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Nice and clean Walmart, and very busy.
If you’re in a camper that can fit into a regular parking spot, I suggest parking by the garden center and shipping containers on the side of the building.. it’s more quiet and private.
I woke up around 0100 and saw some characters roaming around the main large parking lot playing with plastic bags. They also scattered a bunch of shopping carts in the middle of the driving aisles.
The cleaning truck was also driving around at 0100 on a Wed morning and spraying cleaning solution but with earplugs in, it wasn’t that loud.
Always an adventure ;)

Walmart Farmington 36.73120, -108.22805

Flat parking lot with piers/water on 3 sides. 24 hr Pay to Park May1-September 30. Free in off season. We saw several other lots with RVs near by. This lot was wide open when we arrived in November. A few groups of happy young adults gathered to hang out and play music, and left by 11 pm. A police car cruised by once that we saw. Bay Shore is the nearby town and it has many shops, grocery etc. Several restaurants on the pier. A great find.

Fire Island Ferry parking lot 40.71467, -73.24025

Great spot right next to the beach. Stayed two nights just off the beach. We’re a B+ 2WD with a rear locking differential on the rear dully tires. 2WD can make it if you don’t slow down on the road in and don’t pull all the way up to the beach. We locked our rear wheels at one point just to be safe.
No trash here. Please pack your trash out One or two bars of cell signal. No surfing to be had but a swimmable beach in the small break. Enjoy.

Seperate Lonley Dream Beach 24.06587, -110.99455

Spar is fine for basics. No queues at ATM’s (consider the time of month/day that you go). Tops Spar Bottle store available. Airtime still available too (suggest buying the deal Mariko mentioned, it works out much cheaper!). Pep store around the corner, too.

Aussenkehr Spar -28.36078, 17.41069

An unpaved road leads down to a boat ramp and paved lot large enough for 15-20 vehicles. The unpaved road isn't great, but we made it down in our converted shuttle bus without issues. Beautiful river! Lots of local visitors throughout the day, but nights are quiet after 10pm. In the early evening, this seems to be a hideaway for stoners, lovers, and the occasional group of rowdy kids. Also saw a K9 police unit come down for training one day. There's a huge ag property right next to the lot, but it's a "no trespassing" area, and the owner makes visits to check on his land. Nice enough if you stay off, but he'll definitely call the cops if he finds you over there, so (of course) be respectful. Overall, a beautiful little stop for a night or two regardless of your rig.

Oh, and someone posted about an alarm. That's got nothing to do with people being present: it pertains to the river's water level rising. It only went off once during our stay, and after maybe three minutes, it shut off again.

JB Barker Public Boat Landing 34.04538, -81.19125

It’s a small dirt lot, large enough for around 6 rigs but nothing large of there’s others here and there usually is. Very quiet location. 2 bars Verizon. No tmobile service.

Deer Pass Trail Road 34.80990, -111.88502

Gps point is on top of the dam, not really a good camp spot. I found a nice spot via the old mine a bit further north
. Lots of road noise all around the lake though.

Lakeside camping 37.90663, 27.59889

This campsite is basic. Very nice and quiet. $8 a night!!!

Dru Barber Park Campground 38.94355, -120.76451

Stopped to stay for the night and noticed the RV next to me recently had it’s window smashed out and broken into. It was the only about 7pm and the parking lot was full of cars, lots of people coming and going. So it was a pretty brazen criminal. I was able to find the RV owner in the restaurant so they could call the authorities. Needless to say I did not end up staying the night here or at the Walmart next door. This might be an isolated incident but hard to say. Stay at your own risk.

Cracker Barrel 35.01639, -85.38328

Spent the night , no problems, couple of cars walking dogs in morning , worked out good .

Rest area. 5 miles from New Bern 37.13662, -75.96469

Small city park in Sierra Blanca just off I-10. Huge, flat gravel parking area. No facilities but big dumpster for trash, picnic tables, grills, playground, tennis courts and basketball hoops.

We checked in with the Sherrifs office 2 blocks north to see if overnight parking was alright and they gave the OK and said they'd drive by occasionally. There's a bit of highway noise and an occasional dog barking, but the bad part is the trains go by 2-3 blocks away and blow their horns. We had just a couple thru the night. There are goat-head thorns in the weeds in the parking lot so check your shoes and pet's paws.

Sierra Blanca Public Park 31.16553, -105.32501

$2.99/gallon. Not many options in the area and you’ll probably wait a long time, but is what it is.

Uhaul 41.27126, -72.99507

This is a really nice spot, easy to get to, expansive dunes, right by the water, lots of places to park up, quiet.

Small beach. Good stop over. 28.03362, -114.03638

oil change and parts (oil, filters and more..)
they didn't have the filters we needed but had the oil and the demineralized water that we wanted. very good service.

DSL DISTRIBUCION - Oil Change -33.29303, -66.33254

It is open. Free if you live in the area $10 if you don’t. No drinking water

Valley Sanitation District Water Reclamation Facility 33.71576, -116.19851

A delicious coffee shop close to the beach and main road. They have some of the best coffee I have ever had! We also got a cinnamon roll that was so good we had to order two!

Cozy Coffee 23.68669, -109.69779

This beautiful town by the river has several water spigots on the street. Shows 67 on TDS meter. Be very respectful to this nice town, there are generous people throughout. You can also stealth camp here a couple of nights since it’s very quiet during the night with no traffic.

Clifton 35.38674, -87.99493

Great safe location. Tennessee river flows beside this town.

Clifton 35.38676, -87.99497

$7 and has potable water. Located in the front

Arco 33.56968, -116.08999

As described, nice spot for a night, little bit of freeway noise.

Cracker Barrel 29.91496, -81.41333

200 meters from beach, 44 camp sites (4 of which with private bathroom), also 4 chalets i think.
power and water at all sites, communal kitchen, ablutions, swimming pool, no wifi but good 4G coverage, laundry service.
good security, friendly and helpful owners.
THE BEACH IS INCREDIBLE.... dunes, white sand, no one there... paradise !!!

Oyster Bay Resort -34.17041, 24.65486

We are not camping here, just driving through. but noticed there were no current reviews. Currently there are 2 fire pits here with easy in and out access to the road. There are NO "no camping" or "no overnight" signs anywhere. Looks like a beautiful spot, especially during this off season.

Burr Trail - beautiful Place in red Long Canyon 37.85757, -111.30967

this is a new spot. the owner just came and invited us to stay at his place free, he is building the place so it is new.
big open ground mostly flat. he is opening a road for big rigs to enter.
has animals on the farm. building a kitchen and showers. when we where there it was just the beginning but the owner has the hospitality mentality to make this place amazing. great location within walking distance from mongui so you can leave the rig here and walk to the town ( 5 minutes walk)

super finca big ground 5.71607, -72.85118

Entry to “thermal experience” at Strom Spa Nordic, Old Quebec is approximately $55 per person (see website for up-to-date information). Overlooks the St. Lawrence. Hot and cold plunge pools, steam rooms, saunas, red light therapy room, various relaxation spaces, fire pits. Robes and towels provided (you will need to bring your own bathing suit). Shower facilities provide shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair dryers (and hair straighteners for the ladies). Excellent experience, well worth the price.

Strom Nordic Spa 46.80014, -71.21108

Sidy et Roos have a room for rent, a tent for rent, and enough space to put your own tent. Their house is situated at the crossroads between Saint Louis, Dakar, Touba and the desert of Lompoul.

Chez Sidy et Roos 15.43008, -16.68018
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Gas station. Accepts RVs. Clean bathrooms but no showers. Snack bar, good wifi. Lots of traffic and some noise.

Posto Delta -27.06449, -52.63112

Fuel and gas stop, easy to access with lots of parking

Fuel and Gas -33.05743, -71.42647

there is a large gravel lot across from the boat launch area. a bit of pot holes getting in but pretty level otherwise.

we overnighted here and stayed for a little over 24 hours while we were crabbing in the area. we had no issues and it was pretty quiet.

any size rig will fit here.

Gravel lot 43.11957, -124.41566

RV/camping is currently closed for the season but their cabins are still open.

The view monument valley campground and rv 36.98560, -110.11412

safe place to sleep, has lighting and police surveillance cameras, absolute silence and an incredible view of the lake from the dam.

Mirante caracol -27.28237, -52.35974

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