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Very nice camping in Uspallata. Hot showers. Near the city.

Camping Municipal Uspallata "Apuyam" -32.58645, -69.34687

Beautiful area and great place to stay. Beach front camping with views of the ocean and mountains. Terrain is accessible with 2 wheel drive. There are several spots to choose from.

Once set up take a walk down the road not too far past where the road ends and the on the left side there is a hiking trail called Oasis Paraisio.

North Of Sargento - Open beach 24.12926, -109.99821

We spoke mostly with Angel. He didn’t specify a price but in the end we ate once at their place (food was ready right as we completed the 4 day trek!) for 10S pp and paid 5S per night for the parking. Very nice people. The toilet is a hole in the ground w porcelain step but it works. Do the Ausangate trek! Hard but very worth the effort for amazing views. If you have a dog bring booties because there are some areas w spiky grass. We also brought our cat on the trek! Folllow us @the.vandersons

Flora‘s family restaurant and parking -13.71810, -71.24371

they do not allow non campers to dump or fill water

Monument Valley KOA 37.01751, -110.15477

Easy to access and spectacular view from the top of the Camel Trail.
Flat area, but might get very windy, aka stormy and therefore dusty.

Top Of The Camel Trail 24.50512, 46.41070

Stayed one night, no one stopped or bothered me

overnight spot old road 37.77471, -3.33791

Big empty parking lot. Stayed here one night. Was quiet except for a garbage truck that drove by in the early morning

Empty lot 41.63518, -83.47998

closed friday-sunday. price is now $1 for 20 gallons.

public water station 38.94548, -105.15740

still open. Good pressure. bring your own hose

Maverick's 38.87438, -104.81739

We found this camping by casualty as we were looking for a wild camping spot. We met Moses who run the campsite. i wanted to make us pay 20.000 TSH for the night and we reduced it to 10.000. There is not much facilities (two shacks for bathroom) but the place along the river is really nice and Moses is kind. He made a nice fire for us! cool place to stay

River Valley Campsite (Mfumbi) -8.88031, 34.09701

Posto Petrobras na beira da estrada com banheiros muito limpos e chuveiro quente (R$ 10,00 p/ pessoa). ao lado de um ótimo restaurante e lanchonete. Funcionários muito educados e atenciosos. permitem pernoite. Lugar tranquilo e seguro.

posto pedra azul -20.38009, -41.02646

22Ha campsite in the woods were campfires are allowed. You can pick a spot in the woods or find a spot on the field. Nice staff.
You can order a meal and eat it at your own spot. WiFi only in the “wifiwood” part of the campsite the rest is pure nature.

Maria hoeve 52.95415, 6.69283

They wanted to throw us out if we do a game drive with a third party. It's probably better to negotiate this before you are there. We had quite a discussion with the manager Herbert.

In the end we rented a car (150$ from 6am to 6pm, plus ~300MKW fuel) and a guide (Effi, really good, 800MKW for the day) from Croc Valley.
Be aware that this way you have to pay the self drive charches for the park. (30$pp instead of 25$pp entry fee, and 15$ for the car per day). And you cannot do a night drive because self drive night drives are not allowed.
For 4 people it was still cheaper then doing a morning and a night drive @50$pp per drive.

The night drive with Croc Valley was really good.

The hospitality was kind of odd. Service was ok but not really welcoming and friendly.

Croc Valley Camp -13.10077, 31.79458

Great spot with a lot of space. Next to the water.

Beach spot 46.81640, -84.40927

Great little spot by the creek. Lots of moose sign in the area.

Jack Creek 62.46308, -143.10339
Wabi Sabi

Ignore the previous post! We moved after a visit from the local officer - who said we could stay the night after saying we were not supposed to be there. 🫣 Seems to be a party place for the local kids on a Friday night.
Moved to the IHOP parking lot in Ellensburg after checking out the crowded Love’s Travel truck stop.

Irene Rinehart Riverfront Park 46.97846, -120.56678

Very nice silent place for 4x4 car’s only

Capo Sperone Sardinien 38.95678, 8.41237
Carleton Overlanding

Very clean bathrooms and overall well stocked. Would stop here again!

Love's travel stop 40.88716, -85.52366

not open all year round. came May 12th and found it closed

st. mary visitorcenter 48.54951, -113.27062

All true. Very nice camphost. Helped to get electricity for my laptop. You put 10$ (p.night) in envelop. Showers 2$ for 5m and dump 5$ stayed 4nights

Highway noise is not disturbingly loud.

Nanton Lions Campground 50.35398, -113.77339

Nice little campground on a sheepfarm. Not many other options around. Friendly owners. £16 for 2 and camper all included. Ok, cellphone reception

Pentre Penarth Campsite 52.63447, -3.32997
Bernie Mac

This is right next to a small, quiet and clean community garden. I had spoken with parking enforcement and there are no issues up to 72 hours of parking. Stayed here in a class A for a few weeks (off and on) while working nearby. Great place to let the pups run and go for a walk, bike, whatever. Green Lake isn't far at all, and the freeway noise is mostly blocked by the large cement barrier.

Roadside 47.67310, -122.32226

Residential spot. Flat streets. Backyard to one side. Fenced backyard to another. Easy to pull in and stealth for the night for very early O’hare airport drop off. Safe neighborhood supposedly lots of firefighters and police live here. Nearby Dunkin opens at 4am. Planet fitness also a one minute drive away and is currently 24 hours on weekdays.

Street Parking 41.97921, -87.80408

parking down side of pier with fisherman. all very friendly and helpful. good overnight spot.

Palafox Pier 30.40405, -87.21233

Lovely clean campsites. No electricity but taps between camps. Ablutions very basic but clean with flush toilet. Shower is cold which is a bit nippy is winter . Wil go again.

Nylsvley Nature Reserve Camping -24.64998, 28.67289

é uma rua sem saída com algumas vagas do lado de duas pousadas, é bem tranquila, da pra ouvir o mar daqui e fomos bem tratados pelo dono da pousada aqui do lado.

Rua sem saída, em frente a pousada do Pelé -23.34967, -44.72252

About an 8 mile drive up a narrow dirt road. It was very wet and there are some decent size ruts. Vehicle with clearance recommended. We got the view I'm the first day but were in the cloud the second day. Very surreal to know the view is there but only see white cloud and mist! Both me and traveling partner had service, me with AT&T and her with Verizon.

Kloshe Nanitch Lookout 48.07936, -124.11129
Mélanie Lapointe

We stayed one night there. There was 3 others vans. It was VERY windy. No way to open the top vent as we felt it would rip out. Even though there were a lot of activity at the port, we stayed there without being harrased.

Pleasant Bay Harbour 46.83036, -60.80008
Mélanie Lapointe

Nice quiet place at the end of a long gravel road. The gate to the picnic area was closed because we were off season. It is also the location of the North River Falls Trailhead.

Rest area near Cabot trail 46.31808, -60.66250

Stayed here a few nights, lots of other RV’s & campers. No one bothered us, nice little town & lots of food open late within walking distance. WAL-Mart is open tell 11 which is nice.

Walmart 47.68305, -114.11990

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