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Ótimo lugar. Bem localizado entre as atrações dessa região. Fácil pra ir em qualquer uma já cedo, antes que chegue a multidão.

flat place. riverside -10.37207, -46.51438

Posto BR bem agradável. Se abastecer, o banho é grátis. Se não, 5 reais.
Cheguei num sábado. Então, tava rolando um som alto ao vivo no restaurante até meio da madrugada, mas fiz tudo que tinha de fazer e dormi no terreno baldio do lado, que é um posto abandonado

Posto Formosa -11.04850, -45.20684

A very quiet place, special for doing boondoking. A little windy. We spent one night, sleeping in our vehicle, under the heat of an extremely starry sky. Spectacular!!!

Río Paso de Piedras -31.66778, -64.81654

I really liked this campsite. Spent the last 2 nights here. You have to drive down the road a couple miles past the sign to get to the good spots. There are pullouts before the bottom that would be fine though. Near the Staging Area are the biggest and flattest spots. The staging area has a pit toilet that was surprisingly clean. And despite what others are saying, I'm actually getting 2-3 bars of Verizon at this campsite. some sites have better reception than others, but I had at least 1 bar of Verizon the whole way down the hill. Did perfectly fine in my 2WD promaster. I have a pic of the campsite on my Instagram @navarre.marshall
If I was spending more time here, I'd definitely use this came campsite. enjoy!

Pullouts on Forest Service Road 36.63413, -119.00516

Big open cochera, fits any size of rig, quite at night, toilet, 10 soles, secure

Cochera -9.46521, -78.31876

the guy offers 15.000$ with 4 hours or more and he offers to come in his house in order to speak of class of surf we never should do it.
for us he was drugged very highly we were afraid and we did all posible to leave the place asap. his house seems like a big mess. We though he has a lot experience but something happened in his life. z don't know...he was checking and couldn't stay without moving. we cannot recommend him unfortunatly.
he had good intentions but he need more help than doing surf class.
he's alone and there're no more teacher.
seems that anybody came to do surf with him since long time...

Magic Surf School -18.46682, -70.30477

Plenty of spots, however road is rough coming in after campsite 1. High clearance 4x4 strongly advised. lake area is very nice.

Gross reservoir 39.95183, -105.37634

Filled out 25 gallon tank here. Went inside to buy drinks and ask the gentleman working if it was okay to fill, he was very nice and said sure! According to him it is local spring water.

Village Market Gas Station in Blue Station 36.04677, -115.40702
Isabel Myles

Large parking lot next to Canadian tire. Decent to sleep for a quick overnight. Nothing special. Not too loud.

Next to Canadian tire 49.29501, -117.65536

Parking with watertap and toilet.
15 peso per hour
Did not try to sleep, but could be possible.

Parking - City centre 23.19977, -106.42005

There seems to be no maschine for water at the gas station.
There is a aqua purificada opposite, but was closed on saturday.

Drinking Water 10 pesos for 19 Liters 23.19666, -106.42000

BE CAREFUL! We got robbed.
It was saturday and a bike race took place. So there were a lot of people in town. We went to have diner in the village. On the meantime, some guys from Bariloche entered in our van and stole some staff.

Free Parking -40.76320, -71.64550

clean laundromat that takes both quarters and a Visa or MasterCard

spin City Laundry Open 24 Hrs 29.67310, -82.32399

man made pools are fenced now.no1 there weekdays .I was told are "private". warmish river is nice tho.DO NOT take the road up from Mesillas .turns into steep n lot of ruts 4x4

El Molote Hot Springs and Pools 21.23612, -105.03622

Very nice campground, $20 for primitive camping in a field. Price goes up from there. Some road noise from the highway but dies down at night. Everyone is SUPER nice and one of the people on the property even gave us some wood. Right next to the slade info center

Natural Bridge Campground 37.79353, -83.70600

Here are more photos of the shower house 👌

Natural Bridge Campground 37.79568, -83.70479

Only stopped for water and it’s on as of 11/20

Giant gas station, free dump and water 34.24068, -111.31305

Overnight parking for RVS big rigs, cars and TTs. There’s 24 hour security and they are very nomad friendly. Also, Hamburger King is the best burger from the cleanest food truck I have ever visited!

Sikes And John’s Country Mall 32.06329, -86.05538

Somewhat run down gas station. Lots is stray dogs. Food was okay. Internet did not work. Lower fuel price if paid in cash or debit. There's a very basic dump spot in the premises. Small chapel available for those wishing to pray to Bom Jesus.

O posto já deve ter visto dias melhores. Sujeira espalhada, muitos cachorros latindo a noite inteira, internet não funcionou. A comida do restaurante estava boa. desconto no preço do combustível se pago à vista. Tem um local para descarte de resíduos e uma pequena capela para quem quiser orar para o Bom Jesus da Lapa.

Posto Gruta da Lapa -13.28541, -43.38320

We spent a night in the parking.
24 hr open.
Bathroom, safe, great food.

Passamos uma noite no estacionamento do restaurante.
24 hr aberto.
Local seguro, tem banheiros e comida muito boa.

restaurant amigoa -19.76852, -43.64671

As described. Quiet during the night. Gunshots from hunters are heard in the morning during hunting season Oct to Jan. But they are far away. There were 5 cars parked during the day. But everyone left at dawn except 1. Mosquitoes were brutal even when it was cold outside.

Ocklawaha Restoration Area-Trail head 29.10627, -81.90573

A large pullout on Calle Real near IHOP. You'll see Semi-Trucks and RV's parked there sometimes. Overnight ok.

Pullout on Calle Real near IHOP 34.44252, -119.78496

we didn't see any "no camping"signs anywhere. Decided to stay as there was another Van in the corner, seemed empty though. I Will report here if we will be send away. Spot is next to the road, so some traficnoise. Great view!

NO OVERNIGHT IN COUNTY 38.09495, -122.82967

We visited this spot, but currently people are loading the gravel on trucks to move somewhere else.. Wouldn't recommend this at the moment... We found a great spot just down the road from here.. Please check out this stop on map...

old gravel pit -10.91585, 38.03623

As described a nice and safe campsite with large trees and bungalows, pool … Friendly and helpful owners, Hardy and Steffi, speak English and German. We stayed there several days with our truck and drove by Uber to CT and surrounding.

Orange-Ville Lodge & Campsites -33.91575, 18.94381

Park right by the river with the floating docks that are store on the parking lot for the winter. No overnight or parking restriction signs. Very quite, walking distance from downtown, LTE network.

Yacht Club Parking lot 48.43061, -71.05248

Small but very welcome hosts. Lots of animals, communal kitchen and braai facilities. Near and clean ablutions for camping. Highly recommend this place.

Casablanca Campsite -30.46021, 20.48852

Not my fav campsite but it’ll do. Right out of town, can still see lights and road from this spot. I’m sure you could drive out further but I didn’t want to risk the road getting bad. Flat and some fire pits in the small lightly forested area. Full cell service.

BLM land 39.51466, -107.73768

Stayed over night no problem. Late season I don't think anyone cares. One other van and then a fisherman in the early morning. Washrooms are dry pits but clean. Change rooms used by kite boarders.

Cape hatteras National seashore 35.29816, -75.51434
Romar Morales

overnight parking is allowed. will have a lovely breakfast in the morning.

Cracker Barrel 26.51582, -80.07822

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