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We shipped our car with Salamis from Greece (Lavrio) to Haifa. We paid included port tax in Haifa aprox. 1600 USD for a MB Sprinter (March 22). We did the customs in Haifa ouerself. It was not a big thing (2 houres). You have to go the blue tunnel (is next to big fancy building approx. 500-800m north the train station) to get to the customs office.
On the way back we shipped with Tiran to Turkey (Mersin). The office in Haifa (Pacific Atlantic Line) was verry helpfull. We paid included port tax in Haifa and Mersin 1980 USD.

From Lavrio to Haifa via Cypreds it took 3 days.
From Haifa to Mersin it took 1 day but it took 2 days more as the vessel has to wait in front of port for discharging. Passenger transport on vessels was not possible.

A.Rosenfeld Shipping 32.82104, 34.99661

Great place to spend some time. Kids enjoyed indeed, the sandboarding is more of a gimmick, but fun to see people eating heaps of sand.
Over confident visitors getting stuck in the sand, and a quiet night right next to the dune with a million stars.
What's not to like..

To get right at the dune you need 4x4, on a small road from the parking lot. Some soft patches of sand. Exit is more flat, don't try to go back the same way..

Magic Dune Saujil -27.56624, -67.60974

Pequeña estación de servicio, baños limpios abiertod las 24 hs, sin problemas para 1 noche, cruzando la calle hay un techo donde refugiarse de la lluvia

Gas station Terpel 8.53712, -82.30113

Very well maintained, no garbage laying around and plowed out. The trickle of the river and the chirping of the sparrows soothes the ear.

Rest Area on other side of river 59.12172, -129.81817

estacionamos no final da praça, próximo a uma escola de educação infantil. passamos uma noite durante a semana e foi super tranquilo. Povo super receptivo mas a maior parte dos restaurantes não estavam abertos. Usamos o banheiro do parque e de um restaurante, mas nos negaram usar o banheiro em outro local que pedimos.

Park In front of church -18.41954, -39.70886

estacionamiento público del centro comercial, un sol la hora, en el dia, por la noche gratis, tranquilo, seguro y central. buenas rutas viajero!

centro comercial -12.08695, -77.05449

Free parking in a very cozy village! Not that much of wild camping but nice stop for one night. Creperie and Rosseau’s park around the corner. Two other vans stayed overnight when we visited.

Ermenonville 49.12703, 2.69204

No card available at this fuel station. You have to wait for a truck driver…

station with card 29.82396, 50.28453

In the evening and morning bad fumes in the air from the oil refinery. Not cool.

View on the beach 29.62518, 50.46570

we had a permit to spend 2night here. peacefull place. not easy to arrive near the quincho but perfect if you are autonome possible to walk and discover alone. lot of wildlife. we enjoy. road is ok even when is wet.

Reserva Biológica Itabo -25.07069, -54.71549

Fabulous fabulous fabulous. The rest as stated here. We stayed two nights and did not want to leave. Excellent set menu at night also.

River Dance Lodge -17.99595, 21.35682

Here now overlooking the Pacific, huge Condors riding the currents above me.

I've been to this spot 2 summers in a row now, and no issues. But... Today I showed up and it had tire tracks off trail, trash and leftover campfire.

People clean up and don't be a dick!

Shoreline Pullout 39.56903, -123.77117

Laundromat next door to Bests. Top loader $4, Double load $5, Triple load $6, Maxiload $8. Dryers $3/30 minutes. 15 washers, 10 dryers. No change machine. Small but clean.

Lakeshore Laundry 43.30025, -81.76701

36 free sites along this nice dirt road ( CR 550). Some sites are near the road, a few are set back off the road. Fire rings only- no tables. Our site (30) was so nice! Off the road, level, shaded, with trail out the backside of the site. Mountain bike and hiking trails around. Pack out your trash- the place was clean !!! Camped here 2 nights in a pro master

Redskin Road Dispersed campsites 39.34442, -105.30658

Edit to add: indeed, the dedicated CalTrans folks were dumping gravel here this morning ~8:30.

They tend to work whenever materials & people are both available, so if you stay here for the next few weeks, take note of the project & be ready to get out of the way. More importantly, they’re dump/spreading the gravel, without compaction. Few 2WD vehicles can drive through such material & many cars don’t even have clearance to muddle through it. So survey the site before you commit!

View point on Highway 152 37.09623, -121.15210

Beautiful viewpoint of the Zambezi river with a big baobab tree

Zambezi river viewpoint -17.17031, 24.06517

Great spot to tent camp or park your rig for a night. Tent camped next to the sound of the creek. It’s pretty busy with locals hiking until sundown. Lovely spot / area. Don’t ruin it,
Locals very nice.

Bartram Trailhead Wallace Branch 35.18031, -83.43307

gorgeous. could have stayed a week and stare at that ocean outside our wing door. a few other nomads nearby. had picnic tables and firepits. if you have 4x4 capability check up the steep drive on either side of the park. there is a beach access, and endless hours of watching the gannets dive into the ocean. My only complaint is this seems to be a popular place for the locals. in and out all day but dies off at night. highly reccomend!

Top of Crow Head 49.68181, -54.80593

Such a treat TONS of spots, each with its own lake view, picnic table and fire ring. birds are making music and it's super relaxing. make this your stop if you can!

Lake Iowa Park 41.63491, -92.17728

Nice cabañas outside of Jardín. We could barely make it to the parking lot with our Fiat Ducato (6m length, 2.5m height). The entrance is low and narrow. If your vehicle is bigger we would not recommend it.

Lovely family on the property. A lot of birds and beautiful garden. Clean but basic shower and toilet. Possibility to wash dishes. To get to town you can either catch a TukTuk (12‘000 COP each way) or walk 45 minutes.

Hostal Cabana La Isla 5.58359, -75.79128

came through on a Wednesday and lucked out to get this site, was about to set up across the road, which would have been fine, but the person at the view site was only there for the day. there were plenty of sites, but it didn't look like most had views. road is rough in spots, I had no issue in my 4wd pickup. had cell service once I got up the hill, T-Mobile. nice quick hikes to waterfalls in the morning. cool.

Small Site w/ View 35.87813, -81.90949

Petro Peru gas station. We parked right in front of the hotel. Safe. Toilets and showers (not sure if they are hot, but lots of truckers used them). Large water sinks outside of the toilets with clean water. Not sure if it's potable though. Good spot to stay for the night before driving through chaotic Abancay.

Gas station -13.68725, -72.91695

Stopped here because we wanted a swim before heading to Tikal, and ended up staying 5 nights. Beautiful spot, good swimming, quiet and safe, very friendly locals, free. Police patrolled every night. We used the restrooms at nearby restaurants. We really enjoyed this place.

public picnic spot 16.99363, -89.69405

We stayed here in our car. No problems & it was quiet.

Flying J’s 43.60252, -96.76799

Hosereel in front of the entrance. Fresh water. We just asked at the reception and it was no problem to get our tank filled up.

Rodeway Inn Motel 47.07107, -67.78684

Stayed here one night on our way. It is a pretty location and secluded. A few cars passed but none during the night. There a little creek easily accessible. It is possible to get here with all kind of vehicles.

Quiet secluded spot near highway 41.76260, 13.05380

Tried to stay here but unfortunately someone had made camp and unnecessarily blocked the road with their small vehicle. Otherwise looked like a nice spot.

Dogtooth Lake 49.75947, -94.14540

super place! tranquille malgré que la route est proche. parc pour enfants, cantine ( n'était pas ouvert lors de mon passage. toilette super propre (pas d'eau chaude) petit sentier qui mène à un belvedere magnifique vu sur le saint Laurent super beau couché de soleil.

Municipale Halte La Pocatière 47.33929, -70.09205

still a great place to stop. we went there on the way back from Iran. very warm welcome. he is in the process of renovating some rooms. very nice and simple, good shower. we ate with the whole family in the evening for a little extra. the room was 8000 dram. he speaks a little english.

Hostel Samuel 38.85593, 46.20424

Bought and registered our Zim Sim card here

EcoNet -16.51638, 28.84537

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