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$5 to dump including flush and fresh water.

Anchor RV Storage 38.96229, -84.61877
Nick Ball

Great cliff front views of the ocean and fun to watch the parasailers as the winds pick up. The sign does say no overnight camping, but after talking to several people parked here it’s apparently not enforced. There were probably close to 15-20 other vehicles, at least, camped out. It’s busy during the day but very quiet at night. I will absolutely stay here again.

Black's Beach 32.89437, -117.25173

Massive gravel plateau above the truck stop. Fabulous sunset, cooling breeze, peaceful, no highway noise. Only 3 other vehicles nearby by. And by near I mean @100 yards away. This is a massive space. So much better than the sketchy ‘down by the river’ spot to the west. I came back here and I’m relieved.

Tom Wells road 33.63035, -114.43833

Small but very nice spots. Had electric hookup. Views of lake

Escalante Petrified Forest State Park 37.78744, -111.63134

Very popular side of the road restaurant. We stopped here for a cup of coffee. Truckers were having breakfast w chicken rice and soup. Recommended!

They also sell energy drinks

Puerta del Sol 1.07835, -76.72203

First crossing. Mostly fine but it can be very bad if it’s raining a lot. We biked across it and it was pretty shallow, local truckers told us sometimes it takes them 45-1hr to get across depending on the water level.

First crossing - waterfalls 1.07949, -76.72762

Wow.typo on the title. It’s supposed to say “LA VIRGEN” ; very popular shrine on the way up, cyclists and locals bring candles.

Burgers 1.07766, -76.74040

Comedor w breakfast, lunch and dinner. We got here after a whole day of biking from
Mocoa. It was around 7:30pm and the lady running the place was very kind and offered us a vegetarian dinner w rice soup; main dish has rice, salad and papas. The foos was delicious. She serves food all day long! We came back the next morning for juices.

Very nice place ; what we needed after such a long day.

Restaurante Isabelita 1.17533, -76.88003

Have parked here once before and returned again tonight. It’s nice because you’re not parked in front of someone’s house. People walk their dogs in the morning and I’ve had friendly curiosity with my van. :)

Secret heart of studio city 34.14801, -118.39220

It closes at 10. There are signs that say no overnight, but if move a little towards Walmart there are no signs. We saw security. There are lots of closed stores in the shopping centre, no homeless people, and lots of lights. There is a train nearby.

Walmart 36.97575, -120.08214

Once one of the coolest backpackers in africa, i would not recommend staying there any more now. Has new owners.

Booked a tented room and when we first removed the blankets lots of insects including 3 big spiders left our bed. Also bedsheets seemed to be not washed in a long time. That also explained why there were basically no other bookings too.

Maun - The Old Bridge Backpackers Lodge -19.94472, 23.48884

100 metros após o pedágio, sentido sul. Chuleta muito boa, com farofa, arroz, feijão e polenta ou batata. Preço muito bom e serve dois: R$ 35,00. Tem buffet a quilo também mas chegamos às 13:30 e não estava atrativo

Chuleta na chapa/casa do couro -25.99911, -48.87819
Hayden Ellms

Water spigot on the front of the building. I asked inside if I could use it and the lady had no issue. There was a hose connected already that I unscrewed to use my own.

Sinclair’s gas station 39.07991, -108.52010
Trota Glober

Estación de Servicio UNO, puedes pasar la noche en el parqueo trasero por consumo de combustible o por 100 lempiras/ 4 USD la noche, hay tienda de conveniencia hasta las 12 pm y los baños hasta las 12 pm, tienen agua limpia para rellenar tanques, venta de garrafón de agua potable, venta de comida rápida, al frente hay car wash, el centro de la ciudad esta a 2 cuadras allí consigues cajero electrónico, las ruinas de copan están a 15 minutos.

Gasolinera Uno Copan 14.83510, -89.15628

Bare land with no privacy between sites, good for trail ride staging. Road is rough going in but doable in a car.

Pye Mountain Rec Site 50.24485, -125.52146

A dream for van lifers! The beach parking lot is open from 4AM - 10PM with showers and toilets. We parked at the beach during the day and then drove over to a nearby street and parked for the 6 hours it was closed. In the morning we had an awesome front row parking spot where we slept a few more hours with the windows open and gorgeous views of the beach. Great area for walking the dog and nearby restaurants.

La Jollo Shores Street Parking 32.85783, -117.25651

Beautiful boutique styled hotel in the historic center of San Miguel de Comondu. The hotel has a restaurant on site with great food at an affordable price. The rooms are Mexican colonial styled and very clean and spacious. Price was 70$US for a double with a kitchenette.

Hotel Hacienda Don Mario 26.03744, -111.83454

Yes, as others have said, generator noise. Other than that, a nice place for a night on the Pacific Coast Highway.

According to the ranger the showers are open only when the place is busy - so, high season. Closed now.

NPR at 91.5

Samoa Boat Ramp 40.77213, -124.21328

Easy dump, especially if you have a chemical toilet. $10 and only three minutes from The Strip. Water is directly next to dump and when we asked attendant if it was potable he didn’t know what that meant so we passed.

Dump Station with water next to fuel pump 36.10458, -115.18978

We had a problem with our breaks in the middle of the jungle with no signal on our way back from “sótano de las golondrinas” and a local did us the favor to send us a mechanic from Aquismón. Lauro and Alberto not only came to pick us up but also fixed our break pump and break pads, went to Ciudad Valles and were able to find the parts with a discount and did all the service for a very reasonable price. Plus!! When they saw we’ll spend the night in a street parking, they asked a friend of them to let us park in her property. Forever thankful for all their work and help!!

Taller mecánico de Lauro y Alberto 21.62430, -99.01621
Baja Surf Yoga

It’s hit or miss here in the sketch factor. Today we were waved through after a friendly conversation about “why do Americans like dogs so much”. There was only one guy on duty. My hypothesis is that the long searches come when the rest of the crew isn’t out on patrol. Smile and be friendly. Try some Spanish. They’re people too and live a hard and dangerous life out here working for the MX government.

Military Checkpoint 27.29019, -112.92673

As described. Very foggy as I drove in. Next to a little stream. At maybe 11pm, some dumbass pulled up right next to me in his truck and peeled out. Otherwise a nice and relatively quiet place to sleep near the highway

Road Side 42.06459, -124.23825

Nice trail that leads to a cool overlook of the valley and highway. Picnic benches scattered throughout. 4 bars of LTE Verizon service

Trail through Time 39.19302, -109.02714

Can get very basic supplies. Rice, tinned food. Beer. Sometimes also diesel.

Marienfluss store -17.62611, 12.51376

This is a teeny weeny trailer park. I wouldn’t really call it a camp ground. Came by in November and it was flooded and smelly. Right next to the old cemeteries. Lots of lizards. Very close to food, drink and bike rentals.

Teeters Campground 35.11656, -75.98089

spot on a sandy beach without the need for 4x4. it has umbrellas and unfortunately some trash. Narrow dirt access road for 300 m from the main road from the north. it runs along the road to pass under the bridge and arrive on the beach. Not for big RV! you can hear the road above but the beach is deserted at the end of the day.

spot sur une plage de sable sans avoir besoin de 4x4. il a des parasols et malheureusement des déchets. route d’accès étroite en terre sur 300 m depuis la route principale en arrivant du nord. elle longe la route pour passer sous le pont et arriver sur la plage. Pas pour les grand camping car! on entend la route au dessus mais la plage est déserte en fin de journée.

Beach 18.99402, -91.18473

They would not allow us to fill up our tanks here

Shell station 44.12357, -69.11818

Really crowded during the day. You are in the middle of the vendors, lots of noice and not a lot of privacy. We stayed one night, nothing happened and felt safe. Next day we moved to the parking by the beach a few kms north and was much nicer. That side of the beach is more quiet and much less crowded of vendors and people.

Manuel Antonio 9.39254, -84.15109

nice quiet spot. bins have now been installed too. and there is also a donation box of you have any change to spare.

Meadow 38.86227, -112.50560

Nice place right on the water. When we stayed here there was a crazy storm moving through, so lots of wind and very wet.
View was still great and would stay here again. I bet it gets very busy in the high season.

Chapel Island 45.70516, -60.77535

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