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as with most of Oregon's rest areas is this one is clean and quiet as far as rest areas go. large area for RVs and trucks. plenty of Auto spots. nice messy area and picnic tables. the rest area North and prior to this one didn't have a good signal so I decided to stop here. two bars of lte with Verizon network good service. lots of road noise because you're at on a downhill grade but it was fine for one night. bathrooms are clean, picnic area and trash kept clean. just a nice place to stop

Manzanita Rest Area 42.51624, -123.36482

Got kicked out by a park ranger, she told us the area was a right of way for the corps of engineers.

Lake Overlook 36.39280, -118.96322

Very very quiet in the off season, full hookups, 1/4 of the campground is opened. It’s a short walk to a beautiful beach at Cox Bay. Included in price is hot showers and clean washroom access.

The cost per site increases as you get closer to the beach, it’s not a long walk so save some money getting a site a bit of a distance away, unless you’re needing to carry a surfboard.

Surf Grove Beachside Campground 49.10379, -125.86927

Not sure if technically allowed but we had no problem for a night. Noisy intersection, not great neighborhood but worked for a night as we were having service done down the street the next day.

Iron Horse Casino 47.32157, -122.22585
Dori & Mena

Unofficial toll today, Sunday. They asked for 50 pesos.

Toll booth 17.27095, -96.91054

Stayed one night in the parking area with no issues. Just walk over the dune to the beautiful white sand beach. There is a garbage can but no other amenities. Free!

Right side from Los Muertitos beach 24.24486, -110.15025

Okay spot.. shady cars coming in and out thru the night. Got knocked on by PD in the morning the leave. Stay at your discretion.

Villa Linda Park 35.63628, -106.01117

A wonderful place to grab some food and good beer! Family style seating along with a few tables. Outdoor dining is dog-friendly and lovely on a nice day. Large parking area but not good for RV parking.

Mountain Rambler Brewery 37.36058, -118.39432

Snakes and $$$.
Prices is going up and up. I guess it doesn’t help when the gringos would pay whatever price they set and so they do. Not blaming the gringos but just saying the market is not as affordable for everyone else anymore.

150p / pp, kids the same for day visit
250p/ pp if camping overnight

Old man with sombrero was firm and unfriendly. He wanted us to park a certain way and certain spot. One of my kids aren’t feeling great so just want to stay with us without using any of the facilities/ getting into the pools. I explained but old man insisted he has to pay as well. So our kid chose to stay in the parking lot outside the entrance.

Eco Toilet (only one opened) has TP
Place / trail is well maintained and clean- no broken beer bottles or glass or trash.

However, we did find FIVE black water snakes in the pool. Some free swimming, some sunbathing by the side of the pool. Found them at the cool pools by waterfalls, none discovered at hot pool.

The mini waterfall at the rear isn’t good for young kids as to get to it you need to do some scrambling. Fun to slide down .

Santa Rita Hot Spring 23.47175, -109.80738

theres also a water spigot on the front of the building. it may sometimes be locked. but the panel was open for me

Water Gallon Fill Up Station in front of Sinclair 36.22022, -115.27826

If you are a big rig this is no no. Too tight to turn in.

Palomar 23.48002, -109.71528

We met the owner and he told us that his place is closed. He said because of COVID.
He let us camp for one night. But the shower is not running and the toilets have no paper and they are not that clean.
Anyway for one night it was ok.

Backpacker's Hostel and Campsite 0.30723, 32.55143

Area with 7 or 8 food outlets including Mexican, Chinese, Pizza, Shawarma, Grill etc. Kids play area and fresh groceries available. Relatively expensive but very tasty food.

The Hangout 0.43941, 33.19884
Instagram: @savannatales

Really beautiful views from those camping spots located by the dry riverbed. Open sky toilets and showers like it should always be in the desert. 🤩 We were the only campers and water was working perfectly including hot showers. Remember to bring change for payment. They don't have 100 NAD bills for change... Also beware with the water from the tap. Although they said it's good drinking water from borehole, when we filled our gallons it turned out to be quite brownish and dirty with insects.

Omenje Campsite Puros -18.76166, 12.94210

Great park up! No parkings signs or restrictions posted. Fairly level harbour parking, public toilets very nearby, and lots of lovely shops and restaurants/pubs. 4G signal, Vodafone 20gbs download, 14gbs upload.

Burghead Harbour 57.70096, -3.49376

36 km west from the D2303 on a good and wide gravel track
Impressive view of the wide valley (dry).
Here, a large ‚No Entry’ board clearly indicates you must not drive any further

Ugab River Valley -21.09189, 13.80268

park is closed, but you can stay in front of the park

Nice Park 24.71126, 56.47916

Red Bull Oman SIMkarte
14GB with some call for 11,50 OMR
very good guy registrieren the Sims

Al Aqar Shopping Center 24.80495, 56.43811

spot with a nice wood table and area for BBQ next to the river that gives the start of the Pedra Branca's Crack / Valley. also it is next to the gravel road. beautiful place, with no firewood. quite protected from the wind.

Pedra branca's top camping -29.37883, -50.04909
Janine Scullard

Well organised camp and lodge, with both tented and self camp options. Shaded campsite built for car with rooftop tent shade.
Very well run park, access to pool, bar, restaurant, wifi.
Very close to airport, and right next to highway so noise from traffic may be a bother to some. The camp/ park is literally in the city, so very convenient for a quick stopover

Arebbusch -22.57502, 17.07539

Got here while driving O5. 2 mtrs down washed away. Tried to make a ramp for 2 hours but too risky so had to turn around. can't believe no one put a warning here. So for now we think the O5 is impossible to drive

impossible crossing -12.59288, 31.74761

Quiet secluded parking area, near beach - nobody after dark - early morning surfers & fisherman pass

Ramsgate beach - parking -30.90730, 30.33460

Wet nice spot you have the beach all to your self we stop here on our way to huatulco after locals recommend this spot 10/10

Wild beach access 15.68456, -96.24019

Huge parking lot at Walmart. If you park close to University Dr, nobody was there. A bit noisy from the street, not so much at night. Didn't ask permission at Walmart as I normally do and didn't get a knock on the door in the middle of the night.

Walmart 24/7 25.99306, -80.24821

Very close to town, but LOUD music next door till around 2:00am (there is a club). It's 20 pesos parking per hour till 8 pm, plus 150 pesos for the night. Gate closes at 8 so you have to be there before eight.

we arrived in Tequila on Sunday and it was PACKED. Navigating trough the small streets and crowds of people was a bit stressful after a long drive. The entrance was TIGHT with our camper truck and cars parked in the street making the corner more tight.

Small Backyard Parkground to pay 20.88416, -103.83541

Beautiful lake and green nature around. Lots of cool birds if you look for them! In the weekend crowds from Guadalajara come to camp and party, we found them all very nice!

You are not allowed to park next to the lake (only tents can). Instead you have to park in the back of the campsite. Price for 2 persons is 300 pesos per night. Cold showers and restaurant (didn't try).

El Ranchito 20.88416, -103.83540
Disfrute La Naturaleza

Also open on Sundays. 7h-12h.
results in one hour.
1250 lempiras/pers. accept Visa or Mastercard.

Lab. El Buen Samaritano 13.30110, -87.19882
Disfrute La Naturaleza

we could park in the backyard just like we did two years ago. Friendly People. water, electricity, bathrooms. no Wi-Fi. Nice place to stay before crossing the border.

Bomberos 13.30284, -87.18669

I can only confirm: food prices at the restaurants are too expensive for what you get. I just had lunch here and I cannot recommend. Atmosphere is really nice though and great for a break. Did not stay over night.

Helmeringhausen Hotel -25.89100, 16.82346

Just a Pemex 24 hours open. 100 Pesos for the night. Inkluding cold shower.

Pemex 16.55410, -94.61741

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