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Nous avons passé à nouveau la nuit là en arrivant à 20h. Aucun problème. Aller au deuxième ou 3e parking.

Melmerby Beach Provincial Park 45.65461, -62.50121

Easy to acces on your way to Rila Monastary

Free drinkable water 42.08637, 23.05845

Fresh water with a marvelous view. Fill up your bottle after the hike.

Uncle Kiro 42.15417, 23.39807

kleiner netter Platz. sind spontan spät abends angekommen und durften bleiben. sehr nettes personal

Alnwick. The Sheperds Rest 55.40757, -1.72168

Mise à jour : Quelqu’un est venu nous aviser que nous ne pouvions pas stationner pour la nuit à cet endroit. Le terrain appartient à Irving et des pancartes, qui ont été enlevées par des utilisateurs itinérants, avaient été apposées à cet effet. Respectons le local ✌️

Digdeguash River Abandoned Bridge 45.17843, -66.95867

We made it with our Ford E350 through the small entrance without problems. We paid 20 Sol p.P.p.N. and stayed for three nights. The campside is beautiful and we liked it.

Apu Ecolodge -9.03630, -77.82153

Highly recommend ! I have a diesel box truck converted into an overlanding rig and ALL the people there were super friendly, nice and knowledgeable. I only went for routine maintenance but they offered the option to stay in my rig overnight if necessary. Fair and reasonable rates. They took care of everything while I waited.

Alliance diesel and rv repair 33.76841, -116.96810

Nice camping next to the shore. A lot of camper vans.

Hirtshals Camping 57.58661, 9.94470

Stayed for one night - 35$ per night without service. Several washrooms and as described hot showers are 1$ for 5 minutes (cold water is working without inserting money). Wifi available (Shaw Open or Telus, but the unlimited Telus is only available in specific areas). Picnic tables and fire pits on each site.

Sooke River Campground 48.38886, -123.70734

Excelente camping e localização! R$40,00 pp.

Pousada e Camping Lumiar - -12.56417, -41.38878

Hose on the right side of the building. Cashiers’ said it’s good to use though they don’t know if it’s potable. (Assumed it is)

Sinclair Gas Station 45.44779, -119.68652
Joseph The Supertramp

as previous people said it is very cool. this is actually the highest point of west virginia. there are plenty of parking spots front and back and a trail that leads to the backcountry. on the trail you can expect to find lots of dispersed camping so in vehicle or in tents on the trail that's a dual option. down the knob is the spruce know lake which is really beautiful (can do fishing ). there's also a NF campground after the same name just down from the knob near the lake

Spruce Knob mountain parking lot 38.70199, -79.53004

Spot along the polar mesa road. Shade with huge pines. No trafic. 2 bar LTE AT&T

Polar mesa road 38.63010, -109.17304
La Famille POOS

Bivouac de dépannage car près d'un route passante bien que plus calme la nuit. Convient à tout type de véhicule.

Miramichi 47.02209, -65.52884

Church parking lot facing a large park with picnic tables. Incredible view. Municipal toilets just across the road.

Église de Ste-Famille 46.97389, -70.96330

There is a fee campground at the start of this road. Keep driving and you'll see a sign that states that the dispersed camping is the next 6 miles. FREE
Stayed in campsite #6. There is sign that recommends 4wd, but we made it in our Promaster 159"...some parts were sketchy, but we made it.
Site 5 looks awesome, if you can score that.
Site 7 looks awesome, but not sure you can get a rig in there. Probably best for tent.
No amenities, but there are bear boxes.

Lincoln Gulch Dispersed Camp sites 39.11657, -106.69187

Very nice huge Ranch with a lot of animals. 1 bull, 3 horses, 1 mule, 9 dogs, a lot of chicken & ducks.
They are most of the time free. wonderful. WiFi only for texting usable, so very very bad. Staff super friendly. but: mask fetishists. Please wake up, Corona is a fake, a lie, a plan! Restaurant very good. Margaritas fantastic, food also.
Fantastic view. take the road from above, not from the town!

Rancho La Mesa and RV Park 19.50218, -101.59501
Instagram: @savannatales

Coming from dusty Amboseli, the car deserved to be clean! This is a large car wash where they cleaned the outside with a pressure machine. Efficient and cheap. Paid 200 KES for outside cleaning. There's a restaurant next to it where you can you local food.

Aqua Shiners Car Wash (A real one) -1.69799, 36.84369
Instagram: @savannatales

A pleasant stopover if you want to kind of bypass Nairobi. Cheap and next to the road but not noisy. It's a picnic area for Nairobi weekenders so avoid it on weekends. Swimming pool, flush toilets, cold showers (apparently they are going to improve that for campers in future), pleasant acacia shade, dishwashing sinks. The actual camping area is mostly suitable for ground tents but because we were alone we parked our car at the entrance. Otherwise there's lots of space under acacia trees at the picnic areas if you talk to the manager he may allow you to camp there. Great Safaricom and Airtel internet signal. Paid 600 KES ppn.

Olooltepes Campsite & Picnic Site -1.46205, 36.70336

Parking lot with view of the Fraser river. Very loud spot withany large trucks coming by and using the space to stop for a few minutes. Many trains going by and all use their horn as they enter the area.

Fraser River View 50.74852, -121.84907

Gigantic fresh coconuts full of delicious coconut water and very cold, with a little shaded area to sit and enjoy it. 40 pesos.

Coconut water stand - giant coconuts very cold! 19.41410, -88.04870

Nice campsite with picknicktables and firepits, bins, 3 clean and well maintained outhouses. Along the river. $10 per night, $25 for a week.

By-Mac Park 54.37349, -126.75708

Baño químico. Súper amables. Te dejan entrar la casilla. Ofrecen acceso a la electricidad . Cámaras de vigilancia funcionando para q no existan los robos pese a q es un parque público

Camping Municipal Don Tomas -36.62543, -64.30669

Perfect place for the night
Only ones here

Radisson Park 52.46846, -107.40176

$70/night. FULL hookups, 30 amp (but there is options for 30 and 50), SHOWERS, pool (which was GOLD when it was 106-108 in July!)even an AC common area when you just need a moment. Extremely clean, very friendly, quiet, can see the night sky really well, easy access to Zion and other towns. It served us really well. We normally look for as cheap as possible or even free... But this was well worth it with our family of 5 to have access to this great site. We staid for 5 nights and 6 days.

Zion River Resort RV Park & Campground 37.20262, -113.17616

Closed and roped off.

Gravel lot 46.29998, -123.96624

I didn't stay at this hostel but I visit it. I want to make some promotion here because the owner was super helpful with me and he disserves some help. This is a really nice alternative hostel. The concept: each person has is own tent in one big room. So you have full privacy and you feel like in a cocoon. They also have Solo room if needed.
There is a nice kitchen, indoor and outdoor chill area with a small bar.
I feel like this was a great hostel before COVID and they suffer a lot since then. The bar seems closed and they doesn't seem to have a lot of clients.
They are a bit out of town but we'll located for the animals market.
They owner is really nice and open to help travelers.
They have a backyard and big parking.

Here is the Facebook page:

Urban Monkey tent hostel 42.50424, 78.38685

Sort of confusing but it’s the gravel lot in front of the coastal trail. I couldn’t the trail the day I arrived (gnarly fog) but it’s the gravel lot behind the plumbing business. It also seems like the local businesses use for overflow employee parking.

There was another van the night I was there, and people started arriving to work the following morning around 5:30 am. Good for a night stopover.

Coastal Trail Parking Lot 39.44279, -123.80688

Nice place close to Baños. Grassy flat area near to the river where you can park. Nice view and a nice walking area around. Also nice to walk to the town if you like. Carmen is really sweet en welcoming. We got tasty bananas, avocado and mandarines from the garden. Also a lot of lemons. Shower with hot water, toilets, fully equipped kitchen to use, barbecue, fridge and so on. Luxury camping, very nice!

Abby's Hideaway -1.39802, -78.44838

Stayed at the lower (more exposed) spot for four nights. The ranch across the road had regular traffic, but nobody bothered us. Highly recommend Order Up diner in Rifle!

Small Hill in National Forest 39.74383, -107.89941

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