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It's only the end of a road near the beach and close to some house.

Wild beach access 15.68470, -96.23991

The access track is a bit rough but doable, just go slow. If you drive 200m more towards the radio tower, you can discover a hidden balcony accessible via a flight of stairs. It offers seating, a water tap (not working), fabulous views and good wind protection depending on its direction. We camped on the flat area above where there was even a rubbish container.

Jebel Samhan 17.10782, 54.70673

this is now a first come first serve car camping spot for people that are hunting or using ATVs. there's an ATV trail in the middle of camp and a sign that says you can't ride your ATVs through camp itself. generator hours stop at 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. no one bothered me while I was there but people do set up elaborate camp spots with music and generators. however most all of the camping spots are perfectly level and they have picnic tables as well as fire pits. bring your trash bag if you intend to leave it better than you found it as most people don't. well traveled gravel road to get there but not very well maintained. in bad weather you need four-wheel drive and they may close it in winter snow. stay there during a holiday weekend and I definitely would go back when it is not a holiday weekend.

Crisman Hollow Road G. Washington NF 38.69147, -78.57999

Access to this spot is currently blocked with some trash from locals (see photo). We did not stay. Not sure if it will be reachable in the future.

Next to River 8.74657, -82.42292

This spot is (now?) directly across the road from a fancy hotel. They seem to be using it as an extended dirt parking lot. Not sure if they appreciate anyone camping here.

Grassy Area 8.78467, -82.42930

This spot is not fenced private property. No way to stay here.

Informal campsite 8.80881, -82.45360

free, very well but not potable water...

McMinnville 45.22282, -123.16059

Stayed Friday night and Saturday night. No issues, it's the only dark part of the parking lot, surrounded by trees, can hardly tell a rig is parked there. gas station is 24hrs, good service on AT&T. There's a church here now, but no one is here Sunday morning. Used to be a Kohl's, signs say Kohls parking only, no "No overnight parking" signs seen.

abandoned shopping center parking lot in uppity neighborhood 39.96303, -105.16233

We fell on the restaurant in Azar and I can tell you that it was a delight! The best Milanea we have eaten since 4 months in South America. Asking, the lady told me that everything came from home, and that they were doing everything else, except the chicken they command at the farm next door. The Milanese with fried or salad was 320pesos, but they also make salads, sandwiches, burgers, empanadas, pizza, the menu is very varied with a different day dish every day. If you go through here, make a stop to eat here, it's really worth the detour! And you can eat inside because there are tables :) Bon appétit !

Nous sommes tombés sur se restaurant au azar et je peu vous dire que c'etais un délice! La meilleure milanesa qu'on est mangé depuis 4mois en Amérique du Sud. En demandant, la dame m'a dit que tout venais de chez eux, et qu'ils faisaient tout eux même, sauf le poulet qu'ils commandent a la ferme à côté. la Milanaise avec frite ou salade était a 320pesos, mais ils font aussi des salades, des sandwichs, des burgers, des empanadas, pizza, le menu est très variés avec un plat du jour différents chaque jour. Si vous passez par ici, faites un arrêt pour manger ici, sa vaut vraiment le détour ! Et vous pouvez manger à l'intérieur car il y a des tables :) Bon appétit !

El Angel Comidas -32.34176, -65.20872

We found this place on our road by stopping taking a picture. Just before the bridge if you arrive from San Martin, on your right you have a closed barrier with a son of iron on the right but you can open the barrier and pass. It is written that they need a license to pass, but no one will come control. We park under a hide tree from the road. The place is fabulous. At the foot of Rocky hill, with the sound of the water, the parrots above our head is the most beautiful spot I have been doing for a long time! Not a noise we were really safe and nobody has come to bother us or see us. I loved !!

Nous avons trouvé cette endroit sur notre route en nous arrêtant prendre une photo. Juste avant le pont si vous arrivez depuis San Martin, sur votre droite vous avez une barrière fermé avec un fils de fer sur la droite mais vous pouvez ouvrir la barrière et passer. Il est écris qu'ils faut un permis pour passer, mais personne ne viendras contrôler. Nous nous sommes garer sous un arbre cacher de la route. L'endroit est fabuleux. Au pied de colline rocheuses, avec le bruit de l'eau, les perroquets au dessus de notre tête c'est le plus beaux spot que j'ai fais depuis bien longtemps ! Pas un bruit nous étions vraiment en sécurité et personne n'ai venu nous déranger ou nous voir. J'ai adorée !!

Magic place -32.30821, -65.69001

It is a mine of minerals that was at the time the origin of 60% of domestic production. The visit is 1500pp, a little expensive but it's really worth it. You will visit the mine over more than 400m while making it 4000m, but the end is collapsed. The mine dates from 1893, she has a lot of stories and it was a pleasure to visit her. Our Hugo guide was really nice too. There is a gold mine a little further but the visit is a little more expensive from what we have been told and the visit is only over 200m to show us casual the same thing, so we have preferred to do this one that will not have disappointed us! I recommend!

C'est une mine de minerais qui était à l'époque l'origine de 60% de la production nationale. La visite est de 1500pp, un peu chère mais sa vaut vraiment le coup. Vous visiterez la mine sur + de 400m alors qu'elle en fais casiment 4000m mais la fin c'est écroulé. La mine date de 1893, elle a beaucoup d'histoires et c'etais un plaisir de la visiter. Notre guide Hugo était vraiment sympa aussi. Il y a une mine d'or un peu plus loin mais la visite est un peu plus chère d'après ce qu'on nous a dit et la visite est seulement sur 200m pour nous montrer casiment la même chose, nous avons donc préférer faire celle ci qui ne nous auras pas déçu! je recommande !

Mina de los Condores -32.57475, -65.31767

Nearly eight years of full-time travel, and this is the most beautiful campground we’ve ever stayed at. The sites themselves are simple—some grassy options, which is nice. Ours had a picnic table, another had a hammock. But the real draw is you are parked right next to a turquoise river with waterfalls, and it was delightful for swimming even in the middle of November. Nacho and the lady there (so sorry I forgot your name!!) are kind and helpful hosts. The bathrooms are simple, but serviceable. We didn’t use the showers here. Walked to La Villa for dinner and really enjoyed watching the activities of the town.

El Atrancón 21.94760, -99.39533

There is a water tap to fill up bottles next to the bicycle maintenance station. You can not screw hoses to it, but if you have a water bandit it works.
Was told we could not fill up the 2nd time but first time was fine.

Copec -33.64421, -70.35318

Because of the Bad Story in Buck s Camp (attack) we decided to Go Here. The Place is sourrounded By a high Stone Wall like a Castle. But the Main gate seems to be weak. Everything is brand new and well working and absolutly clean. Water, electricity is also working. You have your own kitchen,shower and clean WC. Everything you can lock with your Own key. We were the only guests but the stuff told us That the would sleep here also. The Night was absolutly calm and peaceful. In the evening we Went to one of the extraordinär phantastic Fish restaurants in the town. We payed 300 for 2 pers. and campervan.

Anchor Lodge and Camping -22.10912, 14.28729

Ended up staying somewhere else, but they answered on WhatsApp very quickly.

Price for a campervan and two people is 10,000 colones (about 15 USD / 13€). Pet friendly.

Casa Soley 11.02300, -85.67066

A narrow road to get in, quit and nice place to spend the night.

In the forrest outside Puerto Montt -41.43745, -73.05819

Stayed here for one night, paid $195 for a room with 2 doubles (looks like we should have bargained). Wifi is great, the food is good, and showers are very hot. Pools were open, but cold.

Valle Occidental Hotel 15.61786, -91.87485

Stayed here on a Friday night in November and there were still open sites on Saturday.

Still $6, but there weren't any payment envelopes. Trash cans had new liners, but all pit toilets were out of TP and had not been cleaned in what looked like A WHILE. It was bad enough that I took my can of Lysol over to the one nearest our site to render it usable.

4G on Verizon.

Fun to walk up the wash and see the different shades of dirt. Plus a shy tarantula!

Owl Canyon 35.02341, -117.02153

Decent spot. Quiet tree-covered part of the street with pull-off parking on both sides, as well as some spots on surrounding streets. Wealthy residential neighborhood. Nobody bothered us, spent most of the afternoon and overnight parked here. Very close to the beach which is a nice morning walk or place to spend the night. Crescent Beach is a cute small town, all amenities nearby including beach showers, 5 bars TELUS cell service.

Street parking 49.05604, -122.88571

very quiet place. not very level but we found one spot. no verizon signal.

Dino Footprints Trailhead 40.59564, -109.43614

Current car costs:
30c p/p to enter port
550c two people + car
100c approx tax for car + two bikes.

We didn’t reserve anything and got on the next ferry. We were told to reserve if we wanted to travel on Sunday however.

Port Of San Jorge Ferry Terminal 11.45975, -85.79072

Recommend this place. Good solid work at a reasonable price. Friendly guys. We had a lot of welding done! Repaired our sump, two new exhaust sections and two welded engine mounts for under $100 inc parts and two days work.

Soldando / Welder 11.91899, -85.96565

As advertised. Quite a few unhoused folks around, some walked past my car. No issues. Saw a guy Park overnight on the No Parking side, but he didn’t get in trouble. He kindly flagged me down to let me know that I was driving away with my water jug still on the roof of my car! Not a ton of car traffic overnight. Not my favorite spot, but it worked for a night in a pinch.

Street with a lot of space 40.79331, -124.18418

This is a 24 hour open gas station with a satisfactory back structure for a safe RV overnight stay. It's mostly used by truck drivers and has a restaurant (closed from 10pm to 7am) and restrooms. In the same place you can find a truck wash service that serves RVs too.

Posto Cocamar Maringá -23.43539, -51.97733

Asadores con parrilla y bacha a un lado con canilla. Agua.Luz. Wi-fi . Precios accesibles del parador al paso en el mismo predio. Baños medianamente limpios. Duchas agua caliente $50.(sucias). No se cobra estadía pero piden que se consuman los productos del parador. Apto para rodantes. No se permite refugiarse de tormentas bajo el tinglado de la estación, tener esto en cuenta ya que el mismo dueño no permite esperar allí el paso de la tormenta.

YPF Olta -30.63833, -66.26912

24h Fuel station, security, bathrooms, clean, we sleep here and have breakfast

Posto 24h, seguro, com banheiros limpos, nos pernoitamos aqui é tomamos café na lanchonete

Posto Br imperador -21.90770, -48.81082

just at the pass, turn north on an old road.

we parked on the road, on one of the only flat area.

nice view, nice hikes

No noise, even if you can hear the vehicles on the road as there is virtually no vehicles passing!

You may have cows visit!

no network.

Old forestry road -19.65288, 32.65172

Today was very busy. too many golf cars and sellers and the place is just in the road. It was not a calm place. After some hours here we decided left it. we went where the words of "isla mujeres" in the center. too much quiet that here.

Calm free spot with a nice view 21.20485, -86.71568

There is a water fountain right in front of the Leonidas Statue. If you are standing facing the statue is behind you on the right side of the street.

Leonidas Statue 37.07902, 22.42863

We stayed here our first night in Albuquerque. We called ahead and they said they allowed overnight parking towards the street next to Walgreens. there was one other camper van in the lot as well. We did leave early in the morning as there was a police officer who was clearly checking the vans out (our van and the other van in the lot were both white cargo vans).. It was noisy as most parking lots are but was fine for an overnight.

Walmart 35.20432, -106.65658

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