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Still a great place. Camped on the "upper deck" (pool level) in a tent. Wonderful views over the valley! One of the nicest camping locations in Oman so far.

Waterfall and pool in Wadi Ash Shuwaymiyyah 17.93427, 55.52685

Still a great place. Camped on the "upper deck" parking (pool level) in a tent. Wonderful views over the valley! One of the nicest camping locations in Oman so far.

Waterfall and pool in Wadi Ash Shuwaymiyyah 17.93406, 55.52646

Very lit place, very convenient. 0 problems. Very noisy though

Cracker Barrel 29.54488, -98.58181

Great spot, lots of space for multiple vehicles. No one else there midweek in November. Cellphone service was good.

Griffith 45.25998, -77.20006

A great place to spend the night before or after crossing the border. Space can be a bit cramped, but facilities are nice and so are the views. Gloria is a wonderful person and she gave us coffee, fruit, and cookies for breakfast.

Cold showers and clean toilets.

Wouldn’t swim in that pool, however.

$10 or 350C per night.

El Divisadero 13.63441, -86.47009

No fees being charged when I stayed, think because it was out of season. Site closes in December. Pit toilet remarkably freshly cleaned and not rancid

Upper Prince Creek campground 1 39.33943, -107.15863

Hermoso lugar, amplio para acampar o para motorhome y campers, baños y duchas amplios, limpios y agua caliente. Los senderos de trekking maravillosos. Ojo q hay q cancelar el ingreso al parque por persona 4.100 (chilenos) extranjeros entiendo tienen otra tarifa. Y el camping sigue costando 6.000 p/p, conviene si te quedas varios días

Reserva Nacional Tamango -47.24192, -72.52395

new site under development great accomodating team. experienced climbing guides. Accomodation, bar, parking for small rigs gets busy at weekend with climbing comunity here Great place.

pulqueria tattoo hostal 20.78569, -103.39922

Presa de la olla is a nice and safe place.
Have restaurants and cafes around
And You can do a morning walk at the park.
I ask a police man if we can stay over night and he said yes . And we stay 2 nights.
This is just a parking no amenities.

Presa de la olla 21.00331, -101.24290

stayed as a workaway worker.

wonderful campground, with scenic environment. full hookup RV sites and plenty of renting sites. two cabin rentals and airbnb suites in main house.

warm and welcoming owners/hosts

highly recommend

Arosa Ranch 49.00443, -119.28854

did not stay but scoped out out.

awesome place, great view of Lake.

no 'no parking' signs

would be nice for a night out two

Madrona Park 47.61320, -122.28130
Larry Pareene

Hardware store which usually has firewood.

Ace Hardware of Gulf Breeze 30.35813, -87.15798

Staff very friendly, hosts (three brothers) not friendly and even stingy(they wanted to charge me using the kitchen for one time) and reckless(they play loud music almost every night)

Entebbe Backpackers Camp 0.05062, 32.46496

The trail starts at the end of a dirttrack. Its a lot of scrambling and at the end you have to squeeze through a little gap, which I am calling "The Window". You could go across the top, but that seemed much more difficult to me.
You will find drinking water just before the trailhead as mentioned in the other pin.
I guess you could also camp nearby. You may turn left at the trailhead and follow the dirttrack a bit, so you are less visible.
Be careful! I have heard that people may get robbed around that area, but only when they are away from the vehicle, no threatening or so!

Tabor Canyon 25.79814, -111.33785

You can hike up and around the hills next to Tripui Hotel. The sceneries are absolutely breathtaking! It can take you up to 2 hours if you are looping around all trails.

Tripui Trails - El Quemado Trail System 25.80690, -111.31769

Flat ground near the old railway line. Quiet and peaceful. Can just hear the cars below but very quietly. No access unless on a bicycle or foot. Beautiful setting on the mountain.

Michelle's Pass -33.39385, 19.28465

On the lake, peaceful and easy to get to. Water and electric at most or all sites. I prefer the South campground but both are nice and very well maintained. $25/night without discounts. Bring your fishing rod. Book on Reserve America

Karick Lake Campground North and South 30.89477, -86.64477

ok for an overnight, it is a parking lot. steps from a nice beach. no dump station.

Morro Strand State Beach Campground 35.39980, -120.86668

Scenic overlook with parking. No bathrooms. No signs saying no overnight parking. We stayed a night there in our bus and no one bothered us. There are freeway road sounds.

Scenic Overlook 36.30710, -80.42206

Perfekt ausgestattet. dumping auch im November mgl, wasser leider nicht im november, für mindestens 4 Fahrzeuge -auch grosse-gleichzeitig geeignet, idealer platz, besser geht es nicht

Dumping station 45.60449, -64.98472

Perfekt, but no water in november, big sparen for minimum 4 cars at the same time

Dumping station 45.60449, -64.98472

the tour took us here to watch flamingo's, through a small road in the jungle, I think it should be possible on your own as well as I saw two girls here that were on a bike

Flamingo watching place 20.82830, -90.40348
Instagram: @savannatales

Refill purified water 5l =7.5 Nad
groundfloor in the mall

aquatica -22.58708, 17.08343

We arrived late and parked on the street. Train railway was close but didn’t bother us during the night. Gas station nearby with very friendly staff.

City of Blaine street parking 48.99315, -122.75128

I love it here. Peaceful as long as you love trains. Woo Woo! all night. Please pick up your trash and cans (or even those others left) Had a conversation with a local about the trash. He was very friendly though.

Matsqui Trail Regional Park 49.13934, -122.26715

Hotel with nice restaurant. Hotel rooms are actually 4 single bed dorm rooms, with bathroom. It cost me 12 Euro a night. When my wife joined me two nights later, the price was still 12 Euro for the two of us.

Hotel 41.05308, 19.64962

Clean, comfortable and friendly people. No hot water but everything works and they have plenty of sights with power. Little bit off the beach but the hike is easy.

Rancho Buganvillias RV Park 18.51155, -103.58431

I stayed on the southbound, rather than the northbound, but had a similar experience. Very clean, quiet location, not many other cars. There’s picnic areas and a great view - lots of space so you’re not on top of other people. The green roof on the visitor center is a nice bonus.

Rest Area 35.51512, -79.77870

Off leash dog park. Open dawn to dusk. Tucked behind a Walmart, and made for a nice short walk. There’s chairs and benches throughout to sit, relax and let you dogs enjoy the outdoors too.

Martin Park 35.16043, -79.42641

My favorite pull out along this road. There is a lower pull off that looks pretty flat and is medium sized to accommodate a larger van but not as big as I’d want for an RV. Up top, if you have a higher clearance vehicle, is an even better spot with easy access onto the saucer. Great place to relax and wave to people driving by. Great cell reception (Verizon) load videos and music somewhat quickly. Up top is pretty flat if you park correctly and there is room for multiple regular sized SUVs or pickups. Surprisingly clean not much toilet paper or trash.

Colorful Water Resevoir 34.51570, -119.77856

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