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Largest we could find in the pueblo, quite well stocked

supermercado Rawson -30.23867, -68.74373

As described. Free and an easy pull up for rigs of any size. Perfect!

Phillips 66 38.29914, -111.40251

Super remote, hard to get to too, endless camping opportunities along the coast, great sunset, cold when windy, bring fire wood.

pacific coast 29.26184, -114.85170

beautiful spot to camp, no problems in our tacomas with air down and 4x4 back up the beach 😎 use left side road see in picture.....once you reach the rocky part of the sand road back up you ll be fine. can get windy down there. bring fire wood.

Sea Lion Arch Cove 28.24356, -114.11288

Did the 250 pesos tasting here, was pretty good and in English. Tastings are little sips, but pretty interesting to taste some different types of agave back to back. We arrived around 4pm and they close at 5pm, and it seemed kinda rushed like they didn’t want us to be there. We asked if we could stay the night if we did the tour and they said if we did the tour and bought a bottle (bottles are 1200 pesos) so we didn’t stay.

gracias a dios fabrica de Mezcal 16.92658, -96.41752

It is a private property and there is no more tourist access. Don't go down there. The road is impassable without 4x4 and you will have nothing at the end.

C'est une propriété privé et il n'y a plus d'accÚs touristique. N'y descendez surtout pas. La route est impraticable sans 4x4 et vous n'aurez rien au bout.

Chorros de la Calera 13.83745, -89.73376

The dump location is right next to the train station, there is no water however even if there is a sign indicating fresh water. The pipe seems to have been sheered off.

Dump station and potable water 49.41259, -82.42276

On a passé la nuit ici.
Pas d’affiche no camping.
Parcs Ă  chien trĂšs grands et bien entretenues.
Le parc fermé de 23h a 4h30

Twin lakes recreation area 38.93010, -92.37616

S/.35 for 2 people. Modern room and shared bathroom with hot shower. Wi-Fi works very well on the third floor. We could store our bikes inside the room but be prepared to climb some stairs.

Hostal Limatambo -13.47830, -72.44308

Non-residence of Cote dIvoire NOT possible to apply.

Ghana Embassy 5.28552, -3.96869

very nice campground, very friendly , hospitable and helpful people. the little inconvenience that had been mentioned, of the locked gate is definitely made up by the chance, to sleep with wide open doors and enjoy the cool night breezes. Definitely a superb place to stay when you need to get your car ready for shipping or after shipping, or if you need a break.
only can be recommended.

La Pradera 10.34210, -75.40751

Pullouts now have signs that day no parking 10pm to 5am. This location is permanently closed for overnight parking

Old Downieville hwy 39.26064, -121.04047

We stayed there during the day, but not at night because we want to follow our trip. In the way from Maquegue to Arequipa, a road down Just before cross the bridge, you can go down to the river.
Estuvimos ahĂ­ todo el dĂ­a, pero no nos quedamos a la noche porq querĂ­amos seguir camino. Queda en el camino entre Maquegue y Arequipa, un camino que baja Justo antes de cruzar el puente, se puede bajar al rĂ­o.

Next to the river -17.02870, -71.69064

There's a dirt lot for semis directly behind Cracker Barrel. You access it by going up the dirt area at the end of the street. It's secluded and plenty big enough for a van or RV. It looks like a turn around spot for semis that park at the hotel next door, so probably best to park along the edges.

Dirt Lot 36.23961, -80.81552

Tolby Campground , accessibleLovely spot on Tolby Creek trout stream 50 minutes East of Taos. Potable water just turned on (May 4,) sites are close but several back up to creek with fire rings and picnic table. Handicap rest rooms, well kept. Looks as if ranger maintenance bld. is on the premises. It is right off 64, light traffic.

Cimmaron Canyon 36.53803, -105.22257

Shower only is still $3! adult day pass is $6. In addition to private shower stalls, each stall has a separate private changing room attached. Water got hot very quickly.

Recreation Center 37.35297, -108.56862
Billie Whizz travels

Wild camped against the church wall in big rig for two nights.
Very pretty quiet village, police and indigenous locals polite, respectful, friendly.
Route to Rainbow blocked due to a dispute.
Get update from police in Checacupe

Square Checacupe -14.02520, -71.45343

The coordinates for "Wilson Creek" nearby take you down the road that follows the electrical line, there are no places to pull of on that road.

Follow gps to "Wilson creek trailhead" brings to do a nice flat gravel lot with bathrooms. Awesome dirt roads back here, pretty viwes, and lots of cows! Great spot to sleep

real Wilson Creek 43.34901, -116.71326

easy fresh water fill up, free,no problems

Falcon Lake Water Treatment 49.68764, -95.32638

fine, just ring the bell at the gate. friendly and clean enough

Lawrence area sanitation dump 42.70843, -71.13203

Absolutely amazing location! Free, unlimited parking (including overnight). We stayed two days/nights here. Tennis court lights turn off around 9:40pm, public bathrooms close at 6pm. There was some loud leaf blowing early in the morning. Several other vans parked here. 10/10!

Tennis Court Parking 32.06510, -81.09662

parking spot on a little side road right next to sea. there is an empanada food truck. good for 1 night

parking spot next to the sea -32.92085, -71.52394

I originally parked here to use the anytime fitness, but I noticed a lot of cars were parked overnight, not necessarily in a camper way, but I stayed here and had no issues. I wasn’t the only one in the lot and blended in, and just parked under a nice tree.

Carmel by the Sea 36.54137, -121.90609

while the place is quiet and well off the main road, there is no propper place to park. there are lots of bushed and gras but also little bushes with thorns you have to drive into in order to not park on the road. I do not recommend this place.

Silent place for night -17.58363, -67.26754

we stayed one night on the beach close to the water. amazing night with the sky filled of stars and no moon. incredible.

Laguna Mar Chiquita, Portal de La Paquita -30.87064, -62.26158

Nice night in the parking lot of Mirador de aves. sĂșper quiet. walking to the shore you can watch flamencos and different kind of birds. amazing sunset.

Mirador de aves Lomas de los indios -30.94653, -62.71172

Hermoso lugar donde pasamos un dĂ­a y una noche. tremendo atardecer lleno de flamencos.

Mirador lomas de indios -30.94876, -62.70906
A very long Honeymoon

Still 10 USD per night which we found expensive considering there are no facilities offered and Wifi doesn't reach the back parking lot where we would have stayed at. We ended up going back to Hotel Maya, which has a much better deal going on.

La Palma Hotel 14.31519, -89.16794

Beautiful, quiet place to sleep for the night. Lots of broken glass though

Wildlife Management/BLM 36.79593, -108.18753

Winter: no service, no fees! Thank you, what a wonderful place. Next to a river, walking trail, fire pits... Awesome!

Ptarmigan Creek campground 60.40741, -149.36137

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