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$25/night, no hookups, RV parking is in the lot to the west of the parking structure. We opted to stay for free just down the road at Cracker Barrel instead.

Sandia Resort & Casino 35.20472, -106.56462

Great Cracker Barrel - level parking lot, dark at night, some road noise, and a dog walking path in the back! Also had a dumpster for overnighters.

Cracker Barrel 35.15881, -106.58575

Nice clean camp sites, cost N$160 per person.
Also has chalets, serves breakfast and swimming pool.

Duwisib Guestfarm -25.25732, 16.53990

quiet spot, great cell reception. we were the only ones there, no traffic on the dirt road.

County Road pull off 33.20284, -107.24991

We shipped our car from Sharjah to Bandar Abbas.

1. Price agreement with White Tern Shipping to 1200 AED for a Mitsubishi L300 (Mr. Usman told us a higher price)

2. Bring the CdP to Mr. Usman (Abdolrahim Haghayegh Shipping & Cargo L.L.C.) in Sharjah, one day before you ship the car.

3. Bring the car to the port of Sharjah on the shipping day and pay in cash to Mr. Usman. He took our car to the ferry - no gate pass needed.

4. We took the passenger ferry the next day for 1100 AED (2 person) and got the tickets from Al Hili. The ferry left with a delay and took 8 hours to Bandar Abbas.

5. Normally the car ferry will take 12-16 hours, but ours came late by one day because of the bad weather.

6. We wrote a detailed description of how to release the car in Bandar Abbas in German on our blog:

Important is to have enough time because the process is slow but the people are mostly friendly. They asked me sometimes if we need a fixer, but were not forced to take one.
We took all our valuables out of the car because we cannot lock the living room from the driving cabin. They have stolen a cup and a handtrainer from the drivers cabin, but nothing else. We do not know if they have stolen it in Bandar Abbas, on the Ferry or in Sharjah.

Costs in Sharjah:
Car Shipping: 1200 AED
Passenger Ferry: 1100 AED (2 Person)

Costs in Bandar Abbas:
Delivery Order: 40$
Port Fees: 5.8 Mio Rial
Copies: 500'000 Rial

Port Shahid Bahonar - UAE <-> Iran 27.15463, 56.20378

We spent 2 nights here. Owners Magaly & Carlos made us feel incredibly welcome at their home. Beautiful, tranquil spot to recover for a couple of nights. Currently there are 2 twin rooms (each with a double & single beds) in use, sharing 1 bathroom. 38 soles per person per night. Very basic, rather small rooms but lots of blankets provided and lovely hot shower. Magaly prepares delicious home cooked meals with most ingredients straight from their garden or farm. Route 106 was one of the most beautiful roads taken and a must do but tough going. You do need decent clearance. Took us 4 hours from Yungay to Illariy. You can contact Malagy on +51 929 354 101

Hospedaje Illariy -9.01739, -77.53802

This is a free campground in the forest. It used to be pay once, but it is so remote they do not charge anymore. Six sites, fire rings, picnic tables. Some sites in better shape than others. Very quiet and remote, but fills up on the weekends. No cell signal here at all. Water is available at the lake if you want to walk or take an ATV down to get it. the path is a mile down and very bad. NOTE: The road to get here is very rough. It's almost pushing 4WD territory.

Chevelon Lake Campground 34.51013, -110.83983

Beautiful lake site. Very quiet, little too no fsr noise.

Five sites by the lake. Sites 1-4 right on the lake but close to each other. Site 5 on the east side of the lake, more private, small path to great lake view.  One pit toilet off the vehicle track between sites 2-3.

There is a maze of vehicle tracks leading to, around, behind and in some cases through the sites. Be prepared for pin striping and dead fall moving if the first 4 sites are full and you take the wrong way (at least pre season).

Would be very tight for a big rig, fine for up to a small trailer. The sites themselves are generous.

Ste Marie East Forest Rec Site 53.72886, -122.31534

As stated the parking lot is small. I stayed on the street next to it. There are no parking signs and a bike lane so there is plenty of room between you and traffic, which is minimal. There was also an RV with slides out and a truck camper behind me. No one bothered us.

Safeway parking lot 38.54398, -106.93046

We called this spot „King Lion View“. We parked right at the edge with spectacular view over the valley. Meager Claro mobile internet.

Rio Calchaqui view -25.26119, -66.21236

Take the dirt road opposite the turn-off to Angastaco. After 250 m you reach the flat spot, 100 m further there is the track to the top - where we didn’t go with the car. We parked at the flat spot for the night after we followed the road more than 1 km to its end. Not for big rigs, height restriction 3,40 m / private power line crossing the road , hardly space for a U-turn.

Spectacular View -25.68155, -66.15411

it's not free. it costs 10$…
to much for my 15 Liters :-(

Oceanside public dump station 33.20508, -117.39356

No longer offers propane bottle filling service. Still has Sani dump.

Husky Fuel Stop 49.22050, -122.58762
Casa Cacheu low cost lodje in Bissau

in the heart of Bissau you will find this small and very pleasant lodge, with 4 rooms available, all with air conditioning and free Wi-Fi. Very safe, with garden patio and parking. kitchen and outdoor dining room, tv room. The owner is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, French and English. Optimal price/quality ratio.

Casa Cacheu Low Cost Lodje 11.86458, -15.58262

This is a nice little place but make sure you get some Central African Francs before you arrive from Nigeria. There are no ATMs or money changing places! Lovely room, 7000 for a basic room no AC but as said before it isnt needed at this altitude!

Awafy Hotel 6.57835, 10.70515

the lodge is open again, beautiful grounds. The campsite is 2 km from the lodge. It's a proper bush camo with lots of wildlife. Abulution are very clean and firewood is provided.
Pool, bar and longue can also be used by campers.
the management, Yolandi, Johan and Allan are very concerned about their guests and welcome everyone personally and very warmly. The price pp is 300 Pula but definitely worth it.

Mankwe Bush Lodge and Campsite -19.35748, 23.89794

The place is not in Raeren but in a place called Kelmis. Showed GPS data is correct.

Kelmis 50.71581, 6.00981

Piped water from a spring. A good spot to refill before or after Deliblato Sands.

Water Source and in the Countryside 44.91478, 21.23840

Bicycles not allowed. I waited 10 mins for a 4x4 to take my bike and me. They asked for 2000k when I got out. Road is awful.

Mbobo national park -13.12866, 33.95790

This place is really peaceful and nice and has good hot water. The bbqs have plug sockets beside each camping spot- but my plug didn’t fit in the space as it’s so close to the wall above it. There are plugs by the camping facilities too. It has a small pool and a bar with honesty tab. However i’m not sure it is worth $12 to camp.

The food is expensive at $15 for a main course or $25 for 3 courses. Breakfast is $12 (or $15, can’t remember exactly.) I turned up without a booking and could not have lunch and was very close to just leaving, especially as i’m vegetarian and was expecting them to give me some variant of rice and beans for $15. They offered to make me crepes with pumpkin, spinach and feta and took some off the price. The crepe was okay but the bread is absolutely amazing. Breakfast had lots of Greek yoghurt which was appreciated, as well as fruit, toast, eggs, lots of nice spreads, granola.

So- I’d recommend you do not come without a booking and I think best if you eat meat or agree a menu beforehand. It’s a nice place, good people, fairly good food but pricey.

Rafiki Safari Camp -12.80549, 34.19109

We spent two nights in this beach. It is beautiful, save and clean pleace in front of the quiet beach. There are free bathrooms and shower in the beach from 10:00 to 18:00. Pasamos dos noches en esta playa. Es un lugar hermoso, seguro y limpio. Hay baños gratis y duchas en la playa desde las 10 hasta las 18.

Playa Lisera malecon -18.49397, -70.32552

Ok, long story short - STOP HERE!

There is no sign for the police and I went straight through the village. I got chased by a police man on a bike who was shooting his AK-47 in the air to get my attention! Its a mandatory Military checkpoint so if you take this route, stop to get signed in. They are kind people here but the area is a bit dangerous due to the civil unrest. Take Care!

Mandatory Checkpoint 6.11098, 11.05928

This place is a mess. The bomberos that was there was not a nice person and said that because of the pandemy it was forbidden for any bomberos in the country to host any strangers. That is a lie because we slept many times at some firestation in Panamá. We are 5 people on bike, quite young, and the whole village seemed too much interested in our money, even tho we don't have any. We went to the terpel gas station where people were much more nicer to us and let us camp in the backyard. We absolutely recommend to avoid this place. The bomberos with "abnegation" written on his shirt was not a guy that needs to be met.

Natá Fire Station 8.33620, -80.52159

The ranger at the entry told us we can not use the dump as it is for registered campers only.

Doran regional park dump station 38.31398, -123.03463

We stayed two nights and it was perfect! Quiet, very few other campers, no frills, plenty of space for the dog to run around, a few picnic benches and campfires here and there. And best part for us, blazing fast internet on ATT. Around 60mb/20mb down and up. Likely because the cell tower is a block away.

You can dump and fill up fresh water for $10 at the RV park down the road, too.

Make sure to try some pie across the street!

Jackson Park, Pie Town NM Free 34.29692, -108.13086
Dejando huella en familia

Justo como lo describieron nos dejaron dormir gratis en el parqueo y pudimos recargar agua. Se ve tranquilo y seguro, pasamos dos noches sin problemas y pudimos ir caminando al centro de León.

Just as described, they let us sleep in their parking for free. We could refill about water tank. It seems quiet and safe, we slept two nights there without any problems. And in the afternoon we went waking to tel he center of León.

Puma 12.42393, -86.87554

Nice campsites at this park. I got there early in the day so I paid the $7 for a day pass. Starting at 1PM they allow you to check in to a campsite (possible to reserve a spot). $15 for primitive - just a parking spot and space for a tent. $22 for a semi-developed space - includes covered picnic table, grill & fire ring. I got a spot in the Desert Tortoise campground and found an area to relax & swim in the lake. Beautiful area!

Lake Pleasant Regional Park 33.85511, -112.29409
The Wandering Shores

This farm and fleet store carries propane current price of $2.49 a gallon in May 2022

Big R 37.34745, -108.56866

fine spot for a night! although this location should more accurately be called planet fitness since that's what you need to park at. we also saw some RVs parked on the street in between sam's club and planet fitness so that might be a good option too! there were 4 parked there, not sure how many total could fit.

Walmart 34.61265, -118.14696

The road in has a firm base despite running down a sandy arroyo. In 2022 the entrance to this beach is easily seen thanks to cement abutments alongside the highway that act as an informal pull out. The entrance to the beach is the sandy road next to the cement strips lining the paved highway.
There is little shade on the beach but you can get close to the water’s edge. Beware the soft spots!
You can easily walk to El Quemado beach at low tide along the strand as the wet sand is quite firm. We inspected the spaces there and decided to move after one night for the shade and privacy.

Beach Camp 2 25.78988, -111.31102

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