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Un bon endroit pour passer une nuit.
Proche de la route et de la voie ferré.

River Side Lot 51.09344, -115.06311

Giant place with many secluded places with fire pits. quiet and some roads/trails to check out with a 4x4.

Burwash Crown Land 46.23877, -80.84735

very well maintained picnic area and a great hike where you can learn about local vegetation and animals while enjoying great views. Didn't stay because of nearby road.

Parc provincial Mashjimonje 46.26146, -80.30451

great spot. camper was already at best lake view site... but no one there.

Wilson Lake Road 46.96502, -79.79309

great service. no costs for potable water and sani dump

Shell gas station 40.12281, -111.64300

beautiful place had to pay 30$ for campsite and parkentrance. sunset great saw bizons antilope old ranch. worth the milion bites from mosquitos

Bridger Bay Campground, Antelope Island State Park 41.04028, -112.25778

Esta es una amplia área de estacionamiento gratuito en el centro de Villa de las Rosas.

Estacionamiento Gratuito -31.94965, -65.05265

very good place for some days.
don't forget to join Dylan before coming

Dylan's Place -15.34313, 28.18852

Nice quiet place. I added some photos. Sharp left turn off of main road when you see the basket looking metal structure in pond. There is a camping sign on the left so you know you are in the right spot. There is a circular pull off on the right just before this spot that another van was in but didn’t see a camping sign there.

Poague Conservation Area 38.41199, -93.83207

Correction…there is a camping sign on that first pull out in the right too

Poague Conservation Area 38.40910, -93.83582

Now 220 NAD pppn. Still a lot cheaper and cleaner than inside the park.

Etosha Trading Post Handelshuis -19.38723, 15.93725

Great Hospitality given by Victor. He intends to improve it with other management coming in he told us. A great place to go on your way through and very secure parking as it is in a very quiet place out of the town.

villa maguela 21.01709, -17.00415

primitive camping. No water,electric or facilities. Right next to the lake. Great view.

Deer Road Camping Area 34.16524, -94.70786

Bel endroit en pleine nature pour passer la nuit. 200 pesos y compris la visite des deux cenotes. Celle juste a cote du campement est pleine de charme et enterrée. Accueil agreable et ensemble propre. Seulement pour petit fourgon avec mes 3 m de haut j ai touche quelques branches. Sanitaires recents et satisfaisants. Bel endroit tres calme

Cenote Mani-Chan 20.71180, -89.30942

Tried to stay here in our van and were told they don't allow people to sleep in their vehicles. Asked if we could use the showers and were told no as well. Do not recommend.

Skyline Wilderness Park 38.28035, -122.26540

Gate is closed. not sure why. Slept in the open area infront of the gate.

Bixby Access Area 42.85726, -105.66808

wild camping next to Chemainus River provincial park

forestry pools 48.83232, -123.82990

Great quiet spot on a working farm and lion sanctuary.
For a great price you can have a private chalet or camp with the sound of the lions roaring throughout the day and night.
The owners are friendly and helpful and the accommodation is clean, comfortable and has everything you need

Khora lion park -26.74885, 26.79883

Great spot, friendly owners, clean, comfy and well priced

Khora lion park -26.74886, 26.79882

$14 for tent/van camping, $20 for electric. Pay attention to what site you stay in, I accidentally parked in an electric spot without realizing it, park staff came around in the morning to make me pay extra for the site even though I didn’t use any electric, she was nice about it though! Some sites are first come first serve, many are reserved though you are allowed to use them if no one has reserved it. I was there on a Wednesday night and it was almost empty, saw that there were a ton of reservations for the weekend though so it must get crowded. Hot showers included in the price, and I saw lots of wildlife

Prairie Rose State Park 41.60098, -95.21676

Head-in parking facing a small neighborhood park off the street. No ‘No’ signs that I could see. Flat, and quiet (it seems to be garbage day which was a little noisy early but passed). I was very conscious of my presence and tried to be super stealth. 3 bars VZN 5G!

Coatsville Park 45.45219, -123.85048

Nice, quite place. Road noise isn’t too bad.

Bass Pro Shops 34.65860, -92.41055

Great place to stay for the night, very pretty (and quiet) park. It has a lower level which is like a main parking lot for the actual park and then an upper level (which is where we stayed). It’s very flat and we even had 2 bars on Verizon with our weboost. Overall we would highly recommend.

South Fork Park 40.34853, -111.54615

Was ok for a night. Felt safe enough as there was a security car driving around. S. Guild Ave is busy all night long so suggest parking in the middle of the block away from that road. Many trucks parked for the night.

Industrial Street 38.12864, -121.24892

We stayed here at site 32 (a tent site - $15), and it was beautiful! There was no one else around, but the sites are a decent size anyway. The only complaints we had was the noise. There are train tracks that run directly next to the campground, which we heard a couple times in the middle of the night. We were also right on the water so we were woken up to loud geese very early in the morning. Outside of the noise, it was a beautiful and reasonably priced place to stay!

Split Rock Park Garretson 43.70464, -96.51197

This was a great spot! Drove through Amish country on the way in from the east and it’s less than 15 mins from state college. I parked a little after 9 and settled in, it was a very quiet night! There’s some picnic tables in a small grassy area and it’s right by a trail head if you’d like to go for a short hike (it looks like dogs are allowed on the hiking trails). Would recommend!

Musser Gap Trailhead Parking 40.75482, -77.85315

Very quiet. Cell signal was two bars LTE (spectrum) Previous descriptions were spot on. It did have a lot of other traveler. Pick up your trash folks!

4 Way Stop 34.68372, -111.72648

This place is permanently closed.

Young’s General Store 47.98461, -84.78004

On a passé la nuit ici.
Pas d’affiche no camping.
Parcs à chien très grands et bien entretenues.
Le parc fermé de 23h a 4h30 le matin.

Garth Avenue Dog Park 38.92874, -92.37898

I wasn't able to find this place.

Calcium Rock Formation -13.38868, -74.89094

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