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Rua sem saída com acesso a orla da Praia do Farol de Itapuã, muito tranquilo a noite pernoitamos em 3 MH, todos com boa autonomia de água e energia, nesse dia tinha um banheiro químico não usamos.

Dead-end Street -12.95583, -38.35616

La Casa del Resorte is with no doubt the best choice around Xela! We went there with suspension problems and immediately they started working in our van, Lester offered us all the help we needed and he even allowed us to overnight at the shop. Fast service, reasonable price, excellent job and friendly staff. 100% recommended!
La casa del resorte es sin duda la mejor opción en Xela, llegamos con problemas de suspensión e inmediatamente empezaron a reparar nuestra van, Lester nos ofreció toda la ayuda necesitada y nos permitió pasar la noche en el taller. Servicio rápido, precios razonables, excelente trabajo y personal amigable. 100% recomendado!

La Casa Del Resorte 14.84107, -91.50449

Another Walmart parking lot.
Very secured, lots of police cameras. Felt safe

Walmart Chattanooga 35.00962, -85.20640

Quiet parking lot, beside the highway being close to it, not too big but enough for rv’s and cars

Cracker Barrel (Central Ave Pike) 36.00954, -83.96838

Just off M1 Junction 18 or 19. Lovely stop. Breakfast great. Real rare breed sausages.

Manor Farm Cafe and farm shop Service Station alternative 52.39838, -1.19124

Scenic and quiet campspot directly at the lake. Lots of hippos at sunset and night. Staff will bring you by car from restaurant to fenced campside to pass them securely.

Fishermans Camp -0.82657, 36.33675

we stayed at the parking area of Felaw lake: 36.621193, 44.926344
with a VW T4 2WD front wheel drive we barely made it to the parking. The path is rather good but when it was steep our wheels were spinning a lot. Should be much easier with a rear wheel drive or 4x4. The lake was dried out in November. Fantastic mountain views. There is a peak which you can hike to (about 1 hour and 450 height meter) from which you have an even better view. We spent 2 very peaceful and quiet nights up there.

Fields 36.62691, 44.92133

Not sure why this place is getting hate! It's a great spot when you remember it's in the middle of flat, oil country, west Texas. Pretty little river and the campsites were private
IF YOU GO: Call ahead an reserve a site on the phone! They will give you the gate code. The park closes at 5 and you will need this code! If they put you in River Bend, that has a seperate entrance and there is a gate with a padlock. The code will be the same. If I didn't call ahead it would have been a very confusing night

San Angelo State Park 31.46044, -100.50787

After entering the northern Iraq, it got a bit late and we found this one here.
Easy to access, along the gravelroad, which goes a bit uphill.
It's not really tidy here, but this is usual in Iraq.
Nevertheless it has been calm and nobody came along.

Gravel road 37.07259, 42.64125

We stood here for a few days, as it has been super quite, the evenings had a wonderful sunsets and nobody - except one person, which is a friend now - came along.
The place is easy to access and there might be several place like this in this area.
To drone flyers: Always wait for a GPS Signal. A DJI Mavic 2 Pro WILL NOT start, but if you started it before a GPS Signal is received and you're above the water, the drone immediately lands, when there are enough satellites.
So it will NOT come back to the home position, it rather lands where it is.
By the way is this happening in the most parts of Iraq

Lakeside 36.70663, 42.93233

Fairly flat Gravel lot . First one as you pull on the the blm road. Gas station is near. Very peaceful and secluded when we were here.

Sun Valley Gorge Road 38.95751, -109.72417

Don’t let the drive in fool you, go in and have a look at the camp for yourself. (We we’re nearly fooled as it doesn’t look like much from the outside)

Ari (owner/manager?), rebuilt the campsite within the past two years after the floods (for anyone who has seen the photos at the reception, the floods were 1m lower than 2011!).

As someone already mentioned the campsites are very generously sized, with lush green grass and many have a view of the Orange River. After being in the wind and heat for some time, it was a welcome change to have some nice trees, grass and a bit of shelter!

We planned to only stay one night but because it was so peaceful, we stayed longer.

Price: R180pppn

Amanzi Trails River Camp -28.69992, 17.53316
Lost Reception

Showers etc. could be renovated otherwise large campsite with enough space for your 4x4 and rooftop tent. We payed 240R for 2 Persons and our truck.

Caravanpark Kleinmond -34.33347, 19.04048

Water faucet on the right side of the hotel!!!

Microtel Inn and Suites by Wyndham 28.27185, -82.18880

Paid $300 for room with bathroom. They told me the cabanas were about $1,000 - $1,500. Quiet clean and safe parking for motorcycle.

The sign on this place is not called Hotel Palmito, it’s hotel something else but it’s probably the only hotel on the Main Street. The entrance to the parking for the rooms is from the Main Street while the cabanas entrance it what you might find on google, it’s around the corner. There is also a restaurant attached in front.

Hotel El Palmito 23.56367, -105.83761

Spot is called “Herring Cove”. Small trail near the parking lot with the lot being just off the road. Little privacy as traffic is somewhat busy and locals come to hang out to watch the sunrise/set. I had no problems staying the evening. It’s a good spot if you just need to shut your eyes, but I wouldn’t consider it comfortable by any means. Overall, one of the better “secluded” spots near the city

Nice view on sea 44.57706, -63.55055

This is a treasure so I really hope others don't ruin this. Nice n quiet, gorgeous view. I arrived late, ready to sleep and woke up early to a beautiful seascape. Be respectful of neighbors and arrive late/leave early. If you head over to Asilomar Beach, there's lots of daytime parking (can't park there midnight to 5pm) it's super close and right on the water.

Pacific Grove, CA 36.62752, -121.92022

As advertised. Stayed one night. No amenities at all, but a nice, quiet spot for overnight street parking. I was the only car on the street, though I woke up to find several people parked there for work.

Street 37.98178, -122.04914

Quiet place to sleep. Other cars were in the main flat parking area, and I found my own quiet spot just before then. Further up the road it was too rocky for my sedan. I felt safe and nobody bothered me for the night. There are no amenities but there are touristy gas stations and restaurants about 5 minutes down the road.

Spirit Mountain Road 44.51014, -109.12396

nice location, right off of the freeway. huge parking lot but security keeps trying to push overnighters onto a much smaller gravel lot which has no lights and has a constant stream of truckers who idle all night. over the course of an hour and a half I saw four RV/vans leave the trucking area and move on to the Walmart parking lot so I did also. I guess I will see if security is going to enforce everybody off of the asphalt at closing time.

Walmart Barstow 34.88266, -116.99117

This is a cool, peaceful spot, but now NOT for cars or big rigs! They have put bollards at the entrance to the green space. Still great place for motorcycles or bikes. Track down has lots of loose cobbles/gravel. We went over the railroad, down towards the river, then turned left into the trees, over some cobbles to a flat space big enough for our bike and tent. A few fire pits from others, no rubbish. River was full and a bit brown from bad weather so we didn’t swim, but at other times of year could be nice!

nice flat spot close to the river -13.28609, -72.18292

Good place to stay.
If you sleep with car, the parking can be full after 22h.
It s better to come before

Parking site in Rovenna high above Lago di Como 45.85026, 9.08425

Diesel sold here at discounted price. No other services offered.

Frontier discount diesel -25.44099, 31.96157

Propane, water and gazoline
Eau aux pompes à essence (13) et recharge tance propane

Love's station 29.98229, -98.90274

We did a 6hours hike on the plateau with Jonas as a guide. His guidance was very interesting and helpful. We took different kind of paths, from main gravel road to very narrow walk trails in order to see the diversity the Plateau offers and wonderful views. Jonas is an experienced guide in charge of the Zomba mountain guides association and very active in the mobilization about forest protection. Don’t hesitate to contact him for a guided hike on the plateau (+265 99 473 3305). You can chose from short (2h) to longer trails. For the 6h trail, we paid 20k for the 2 of us. It was worth the trail.

Jonas - Hiking guide -15.37701, 35.30983

Located inside the Eburru forest. Camp fees are kshh 240 for citizens

Eburru Forest Glade Campsite -0.65411, 36.21195

The procedures changed, you know have to give them a proof of hotelbooking and proof of enough financially funds for 3months.
But... they have to send everything to Maputo and it takes around 3 weeks to get the visa.
We called the embassy in Capetown to double check, and they confirmed that it takes 3 to 4 weeks before getting the visa.
They could not tell us if we could get the visa at the border.
Cost still 1000R pp.

Mozambique Embassy -29.83090, 31.02306

Nice, clean and calm campspot. Some locals on the beach. We would definitely recommend. Some nice restaurants on the other side of the road.

Beach Camping 36.98828, 50.55442

This is open again. No pay on site - you have to make a reservation at but as of now there's no "reservation fee" so it's still $20/night.

Buckhorn campground 39.81087, -122.36519

Simple economical hotel run by a very nice family. We paid 300 pesos for a large room with 3 single beds and bathroom. Comfy beds, cold shower, room has aircon, but we didn't need it so not sure how good is it. Good WiFi, plenty of space for parking and keeping bikes. Part of the hotel is a restaurant that does breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nice home cooked food. Drinking water available from a water cooler.

Servicio De hospedaje Y Alimentación San José 18.62110, -92.28308

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