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We spent 2 very quiet nights here. 5 km hiking from here to the chapel.

Lake Mutirikwi -20.25635, 31.01390

Nice and quiet spot. The road is not that bad! We spent one night here. The Mont Chaudron is a very nice hike!

Mont Chaudron 48.13648, -79.51290

This is the second time we stayed at this place, last time was in October 2021, no sign indicating - no over night parking. We have total with truck and RV 48', no problem, back in RV out of the way, from trails, some local people used trail, no one approches us. Traffic noise until sundown. We slept great. Same as last time we stayed.

Rock Creek Husky Municiplal Park 49.05670, -118.99995

Great spot, far enough from the road to avoid the dust and easy to level.

Pantanal Wild Camp -16.47382, -56.68932

Fantastic camp site. Lovely ablutions with hot water and friendly staff

Drifters Maun Camp -20.17111, 23.67277
Kevin Stotz

the road is open and you can stay here. great spot on the upper level, but can go down right to the water. it's not real level at the bank of the lake. kinda tight to turn around. we backed out. the location is right on the water. you can drive a bit forward and park in the trees, but mosquitoes and bugs deter that

Grassy Lake Reservoir 44.13033, -110.81448

Local fantástico! Lindo,limpo, excelente infraestrutura. Muita verde, bem cuidado. Silencioso, som é proibido. Local seguro, porteiros 24h Banheiros bons e limpos.

Parque do Sesi -29.36640, -50.79128

Just going off what the other user has said. Asked the front desk if we could use the showers and there was no charge. The bigger shower/bathroom combo room was really nice.

Lions Club Marina 45.66064, -60.87496

great spot for a night. we saw deers at night. you can have a BBQ, there are grills available.

Mendon Ponds Park 43.02987, -77.55837

stopped at this Walmart late on our trip after seeing it wasn't on ioverlander yet. unfortunately there are signs stating no overnight parking and violaters will be towed.

Walmart 44.91158, -91.93224

we were at jorge's place door quite a few days while working on our vw vanagon. he's a skilled mechanic, very friendly (it helps if you speak spanish in some cases) and precise. I would definetly recommend him, he has a vanagon aswell, so in comparrison to alot of other mechanics he's quite femilliar with them.
While we were there he moved to his new workshop, I changed the coordinates

Kombi Jorge 18.53013, -88.29523

Stayed here for the night. A security officer knocked at our door at 7am the next morning and told us, that camping isn‘t allowed. Wasn‘t a problem as we payed for 24h, but can‘t stay there for another night.

Parking Lot in Central Quebec 46.81155, -71.22755

One of the most beautiful places in bc. Room for tents or RVs. 2 fire pits seating and a river to swim in. Who could ask for more. My family built this as a memorial to my grandparents in the 90s.

Loseth memorial camp 49.41867, -118.52064

Beautiful pitches with lawn and palm trees. We enjoyed having our own bathroom. Very well maintained. You can book all the tours in this area at reception. Easy walk into town.

Swakopmund - Alte Brücke -22.68637, 14.52528

Hatfield MAN Truck & Bus in our opinien is a top MAN workshop. The workshop is checked every 6 months by TÜV Rheinland. Reliable, efficient and courteous. Overlanders are allowed to stand on site overnight and are made available a toilet/shower and can also be provided with electricity if required.

MAN Hatfield Truck & Bus -25.75754, 28.35770

Jorge the owner is a great guy, Super helpful, he knows about RVs, kombi, vans, etc
Also he let us stay right there, and hook up to electricity, used the shower.
He did a grate job with a 25feet Rv for a reasonably price! Totally recommended!

El dueño Jorge es una gran persona, nos ayudó con todo lo que le pedimos, nos limpió el chasis y colocó pintura antioxidante, él arregla Rvs, kombis, vans, etc.
Nos quedamos en su taller y nos permitió conectarnos a la electricidad y usar la ducha.
Realizó un gran trabajo a nuestro Motorhome de 25 pies, por un precio razonable, lo recomendamos totalmente!
WhatsApp: +52 983 177 6805

Mecanico Jorge 18.53014, -88.29517

really nice big shower with the temperature you want! ask at the gate and give us a 1hour pass.. for free!

White Lake Campground 48.69437, -85.64433

Hotel has four rooms and each has three beds. Quiet and hot water. Breakfast (croissant and coffee) included 2,400clp

ACA YPF - Guillermo Juarez -23.90427, -61.84195

Still as described up to date, no restaurant but food offered( sandwhich and empanadas). Solid sandwiches. Cash only.

BM @Las Lomitas -24.70339, -60.58872
Dan Robrecht

Lovely spot on the creek within walking distance of the toilets.

Annie Creek Campsite 42.76259, -122.05817

Beautiful area at the top of a mountain road. Flat grass field surrounded by mountain peaks. The starting point of many hiking trails. There's a refugio with good food! Cooling down after the hike in the beautiful clear water ice cold river, that passes under an ancient river, is a must.

The road up the mountain was challenging for our big rig (7,5m long, 2,5m wide, 3,75m high) but doable. The refugio also gets its delivery by trucks..

San Nicolas de Bujaruelo 42.69392, -0.10772

Meant to use the dispersed camping at Lake Mauzy but it was roped off. Right next to it was another pull off with a sign for this pond. Looks like a fishing spot. Single gravel track down to a loose gravel parking area. Not level, though there are two grassier spots that could be used. Good for cars, vans, etc… don’t think it would be large enough to turn an RV around easily. Spent one night and never saw a soul. Cleaned up some trash. No facilities of any kind. One bar of Verizon.

Sulphur Springs Pond 37.63127, -87.85986

Staying for a week in (July 2022).
The property it very well maintained.
It is pet friendly and has a tiny dog walk area however I usually leave for a walk down the road. The Bathrooms, Shared Showers, and Laundry are all cleaned daily and again very well maintained.
There is a little park to play horse shoes and a swing set for the kids.
It's just off Hwy 40 and early to get to.

Camp Tamarack RV Park Campground 55.09494, -118.81239

We visited this park with our 3,40 high truckcamper. No issue to reach the Monte Rey recreation area, but there was the stone arch that blocked us to enter the parking lot. No problem, the ranger allowed us to park and sleep at the turn-off, about 100 m back, where the road continues for 4,5 km. There were not a lot of mosquitoes during the day … but in the evening tons were present. We haven’t seen that many animals, but anyhow it was worth the visit. Lot’s of birds. Damage of the fire is still visible, greenery is back, but lot’s of trees didn’t recover (yet), walking paths end in the water because wooden walkways are gone. 11 km of good gravel road, 19 km sand road. Both parts in good shape, almost no washboard. Few days before we had a lot of rain, after 1 day the road was dry. Can be done by normal cars, although high clearance would make it easier to drive.

PN Iberá - Monte Rey -27.86892, -56.87976

They had no problem with us pitching our tent for the night. The showers are working but pretty run down.

Gas Station -17.82764, -60.77319

Actually the approach off the high way is a bit rough. Might be a problem for a big rig.
And the lot is smallI’d go farther north to the three on the west side of the highway if you’re in a big rig

Baja Gas & Oil 23.12591, -109.71098

Best spot of the trip! nice looong beach for a lovely walk! Good sleep as well!

Meilleur spot du voyage! magnifique longue plage pour une belle marche! Et très tranquille pour un bon dodo!

Port Maitland Provincial Park 43.98680, -66.15324

We’ve spent a nice, quite night here after visiting the volcano. Very friendly guards. Toilet available. Free

Entrada al Volcan Masaya 12.01293, -86.14216
Holly Miller

3 sites around the lower loop drive and one large area on top of the sand pile for another 3 vehicles. No amenities, just dirt/sand but views of 6 different peaks from the site up top. If you are tracking toward the GPS coordinates on the map, the turn in is on the left AFTER you pass the coordinates if going from Diablo to Washington Pass N to S

Rock pit spur road 48.58810, -120.80294

Amazing first stop in CR! This is the most organized place we’ve seen on our whole time since Mexico, they even provide rubber boots and a tree guide for your nature walk! Saw lots of monkeys and a sloth! A great deal at $5pp in CR.

Finca Cañas Castilla 11.12147, -85.59404

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