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Beautiful, peaceful spot. The camping spaces would be a bit short for any rig over 35 ft, but the pulling vehicle would have to parked elsewhere.

Louisburg Middle Creek State Fishing Lake 38.50981, -94.67516

Gate to La Joya Honda was closed so we camped. by the entrance. Gate stayed closed the following day. Nice and quiet, not much shade. Watch for cactus needles.

La Joya Honda trail 22.38934, -100.78782

Place to spend the night and go to Moisés’ caminho, quiet but without electricity, in front neighbors gave us water to fill the tank.

Estacionamiento frente plaza -8.98232, -35.19499

Nice Walmart. Haven’t seen yet on iOverlander
Sign say no overnight parking
But talk to other campers telling me that it was not enforced

Walmart 35.04180, -110.70232

Lugar tranquilo, vista linda. Espetinho de Dedé é ótimo.

Praia de Morro Branco (Morro Branco Beach) -4.15447, -38.11090

We did not find the dump….
Its a ford dealership!

McKie Ford 44.10012, -103.17970

Unfortunately i was woke up early morning by someone who looked like a ranger who told me to move to the pic-nic area as it s forbidden to sleep anywhere else close to the island.

Isla Incahuasi -20.23916, -67.62252

Got a hot shower and did some laundry. Nice clean place with reasonable prices for the shower and washers/dryers. They have large, medium, and small machines for washing/drying. Plenty of travelers came by while I was waiting for my laundry. It's also a pretty nice little town.

North Entrance Wash Tub 45.03042, -110.70659

Checking out of Belize was straightforward and easy.
On the Mexican side they really gave us a hard time!
At immigration we needed to ask for the tourist card. Before the lady gave us the card she immediately asked us how many days we'd like to get. We said 180 days, because we would like to travel through the whole country with our car. Then she asked us about our specific route and hotel bookings or a flight home. We explained that we're camping most of the time and we don't have hotel bookings for the whole trip and that we will travel to the US by land. She went away and her college explained us in perfect English that it's now hard to put the 180 days into the system at the land borders. If you arrive by plain it's no problem but by land you normally only get 7 days and he has to put in a flight out or at least a hotel name. In the end he was okay with us booking a hotel 180 days in advance which we canceled after the border crossing.
After getting the 180 days on our tourist card they gave us a hard time with our TIP aswell. We're traveling with an apostilled poder and never had any problems at previous border crossings (traveling up from Costa Rica). Apparently the law in Mexiko is now that only family membership or work relationship allows to travel through Mexiko via poder. They even showed us a poster with the information about the poder (Point Nr. 3 on the attached foto). We said we're driving up a car from a good friend and that we can call him. But that didn't work. After a lot of talking we found a solution to get the TIP, but I guess, we've been really lucky..

BELIZE TO MEXICO 18.48482, -88.39932

Stayed at the football field just past the tree. Was a quiet night. If you are using google maps, make sure to just follow the Santa Rita signs as google maps will try to take you on a different road.

Next to the big tree 23.47337, -109.79351
Thiago dos Santos Nascimento

For $5 get a individual room with shower, toilet and sink. Washroom very clean and well lit. Hot water with good pressure but shower head was not so good. Shower space with no place to put shampoo bottles and soap. There is parking available.

Showers 51.18130, -115.57904

fazem recarga porém necessita de adaptador

Recargas En El Acto/(Fill Bottles) -24.84943, -65.40276
Wabi Sabi

Beautiful park! Unfortunately, all campsites are reservable so not a good place to drop in expecting to stay overnight. We enjoyed the day use area and went on a nice bike ride. Would definitely consider coming back again if we could plan far enough ahead to make a reservation.

Cottonwood Canyon State Park 45.47873, -120.47236

hicimos esta ruta después de varios días sin llover en la zona. pudimos hacerla perfecto con nuestra Sprinter 415 (no es 4x4). nos informamos del estado de la ruta antes de salir en la YPF de Andresito. es una ruta preciosa para hacer despacio y disfrutando del paisaje. puedes ver nuestra experiencia en esta ruta en el canal de Youtube de Nomad Expedition

Off-road -25.68005, -54.16573

I cannot believe how empty this spot is on a gorgeous Friday evening! As others said: possibly perfect.

FreePort Beaches 29.03057, -95.18151

Really Nice and still free reserva, we really enjoyed the cascade with the eat it was nice. For the road it still rocky but the last 300m, we just park on the side of the road, bcz of big holes and we're not propulsion but nice park. We heard monkeys, we saw lots of birds and the some other animals. Nice day

Reserva Biologica Lomas Bardudal 10.50627, -85.37101

A 25 minutos de Tuxtla encontramos este sitio para alejarnos de la ciudad y participar en un ecotianguis llamado sanfer, lugar muy tranquilo, afuera de la fundación Emmanuel IAP, buena ventilación y seguro

Don Ventura 16.22577, -93.27878

Although the spigot is painted red, we asked inside the fuel station and they confirmed the water source was potable.

Sinclair 41.28580, -117.69059
Wabi Sabi

Quiet parking lot next to the Yakima River. Just a couple of other cars in the lot on a Friday night. Chose this place since all the other campsites along the Yakima Canyon were full!
2 bars of Verizon service.

Irene Rinehart Riverfront Park 46.97847, -120.56753

pasamos una noche aquí antes de terminar el último tramo de la ruta 101. los chicos muy majos nos informaron sobre el estado de la ruta. noche tranquila, wifi rápido, y bar/tienda abierto hasta las 22.00.

YPF PetroValle -25.60458, -54.56209

gorgeous free campsites. a lot of people taking advantage of it also on this beautiful weekend. I just left camp Verde and temps in the 90s and got here an hour later in the 70s!! gorgeous pines. great cell signal with cricket. I'm my minivan there weren't many options that weren't already occupied that I could actually get into but I did find one left. ☺️

Forest 35.17806, -111.49960

This is the best site on the Road 866, from Krichim to Devin, for wild camping: the ground is hard and flat; there is enough space for 6 motor homes; it is well away from the regular rock falls next to the road and the views are incredible.

There are no facilities here, but the internet is good. There is also very little litter here!!! Enjoy 😊

Reservoir View 41.92557, 24.43473

Lots of street parking. Relatively quiet except for a few cars passing by at night and in the morning. A few other vans and several cars parked along the street overnight. No one bothered.

Wide open street parking by giant pit 44.04240, -121.33745

It is a real adventure park (now), very commercialised in our opinion. €12pp/night now.
we camped about 10km 'down' the road - see marker.

Eco camp Rizvan City 44.52441, 15.18032

Nice, quiet, family runned campsite. Also renting out little hobbit huts, as theme of campsite is Hobbitland. BBQ available. Laundry service available (charge).
€12pp/n for tent; off season the drinks are paid in form of donation.
Very nice and helpful the owner, speaks english.

Camp Velebit 44.52441, 15.18031

beautiful spot and view
we spent a night there, was quite and safe
thanks for sharing

Reservoir -34.00691, 20.43545

Great place beautifully situated on a hill. 9 years after our first visit we are back and nothing has really changed but still we love this place! Springbokkies as well as peacocks walk freely around the campsite which overviews the valley and hills around while you can enjoy the 2 naturally heated open air pools. When you camp here in low season like us you’ll probably have the pool all to yourself. Superb place and good value (200ZAR/night without electricity). Would definitely come again.

Calitzdorp Spa and campsite -33.66039, 21.77591

Fui recebido pelo Grilo e pela Zeti. Aliás fui muito bem recebido. Fantástico! Ofereceram água, banho e energia. Do lado da praia.

orla da praia próximo a barraca Rosa -17.53984, -39.19139

This is the place where apprentices drivers are training, so take care where you park. It is quiet and near the beach.

Drivers training park -22.96032, -42.81394

Paid 154 peso per person. There were two other people there today. The pools were very nice and it was a great experience.

If you have a larger rig, you will definitely be scrapping trees to get into here. We are 11’ 6” tall and there are a lot of low hanging tree branches right when you get on the rancho property. If you are over 10’ tall then I think you will be scrapping your roof.

Rancho Santa Rita 23.47179, -109.80702

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