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As described. Large well lit parking lot overlooking a lake. There were about 6 or 7 locals here until 1am ish doing whatever it is people in cars hanging around in parking lots do... But they were quiet and nobody gave us any trouble. We were so grateful to have a nice quiet spot like this after roughing it at busy truck stops for the last few nights. The sunrise over the water was a nice view to wake up to as well. There are facilities for disposing of trash and some outhouses too. Recommended.

Lake Rhodhiss Boat Launch 35.77163, -81.44322

Prices seem to change a bit, it's now 65.000 for the full day and 40.000 starting at 4pm on weekdays (which I think is plenty of time until 11pm when they close).

For us everything (except the hotel guests only part) was open and not too hot. The thermal river at the entrance is also quite nice, but the Turkish bath / saunas are very sulphuric.

You can still sleep outside of the entrance gate with no problem. There is nobody around anyway. The camping area inside exists, but was closed and is probably also only available for tents.

termales san vincente 4.85056, -75.53333

Free parking 5 minutes walk from city centre and 15 minutes walk from Rock of Cashel. Entrance is an alley off Upper Friar Street. Parking lots and on streets here are not free. No amenities. Next to a large playground. Walking distance to pubs etc. 4G cell service. Quiet at night.

Free city parking lot 52.51535, -7.88287

Heads up folks. After after my last post, I had an encounter with a federal officer on the last day. He was extremely friendly and helpful. he visited to verify that all campers at all campsites had a reservation.

Mystic Springs 30.85443, -87.31181

Grassy neighborhood park with picnic tables and trash cans

Pecos Ranchos Park street parking 33.28183, -111.86910

This is a large strip mall with a 24 hr Planet Fitness. I have not noticed any signs prohibiting overnight parking and parked in the lot 3 nights with no problems. I have moved my van to a different parking spot each night. There have been other overnight RV’s. There is some road noise and stereo noise from patrons in middle of night from Planet Fitness. Overall, decent location with decent WIFI.

Planet Fitness 24 hours lot 38.31580, -108.78662

Rest Stop off 94.
There are no “No Overnight Parking” signs anywhere.
Multiple fast food chains nearby (McDonald’s, Culver’s, A&W, Hardee’s, Subway and Dairy Queen)
If you need to use the restroom or freshen up there is a Kwik Trip (Gas Station) nearby. Rest Area is near 94, kind of loud at night.

Rest Stop 44.93966, -92.37422
Cubby Van Life

Water is turned on, sign says ‘drinking water’. It is free, next to clean vault toilet. and a hose is attached.

Palatki Heritage Site Water Fill 34.91444, -111.90269

if you are headed to grand canyon this is a great stop. road 302 is right next to the traffic circle and is a smooth dirt road. there are many pull off roads with tons of flat spaces. many with firepits. this area is 15 minutes from the south entrance and just a couple of minutes to town. very quiet at night but heavy helicopter traffic from about 7:30am on. tours fly overhead in waves of 5 - 6 helicopter about every 30 mins. kinda cool actually. it's hard to believe there is so much free camping space so close to the park!

road 302, field loop, trees 35.97146, -112.12719

I was the only van/RV when I showed up. Stayed the night without issue though. Good LTE service.

Walmart 39.84054, -89.60282

It's 5k COP per day and they want 30k per night now. Totally ridiculous, I asked her how she justifies the price and she basically said they don't want campers. (Or maybe that's their excuse for asking ridiculous amounts and getting caught.)

Near park 4.64044, -75.48323

Had to pay 16 bols for 2 people in a motorhome. Seems fair for the road which is in great condition and apart from some smalls parts newly paved.

Toll Point -21.24416, -65.77812

Easy process with chilean plated car. They ask for padron and insurance. Since we could not get the padron because we are not in Chile we showed the CERTIFICADO DE INSCRIPCION Y
ANOTACIONES VIGENTES EN EL R. V. M. which you can download online. They were fine with this. Had to pay20 bobs for car desinfection

Only surprising thing for us was that we did not get a stamp (neither Argentina Exit nor Bolivia entry) in our passports. For Bolivia entry they gave us a separate stamped paper instead and asked us to register online in sistemas migraciones

Villazon, Bolivia to La Quiaca, Argentina -22.08999, -65.59622

Terpel Altoque Service Station. Good park area and free restrooms. We spent the night. They only ask us to consume something in the store or buy gas.

Estacion de Servicio Terpel Altoque. Buenas area de parque y sevicios sanitarios gratis. Pasamos la noche. Solo piden que consumamos algo en la tienda o compremos gas

Altoque Terpel 10.53532, -75.46075

Inquired and gained permission to stay the night. Was told to stay on the east side of the lot by the ditch. Didn’t smell anything. Parked under the light. 4 Semis and one RV. I stayed in my minivan. Good night rest .

Walmart 40.62501, -103.23834

Reached out to Jamal who helped me sell my bike the same day! The Biker place in Abidjan with a big community. Like other comments mentioned there is wash/repair here as well and can probably help out with other bike related stuff as well.

James Burger 5.28519, -3.97602

Free WIFI at the library. 50 mbps down. 46 mbps up. Check hours of operation. They’re not open every day.

Library WIFI 41.31842, -122.30983

After a great adventure around Joshua Tree National Park, we made our way here. We double checked inside if it was still allowed and it was. There was several other campers, semi-trucks and cars that stayed overnight too. We felt safe the entire night. It wasn't too loud either.
26ft Class C RV

Walmart 34.13279, -116.38509

great place, very peaceful with enough space to spread out. local from down the road said definitely not a problem to stay the night. directly at the arches with a nice view. mostly level spots

The Arches Provincial Park 50.11382, -57.66426

Spent the night here to get the ferry to San Jose at 9:30am the next day. 100C for RV and family of 5. Gated, security, quiet, very safe. We arrived around 6pm and the nice guard explained we could stay here. Very convenient. A few palapas to sit down. Kids playground too. Nice parking option. FREE WIFI. Basuras everywhere. Possible to fill up water tank without problem.

Puerto San Jorge 11.46042, -85.79096

Only place near four corners that was open. Lots of broken glass, so I guess don't add to it? Good for a night and actually pretty good views. Great AT&T signal too.

Four Corners 37.00969, -109.01680

Stayed one night no problems . Abandoned park next to few house. Need to be very quiet not suitable for generator needed rig ( actually generator is never suitable… get solar or turn your tv off ) respect the neighbours.

Ellicott Community Park 38.83266, -104.38737

Praça dos Mentirosos em Cacha Pregos
Local amplo para estacionamento
Possui comércio próximo
Pizzaria, Mini Mercado , Farmácia e Materiais de Construção
O lugar é legal de frente para o Rio com uma praça gramada e alguns quiosques recém construídos
Bom para Pesca
Os moradores locais são bem sociáveis, ofereceram água e apoio
Tem um Poste com Tomada de Energia Publica para recarregar as baterias
(Lembre-se do uso consciente)
Leve seu lixo
Preserve a natureza não há descarte de dejetos
4g Vivo ok
Travelando no Mundo

Liars Square in Cacha Pregos
Ample parking space
Has shops nearby
Pizzeria, Mini Market, Pharmacy and Building Materials
The place is nice facing Rio with a grassy square and some newly built kiosks
good for fishing
The locals are very sociable, they offered water and support
It has a Pole with Public Power Socket to recharge the batteries
(Remember conscious use)
take your trash
Preserve nature there is no waste disposal
4g Vivo ok
Travelando no Mundo

Praça dos Mentirosos -13.12117, -38.79514

Nice place and nice guys.. they help me with my propane tank with mexican valve

Throndson Oil & LP Gas Co 44.03877, -92.49942

Chevron gas station, also with propane. $3 per gallon of propane (may/22)

Chevron Propane Station 36.98279, -121.95668

Free 7am Monday till noon Friday. Close to ferry terminal. Little noise from highway. No troubles so far.

Under Bridge 49.36765, -123.27624
Cubby Van Life

I love it, here, in the Ponderosa pine forest after being in the hot, gorgeous desert by Sedona for 5 days. Higher elevation, cooler temps, tall trees with shade and no dust or red rock dirt. Just as beautiful but in a different way. I see no trash, very clean. It is so quiet, even with other campers. Room for everyone, spread far apart. These are numbered, designated spots, not dispersed. Do not camp just anywhere you please. We are a society here, please respect it and let the wild areas alone to regrow. And we asked 2 people to put out large campfires as theqq Tunnel fire is burning 30 minutes away. It is really dry right now. There is a burn ban going on in AZ and NM and signs with restrictions are posted. People are crazy.

Forest Road 237 35.05428, -111.72533

Très petit Walmart, calme et propre, validation faite auprès du Gérant, pas de problème, sur route secondaire, non loin de l'autoroute 75. surveillance par caméra. Wi-Fi disponible partout dans le stationnement. Fast food, lave-auto et essence

Walmart 32.58088, -83.69593

very beautiful spot, not hidden from the road because the trees don't have leaves yet but that didn't bother me.

Above River Wild Camp 50.25441, -99.88818

Beautiful beach view, decent amount of road noise though.

Gulfport, Mississippi 30.36964, -89.08004

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