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Quiana Grace Frost

Relatively chill spot just off Hwy 1 near farmland, the bay, a few restaurants, pubs and a great coffee stand nearby.
Pup friendly roadside. You can hear Hwy 1 about 1/4 mile away but it quieted down by midnight. I wish I’d had my ear plugs for the random louder car passing by. It might be a lot noisier on a Friday or Saturday nite. The fog horn was going all nite. All and all a peaceful easy spot. We’d stay here again.

Veggie Farm turnout 37.48426, -122.44703

A hidden gem. The dirt road there is better suited for high clearance vehicles but nevertheless passable by a sedan.

Riverrun Resort -26.95273, 27.17815

We had an oil change and vehicle check done. The work was done carefully and competently. The billing was very fair! Matthias is very hospitable, gives valuable tips about the vehicle and the country.

Euro-Latino Racing-Services, Professional Repair & Mobile Home Storage 20.89899, -100.68043

We used Tea Kalmbach for shipping out of Panama as she had another Overlander we could share a container with and gave us the best quote. She took care of everything, was very responsive, and gave us step by step instructions. Super easy. According to her, Colombia now requires an agent for shipping, as they’ve increased their security procedures and other processes. Tea coordinated us with an agent named Ana in Colombia. Ana was responsive, but not very organized, charged much more than Téa for her services, and was a little more challenging to communicate with. Maybe it’s possible to work with a different agent in Colombia, but still with Tea in Panama. Not sure.

The Overland Embassy in Panama was also very responsive. They are worth checking in with too. Young Boris stopped responding to us after coordinating for a quote. Definitely inquire a quote from a few different people!

We started looking into shipping agents/companies just a couple of weeks before shipping out and got out of Panama with minimal stress once we decided on someone to help us.
Tea’s WhatsApp is: +54 9 2267 52 0418

Relax, you are shipping your car. General Info 9.36921, -79.89060

Big grounds, elevated from the road.
Big rig friendly, beach access by foot, direct view on the flamingo ponds.
Set up camp at 6h
A few passers by after dark, no one to tell us not to be there, no signs saying so. Greatest spot we found on the road.
3 tents 2 cars 1 table and a few chairs. Every one slept nicely.
Night sky is incredible.

Elevated ground 21.59118, -87.91160

Free. The attendant didn't even know what I was asking about. Construction has made the entrance a little sketchy. The water was not working.

Free dump station by gas station 34.50419, -93.12615

This is the only accomodation inside Mahale NP which is affordable. The other two are luxury camps (Greystoke, Mbali Mbali) and are more than 1000USD per night.
They have to be booked in advance through the National Park: [email protected]
There is a basic kitchen and the rooms are quite nice.
40$ per day for the accomodation plus 80$ per day entry fee. 20$ per day (per group) Ranger fee.
Not cheap but simply amazing to see the Chimps like this.

Kasiha Rest House (Mango Tree Bandas) -6.11906, 29.73086

Kato garage
Especialista VW kombi fusca
El Mejor !!!
Excelente mecánico!!!
Muy buena onda y hospitalero

Kato garage VW -25.35791, -57.54157

Restaurant is closed and will not be open again.

Tina's Kitchen Restaurant 16.86046, -88.28270

In face off the lake Léman very calm place camping car accepte (5,90m) I recommend. In summer buvette/bar/wc .Petit paradis

Thonson Air de Camping 46.36327, 6.44224

wide open has camp host free14 day area
and its clean

BLM Road Runner 33.58097, -114.21907

good spot. we arrived late and couldnt call. we were the only ones on a huge lot. felt safe. roadnoise continues but not too much

Camping World 35.33218, -119.02883

hermoso lugar con pasto, al lado del río, muy tranquilo, nosotros nos quedamos aca con nuestra combi y está muy padre. También pueden entrar Rv pero no creo que grandes "rigs". No hay energía eléctrica pero si mucha paz...

Cascada del arbol 17.68623, -97.56724

Small campsite next to the lake. public toilet available but very dirty.

Sjönevadssjön badplats 56.98191, 12.74727

As described, perfect for a night!! Thank you for sharing this place!!

Lake City Lot 30.19431, -82.63450

Great little spot we found on a small hill next to a small Forrest.. We spent a quiet night here.. 2 motorcycle drove past but did not stop.. The spot is close to the main road but we heard no traffic.. Will need 4x4 as a bit of rocks to get over.. At these coordinates (-9.65393, 34.65025) turn off the main road and follow the tracks to the top.. There a few open spaces where you can choose to camp.

Spot on hill in forest -9.65500, 34.65362

Amazing spot to chill for the night... The viewing point was quite busy during the day but we arrived after 5 in the evening and there weren't too many people... We drove between the to rock areas to thr back of the quarry and had the most amazing view of the villages below... Totally secluded.. You could hear traffic from the main road but not too hectic.. Definitely would recommend this stop...

World's end Viewpoint wild camp -8.79155, 33.55288

Park site on road end with an incredible view of river and ocean.

Farol Barra do Chui -33.74281, -53.37329

Parking sur un superbe point de vue au pied d’une antenne. Pas de service mais très calme.

Parking sur un point de vue 44.24465, 1.47724

de un lado del puente hay mucha suciedad y cacas de personas, pero nosotros cruzamos el alambrado del otro lado del rio y encontramos un pequeño lugar reparado del viento, limpio y escondido. El rio tiene muy poca agua, suficiente para lavar cosas, pero no para beber.

R40 near Leleque -42.53718, -71.10132

Really nice place to camp. Owners were super friendly and went out if their way to make me feel welcome. Strange seeing the resident emus milling about; made you think you were in Australia....

Zelda guest farm -22.28927, 19.81828

parking lot for many stores. no one bothers you

The Fresh Market Parking Lot 28.75388, -81.35451

Decent size parking lot. Use the lots by motel rooms not in front of casino. Relatively level. Check in with security and receive 7 day pass to put in your window.

Colorado River in back of casinos along this strip. Boardwalk was pretty cool.

Pioneer Hotel & Gambling hall 35.15617, -114.57445

Fiquei na praça durante 7 noites bem tranquilas, usei o wifi da lanchonete em frente a praça que o proprietário me passou (n° telefone fixo da fachada), tem banheiro sem chuveiro que ficam abertos 24 horas na praça e uma tomada no coreto. Os moradores são super receptivos e prestativos.

Praça da Prefeitura -20.63822, -46.50360

Self Service. xxxxxxxxxxx

Purificadora 20.89309, -100.71837

We rolled in a few minutes after the store had closed. The lot was mostly empty save a few workers and another Class A. The store is far enough away from the highway that you hardly hear it. Barely any noise all night.

Walmart 35.92655, -80.58623

Their corporate policy does not allow for this, in fact they specifically asked what app was being used giving this incorrect information.

Residence Inn Marriott Parking 33.67968, -117.89309

Pullouts next to the road and pulloffs off the side. I definitely had some challenges with some plants/dirt in my (somewhat low clearance, 2 WD) van, but I was able to get myself turned around.

Road was pretty quiet, there is some traffic noise from the highway, but it’s not overkill.

As far as I know, I’m the only person here tonight

3 bars LTE T-Mobile

Spot in the desert 🌵 32.21941, -109.06627

Great spot. Level ground. Firepit at some pull offs. Several spots along the river.

riverside 37.53440, -79.56440

good coffee and a huge pã queijo for $10, many truckers seelm to spemd the might, loads of parking spaces, not sure showers are free of charge, toilets not só clean though

Posto Pica Pau -22.07946, -47.42309

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