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Confirming what the previous posts describe. We just stayed for the day, but will definitely return for an overnight visit.

Lac Marlene 45.44827, -75.79124

It is a good place. We are here using a Kombihome. Internet is not good.

Camping Recanto da Paz -22.66176, -45.87064

Meh… nothing special. Just another average menu at average prices in a town full of them.

Sabores de Casa -9.52971, -77.52750
ioverlander ben

The fire station has WiFi with a guest network available for emergencies and occasional use. Feel free to use it but please don't block access for emergency vehicles or for first responders to park.

Sugarloaf Fire Station 40.01685, -105.35751

Lots of nice flat places to camp. Road is thump and bump. Don’t think it would be passable after a rain. THIS IS BEAR COUNTRY.

Kaliglia point road 37.70190, -109.83880

Elks Lodge paved Parking Lot with 11 sites with water and electric hookup. Off highway. We didn’t stay, but just checked it out.

Elks Lodge 36.90942, -111.45427

Just stopped in here. I don’t know if it is legal to stay here. It’s just off highway 89 leaving Page getting to Horseshoe bend.

Electric tower sight 36.89629, -111.49084

Water fountain and tap located directly beside tennis courts in beban park Nanaimo. 15ft from parking lot. Filled up water jugs no issues, water tastes good.

Beban Park Water 49.19394, -123.99096

Good for a day or two. They have a laundromat that has two washers and two dryers. The washers are $1.75 and the drivers are $1.50. There's no Wi-Fi You might get one bar even with your hotspot. But there's no way to work virtual here.

Grant RV (accepts skoolies) park 33.94543, -95.52094

Campground in the George Washington and Lincoln national Forest. 44 sites, some are dry camp, some are electric only sites, and some are electric and water sites. They have clean restrooms with warm showers. Very nice campground with a creek running through it. Very nice place to stay.

Stony Fork Campground 37.00873, -81.18402


Walmart 27.19283, -82.48748

road side parking, there's also a lot next to the gas station. we stayed on the road down past the gas station just so it was a little more quiet. no problems and nice bathrooms inside the Chevron. would stay here again if passing through.

Chevron/ Casa de Fruta 36.98997, -121.38179

Easy access. Water was not turned on yet at this time of the year.

Deschambault Municipal Dump station 46.68215, -71.96449

Nice spot between cacti and if you drive in a bit further you will be hidden from the road.

However, this seems to be private property.

Saul, the owner of the swimming pool nearby came over around 5 and told us about it. We didn't want to leave, so we asked him if we could stay. He said it would be fine for 10.000 cop. I only had 9.000 in small change and he was fine with that.

Not sure if he is the owner or not, but he was friendly and we thought 10.000 isn't too bad to have a quiet spot to ourselves. He also offered that we could stay at his piscina for 10.000 per person and use the swimming pool as well. Might try that tomorrow.

Nice breeze in the afternoon, hot during the day. 4G Claro on and off (0 to 5 Mbps depending on location and weather).

Desert Wild Camp 3.28186, -75.11352

Tried to sleep overnight here and the police told us you are unable to sleep in your car here. You can only park your car here - not sleep in it.

Northeast Harbor Police Department 44.29377, -68.28640


Target 27.22727, -82.49289

Incredible spot to spend the night and chill during the day. Spent 2 nights there, 2 other camper vans were there, no disturbance. Busy during the day especially on weekend given the trail nearby.

Anse à Benjamin 48.35672, -70.86642

pasamos la noche muy bien, los baños muy limpios, tienen agua caliente para el mate gratis

YPF ruta 12 -26.02750, -54.58686

Still the place to get a stamp, they have a break from 11:30 to 13:30.

Policia Federal -11.02920, -68.74018

Spent the night here next to the backside of the bass pro shops. Security drove by several times a night and never said anything. I was in a Winnebago Revel.

Bass Pro Shops (Gulf Coast Town Center) 26.48679, -81.79173

open again. 2 flat areas, one real close to the river, van-sized. some highway noise. recent fire. there's a lot of broken glass around thanks to those types of folks who like to break glass for fun.

Community River Access 39.65174, -106.98505

Easy crossing, no problems, no fees. Took us about 3 hours in aduana to cross with two motorcycles though, bc we were the first foreigner people that the officer saw crossing here, so he didn't exactly know how to make the paperwork for us. In the migration we filled out the passenger location form in the office, didn't ask us for vaccine nor Covid test.

Bolivia Immigration Office -11.02667, -68.75215

We paid $10 for 10 hours. We are in a 24.5 ft van/rv. Spots are small. Parked on a parallel spot which looked bigger. We fit in one. Plenty of spaces. Seemed safe. Visitor center was clean and nice. Police station nearby.

New Orleans Parking Lot 29.96118, -90.07085

Solo female here! Been on the road a couple months now and this is by far the coolest spot I’ve ever stayed at. I’m parked just a couple yards from the edge of a cliff, overlooking the most beautiful view. There a bunch of other spots along the rim as well. A few others showed up at sunset but we’re very spread out and it’s incredibly peaceful. Plus 2-3 bars Verizon LTE service. The road in is narrow and pretty rocky at some points but not the worst I’ve seen. Highly, highly recommend.

Gunnison river overlook 38.77674, -108.28840

i jist parked around 8pm.a police man on foot came with a flashlight ,ask me passport(?) when I told me i wanted to wait the morning there in camper to visit Tiwanaku he said it was not safe there! to moce to the plaza better..he asked me: (spanish)what if a car of attackers/contrabanders etc. stops near u?!?infact that can be anywhere/anytime! people that write that "feel safe" on here,have oviusly no idea! and that false sense of security to others should be avoided!

Tiwanaku Camp -16.50443, -68.22084

Only hotel in Porvenir. Quite expensive, 100 bol for matrimonial without air conditioning, 120 bol with. Private bathroom, and good wifi. We were said there are cheaper rooms, but all occupied at the time. Place inside to park motorcycles. There is A LOT of fungus on the walls and ceiling though and the ventilator only makes it worse. Wouldn't recommend if you have different option.

Corazón de Jesús -11.23225, -68.68859

a police man at the ruins told me here is safer than there!and asked me to move

Plaza -16.55301, -68.68178

Tried to go here but was closed on May 14th!

Clay banks RV 50.10442, -120.79294

free drinking water station available from dawn to dusk

Flannels Beach 34.98204, -76.94898

An oasis in the high Sierra desert with all facilities including WiFi that will reach across the field most of the time. No hook ups just park in a grassy field with some shade trees. Easy trails behind the ranch to enjoy sunset among the boulders.
The approach road is two wheel drive accessible but the entrance arch is narrow, be advised. We had inches to spare in our Promaster.
There is a restaurant on site offering meals with advance warning.
The peace and serenity of the place will likely be shattered on weekends. They have cabanas for rent and competing music will drown the birdsong we find.
The water here is potable out of the tap. And it’s delicious. We wish had arrived with empty tanks. The showers are hot and powerful, toilets are clean and well supplied and the pool is real with shaded lounging areas and briskly cold water of course at 3,000 feet altitude with cold desert nights.
Enjoy all this during the week for maximum enjoyment.

Rancho el Coyote 31.04080, -115.76344

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