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Beautiful, free campground in the national forest. Shady with mossy trees. Tables and fire rings. Monday in Dec. and we are the only people here. Millions of mosquitos. Be prepared.

Santee National Forest 33.15426, -79.36704

average laundromat... some change machines working, bathroom filthy, but lots of large machines

sweet water wash 31.99522, -81.10562

This is a wonderful little campground if you’re touring the Natchez Trace and you want to pull over and sleep for the night without having to get off and go into the city. No reservations. No fees. About 15+ campsites. Nice little restrooms that were clean but had no shower. Pulled in after dark and had to make two loops to find a spot, but it was perfect. Woke up to wonderful solitude. Picnic tables have great views of trees.

Jeff Busby Park 33.41721, -89.26668

Venden garrafas de 10 Kg a $520 la única que encontramos en todo Comodoro Rivadavia, reciben cualquier color de envase.

YPF estación 45.89594, 67.54216

We went to Walmart for an oil change on our Promaster van. Then my wife asked if we could get water. Knock me over with a feather! Sure enough round the back they have a hose (manguera if the employee doesn’t speak English) and we filled our tank. Incredibly friendly.

Walmart 29.39498, -100.90078

There is nothing here. No water. The coordonate should be wrong

Agua purificada 20.63576, -87.07940
An Unknown Adventure

Follow the other instructions on here!! It’s still working but Tricky, you do have to pull down on the sleeve of the larger spout to get the water running into the smaller
(Threaded) spout. you do have to keep holding the handle down but the water does continue flowing through your hose flow after you’ve started it.

eastbound I10 - rest area 33.61839, -114.45240

As described we paid $5 for the three day senior pass. The machine uses credit cards. Delightful though not very level spot with some traffic noise compensated for by superb views.

Governor’s Landing 29.47897, -101.02827

Several 20 amp and 30 amp available. We went to the furthest at the end of the parking lot and it was working

Public parking lot 30.41431, -88.82306

the location has been changed.
still a very good spot to stop.
we didn't use amenities.

YPF - Estacion de Servicio -46.59300, -70.92725

You can do your own laundry or have them do it. It takes 2-2.5 hours and they notify you via WhatsApp. The owner speaks perfect English, and was very helpful. He said he has the only laundromat in all of town. A bit pricy, 350C for 8-10ish lbs but everything came back clean and folded.

Lavamatic Express 12.62748, -87.13236

Home of a future traveler, who helps travelers passing through the city, it offers wifi (internet), water, bathroom, battery power, shower and that cafe, all for free, if you are passing by, go to say hi to Jonathan.

Casa do Jonatan -21.07315, -48.41114

still 176 for autos. I don't know if it's worth this high cost to avoid going through town but it was a nice flat concrete road. a few big dips and bumps but otherwise nice. the other route through town said "libre" but I could see a toll booth that direction too, although I don't know how much.

toll booth 27.60392, -109.89472

unexpected toll plaza. after just paying 176 like 40km ago we were expecting smooth sailing for a long time so we weren't expecting another 96 so soon. looks official.

toll plaza 27.31969, -109.71852

Agree with the other reviews, very cool old wooden bridge and interesting mine tour. Highly recommended

Big bridge with a mine tour! 25.79275, -103.79094

This campsite was completely wiped out by a landslide. I added a photo of the site in its current condition.

small cove at a river surrounded by trees -42.98891, -72.42259

This site is no longer present since the landslide. Site is gone.

Near Termas El Amarillo Stealth Camping -43.00165, -72.45031

Reconstruction looks complete, but road is being rebuilt and the hot springs are not open- the pools are not even filled. Maybe they will open for high season?

Termas Amarillo -42.99682, -72.44221

As of December, the campgrounds in Parque Pumalín are closed (not sure if it's still due to COVID or if they're just not yet open for the season). There's a rope across the entrance.

Bathrooms are still open and water is turned on.

Parque Pumalín – Campsite Cascadas Escondidas -42.67572, -72.57984

As of December, the campgrounds in Parque Pumalín are closed (not sure if it's still due to COVID or if they're just not yet open for the season). There's a rope across the entrance.

Parque Pumalín – Campsite Lago Negro -42.71491, -72.58255

On the edge of the lake with space for protection from the wind. Wonderful sunset. Sleep with the noise of the waves and birds in addition to the wonderful moon.

Lago Buenos Aires -46.52685, -71.65410

great place, nice new digital machines... you buy a card and fill it up with your credit card in $5 increments. if you stop in, say Hi to Gina... she was so helpful!

Savannah coin and laundry 31.97366, -81.13301

We came in after a recommendation of locals best place to snorkel you can almost touch the fishes in this reef. Ask for Palapa chaly is you eat there he’ll let park overnight for free.

Playa San Agustín 15.68923, -96.23828

Small spot in full view of the forest service dirt road. Two trucks drove by, one stopped to chat when saw out of state plates. No park rangers. Not staying the night but would be a good place to. Across the highway is a beautiful overlook to the water.

Forest Road 33.69131, -82.18908

A beautiful viewpoint that, at this time of year anyways, was not busy. I didn’t see any signs warning of the impending viewpoint entrance. It’s level and one is safe off the road. There is some traffic on the not too busy road, and some train traffic down below. There are no signs prohibiting overnight stopping.

Columbia River Viewpoint 45.90945, -119.66888

Dec 2021: Still very much the same with lots of „being at the end of the world“-feeling and quite an atmospheric bar/restaurant with friendly staff
We were charged N$780 pp (which apparently was the rate for locals) for DBB … and dinner was quite good
Free wifi available, although slow.
No regrets having come here and stayed for the night.

Terrace Bay Camp -19.99615, 13.03551

Bought gas and checked in. Staff showed me the parking rules. Have to buy diesel, which is not what my vehicle takes or gotta buy $30 for store. Staff would not make an exception.

76 Truck Stop 33.71979, -117.16947

Here you can rest and enjoy the nature. In the beautiful Wadi Bir. There are a lot of big stones, but round. So it is bumpy to get there, but doable. There are a lot of other nice spots in the wadi around here. We did the way up from Ismaiyyah (Route 30, Oman Offroad) with a 6x6 18 ton truck. Lets see how the way down is. 🙏😉 The way in total is spectacular. We loved every stunning sight when you drive around another curve and see the new outlook.
Comment: We turned around a few km further because that curves were narrow and steep. But we drove the rest with the quad bike. And later it is an easy track. The last way down to the ocean is steep but doable.

In the wadi 22.75223, 59.09767

It’s not as bad as others might have implied. Just avoid the touts outside with reflective vests. Have your passport/yellow fever cert for zanzibar immigration although they don’t normally ask. 35usd for an economy ticket.
You don’t need to book tickets in advance nor do you need to arrive 3hrs in advance, just show up to the ticket booth and pay. Azam is the fastest company at the moment so it’s highly recommended; it takes roughly 1.5 hours and leaves approximately 20 minutes from the advertised departure time.

Zanzibar Ferry -6.82028, 39.28847

un hermoso lugar para acampar a 100m de la ruta 43.
hay un arroyo de aguas termales del sistema Domuyo con 4 piletas para disfrutar de un baño termal caliente

Termas by the road. -36.68615, -70.61151

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