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fiquei 2 noites e o ligar é lindo. super tranquilo, somente alguns pescadores frequentam o local. a água da represa não é potável.

Lago Angostura Picnic -26.93950, -65.70931

péssimo lugar. movimentado demais, barulhento para dormir

Municipalidad de Tafí Del Valle -26.85226, -65.71064

nice shower, but no place to hang your old/new clothing. Free if you fill your car too

Transpetrol -52.74714, -71.00908

The museum is in a stand alone warehouse now, and it absolutely RULES! It's completely free, had renovated RVs and motorcycles dating back to the 50's. It has the first model of airstream and the very first Itasca. there's even an old bus from a Robin Williams movie! Huge recommend for any overlander, and if you do self builds, great source of ideas. it's definitely given me some huge inspiration for the next van remodel. Y'ALL SHOULD GO!

Excellent RV Museum 35.06125, -101.91720

Yet another underground mosque, but this one is the most famous. Now there’s even an excellent tarmac up to here.
The mosque itself isn’t so interesting, but it’s nice to visit anyway.
Note that it’s 200 m down from the car park, so when it’s hot be prepared and bring some water and a hat.
Men should wear long pants and shoes, women need to cover their shoulders and legs and wear a scarf to enter the mosque.

Beket Ata 43.59558, 54.08200

Big success. First place that could fill my euro 6L bottle (Belgian) for 27 soles. I did not have an adaptor.

Planta envasadora INTI GAS -13.18150, -74.19939
Patagonia Km0

Beautiful place with cabins , a little lagoon and a restaurant for tea and delicious cakes
Awesome views of the pre cordillera de Los Andes This is a trout farm
Ask the owner for the overnight fee

La Trucha tranki -33.58957, -69.31181

Flat ground at the and of a dirt road. Some cows. The surface gets pretty muddy as you close in to the lake. Frogs, birds and tortoises and a beautiful view of the lake and the mountains. Nobody around except an occasional shepherd.

Lake Prespa shore 40.87221, 20.93691
Marty wood

Welcome to the Overland Center.
How I can help you ?
+52 55-1237-8557

Authentico Mexico 20.87407, -86.89375

24 hour camping car parking a few minutes walk from the town centre. Large, level, gravelled site, large grassy area with children’s playground. Adjoining river with cycle paths right into and through town towards the coastal area. No facilities on site that we saw, but loads of places to eat nearby & public toilets as you get into the town centre along the river. €8 for 24 hours, pay by card/Apple pay at machine or on PayByPhone app.

Noirmoutier town centre 46.99918, -2.25092

Park was closed indefinitely when I got there. There was NO Sign at the turnoff from the main street, I drove the 30km gravel to be infront of a closed gate.

Pali-Aike National Park -52.11076, -69.69917

Fairly quiet night except for the trains. Spent the night near the boat ramp because the main parking lot was very busy. Showers/water no longer available

Roosevelt Park 45.73047, -120.22548

Free Wi-Fi, no password, just not very strong.

Kanab public library 37.05442, -112.52797

I just asked at the front desk. They said it’s not allowed.

Holiday Inn 37.04429, -112.52548

Lots of room up on the Mesa. We were all alone near this place on a Wednesday night. Some OHV activity, which likely would increase on the weekend.

Mormon Mesa 36.59042, -114.38600

Full camper service at gas station. No shower.

Gas station 42.03094, 11.96164

Tarmaced aire for camping cars, v close to beach. Grey waste drain, toilets. €8 for 24 hours.

Camping cars, Barbâtre 46.94523, -2.18429

There is also a small nature trail and a creek nearby. pick up your trash and leave it better than you found it. don’t you dare ruin it for the rest of us. Cranberry is an amazing BC town that I’ve been a local to my whole life.

Cracker Barrel 40.68409, -80.08644

Free potable water & $5 Dump just before the State Park entrance by the Ranger station

Horse thief Lake State Park 45.64441, -121.11120

small copec with one toilet (running water) and 93 (1117 CLP) and Diesel

Cópec -52.76040, -69.28932

Beautiful quiet peaceful place. Easy access at night time but with 4x4.

Beach wild camping 24.11553, 52.52038

First time I've had a real hot shower in over a week! It was amazing. Like someone else already said, you have to keep pressing the button in the women's shower to keep it going but it's still great and it's free!!!

Bathrooms with hot showers - free. 35.36575, -99.41259

Arrived about 3pm mid-week. Stayed until 8:30am the next day. Took some containers out of minivan I'm order to sleep. No problem. At one point maybe 2am, a police car pulled in, shone his external light on my vehicle as he inches passed, and continued on his way. Clearly just checking on me. Didn't return.
You can park about 20 feet or so away from the road, so I felt pretty safe, tho the cars driving past were pretty loud. Very few vehicles passing tho when night fell.
Easy access to the deep, sandy Beach. My dog loved it, and there was no one else within sight on the beach while we were there.
I could also see my car in full sight while it was also clearly visible to drivers-by, so that made me feel more comfortable about my stuff while I was on the beach.
Good cell coverage, and my SkyRoam found a strong signal all night so I enjoyed my Netflix and YouTube without any lag.
Very handy for a quick overnight or two. Nice sunset, and if you prefer a shaded spot, about half the cutoff has tree shade from about mid-afternoon.
No other visitors while I was there.
And of course, it's free.

Waldport 44.40435, -124.08552

Único lugar que encontramos combustível em Tolar Grande foi na casa do Alonso. Tinha S10, não sabemos se é confiável, mas na necessidade só tinha essa opção. Pagamos ARS150 por litro.

Only place we found Diesel in Tolar Grande. Is the house of Alonso, friendly. We are not sure if it’s good diesel, but didn’t have other option. We paid ARS150 for 100l of diesel Grado 3 infinia.

Ignacio Home in Tolar Grande -24.59016, -67.38755

Dump as you might expect, with potable water a few meters next to it. There was someone there before us, so we didn't have to pay. Otherwise 5 loonies will open the valve.

Airport Car Wash, Dump Station 49.83637, -124.50032

Free, open wifi at the South Fork library. Pretty good speed. Good for a quick pull off if you need some internet.

Library wifi 37.66983, -106.63177
A very long Honeymoon

Don't even think about taking a shortcut here between Santa Rosa de Copán and Copán. We have 4x4 and High Clearance (Toyota Land Cruider / Troopy) which worked for most of the track coming from CA4 driving to CA11 but in the last quarter the road had such steep dropoffs and washouts it was really impassable unless taking serious risks so we had to turn all around and take the normal highway, losing about 2 hours.

Bad road 14.86120, -88.84138

As described. Large well lit parking lot overlooking a lake. There were about 6 or 7 locals here until 1am ish doing whatever it is people in cars hanging around in parking lots do... But they were quiet and nobody gave us any trouble. We were so grateful to have a nice quiet spot like this after roughing it at busy truck stops for the last few nights. The sunrise over the water was a nice view to wake up to as well. There are facilities for disposing of trash and some outhouses too. Recommended.

Lake Rhodhiss Boat Launch 35.77163, -81.44322

Prices seem to change a bit, it's now 65.000 for the full day and 40.000 starting at 4pm on weekdays (which I think is plenty of time until 11pm when they close).

For us everything (except the hotel guests only part) was open and not too hot. The thermal river at the entrance is also quite nice, but the Turkish bath / saunas are very sulphuric.

You can still sleep outside of the entrance gate with no problem. There is nobody around anyway. The camping area inside exists, but was closed and is probably also only available for tents.

termales san vincente 4.85056, -75.53333

Free parking 5 minutes walk from city centre and 15 minutes walk from Rock of Cashel. Entrance is an alley off Upper Friar Street. Parking lots and on streets here are not free. No amenities. Next to a large playground. Walking distance to pubs etc. 4G cell service. Quiet at night.

Free city parking lot 52.51535, -7.88287

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