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pretty quiet night in a 21' class B. We sure do appreciate Cracker Barrel Knoxville

Cracker Barrel (Central Ave Pike) 36.00967, -83.96841

Ótimo camping com energia elétrica, água, chuveiro elétrico,banheiro tudo limpo em frente ao parque malwee

Parque Malwee -26.50876, -49.12947
An Unknown Adventure

No problems parking and sleeping here overnight. Did not connect to wifi. 3 bars LTE.

There were several RVs and vans parked on Bryant Street, 1/2 a block away but I stayed in front of library. Very well lit area.

Overnight parking in front of Library library 38.25703, -119.22906

parilla place with waterfall view. busy on weekend, but quiet at night. you can take a bath onder the fall's. don't forget mosquito repellent. 100 meter before this place you have a Kiosko and toillets

Waterfall -26.03795, -53.86032

A warning for bigger vehicles. We were not allowed entrance or to drive around the park or exit any other gate. We are a medium size truck. This was not mentioned by anyone else with a truck so thought we would add it here.

Gonarezhou National Park Reception -21.26567, 31.90695

Lugar tranquilo, sem estrutura apenas um estacionamento grande, ao lado da rua coberta e próximo a um posto da Polícia Civil. Passamos uma noite.

Estacionamento da igreja -28.99976, -49.76251
bram coumou

If you swim, preoccupation with the currents. A few years ago swimming there the current dragged me, very strong, I saved my life because I was wearing fins.

currents 13.48535, -89.35669

Run of the mill Walmart. I asked the manager and he said it was fun, just park near the murphy’s gas station.

Walmart 35.56018, -77.06204

Perfect place for a little get away… 2.0 from I-84. Good phone service ATT and Verizon. I was here for about 18 hours. Only one vehicle came in, and they left quickly. There is about room for three vehicles total with good spacing. The river is literally right there. There is a train track across the river and it can be kinda loud, but they don’t blow horns or anything so it honestly didn’t bother me. There are pit toilets and as otherwise described.

King hill/Snake River 43.00002, -115.21495

Like feeling home. If you want to have holiday from your holidays you need to stay here. Great spirit. Wonderful animals. Great hosts.
Do not make the same mistake like me(buying eggs in a supermarket). Buy eggs here. Never saw chicken who have a more wonderful life like this.
So much space there. We spent there 3 great days. Two of them totally alone(within week).

Camping Marina Colbún -35.66198, -71.28361

Normal campground. Bathrooms are ok. I think we paid too much. For a car and two person 1100 peso.

Golfo Azul Camping -40.79975, -65.06909

We arrived in my 2WD promaster 159 extended around 1800. I was a bit weary about the previous reviews of the road. The road is in decent shape and made it no problem. Their is a sharp uphill but I think even a 5th wheel can make it. We went right at the fork and found several pull offs with a few fire rings. I went further down and saw were it could get pretty rough on the road but I didn’t go down. Our spot was secluded from the others. I think there were two other people. There is trash at some sights. Our spot was pretty level with no issues. Only issue was someone came in with a super loud vehicle around 2200 as if he was going mud riding in the back. That is probably why the roads are all rutted up. I did have cell phone signal 3 bars LTE AT&T.

Torrance County Park 34.99163, -106.16670

As described, but a little hectic. We had some locals doing doughnuts right next to us for about 15 minutes at night which was kind of freaky.

On the other hand a very friendly cop stopped by and said hello - said it was fine to park there and to call if we had any trouble.

On the other other hand every old fart in town who owned a pickup truck cruised by us and tried to peek in our windows from about 4:30 AM on.

Overall this spot is legal and will do in a pinch, but I can’t recommend it for a good night’s sleep or comfortable vibes.

Spring Valley 41.31399, -89.20082

The road described to the left as high clearance is private property and closed to the public. Next time read the signs.

Road split - high clearance needed for left 37.11953, -113.11512

Hear you can park your motor home for free, is very close to the beach, safe and calm at nights. During the day there is music from the restaurant but they close early at nights. We asked to the local people and they say that we wont have problem to stay hear. There are showers and toilets available for 2.000 pesos in the restaurant.

En este lugar se puede parquear y pasar la noche, es gratis, seguro y calmado en las noches. Está muy cerca de la playa y en el restaurante más cercano hay duchas y baño disponible por 2.000 pesos. En el día hay música pero en la noche todo es muy tranquilo.

Parking place close to the field 9.41030, -75.75682

Pulled up at dark to this place and it was difficult to navigate because there's so many different roads. From what it looked like, there were people camped long-term in the first spot. People near us were yelling and fighting for hours and we decided to leave at 11PM because my partner and I were sketched out. Out of 4 months of vanlife, I've never left a spot before because I didn't feel safe so that is saying something. I guess it mostly depends on who is staying there with you.

Methodist trails BLM site 38.51176, -105.98015

5G T-Mobile
Super private
They have two latrines but no trash
12/10 stay

salt river - campground - free 42.88171, -110.99864

There’s a gate with a security guard. I was on a motorcycle and told I couldn’t go any further with my motorcycle.

From what I see iOverlander it looks as though you are allowed to pass with 4x4.

Check point 30.72728, -116.04672

Campsite directly at the river, nice views with mountains, like LORELEI in Germany :-)

Unfortunately it was raining cats and dogs

We paid R330 for 2

Cremorne Campsite -31.59886, 29.53210

Moz - Eswatini, Moz done in 10 minutes. Eswatini custom asked 1540,- Rand road tax for our truck. If we would enter Eswatini from South Africa it will cost 300,- but from Moz it's more expensive... At the end we paid 300,- and left. Nobody had a look at our PCR tests.

Namaacha border post -25.97429, 32.10792

We stayed here for one night and it was great! Keep in mind this is the Windsor location and not downtown Santa Rosa. We went in and sat at the bar to grab a beer and some food and then chatted with the bartender about spending the night. Everyone is super friendly! They just ask that you don’t park in the front of the lot (it’s a gigantic lot) and don’t plug into the electrical boxes. Like it’s mentioned in other reviews, spend some $ at their establishment & ask the staff before you park for the night. 😊

Russian River Brewery Parking Lot 38.53273, -122.79832

Lugar seguro, wi-fi disponível, banheiros limpos, mas é bem barulhento a noite toda, principalmente na lateral onde param ônibus que não desligam o motor durante a parada. Não tem banho!

Frango Assado posto Shell -23.62697, -45.38310

Free dump station located between the sombrero tower and I-95. Two hoses, one for rinse water, and the other is presumably for filling your water tank, although we didn't need water and didn't use it. No sign indicating if it's potable or not. Drive between the Mexico Shop West and arcade/sombrero tower and circle around the back of the arcade to access the dump. You can also stay overnight in the parking lot for free, or you can stay in the paid campground if you need hookups.

South of the Border 34.49953, -79.31034

Great place with outdoor shaded seating off the main drag! Friendly people, tasty tacos.

Asadero Los Werozz 25.03432, -111.67006

ducha quente a bondade no posto Ipiranga

Posto relógio -25.29794, -51.14398
Pierre Gagnon

Stopped there this morni g to dump our waters, get fresh potable water and took à hot shower, all that for free really nice like someone said wish tbere were more places like that.

Wyandot service plaza 41.48972, -83.36941

It looked like good weather so I took a chance and drove all the way up here in my 2wd Promaster. The road was AMAZING! Even after the giant sign that said OHV 4x4s only.

*Important: camping is before the indicator. Look for road #201.

County Rd 51 39.03513, -105.27691

Dump Station still open with hose provided to flush black tanks and separate water spigot with no hose for drinking water. Easy level access but charge is now $20 because they spent over 1 million redoing septic system and that got wiped out in a recent storm so having to pay to have septic hauling out by vacuum trucks. Did not stay but have lots of spots with power and water along with picnic tables. Even spots for long touring bus Class As.

Olema Camp Dump Station 38.04402, -122.78981

We found a place to hook our hose and get drinking water at the baseball field. We had to use pliers to turn the spigot since the handle wasn’t on.

I also noticed some water by the dog park but it was too far for my short hose to reach.

Rotary park - drinking water 43.49958, -70.47388

Cumbrecita, which beautiful city. She is really worth the detour, it's a small town that recalls Switzerland, surrounded by nature with hills, mountains and small streams to give a bohemian air to the city. 500psos for parking for a van or car, for big rigs I do not know, but after all activities are free. A superb path will take you to see small lakes and waterfalls where you can swim. The place is really superb and so nice, we teleport it out of time. And little more for the French, we can eat raclette! A Swiss restaurant offers its for 2200p for 2 people. I loved this city I advise you 100x to come for a ride, unable for me!

La Cumbrecita, quelle ville magnifique. Elle vaut vraiment le détour, c'est une petite ville qui rappelle la Suisse, entouré que de nature avec des collines, montagnes et petits ruisseaux pour donner un air bohème a la ville. 500pesos pour le parking pour un van ou une voiture, pour les Big Rig je ne sais pas, mais après toutes les activités sont gratuites. Un sentier superbe vous emmènera voir les petits lacs et les cascades ou vous pourrez vous baigner. L'endroit est vraiment superbe et tellement agréable, on ce téléporte hors du temps. Et petit plus pour les français, on peut manger de la raclette! un restaurant suisse vous propose sa pour 2200p pour 2 personnes. J'ai adorée cette ville je vous conseille 100x de venir faire un tour, immanquable pour ma part!

La Cumbrecita -31.89212, -64.77641

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