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This dump station appears to be permanently closed. Ranger would not let me use a full hookup site to just dump without moving to the site.

Cape Lookout Dump Station 45.36360, -123.96864

Hot and very clean showers, friendly and helpful staff. No free Wi-Fi, laundry is $2.50 for each washer and drier. Power outlets in showers and laundry room.

Love Gasoline Station 35.18760, -102.01141
Grasshopper's Travels

A large campground in the forest. Great access to washrooms and water. A fairly busy park but nice sites with picnic tables and fire pits. Cost was $26 a night.

French beach Provincial park 48.39351, -123.94086

Nice rest area with trees for shade. Lots of parking. Clean. Washrooms with sinks (water). Good cell Verizon.

Boron State Rest Area, Eastbound 35.00536, -117.71877

This place is permanently closed.

Elk Valley Casino 41.73903, -124.14808

This place is permanently closed.

Brimham 54.07990, -1.67622

This spot is closed - there are now National Trust signs saying no overnight parking or camping.

Brimham 54.13641, -1.52007

This place is permanently closed.

water tap -42.76240, -65.03531

This place is permanently closed.

Fort Vancouver 45.62475, -122.65595

This place is permanently closed.

Park And Ride 38.28150, -122.30149

Nice pullout off of a blm road area. 1-3 bars LTE on Visible (uses Verizon service). Google maps did try to redirect us to a spot in mancos twice for some reason, so keep an eye on that i guess.

Mesa Verde NP 37.36002, -108.42980

we drove all the way up the mountain very steep and bumpy dirt road pulling a small 20ft 5th wheel. Never found the camping area described so we had to leave.Can't recommend this since we never found any camping sites

York Gulch BLM 39.74215, -105.50352

Casa da Aline e Rodrigo da @nossa.odisseia.
não temos muito espaço no pátio, mas emprestamos energia, água potável, banho e banheiro. Entrar em contato pelo WhatsApp 51 995021430.

Ponto de apoio Wild camping na cidade de Ivoti -29.60558, -51.19374

Nice pleace. wi-fi free, hot showers Just $50.

shell gasstation -27.49415, -61.67738
amit kumar

Two spot near tower. One secluded spot at the trailhead.
Good art and Verizon network.

Sugar Camp Lookout Tower 36.52889, -93.83315

We have a new common area: kitchen, terrace, fireplace, showers, toilet, oven... if you return to your country we take care of your van or motorhome

La Burbuja 19.93732, -99.49336

Incredible, amazing place… wonderful vue but windy… so if you are in tent check for the wind. I was alone a Sunday evening, some locals cars come and go, peaceful, quiet and clean

Skyline View, Caineville Badlands 38.45106, -110.83920

Gravel area with hookup posts. Grass tent spots too. The bathrooms are nice, $3 showers.

Lakeview Fairgrounds 42.19422, -120.36289

50 husky rewards points without towel pr 100 with a towel, without the points it's $10.50 with a towel. clean showers

Husky/Esso station 51.08082, -114.00075

Big gas station known for their jerky and clean bathrooms. Huge well-lit parking lot, bring window covers or at least a sleeping mask! Has designated grassy areas to let your pets out. There were several RVs and vans in the lot to the right of the main entrance so I just parked there and didn’t ask permission. Some road noise but it was easy to tune out.
Stayed one night.

Buc-ee's 32.58563, -83.74040

Canton, MS: Ratliff Ferry Trading Post, 1275 Ratliff Ferry Road; 3/4 mile east from Natchez Trace Parkway. Huge open level parking lot for boat launch to a river. Around June 30, 2022 they will be opening a full-service campground but will still allow people to “boondock” for an as-yet-to-be-determined fee. Until then it’s free to boondock. There is a small store with basic snacks, restaurant, bar and fuel station with diesel and gas. We got good Verizon. Restrooms by restaurant (right now it looked like porta-john). (769) 231-9525. Once fees are established, please update this post.

Ratliff Ferry Trading Post Boat Launch 32.59608, -89.83945

Nice spot for a night next to a place where the dump old cement blocks. Farmer stopped by in the AM to ask if we wanted any tea :) Lots of cows walking by. No BTC signal in the truck, but I but the phone on the roof & got 3G enough to make a hot spot & tether to my laptop!

Bush Camp -24.88912, 25.17045

250R for two ppl. Host was super welcoming. Ran a cord down to the Lakeside so we could plug in. drove us up to the nicer ablution block to show my wife where to shower. Water is potable. Overall great. There is also chalets. On the other side of the lake is another huge camp if this one is full.

Apachè Resort -25.71606, 26.89636

This place has a lot of pros & cons.
R200 for 2ppl. Ablutions are run down, but hot water is good. On the edge of a little dam. Lots of wildlife. They have cheap house rental found on the town website.
Our first night an expat fishing explained that this town was originally built as a Afrikaners haven to seperate themselves from the blacks back when people thought like this, but these days were over. The next day we met a resident in his 70's who has lived here since day one. He explained it was a "racist, white only community", and repeated that several times. I would never have come here if I knew this was the premise of the community, though we never talked to anyone under 40 to get another perspective. It felt very weird driving out the next day having residents wave to us & wondering if everyone thought the same way here. There are some other pros, but I dont feel like I should promote them.

Leeupoort Vakansie Dorp -24.91703, 27.63934

Well established with reputable significance in the RSA specialty coffee industry, this espresso bar boasts some great single origin roasts, home brew coffee equipment and coffee to go in passing through Clarens. Nice place to stock up on whole coffee beans or ground for the road!

Highland Coffee Specialty Roasters -28.51385, 28.42101

They put in the wrong fuel. We asked for Petro land still they put in diesel, so make sure . No shop yet. Friendly helpful staff.

Mt Meru Filling Station -15.74233, 26.03108

Flat grass area overlooking the dam. Two vehicles can park there easily. Brad was such a helpful host. They made us a fire for our braai. We got served fresh capenta and currie wraps as the sun went down over the horizon. Hot water and flush toilet for campers . Hot water for coffee in the morning. Bar available . Got lots of information from Brad on where to travel and where to buy groceries. They even washed our car !

Chibila -15.77729, 26.00681

A fountain with potable water next to the "Bürgerzentrum" in Mötz

Mötz brunnen 47.28164, 10.95536

Picnic spot just off D175 at entrance to town, big enough for 7m motorhome to pull in, toilets, picnic tables.

Montreuil Bellay 47.14199, -0.15389

It’s not that worth seeing really. We enjoyed forest falls more

Pinnacle Rock -24.91085, 30.85440

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