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As natural or untouched as termas can get I think. No swimming pools at different temperatures, no trash, no empanadas for sale.
But a 25C river with small pools and cascadas flowing in between of a magnificent landscape in all colors of the rainbow while 68C water is bubbling from Middle Earth along the sides. Outside 8Cmid day at this time of year.

No pics in the post and don't Google it. Just go. :)

The access road from the Peñón Fiambalá road is OK but turns into a proper 4x4 trail starting from the 4th sharp hairpins. Not worth the risk to damage your rig imo. We parked at the 4th and hiked the rest of the way. Ca 30-45min.

Termas Los Hornos (worth the detour) -26.87879, -67.76711

I've stayed several times over the last month. no problems. also Davis Bayou National Park is close by and easy to get Reservations.

Public parking lot 30.41410, -88.82294

Hot springs piped into private bathing rooms can be used as a bath or shower. 30 pesos for non locals (not sure if that is for a fixed amount of time or open ended).

Also laundry on site (hand washing, and machines, hang dry) popular with Tue locals.

There may be a communal/recreational pool/spring, I did not check.

Reached by taking the exit for Ejido Uruapan and driving through town into the countryside. There are signs. Many vineyards visible in the hills, market in town sells local wine at a reasonable price 80 pesos per bottle and fresh local cheese (fresco, cojita, or oaxaqueno) at good prices.

Aguas Termales, Uruapan 31.63246, -116.43419

Stayed at Sandy Beach campground. I have a lakefront site for $35 and it’s very very nice. The water is warm and it’s very quiet here. Surprise there’s not more people boating. They have showers that are $1.25 for seven minutes. I would come back.

Cedar Point - Foss State Park 35.54679, -99.20665

stayed here for 2 night. felt safe leaving our minivan here ( next to bomberas) to go pisco drinking or hiking durin the day. good free option is this lovely little town

Small dirt parking near bomberos -30.12738, -70.49228

I didn’t stay at Beard’s Bluff Park, but I wanted to. I checked more into the place and heads up, if you’re planning to stay a Friday or Saturday night you must book for two nights. (If you’re visiting 3/1-12/31)

Beard’s Bluff Park 33.70239, -93.94037

40 dollars a night. Did not look worth it to us. We stayed at the highway rest stop.

RV EXPRESS 38.93803, -92.74561

Indeed a nice place, very friendly people and interesting art (negotiable to reasonable prices)
Overnighting was free … but one sure is expected to buy a piece of art …
Facilities: not sure what is working, we didnt use; borehole water
No restaurant service at the time of our visit
Very weak mobile signal only

Tengenenge Artist Community -16.73066, 30.94410

We went to the old one and the community trust guys said it is not working anymore and led us to the new one here. Locals say it’s drinking water, runs pretty clear. Be careful when opening and closing it as the tap is tied with a waterproof tape and you need to tie it back so it doesnt leak

New water tap -19.15539, 23.76486

No card available anymore. Small gas station.

Diesel 37.22801, 45.33173

We just stopped for having lunch in the nice restaurant. Food was fresh made and very delicious.
After nice and long conversation with Andreas and Peggy, the german Owner and his wife, we decided to stay overnight on the nice campspot between the chalets. We got a chalet key for toilet and shower. Absolut worth to stay for 100kpp and to have great food in the green oasis.

Bayama's -11.84534, 31.44654

quiet, easy access, good for 2wd great place to stop on the way in/out of Iquique

Humberstone -20.20549, -69.81753

As per the description. just yo add that they charge NAD215 for kids from 5 years old, so our camping for 2 adults and 2 young kids set us back almost NAD1000 for what is still camping....

Kazondwe Camp -17.94796, 23.32253

Nice place to spent a night close to the beach. No amenities. Very quiet.

Unnamed 27.16171, -13.40634

Stretch of road that could accommodate a couple of RVs, but I just stayed overnight in my car. A nice grassy area for a picnic or pets. I got good wifi here.

S Carol St - Behind Walgreens 43.62066, -116.37521

Free dump with spigot near large vertical tank. Unsure if the water is potable (I'm not chancing it.)

Willits SafeWay 39.40405, -123.35074

Pulled into this spot for a minute. It's an overgrown gravel patch right off the highway. Too close to the highway for my taste. I decided to stay at the rest stop a few miles down the road.

Unicorn Beach 39.55229, -123.42497

Stayed from 20:00-10:30 overnight without issue in my Travato. I think I was the only campervan, some other people pulled in and slept in their cars. There are big signs that say to the effect "No overnight stays or camping." Closeish to the highway but still pretty quiet.

Off-highway rest stop 39.58302, -123.44432

Tranquille pendant la nuit et fréquenté le jour par les amateurs de vélo de montagne.

Same as a description, Quiet during the night and a lot of mountains bikers during the day.

Stationnement du Parc du Mont Bellevue 45.38499, -71.90970

Water 10cents/gal hose provided or use your own

Lake Mary country store 35.11439, -111.59049

As comments below, nice camping, hot shower, few people, lots of birds, monkey nearby, mosquitos and mosquitos again.
At this time only the north part of the Park is open, it takes time to dry after rainy season

Parque Nacional Chaco -26.80859, -59.60571

This is a actually a picnic area. However, the was an RV setup right near the pit toilet, which was very clean, BTW. After seeing all the sites with views were taken down at the campground, I came back here and parked in a very short spur just before the parking area, and right on the edge of the canyon. Pretty private. The only noise here is some equipment rumbling down in the valley. Not annoying, just there. Another van came and parked in the lot. Obviously, this area is used for camping. Was great for an overnight stay. Be prepared for plenty of washboard roads on the way back to this area! So, don’t be in a hurry.

New Mexico badlands 36.52803, -107.89388

I stayed for 4 nights. Very friendly Family.
Quiet during night and secure. Near the Municipal Mercado and Trainstation Serra Verde.
Very Fast Wifi and clean toilet. For showering they let me use the private bathroom in the house in which the owner lives with his wife right next to the Estacionamento.

28 Reais per 24hours. Accepts Credit Cards.

Recommended and Overlander approved! :-)

Estacionamento Alto do XV -25.42821, -49.25361

It is abreally nice place. There is a simple bathroom with toilet and warm shower and a quincho with a sink. The ranger is very friendly. We stayed three days because it was raining. It was no problem at all.

Parque Provincial Piña Lito -26.42800, -53.84433

Great place to camp and make fire !
Next to few houses but they don’t mind if you’re respectful
Cars can also go on the beach

On the beach -41.80156, -73.65747
Jonathan Gomez

I did my first bikepacking trip here, I paid $5 to be allowed to camp. There are bathrooms, and a place to put a fire to cook. Away from the city and colder.

Eco parque el espino 13.70077, -89.27781
Chateau Ski

Bon pour bonbonnes de propane de VR ou véhicules. Pas pour les bonbonnes de 20 lbs. Très bon prix, moitié le prix de l'essence. Plus vous pouvez obtenir une carte pour remplir à tout temps.

Great place to fill your RV or vehicle propane tank. Not for small protable tanks. Price is good, half the price of gasoline at the pump. You can set up a card to allow you to fill up anytime, anyday.

JP's Garage 46.10501, -64.70326

What a beautiful place!
Very nice and friendly restaurant, music lounge, beach, showers outside, restrooms, trees, nice parking!
The employees are really nice and the boss is super friendly!
Ask them before via messenger to see if they are ok to receive you for the night!
Otherwise, the restaurant is really good!
Facebook and messenger: Hacienda Blu Beach Lounge & Grill!

Hacienda Blu Beach lounge and grill 10.58736, -85.65941

Near the maintenance for school buses area. Pretty quiet at 5:45 pm on a Friday.

Ronson road industrial area 32.82915, -117.16045

Temporarily closed as of mid-May 2022 - maybe too early in the season? Parking lot is flagged off and inaccessible

Fruit Stand 39.14901, -122.25893

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