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Good place to overnight. Some noise from traffic, little later in the evening and at night.
If you don't have so many hp's in your vehicle, avoid the very steep roads going up!

Lafayette Park 37.79217, -122.42897

A road from the village leads to a small dam where you can find few small camp spots for a tent or a small rig. It looks like locals visit this place for camping and making fires. Our spot was under trees not visible from the road. There are more than one spots available.

Spot next to a small dam 25.86640, -111.54568

On the C & O Canal, parking space for 5-6 vehicles, maximum length 24 feet. Pit toilet, picnic table, fire grill. Road in is gravel that becomes paved as you come onto national Park land. Lovely view of river through trees. C and O canal is right behind a parking spot.

Noland’s Ferry boat launch 39.24938, -77.48218

As advertised. We are here in the off-season and had only three neighbors. Everyone was quiet and respectful. The view of the ocean and the ocean sounds are priceless. Let's keep this spot clean and available for everyone!

Moolack Beach Parking Area 44.70434, -124.06120

Stayed last night after hiking in Morin Heights and a fantastic dinner at Souvlaki 7 here in Saint Sauveur. 3 class B RVs stayed the night also.
Great place to overnight! Thank you so much Saint Sauveur for your beautiful City and fantastic restaurant in the village!

Saint Sauveur - Town Hall Parking 45.89490, -74.15224

Came for two nights, stayed five!
Two in a campervan was $20US per night, showers sometimes cold, sometimes lukewarm, sometimes almost hot, probably depends on the time of day. Free breakfast every morning 7am to 9am, very chill atmosphere, super nice inside.

Warning: A guest staying inside the hostel had his phone stolen while we were there. A woman walked right in, snatched it from where it was sitting, unsupervised, then walked right out.

Fun fact: The hostel building was the home of the Costa Rican president in the 1940s!

Hostel Finca Escalante 9.93555, -84.06280
Anthony Lucente

Small private cabins feet from the beach. Shaded by a beautiful tree canopy.
Decent WiFi
Secure parking

La Guitarra 13.49380, -89.38438

The road is open
Beautiful place, great sunset, good cell reception, no one bothered us
But- very very windy.. to a point it was kind of scary to sleep in our Sprinter Van like this..
The road is possible for 2WD but very steep and bumpy..
we drove a little bit farther and came back because this was the most protected spot related to the others

TV Tower Road BLM Land 35.34537, -120.64356

Nice spot. Road noise is minimal. Big flat area. T-Mobile data speed was pretty slow, but good enough for emails.

Small clearing with fire ring 35.13925, -113.55830

Great spot. No issues. Highly recommend.

King's Beach 38.89237, -76.99720

The gas station is now a Loaf n Jug. There is a fresh water spigot, not locked and not labeled unpotable. Prices are the same.

Schraders/Shell dump 40.47859, -104.98783

Passamos duas noites na rua ao lado do centrinho. Lugar muito calmo, há um estacionamento de carros com ducha fria e banheiros que é possível pedir para usar. Vizinha muito tranquila, porém nos finais de semana tem bastante movimento de turistas. As praias são lindas! Tem mercado, restaurantes e lojinhas bem pertinho.

Waterfront -27.74934, -48.50481

4-5 parking spots where overnight parking OK. I slept here and confirmed with park ranger that it is not private property and it is legal to sleep in your car here.

Parking near Bodega Lodge 38.31747, -123.03081

A great place to stay enormous space to park, camp, walk and practice activities… fernando is the host and proprietary of Alma Liebre is a very kind person, he also have farm activities here and near to his place an sport automotive business where you can be a racing driver for one day.

Near to markets and shops, they have a mechanic, and staff to help whenever you need…

Is a clean space, they have very good prices (5.00USD x person x night)
You have water, electricity, wifi, bathrooms with shower, Landry (cost 3.00USD x charge), sewage discharge (dump station).

They have a promo: one weak (7days) on your trailer you have 1 day for free.

Alma Liebre 0.37992, -78.09960

Awesome little space. Even large rig will be hidden from any passer by’s.
Not the most luxurious or awe inspiring place but an epic spot for an one night and it’s protected from any wind.

UPDATE: 29/11/2021
You can wild camp just outside the hot springs. Huuggeee open space, But you won’t get the security guards benefits from being inside the hot springs area And you won’t get the benefit of being the first ones to swim in the hot springs early in the morning.

Having it allll to yourself is just the most amazing thing. Bring a set of swimming goggles / snorkelling gear to really appreciate the crystal clear water, the small fish and the natural water holes inside the hot spring.

Again, water isn’t hot, just nice and warm.

Wild camp, hidden stone quarry -7.09048, 35.95112

Former helipad with stunning views. Easy access even for a 6.7 Motorhome.

Helipad 42.39662, 18.51940

Good spot for potable water, free and easy to access. As noted, pressure is low. The faucet is a small 180deg ball valve, and it's on the same supply as the attached car wash, so pressure fluctuates and sputters as people use the car wash. Took maybe 15 mins to fill my 26gal/100L tank. But it's free and easy to access - beggars can't be choosers :)

Co-Op fuel station 49.23848, -124.05588

Level, firm sand, plenty of room in the Mojave National Preserve. Spectacular views of the mountains and part of Joshua tree forest that did not burn in a recent fire.

About 100’ off Cima road, though you can drive aways more on the sandy road into the Joshua trees. I don’t know what is there.

Please do not park on or drive over any dry grasses or bushes! They can catch on fire from the heat of your vehicle.

2-3 bars of Verizon.
Delicious date shakes a few minutes away at the Shell gas station at Cima Rd and I-15. :)

Water tower and coral near Teutonia Peak 35.36691, -115.58891

Good place to spend the night, on the edge of the BR163, close to Sinop. Large, with several facilities: bathrooms with showers, cafeteria, restaurant, barber shop, mini market and other shops.
4G Vivo coverage working good!
We got water to fill our tanks.


Bom posto para passar a noite, na beira da BR163, próximo a Sinop.
Grande, com diversas facilidades: banheiros com chuveiros, lanchonete, restaurante, cabeleireiro, mini mercado e outras lojas.
Sinal 4G da Vivo funciona bem.
Conseguimos água para encher nossos tanques.

Shell Trevão (Sinop) -11.77869, -55.47341

As other recent visitors have mentioned, this is one of the worse value campsites we have visited on our trip so far at 50USD pp. The camping spot we were offered did not have a view except over the fortress-like ablution block, and the deep grey sand is unappealing (if unavoidable!). It's obvious SKL have the monopoly and feel they can charge what they want for what is essentially the only break between Savuti and Moremi/Maun. But of course, the surrounding park is amazing and well worth a visit!

Savuti Campsite -18.56423, 24.06338

Very nice parking lot. The casino security did go around the parking lot to check. Very quiet and safe.

Casino Pauma 33.32963, -116.99342

apparently, it is not possible to get into the beach with any kind of vehicle anymore. a fisherman told us to ask a policeman officer but we didnt. nobody on the beach during the night...

the point 25.29837, -108.53256

apparently, it is not possible to get into the beach with any kind of vehicle anymore. a fisherman told us to ask a policeman officer but we didnt. nobody on the beach during the night...

Las Glorias Beach 25.29769, -108.52819

great place to stat cupple of nights. owner very cool.
250 dry camping
500 full hook up

Playa Bonita Beach House 25.29589, -108.52435

very cool place to stay some days. owner very very friendly.
full hook up 500
dry camping 250
traveling with 24 feets class c rv.

Playa Bonita Beach House 25.29586, -108.52434

Lots of parking spots out here, just drive around and take your pick. gritty sure, but safe. mindful of parking signs, this particular spot is no parking tues & fri 3am-6am. 24 hr laundrymat a couple blocks down. City Fresh Market has a great deli, as well as lots of types of premade meals for $6-8. House of Yes is a block away. Tons of cool graffiti in the area. L-Train runs into Manhattan along 14 Street, connecting into the Union Square junction.

Bushwick L-Train 40.70813, -73.92268

We drove into the riverbed and stayed under a cliff. It was a bit windy so this was a nice spot with a great view. Unfortunately we didn't see much wildlife.

Riverbed -27.66734, 17.73138

We tried to go there to sleep but a gentleman in his vehicle called out to us saying that it was private property and that we had to pay. He wasn't very friendly so we left.

Mexican Hat, UT 37.06729, -110.04455

Easy access. Not totally quiet but not loud either. Good place to spend a night. Other reviewers are accurate.

Darby Wells Road 32.34564, -112.83431

You can park your car on a small way blocked by wooden sticks and walk 10m to find this beautiful beach on Bayo Lake, with view on several waterfalls.

Beach on the lake -46.49154, -73.12184

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