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A good quality costumer sticker. Very friendly people and good prices

Customer stickers 38.27431, 27.19416

Passamos uma noite muito tranquila no local. mesmo sendo véspera de feriado, não houve qualquer tipo de incômodo. Dormimos com o som do mar e, no barzinho da praia que tem descendo o caminho da esquerda (no final do estacionamento) tem chuveiro. O ponto de energia não existe mais.

Complexo dos Mirantes (Viewpoints) -23.62940, -45.39690

Probably the nicest Wal-Mart I’ve stayed in. Large easy to access lot (especially for big rigs), super quiet location, and nice grass area to walk the hound.

Wal-Mart Morgantown 39.64450, -80.00023
4ever2wherever (Margriet & Jan)

Rather expensive place (€85 for a double) for what it offers. Bit of past glory. Rooms are OK, but small. Beautiful view over park with sea in the background Near shops and restaurants.

Roomz Hotel 4.61461, 114.32981

Very good coffee and the best carrot cake I have had in my African tour so far.
Also does all day breakfast and sandwiches.
Great warehouse cafe where they roast there beans which you can purchase.

Peaberry Coffee Roasters and cafe -15.39811, 28.27612

Bicycle mechanic that can work on all bicycles as he has worked for Sampada cycling team SA.
Can help with chasing spare parts and accessing parts that are hard to find.
Can email Bright at
[email protected]

BS bike service centre -15.39806, 28.27609

It's noisy but safe, free and in front of the US embassy. We stayed for two nights due to lack of alternatives. Next shopping mall did not allow us to stay for the night. Official parking in the city center wanted to charge 1600 metrical per night.

Parking in front of US embassy -25.95071, 32.61482

Easy to find a flat spot. We found this to be one of the noisiest Walmarts we’ve stayed at but fine for a night. Wifi reaches pretty far into parking lot.

Walmart 43.60824, -79.69247

Everything is already written;-). Very nice & clean place with 4 campgrounds. All camps have shade, braai, light and running water. Ablution block is close to the campgrounds. Very friendly owner and a fantastic waterhole with lots of animals. 120 pppn including free firewood.

Strongly recommended!

Ovita Wildlife Camp -21.56903, 16.56403

Este espaço é privado, está cercado atualmente não tem como usar para acabamento.

Foz do Iguacu -25.60128, -54.49489

Spent a nice quite night here, for us no security issues. Hot water for showers around sunset once they light the fire.

Aguada Camping -34.64517, -54.15910
Improbably Adventuring

Beautiful spot as described but at night someone came by and stole my sunglasses and pocket knife out of my tank bag and tried to get into my saddlebags but they were locked. please be cautious of your belongings here.

'Makeout Point' 10.06901, -85.77018

YPF a bit more outside of the town with more parking space than the other YPF. 24h service, toilets, shop (closed during the night).

YPF gas station -40.75657, -71.65387

Secure mostly level parking w solid Wi-Fi next to sheriff’s office and fire department (spoke to firemen who recommended the spot).

Very little overnight road noise/traffic.

Crowley lake community library 37.56892, -118.75217

Perfect! Our rig is 27'. Road is good. We'll be back. Only 1 bar LTE AT&T which is the only thing that keeps us from staying longer as we need connection for work.

Yahk river site 49.06360, -116.04817

Solid spot to stop. Lots of room and relatively discrete. I’m sure it’s amazing if you get lucky and don’t have clouds and rain. Didn’t have wind though.

Calla Calla mountain pass -6.73418, -77.89361

It seems like most other reviewers think this spot is the large parking area off the highway (Chosa Campground) which is free as well, but these coordinates are for a more secluded pull off farther down Dillahunty Rd on the right. This spot was very quiet and barely any vehicles go down Dillahunty Rd so it's great! Good Verizon reception. We stayed 2 nights with no issues. The views are incredible!

Dillahunty Road 32.08083, -104.42508

Very nice place with a little house for shelter. Very friendly host. Toilets and showers ok and clean. Electricity 110 and 220 water available

Pesqueiro Primavera -20.23486, -56.40488

Nice hostel and restaurant. Dorm now 14US, private rooms available as well. They accept card, just say visa or Mastercard if they say they don't accept tarjeta

Secure parking for motos and a few cars. There is a height restriction, maybe 10ft or so, but there's also parking just off the street infront of the restaurant as well for taller rigs (not secure)

Jardin Cafe Restaurant & Hostel 14.59756, -88.58173

Uma ótima oficina para concertos de vans e utilitários, especializada em Vans, concertei o freio de disco do meu motorhome

Oficina mecânica -34.63957, -58.47725

Really nice Place. With a 8tons truck (7,5m x 3,2m x 2,5m) it was no problem but bigger would be difficult. Trinking water is available. Owner askes for 5 Lari. He is a really nice guy and speaks a little bit english. It's the second campground. Just follow the signs uphill.

Borjomi NP 41.83674, 43.33331

Still muddy in parts, but we passed with no trouble in a Land Cruiser at the start of rainy season. Had to make a diversion through a palm plantation just before Anamoué as a truck was blocking the road and 20 more were queued up behind it! Small bridge north of the national park entrance not suitable for big rigs, but a diversion could be possible. Pictures included of the worst.

Difficult Road 5.29828, -7.29309

Potable water was not working today. Bummer!

Rest area 39.68603, -75.47431

Robert from Robs Rolling Rock is the best guide in Sipi to organise abseiling from the tallest waterfall. 100m abseiling, an unique experience and you can even go two at the same time. He will charge 50$ per person. He is doing this activity with his team since 2008 and they are really experienced.

He is also the one organising rock climbing. 14 different routes in a natural wall from beginner to expert levels. You can try as many routes as you want until you are tired. He will charge 40$ per person.

Robert can also organise coffee tours and hike to falls 15$pp.

We definitely recommend ! We had really good time with Robert, Enos and Rafiki.

Robert contact below:
- email: [email protected]
- WhatsApp : 0776963078 or 0707934775

Upseiling and Rock climbing 1.33564, 34.37470

Stayed overnight one other rig there had no problems. Safe and well lit

Cracker Barrel 30.43911, -88.53035

This spot is just as described. Clean bathrooms and showers! Close to the highway but just far enough away that we couldn’t hear any noise. They are doing some construction close by but that started after we woke up around 830 am. Not a prime camp out and cooking space as others have stated, but a perfect spot outside of Cabo to stay for a night or two. We spent a couple hours doing minor repairs on the van in the morning and no one bothered us! Beach goers started arriving around 8 am! Clearance under the bridge was plenty for our high roof Promaster, you would have no issue with most rigs except particularly high toy haulers. We felt safe here. Great spot!

Playa Santa Maria Public Beach Parking Lot 22.93367, -109.81492

Short addition to confirm offered loading of vehicle onto the ferry, was successful; plus photos.

Taller Fito -42.91370, -72.70695

I had a quiet night, enjoyed a beautiful sunset and singing birds in the morning. Yes, in the evening there are people around, but they don’t care about you and during my stay they were very respectful and quiet.

Grabučiškės 54.89257, 24.14703

Easy to find and security guard came over to take license plate number and to ask that we close the gate when finished. He also said water is good to refill our water tank

Mississauga Works Yard 43.57292, -79.64961

Big place - 140 spaces in Loops A through J. We liked C-8. Sites nicely spaced with some privacy. Beautiful view of the La Sal Mountains.

The pit toilets are exceptionally clean.

NPR at 88.7.

Sand flats 38.58259, -109.51330

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