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Little place of paradise, run by a great guy called Ciro. The garden is gorgeous, the house is very rustic but he will show you what hospitality means. Theoretically he charges 30 BRL a night, but sometimes not, he enjoys your company more than your money, especially if you bring some food for BBQ and some beers to share. At his place there are ruins of an ancient slaves stone house, the starting point of a hiking trail with great views, and a lovely waterfall. If it's sunny you can have wonderful days and get rest away from everything but not that isolated.

Fazenda Garbers, Ciro's place -25.33622, -48.90919

Really nice place, very quiet ( no music by nigth: first Time in one week in Uganda)

there is no more wifi at camping but you can ask the rangers of the Park to get It and It s work fast.

Amajyambere Community Camp -1.35361, 29.61935

Fantastic place with a great view.
10 mn by car from the entrance of the gorillas track.
Very quiet

Agandi Uganda Lodge -1.03524, 29.77535

Posto Shell com banheiro e água (não potável). Um dos poucos com Diesel S500 da cidade. Calibrador de pneus e estacionamento pavimentado.

Posto Shell -12.95165, -38.47719

Here you can get a "new" leaf if you have no other option. They search one and cut it to the right size. Does the job for the moment. You never know if they are working or not. Just step by and have a look...

Leaf Spring Replacement 41.75269, 44.78000

Excellent water supply, as described very convenient. Additional you have the option to stay overnight if you wish, but the place is not too charming.

Water pump 38.91831, -9.38307

Came back here for a second night and realised this shooting range is still in use. It was probably used over the weekend as we arrived for second night and saw new bullets and clay pigeons lying around. Just FYI if people show up for shooting practice

Spur off Road -19.42636, 15.66715

Overnight possibility for campers on the parking. Good shade in the morning. Restaurant nearby. Illuminated at night. Many birds. Celular Signal ok.

Breakwater Old Port -20.40847, -51.37179

pulled in early on a Monday, camp was full by 6pm. this is a very popular spot for good reason. quite a few bugs.
excellent Verizon service.
easy one track, large spaces, would still avoid with larger rvs due to tight turns and single track road.
West goes wandering on Instagram and YouTube

Sparrow Rapids 46.50406, -88.94774

This is a small family run campsite.Place for a rest and relaxation surrounded by nature and a beautiful view of the mountains. There is a toilet , shower with hot water, electricity , kitchen , amazing terrace , washing mashine , barbecue , childrens playground and farm with a animals. The camp is open all year . Parking cost 10 euro.You can order food that is delicious and homemade. All on a plate directly from the farm. About 1km from the camp there is a beautiful river where you can swim. The host a kind and hospitable!

Camp Sunny Hills 42.25162, 19.07044

Paved large parking lot next to a bridge with spaces long enough for boat trailer parking, slight slope, we slept well without leveling. ATT LTE 1-2 bars, 3 boost.
4 other rigs were, minimal traffics noise at night.

Boat launch, large parking 63.31709, -142.65262

Walking distance to space needle! A bunch of spots, pretty well lit! A lot of other camper vans! Arrived around 10 pm and there weren’t any spots, waited a few minutes for a car to leave and snuck in! Would even be good to just park for free and check out the city. Woke up at like 6 because there was some construction/ cars etc., but HEY!! You get what you pay for!

South Lake Union 47.61929, -122.33734

there's signs for 24h parking along the side of the road. a good place to stay in a pinch. it's quiet throughout the night but gets noisier in the early morning.

Industrial park near Canadian Tire 48.65738, -123.41682

Price asked was 5K. I got it down to 4K. Also Mustafa from Egypt cooks chicken, rice and veggies for 2,500. Just by watching him cook I can already tell this man knows how to cook! It’s quiet , Cozy and a decent stay for the price.

The Nile Hotel 19.64331, 30.40637

plusieurs stationnements pour la nuit, très beau

Halte Routière les Eboulements 47.47271, -70.33113

The road goes alongside the railroad tracks and ends at an old Cemetery that people are obviously coming by and taking care of and just beyond the cemetery there's another big wide open space that's a little bit more away from the railroad tracks, and away from the cemetery. there's also a spot just after you cross over the railroad tracks right on the side of the road. T

his is a small spot but more open and breezy. The road is quiet, nobody drove on it this entire time we were there but the train went through three times. and the mosquitoes are a bit fierce. We were kind of lucky that it was rainy while we're here and I think the mosquitoes could have been a lot worse. I had two to three bars of service with us cellular.

Cemetary 64.53055, -149.10839

Also, Google doesn't know the road that leads to the place and will take you to the wrong turnout. Coming from direction Batumi, about 1km before the camp, turn to the left at the big Sea Camping sign. 🙂

Sea Camping 41.75391, 41.74034

Super clean laundry with bathroom, candy and pepsi dispenser machine, money change machine, $4 washer and dryer $1.50

Bud’s corner laundromat 42.36092, -93.09312

On the other side of the road, access from a small metal bridge or road from a bridge to a secondary road. Shady site, restaurant and super at 100m. Quiet with some friendly neighbors. Access only for motorcycles or bicycles.

great site on the river 39.39170, 39.82479

It is possible to stay on the ramps of the former bridge. Enough space for a big rig.

wild camp -19.25321, -57.37142
A very long Honeymoon

Pico-y-Placa driving restrictions.
Although I haven't heard of any traveller having problems, please be aware of the driving restrictions in Bogota and that you risk a >100 dollar fine (460k COP) if you drive on the wrong days. Weekend and holidays anyone can drive. On odd-numbered weekdays, vehicles with license plates ending in odd numbers are restricted, on even days the ones ending in even numbers.
Foreign license plates are NOT listed as exception to this rule. The restriction is for the whole day approx. 6am to 9pm (hard to get info on the most up-to date hours, as it changes) .

Driving Restrictions Bogotá 4.65347, -74.08364

We had to wait a couple of nights for the ferry so we used the car park. Sign says you can overnight here! Very quiet all night but the action for the ferry gets going at around 7am

Badger Ferry car park 43.94911, -86.44928

Great Lebanese/Angolan restaurant with vegetarian options. Around 1500-2000kw for a plate (generous portion) and fresh fruit juices from 900kw. Has some outdoor seating

Restaurante Lana -14.92133, 13.49262

very good shower with good pressure and hot water. private enclosed shower room. nice sandy beach and easy bikeable trails too. access via camping ground road.

Kedge Beach 44.39821, -65.23253

Lots of place ! the plaza is also in work for few month but there is still place around. Super calm and nice village. We eat at Antigua and it was a nice restaurant.

Cucunuba Park 5.25015, -73.76684

Didn’t seem that anyone mentioned entrance fee. 4k to use the pool.

Termas de Jurasi -18.20975, -69.51125

same as mentioned above. fast and free. chairs and places to sit too.

Banff Tourist Information 51.18173, -115.57622

busy and noisy ocean side pull out. spent 1 night here.

San Geronimo Pullout 35.44972, -120.93194

Completely overgrown, sandwiched between train tracks and highway. Ok for emergency night nothing else as you are still visible to highway and trucks are very loud. 1-2 bar LTE MTC. Dont think it is suitable for big rigs

Well hidden -19.71879, 17.82690

nice cleared out area to set up camp for a night driving while driving i-64. Some fishing and swimming available in the creek. it's probably busy with locals on weekends. Note: you're right below the interstate so it is noisy with vehicles driving

Paint Creek 38.02055, -81.35333

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