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There's a water spigot between the 3rd and 4th door. It's a bit far to hook a hose for me, need more than 15ft long hose, so I just fill up the jugs. There's no change machine for the laundry. The machines seem old to me but work. I didn't have enough change so didn't use it, just saw other people do. Make sure to bring your loonies. The shower is hot, no room to put soap, everything goes on the floor, $2 for 15mins, $4 for 30mins. The washrooms are outside on different doors, kinda odd.

New Haven Comfort Station 46.82660, -60.32098

Communal locker room showers (no dividers) but FREE!

Grangeville City Pool 45.92439, -116.11518

Excellent place to do your laundry. Lots of washers and dryer’s. $1.75 for a wash and a dry you can just add what you want. Mine took $1.00 each except towels were 1.25. Owners were super friendly and helpful! Very clean. You can also leave your laundry and they will do it for you. Not sure how much but I watched them do other peoples laundry and they took great care. Excellent spot! Great value.

Kim le laundromat 50.44124, -104.58131

Only a few sites, no services at the sites.
Dump station by toilets
Drinking water in the mens washrooms
No showers
Fir small to medium sized rigs
Must complete the registration form and call the administrator, as per thier instructions. This is a self regulating campground, 2 days free, then a fee applies.

Vulcan Municipal Campground 50.39762, -113.25607

Relativ laut in der Nacht, wird aber auf allen Plätzen in der Umgebung sein. Toller Standort um die Stadt zu besuchen. Internet ist sehr schnell.

Queens Quay E/Lower Sherbourne 43.64504, -79.36720

Wonderful secluded and beautiful location - a few sites along the water front - some locals will bring their dogs here for a walk during the day. We put the name of the Provincial Park in Apple Maps and that got us here. We are using Elon Musks Starlink - no phone service here.

Kitsumkalum Provincial Park 54.72478, -128.76790

nice location next to a lake with ducks and even a beaver! there were some mosquitoes but nothing the ThermaCELL couldn't handle. lots of nails around parking area so be careful. Quiet with decent cell signal.

Kwitzil Lake 53.86303, -123.24757

Pretty little park facing the ferry terminal. Fun place to watch the ships come and go. Lots of locals show up to watch the ships depart. 6 rigs of all sizes here tonight. Internet up/down 30/20. Great for uploading pics before you move on.

Indian Beach - Regional Park 46.21175, -60.23826

Before making the decision to sleep in this place sachet that you are in one of the 10 most dangerous neighborhoods in the United States during the day it's ok but at nightfall it's at your own risk and after finding things not normal have decided to leave and not sleep there

Cabela’s parking 41.57324, -87.48109

It’s a private property. We are not allowed there. Do not camp there!!! Thanks!!

Next to water 46.29392, -63.73034

Arrived here at 1pm and stayed for a night. Fee of 50 pesos per person. You have access to clean bathrooms. The place is a gem. There is a pool made of concrete with water from the spring. Then there is a kind of pool inside the mountain with the waterfall inside. It is just beautiful. Really hot water, you won't refresh yourself here. The place can get quite crowded so I advise you to come early to find a good spot for your car. People are generally quite respectful but they let quite a but of trash around. You won't find a cheaper place around, as good as this one. 4 friendly stray dogs + the owner's one. Nothing around so if you plan to come bring enough water and food to enjoy this place!

Hot Pool Camp 26.89049, -104.36588

Neat area with a nice variety of different landscapes when driving through. I think it’s probably worth the drive. I made a loop. From A-23 to here road conditions are great. If you continue on from here to the village of Cosapilla the road kinda sucks. The first km is really interesting contrast but from then on it’s not great.

If you are making a loop like I was I think it’s best to go back to Colpitas and make your way to A-93 near the Bolivian border. If you’re headed to Bolivia via Visviri then continue north as it’s not that bad just not worth detouring onto.

Suriplaza -17.85344, -69.46265

hot springs with restaurant and massage services, very nice staff.
they let me used the parking lot for campervan for free.

in winter, they close early at 6, so arrive early to have full experience.

Parque Termal Menetue -39.32975, -71.72212

Nice place to stop to fill up water, wash dishes (station right next to bathrooms/showers), and shower (free, decent water pressure, gets warm somewhat quickly). It is in a campground but this building/potable water is all in the day use section which you can drive right up to. Also very nice beach to hang out and a lots of picnic tables.

Free showers, potable water, dish washing 49.60733, -117.11623

enter the fuel store and ask the guy. full bathroom with toilets. bring your own soap and stuff, clean and free.

Ultramar Gas Station 48.59465, -68.20708

Thank you town of Billings for the h2o. Free on side of building.

Billings Township Fire Dept 45.90406, -82.25842

Including more photos from this area. Last night was peaceful. We are headed out today.

Kendesnii Campground (Nabesna Road) 62.52858, -143.25700

This area is beautiful. High clearance and 4x4 to get here, due to rain water over road in a lot of places. Worth it if you can make it out here. Added photos.

Jack Creek 62.46305, -143.10316

Perfect for the night before heading East to Dawson City. Great view overlooking the city.Small pull off right off a gravel road. Just a few cars before nighttime

Dawson City - Roadside 64.05578, -139.45865

Very helpful friendly fast service. Single owner therefore can help you without appointment. Was able to remove our 4x4 drive shaft

Jamie’s trailer repair workshop 58.81426, -122.77125

Easy to enter from rest area (northbound as mentioned) at bottom of the hill. Several RVs here and some look like a longer setup. Has “random camping” sign so this is definitely more than just boondocking. We went to a lower level to get away from highway. Noise really manageable. Level surface, used by locals as starting ground for ATVing (based on signage)

Cutbank Tiver bridge 54.63820, -118.68032

Laundromat in cute area. Next to some restaurants. There is a change machine, soap dispensers, beverage vending machine, bathrooms, a bunch of seating/ tables. Very clean. Open 6am-10pm. Last load is at 8:45pm (machines turn off so there is no wiggle room there). 3$ to wash(25 mins), ~1.50 to dry (30 mins). FREE WIFI. No complaints.

Lunar Laundry 47.67613, -122.36469

nice campground with trails. fishing, & BBQ grills. Water & dump at entrance. There are water outlets throughout the park as well, but not at sites.

Ft. Peck Dam 48.01062, -106.42980

Free potable water. Also has free car wash if you get gas.

Tesoro 63.33822, -143.00867

Still cheapest gas. Went to the other station to fill up on water.

Vistus 63.33382, -142.96035

Auto propane available for 65$ first one. Paiement by credit card

Wawa Station 39.28655, -76.53569

Très belle place pour passer la nuit. Nous sommes en camper van et le bruit de l’autoroute n’est pas dérangeant. C’est bien de préciser que c’est la sortie 45 sur la 1, à droite sur la 170 et à droite sur Barker road jusqu’au bout et ensuite la trail jusqu’au pont démoli. Il y a même un nid d’aigle avec des p’tits bébés sur le poteau électrique! Gare aux p’tits chiens 🐶

Digdeguash River Abandoned Bridge 45.17841, -66.95858

A remote tent campground with about 12 small sites that are set up above Lake Superior. Many have trails to climb down to the remote shore for a swim. One pit toilet, no water. Nice walk to the point with a stairs leading down to an excellent, remote swim spot. Camping is $25-- must pay at the casino in Red Wall (about 15 miles away). Perk is that free showers are available at the casino for campers. This is a quiet campground off some remote (but well taken care of) dirt roads. 2 bars of Sprint. Only downside was a lot of biting flies by the water when we were there mid-July

Point Detour Campground 46.95911, -90.87482

The road is so horrendous!!! I wouldn't recommend going here unless you have 4×4, and not during bad weather. I went up but didn't feel safe enough to stay especially when the forecast said rain and windy, there's no reception either. If you're stuck on the road because of bad weather, you can't call emergency up there. I was seriously nervous driving all the way up. The view was nice but not worth it for that much trouble, especially if you travel alone like me. There are more beautiful places to stay at without all the trouble. Overall, I don't recommend this place unless you're traveling with someone else and have good 4×4.

On Dirtroad To Cape North 46.97700, -60.45423

this place has moved from the original location to in the plaza right by the church. still very tasty pizza. mediums for about 28 and large for about 34

Cafe Europa - Italian 5.59945, -75.82036

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