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Eau potable en vente et possèdent également un tuyau pour remplir les véhicules d'eau non potable.

Agua purificada Aketzali 21.09196, -87.48739

Le spot n'existe plus. Plusieurs personnes plaçant les véhicules et l'un d'eux nous a fait signe de partir. A priori, il n'est plus possible de passer la nuit avec vue sur mer quand on vit en van. On a dû se garer sur un petit parking en face, bord de route avec comme consigne de n'y rester qu'une nuit. Sympa l'accueil à Cancun!

Playa Delfines 21.06054, -86.78041

Great spot. Found it during a road trip on I-40. Perfect for us for one night.

Red Rock Canyon Adventure Park 35.45119, -98.35317

This is one of three established camping/picnic areas on Pilot Butte Reservoir. It has four picnic/camping shelters with tables and fire pits, pit toilets, and dumpsters. There are also plenty of boondocking spots around the lake.

Pit toilets more or less clean but check for black widows before sitting down. Intermittent Verizon coverage - sometimes enough to load webpages, sometimes nothing.

Google directions may lead you to exit the highway at Pilot Butte Road, but that road is closed where it crosses the dam. Instead, follow the Pilot Butte Reservoir signs and exit at W. Pavilion Rd.

Happy camping!

Sunrise Rec Area/Pilot Butte Reservoir 43.20808, -108.76280

Un lugar Mágico. Cuesta un poco llegar pero vale la pena. Disfrutas de la arquitectura sinérgica con la naturaleza, un lago y la excelente atención de Javier su dueño.

Laguna Camping y Naturaleza , Tiquipaya, Cochabamba -17.36307, -66.21107

Good place to stay. Electricity, WiFi, good hot showers, quiet, safe, there is a busstop to Belize City (7 km) and there are some snackbars on the other side of the camping spots. 16 US$ per night.

Old Belize Marina / Cucumber Beach 17.47355, -88.24978

Cet emplacement est bien mais un peu en pente. Nous avons donc dû faire une cale avec de la terre et des cailloux pour surélever le van. Les voitures qui passe roule très vite mais cela ne dure pas car de minuit à 6h il n’y a vraiment personne. La vu est superbe.

Sunset Point - pull out 34.04384, -118.87892

Convenient, safe place to park for the night. Water, flush toilets and garbage cans available. There is room for RVs on both the east and west ends of the facility. No tractor trailers permitted at this rest area but there is some traffic noise from the highway during the night.

Rest Stop After Tonopah, NV 38.14057, -117.45378

Lugar tranquilo y lindo para pasar la noche. Muy bonito...

Praia Central -24.32342, -46.99391

Madigan camp 5 crossing the Simpson. Nothing and nobody. Some shade, flat spots

Madigan Camp 5 -24.61019, 135.91082

Flat spot between dunes, no shade. Madigan sign for camp 6. Wouldn’t recommend camping here.

Madigan camp 6 -24.64089, 136.14537

Flat open space, almost no shade. Some wind protection from the dunes.

Madigan camp 7 -24.66720, 136.40400

A large stand of coolibah trees offer shade and wind protection. Tracks on north side lead into several nice flat areas perfect for camp

Madigan camp 8 (alternate w/trees!) -24.69009, 136.66128
Outside Van

Great spot, quiet for one evening. Be sure to stay in designated public areas. Space for two Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 144s, one Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 170, and 10' trailer. Pack it in, pack it out. Limited cell service.

Crozier Ranch - Route 66 35.45851, -113.62618

this place is very quiet and safe, it is inside a condominium with security and the entrance is free, the area is flat and there are many shops nearby including buger king 😂
very few cars circulate on this street

safe place to spend the night -16.54140, -68.07444

Nice place to spend the night. Pretty packed and noisy. Families and large groups come party here.

The key is to go all the way right, next or on top of the cliffs. It’s perfect for 2WD up to some point, totally worth it bring far from the main beach.

We felt safe, other big rigs were spending the week there.

Playa Tecolote 24.33741, -110.31026

Nice location. Suitable for tent and hammock.

Mjälaviken 63.27767, 14.33259

on the side of a big best buy store. parked here for one night with other truckers and none bothered us.
I think it's a good one night in a glitch.

Best Buy 41.52219, -81.44697

Very nice quiet place to stay just outside of San Jose area. The owner Diego is very friendly and is planning to accommodate Overlanders more. You can stay for free and optional eat in their restaurant (which we did, delicious food and beers). Best to send message in WhatsApp before you go (see number below).

La Selva Restaurant 10.02843, -84.01694

Walmart super center parking lot. There were a couple of semis & other RVs parked here when I arrived. We were parked in the farthest lot from Walmart (closest to the street). There’s a decent amount of grass around to walk your dog on.

Walmart in Ames 42.01586, -93.60991

Estacionamento em frente ao Mar, Amplo, com água , banheiro , ducha e Energia 220v.
Atendimento excelente do proprietário.
valor R$20,00.

Devido a rua estreita, não é possível chegar ônibus.

Praia do Antunes -8.97059, -35.17858
Lisa Standish

Outstanding way Down East Maine state park on Whiting Bay. Most sites are large, private and waterfront spread out over a large area. Picnic table and fire ring at each site Clean privies throughout and clean shower house near entrance. No on site service, but dump station and water available at service area.

Cobscook Bay State Park 44.85047, -67.16088
Lisa Standish

Outstanding way Down East Maine state park on Whiting Bay. Most sites are large, private and waterfront spread out over a large area. Picnic table and fire ring at each site Clean privies throughout and clean shower house near entrance. No on site service, but dump station and water available at service area.

Cobscook Bay State Park 44.85047, -67.16088

great place. Asked for a quiet site and got16c totally quiet and 28$ p.night and no full hookup.Great hot showers. Saw Elk in the morning

Whistler Campground in Jasper NP 52.85133, -118.08162

3+ Star hotel for €25 per night. W
alking distance to the main attractions, restaurants and cafes short walk away also. Excellent inside security parking.

Mahzan Hotel 34.63721, 50.86931

Simple hotel for 5,000 CFA. Not sure of the actual name of the hotel and at the time of writing Google Maps doesn't show much detail but there are only two places to stay in town so if you ask around someone will point you in the right direction.

The rooms have a wash area where you can shower. Toilets are out the back. There's one shared toilet paper roll for all of the guests, so you might want to bring your own. There are mosquito nets.

Some rooms are much better than others so be sure to have a look at the options. Avoid the one furthest down the left wing on the right hand side, it smells like something died inside the shower drain.

Not the cleanest or most comfortable place but ok for a short stay.

The manager let us park our motorcycles inside the reception area. Plenty of parking for trucks in the yard. It's not gated or guarded.

Village Auberge 2.41430, 15.39909

A lot of space along the river, we spent a very nice afternoon, many RV, camper, etc, but so many space available we were all at a great distance of each other. Nobody bothered us. Great place !take the time to drive alond the road to choose the spot you prefer

Columbia River John Day Dam 45.67920, -120.81314

Well set up dump station , with a hose non- potable for clean up. there is potable water 50' in front. Clean and free.

Hood River Dump Station 45.71352, -121.51960

Luis, Claudia and the rest of the Team were extremely helpful with the whole shipping process. It was Luis that got the ball rolling and finally got our Truck on the right ship. We can recommend them 100%

cevertam office 19.18038, -96.14137

Good place for one Night. Little bit noisy from the cars. A lot of local people come here to fish, but they didn’t say Anything

Lakefront 46.57966, 15.73446

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