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Stayed here one night, very calm, level and a lot of place. Pit toilet. No coverage with t-mobile. Very close to entrance of Yosemite, perfect spot to be when you want to visit the park the day after! Can get crowed, we were 8 vehicules tonight.
Bm.aroundtheworld from Switzerland

Goat Meadow Snow Play Area 37.49137, -119.62552

Stayed for one night. Typical Cracker Barrel and slept great through the night with minimal noise

Cracker Barrel 33.68170, -112.11436

Do not agree this is big rig friendly. We tried taking our 42 ft 5th wheel down this road and saw maybe 1 spot we could fit into. And there was almost no where to turn around. Learn from our mistake.

Taos Junction boondocking 36.36035, -105.89397

4-5 established sites. Large parking lot for. Big RV. Right next to the river / lake for fishing. Fore pits. Camp fire stoves for cooking. Dock for boat. Boat launch ramp. Best part of all it’s FREE!! Picnic tables. Toilets. Excellent Verizon service 4G

Dispersed camping 36.22942, -96.37415

Guarded parking, 2 DH per hour. We didn’t stay over night but asked the guard if it would be permitted and he said yes! It’s next to a street, so probably a little loud during the night. Right next to the Medina and tourist sights, many parking spots.

Parking next to the river 34.02825, -6.83193

Stayed here on night. Campsite 7 and 8 has Amazing views over the Zambezi river. Price still $16 pppn but watch out they try to charge $6 for a bundle of firewood without informing you. Staff very friendly and curious.

Kiambi Lodge -15.93653, 28.92563

Very busy with overnighters. Pretty quiet overnight compared to most Walmarts.

Walmart 37.34632, -108.56196

Stayed here for four nights while exploring the island with a rented motorcycle. Property of a very nice local family. Hammocks around, very basic bathroom, some shade and water fill up available. Walking distance from the main street with tons of restaurants and a natural pool up the hill. The only negative would be that there are quite a few ants around which I am sure you'll also find at other locations on the island.

Hostal El Guïs 11.48954, -85.51385

perfect place, no sound, secure, no one at night and really peaceful and perfect view of the lake

Daría Mirador 11.89448, -86.04826

SANIDUMP AND WATER IS CLOSED AS OF MAY 4TH. I asked if it's temporary or for a while and they said it's closed for a while.

Super Save Gas 54.01419, -124.01958

Community Center not far from downtown Pagosa Springs.
Showers are $4
There is a day pass for gym, unsure of price.

Pagosa Springs Community Center 37.26045, -107.01017

It's a well developed area, everything is paved and very tidy and offers lots of space.
Over the day everything is calm here... some visitors here and there, but in the evening, life begins. Dozens of visitors are coming and enjoying BBQ, Sunset or whatever.

Wadi Namar 24.56765, 46.67433

Most Cracker Barrel’s are great, but with all the other RVs and vans parked at this one, it feels super safe!

Cracker Barrel 32.35977, -111.09258

Quiet and safe place, as described. Taxi to the centre (to Plaza San Martin) around 1000 pesos and takes 30min.

Camping Municipal (4,2,1) -31.36105, -64.26312

Access road closed by a fence when we came by. We marked the spot as closed.

Another desert spot -25.86214, -65.70217

Price is $30/night for hookup spots, $20 for upper dry camping spots. Plus you pay $7 a day (as long as you want to stay!) per person to use the pools. $5 if 65 or over.

Franklin Hot Springs attraction and campground 35.58760, -120.64211

There are 11 campsites along this road.
Sites 1-8 are right off the road in a pullout style. Perfect for tent campers and vans. You could probably get a larger rig, but you'll be close to the road. These sites have paths that take you to the tent pads, and have a picnic table and fire ring.
Sites 9-11 are down a short road. All these sites are larger and would be suitable for larger rigs, or multiple people. Each site also has picnic table and fire ring.
At the beginning of this road is the pit toilet. This week it was clean and had toilet paper.
This area is heavily used, some folks decided to use the site next to us as day-use, lit a fire and left it, along with their trash. So we extinguished and cleaned up the site. If you see trash around, don't let that deter you from this area, just clean it up and use it. We felt very safe and enjoyed our time by the lake. We spent 5 days total and met some nice folks which adds to the enjoyment.

US national forest camping on Lake Santeetlah 35.36670, -83.85485

we arrived late and it was dark, so we decided to stay on a parking lot. very quiet and nice views the next day.

Potrerillos N7 Mirador -32.98551, -69.17083

Crowded but quiet with perfect shade and a babbling creek. Got here around 5pm and still got a spot by the River. Road wasn’t bad since it’s been dry recently.

Kolob Terrace Rd near Zion NP 37.21886, -113.16184
Ruteando al kompas de Hugiito

Don Rojas es un señor super confiable. dos veces le llevamos nuestra kombi para cosas importantes y siempre respondio con excelencia. No cobra barato, sino q cobra lo q corresponde. todo su taller es super amable y recomendable. son especialista em kombis y escarabajos pero vi otros autos reparándose

Taller Rojas taller de vw 16.24355, -92.14285
Tucks' Truck

Nice quiet area. The turn off into the bush/rough dirt road is 3.8km from the main highway junction (500m after the tarmac ends).

Nice Little Area - Small Van/Jeep 22.56829, -101.60551

we stayed 1 night! great place to sleep and visit la "yesera" in the morning before all people come ! windy in the afternoon.... quiet in the night. no so much traffic during night only some trucks .... many level spots so pick one and enjoy the place !

next to the river -25.96614, -65.75200

Great beach with multiple spots to camp. We stayed a bit to the south of this one, in the shade of some trees. To go all the way to the point the road get very small and if you're too wide (as we were) you'll scratch your ride for sure. Nice swimming, coconuts from the trees and plenty of firewood. Also found some groups of howler, capuchin and squirrel monkeys around. A lot of macaws as well.

Playa Plantaneres 8.52928, -83.28589

It is a decent spot, we didn’t stay though. There is a apiary not far past and the bee keeper was there, so we opted to find a place a little more private. Tons of great camping spots in this reserve.

Deliblato plato Wild camp 44.87633, 21.06500

todo muy bin, hay ducha caliente, muy limpio el lugar, las personas muy amables, hay un lochal de chipa cale titos que no se pueden perder

ypf station santa ana -27.37818, -55.57580

Lots of trucks here fishing until about 10pm but then they all left and I woke up to just me. Kind of hard to angle into with all the other people and actually more traffic on the road then you would think.

Jordan Lake pull off 35.78952, -79.00594

40 soles for matrimonial. Hot water, free parking for motorbikes, fast wifi, nice owner.

Hospedaje Miel -13.12868, -72.59345

Se puede estacionar y acampar al lado de la playa. Seguro y tranquilo

playa 11.39610, -86.03494

spent the night opposite bomberos.relatively issues

Beside Bomberos -22.90850, -68.19832

also know that is 47kms steep climb to Bol border!!from 2450m up to 4800m! paso de Jama is 4400m I believe

Pass closing -22.90841, -68.19843

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