Most parking spaces will have a bit of a slope down towards the water. There are portable toilets onsite.

AT&T phone service is decently usable but better with a WeBoost type phone booster

Directions: East of St Croix Falls, From T intersection of Hwy 8 and Hwy 35 go North on Hwy 35 approx 1 mi turn Right or East on 140th ave, about 500ft Turn Right or South into the driveway

Heading West towards St Croix Falls approx 4 mi there's a Menards, Tractor Supply, Subway, Holiday Gas station with Diesel, Cinema, Grocery Store, Walmart, KFC (closer to St Croix Falls) as well as the Interstate WI State Park containing the Western Terminus of the Ice Age Trail, also nearby approximately 3 mi is access to the Gandy Dancer Hiking Trail

Deer Lake Boat Launch 45.40990, -92.55166

Coon Lake Park in Frederic, WI
There's a nice little swimming area with a fountain. Restroom building with flushing toilets and power receptacles. The water is accessible on Lake side of the restroom building, just a faucet on wall. likely only available during summer non freezing seasons.

There's multiple shelter buildings at park with power receptacles and power on a pole at corner of parking nearest shelters

AT&T phone service is pretty good and has 5G

Coon Lake Park 45.65679, -92.46260

We could stay at the parking for free. Restaurant had limited choice only.

Taka Rafting Camping 41.14178, 41.01235
Dirt Sunrise

Just on the Slovenia side of the border is a small disused forest track that switchbacks up the mountain to a flat lookout spot.
Great views and the track shows little to no signs of use. It's rutted out and the last part is steep so 4x4 recommended. You can always stop further down the hill and camp as well.

Mountain Lookout 46.40847, 14.53458

Awfully overcrowded. They couldn't have fit more people on the campground. We straightly left again.

Tramp 53.99657, 14.64813

Camping not allowed anymore. Big sign at the end of the road

Bödakusten Östra naturreservat 57.29505, 17.06985

Did not stay here, but was at Fish Trap lake nearby. Was told by a transient person there that Hog Lake was full of mean transient people.

Hog Lake BLM West of Spokane WA 45.72400, -111.19085

huge diesel parking lot with the best prices in the region, it offers hot baths and very good security for an overnight stay, I slept a very peaceful night

posto opção -16.75788, -43.84500

So nice place! 5 stars spot! The evening of our arrival the weather was perfect, we put our 4wd on the sand. Water was at 30°C. Sunset and sunrise were so beautiful. The morning we got a storm with a lot of wind.

Hollywood Beach 50.47519, -98.57533

path is indeed narrow so maybe not suitable for 'big rigs' and such. with a motorcycle it's perfect. the spot is secluded and the ground soft enough for camping. only issue was the wind at night was quite strong, it helps if you have a good tent

staništa 44.54717, 15.06487
Federico Cappelli

Decent pizza in passu, the shed has a couple of tables outside, otherwise is good for takeaway. The Margherita is nice, price are a bit high but it’s good for a change of menu.

Pizvaan 36.46147, 74.89353

What a beautiful spot. It does change with the season…July had higher levels of water (couldn’t drive across to the campsite), and it was clear green. Totally recommend getting here late afternoon with light, staying overnight, and walking to the falls without a guide (good shoes, bug-spray) around 8’ish and you’ll be back by noon when the tourists come. The ‘swimming’ spot at the top of the falls is a gem, and then you can descend the steep ladders to the bottom of the falls…where you are actually closer to the falls then you could get by boat tour (from Tanchachin, or Morena) and you can spend as much time as you want! Truly an unforgettable spot to camp, we slept with the van doors open and the screens on all night. Amazing. The workers in the morning charged us $25 pesos each to cross the small part of the ricer by boat (the water was too fast for me to swim, though my husband said we could have done it) The falls were beautiful, but even more so because there was noone there!! The road in is AWFUL! and not sure how the cars did it, we have a 4x4 van. After Tino’s, you are halfway there. It was worth it though to be there alone.

Riverside 21.80681, -99.18544

Decent restaurant open until 8pm in Tanchachin outside of the town. Very clean outdoors seating. Basic milanesa, shrimp, enchiladas and breakfasts

Restaurant Stacy 21.82438, -99.14549

Nice spot that is also used by locals for fishing. Also saw deer and geese but unfortunately a lot of mosquitoes as well.

Mission Island boat launch 48.37552, -89.23083

Hermosas cabañas a la orilla del lago San Pablo, prestan estacionamiento y baño a viajeros, con consumición mínima en el restaurante del lugar.

Beautiful cabin at the lake San Pablo. They give us place to park and bathroom only with a minimum consumption in the restaurant of the place.

Cabañas del Lago hotel 0.21034, -78.21137

Pretty good shaded areas. Nice bit away from the highway. Overall not too bad. Good Verizon cell.

Dunnigan Rest Area 38.89276, -121.98024

Stayed here for 1 night in a SUV. Trail head parking lot with very clean pit bathrooms, close to a fire station. We heard maybe 4 cars drive past, so very quiet. Didn’t see an other car parked until 7AM which were trail users. I would stay again!!

Backbone Trail Parking 34.08544, -118.86229

Camping Municipal in a lovely village with a small river and very friendly people. Police station nearby. Free, safe, quiet. I'm excited!

Camping Municipal Anquincila -28.74926, -65.54693

Hostel Naupa House offers showers to travelers for 10bol

hot clean showers for 10bol -17.39036, -66.15678

Small library with outdoor lighted seating and open wifi. Outdoor power outlet too. Coexisting with the museum. Adjacent to a small dog park.

Red River Public Library 36.70459, -105.39970

Duchas $500 y servicio de lavandería $600. Ideal para dormir una noche.

YPF Aduana Uspallata -32.59441, -69.37024

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