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Charged $8 for dump and water fill. Did not stay over night.

Koa Campground 34.92215, -110.14217

We stayed here with no issues and slept soundly. The store closes at 5pm on Sunday so it was very quiet at night. There were a few others staying overnight.
The location is very convenient with a lot of different stores around including an IKEA just a couple of minutes away.

Walmart 46.78329, -71.34873

This place is a paradise.

But… 350 pesos a night and you don’t get any service, not even bathrooms, which cost 10 pesos and are far from OK.

Whatever, is an amazing place to stay and it’s totally worth it. BUT, DO NOT COME OVER WEEKENDS. It looses all the magic.

Pd: There is an unbelievable coffee shop around the town, called Lilxit Bread Shop. Their people are friendly, and they have WiFi, which is always a plus.

El Palmar de Chacala 21.16314, -105.22397

Great spot. Beautiful views across the bay. We arrived late at night out of season and the owner was very nice and pointed out the facilities (hot showers, hooray). The drive there was a bit scary on the dirt roads. The last 1km particularly was a challenge. We just about managed to make it in a 2WD camper but took a few attempts to get up the final hill. 3G signal. 6000 pesos pp.

Ballena Azul -41.94419, -74.03686

Perfect place in the center of Sucre (10' walk from principal place)
I confirm at May 1st, Bolivia has lifted most of the corona restrictions, so this place is open again as described for 3 to max. 4 vehicles.
We were 3 vehicles during our stay.

Thanks a lot to Felicidad and Alberto
Cherry on the cake, if you have electrical issue you can ask to Alberto : it's a master !!!

Camping Alberto and Felicidad -19.04300, -65.25499

Aline and Rodrigo's hause. Don't have a big place, buy have hot shower, eletricity, potabel water. Send massanger to 51 995021430.

Casa Nossa.Odisseia -29.60558, -51.19375

Área de uma Marina, com energia e água. Preço módico. Local paradisíaco.

Marina Mangue Seco -8.88422, -35.14174

Beautiful place at the end of the road, with beautiful seaview. There is a picnic table, a shelter and a dry toilet. It is at the start of a 10 km walk along the coast. There are other options as well to park and camp along this road, just before this spot.

Camping at the coast of Vega 65.61459, 11.81476

This is a really fabulous place to camp while exploring Lake Atitlán. It is a quick tuk-tuk ride to Panajachel, where you can catch a collectivo water taxi to anywhere on the lake for Q15-25. The hotel has a restaurant (doesn’t open until 6 pm on Monday and Tuesday). The alfredo is really good. Price is Q60/person if you stay 5 nights or more. Most importantly, it’s stunningly beautiful and mostly peaceful. We were the only overlanders other than @matugatu4x4 (who we planned to camp with). There were some tent campers on the weekend. There was one loud and late event on the weekend. But the rest of the week was quite quiet. Other amenities to mention: there is an outdoor kitchen with a sink for dishes. There are two bathrooms with very cold showers, but the men’s showers ended up not being operable. The hotel said they would open a room so we could shower, but we never took them up on it. There is a good-sized swimming pool that’s fairly clean. And there’s a playground with swings and a slide that our son loved, plus some climbing trees. I will say that the event guests always trashed the place, so the kitchen and bathrooms were often quite dirty. The staff came around eventually to clean. I know there’s another campground in San Marcos, but it sounds super crowded. I didn’t want to leave this beautiful place. I think it’s special.

Bahia Atitlan Inn 14.74725, -91.16405

60 usd for a tent, very nice view, especially the food was very good. 15 usd for 3 course meal. In the night there were some hippos around.

Queen Elizabeth Bush Camp -0.13704, 30.04183

After 1hour looking for an hotel in San Juan, we ended up in this perfect place very happy!
40Bs/person + 10Bs/ducha
Full equiped kitchen free to use
The hotel is brand new, very clean, comfy beds, with private bathroom in each room 👍
In case you don't find it, here is the contact of the owner Jaime +591 72378116

Hostal Piedra Andina -20.90301, -67.76743

Safe parking spot at the Radisson. I paid at the hotel reception, left my car at their guarded parking lot (there’s a fence and a guard), and spent a few days at Caye Caulker. All good! 10USD per day and well worth it for your peace of mind.

Parking $10USD/day 17.49383, -88.18205

Stayed a few nights. Close to heavenly village.

Entire parking lot is meaningfully sloped so hard/impossible to get level but otherwise fine. Tahoe area seems unwelcoming for campervans. I wouldn’t pay for it personally (I have diamond status so it was free).

Harrah's Casino parking lot 38.95868, -119.93844

Nice and easy acessable free Hot showers.

Sproat Lake Provincial Park 49.29234, -124.92712

Lovely island all to ourselves. Well worth the trip.

Isolated Peninsula 37.04339, -88.10973
Kieninger Family

Easy friendly checked inside each of 4 rigs in our caravan.

Rte 3 checkpoint 31.44425, -115.05497

On the south west corner. Press button for service.

Loves Truck Stop 35.11743, -101.90765

free spots (2) available with a view on the river. courtesy of the town.
they say showers and restrooms are available at the municipal sports center (Centre Mario Tremblay) 2 km from here.

Ville d'Alma 48.54910, -71.64717

Lovely place to spent a night. We had the thermal pools for ourselves which we could use the afternoon, night and morning. Also has toilets, shower, place to sit/eat all for 15.000 for two persons including to camp for the night. Definitely would recommend to go here and relax!

Eco Termales Quepos 9.35995, -83.91704

Surrounded by trees this perfect spot is level, has a picnic table and fire ring. An overlook between the trees allows you a perfect view of the mountains.

Switchback Campsite 36.73704, -118.89849

Found a level spot pretty much right on the lake after passing several downed trees that have been cut with very narrow passages. We were towing a 27 ft trailer and believe we were the first people in a long while that have come through with a camper. We made it through but there was definitely some slow stressful moments.

Lots of downed trees from the fire but still beautiful. The trees seemed to have taken most of the spots near the lake but there also was no one else here on the Sun afternoon we arrived.

Wilson Lake 40.34186, -121.43816

very welcoming, we could put the tent in the garden 🤗 and also be able keep our bikes and stuff there while doing some hikes ! muchas gracias !

Villa Miramonte 8.60342, -80.12463
Mark Miller

Do not try to park a trailer at this location, the entry is too narrow and the lot is only designed for individual vehicles. Also, I saw one car with a parking ticket on the windshield so it is monitored (at least occasionally). We parked here over Saturday night and the entrance was open. Had to lift the arms at the entrance a bit higher to get through with a trailer.

East Falls Church Metro Parking Lot 38.97971, -76.90613

Excelente, comimos acá y precios super accesibles.. la ducha de agua caliente es gratis y nos permitieron estacionar sin peoblema.. al lado hay un restorán y hotel.

YPF -31.45346, -58.13341

Excellent spot! Be prepared for a little incline hike up to the spot where it is semi flat with a great fire ring.

Ridge Overlook 43.64458, -116.06071

Nice place. Water and electric were on when we visited. Flush bathrooms up the hill past the basketball courts. Was quiet when we rolled in after 9pm, could be busier during the day. Sites overlook the pond, right by the barn.

Dockery Park 39.91983, -93.95375

It’s really the best YPF you’ll find in Argentina!
Energy and water for free, big parking lot and shower for 150 pesos/5min.

YPF - El Calafate -50.33162, -72.23061

We spent the night here with another 5 RVs, and it was ok.
There were other cars around making loud music, until it was a Saturday night, but nothing that bothered us.
There were many trash around, unfortunately!

Grassy spot (close to the ship yard/harbour) -51.74117, -72.49618

They allowed us to fill the water tanks for free. They do not allow people to empty the porta potti at the bathroom.

Petrobras -51.72416, -72.51033

This is a very large gas station with a lot of space for parking. Open 24 hours and safe. It's just outside of Tarapoto in the middle of nowhere. Ask the owners where to park, so they can keep an eye on you. Small shop. Clean bathrooms. Watch out for the 2 large dogs of the owner though. They are friendly but if you are cooking in your van, they come and check you out and bark loud in case you don't get the message of feeding them. Don't!!!! There is WiFi and we asked for the password but got a NO for answer.

Repsol gas station just outside of Tarapoto -6.57668, -76.32831

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