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very hard road to access this site, I visited on an offroad motorcycle and had a hard time getting there. very quiet and nice but I got flooded in and ended up having to do 2 hours offroad driving in other direction to get out. Will probably be fine in summer

Wild Camp at Ruin 36.84856, -2.05767

Coordinates were a little off, but we just followed the signs. Actually a really beautiful property under some grapefruit trees! We we're also nudged away from Quinta La Carolina because of our dog, but the family here gladly welcomed us! 120 pesos for two people, dog and truck. Clean bathrooms, cold showers and river access. Super safe and quiet!

Campento Erafines 21.43714, -98.92531

WOW, not go be missed! The tent camping is a hike down but looks amazing! We paid 200 pesos for two people and they had no problem with us turning down a guide.

Sótano de Las Huahuas 21.43713, -98.92533

Very nice parking and beach with shade. But at night this area is not safe. Better only during the day

Playa Bandera Beach Front 9.50459, -84.38228

All good and according to description. The police is doing rounds.

BR GAS STATION -23.32886, -49.06531

Place is nice, calm and safe. Super friendly and very helpful owner. The cleanest bathroom and shower ever seen on a campsite. Definitely a recommendation. The owner gave us lots of recommendations for our route and things to do in the area. We would come again.

RV Camping CasaLilu Puntarenas 9.98493, -84.78141

The beach at this place is absolutely amazing... With tidal differences being so big you don't need to walk very far when it is low tide as the Lagoon has some pools that you can swim in... Loads of fish to see and the beach bar area is amazing.. The camping facilities were not that great and they were not prepared for campers but they definitely assisted to get things up and running... They are not really geared for campers, and the place does need a bit of tlc BUT the beach made up for this.... The owners were not there but staff on sight was great and if they were not able to assist they contacted the owners.. We camped for 7usd per tent per night....

Kimbiji Beach Lagoon -6.99670, 39.54453

I arrived after dark and couldn’t find the area the other poster mentioned, with a drop box and hookups, but I did spend a quiet night in the parking lot with no issues. Only saw one other RV.

Payne County Expo Center (fairgrounds) 36.11605, -97.05109

Street parking, 3hrs max from 7am to 6pm.
So you can park here from 3pm until 10am the next day.
Please stealth park like a Ninja, don't stand out, make the neighbors not notice that you are there.

Street parking 25.81645, -80.13088

Easy to find in the dark, I’m at the second pull out, one other car was at the first pull out. Large space with at least some flat area for sleeping. Fire ring and nice log to sit on!

Sierra National Forest, wild camping 37.43889, -119.64884

Decent spot. High clearance helps . Sand was well packed on the date we were there.

Kanab wild camping very nice! 37.07787, -112.54038
Nomad N Rad

What a lovely old town bursting with boats, restaurants, breweries and fun things to see and do.
We parked right along Front Street not far from all the shops. There are picnic tables here and garbage cans. There’s a public toilet to the west and if we stay here another night we may park closer.
There are no “ no parking signs” I asked one of the shop owners if we’d be ok parking here overnight and she said we’d be fine. In the high season they bring in meters and might not allow it but in the month of November it seems to be fine.
The Outer Banks are beautiful and might be worth reserving a boat ride over to explore them more closely.
Fishtowne Brewery offers bingo every other Thursday! Check in to see if it’s on when you get here! You can bring in your own food

Beaufort, North Carolina 34.71505, -76.66219

Parking meters were covered for the season. Another Class B also parked over night. Kids get picked up here for school so action in the morning. Off season no problem but I doubt you would be comfortable in the summer. Washrooms were clean and still open. Fresh doughnuts at the market in the morning. I think they arrived at 5:30 to start making them .

Sandbridge Beach 36.74528, -75.94417

Great water pressure at the water point and nice little spot for a picnic

Amargosa Valley Rest Stop 36.64282, -116.39989

Awesome spot, very quiet. If you want to go to one of the further sites, just know that you have to drive until you feel like you're never going to see another spot and then keep driving - they're out there! And worth the extra few minutes.

Edge of the Death Valley NP 36.82289, -116.87451

no overnight parking signs probably best to move on

Vons parking lot 37.37373, -118.39170

Nice spot to refill water. Very nice grocery with clean bathroom, great variety of product, beer and wine. Nice view and a Dog park. Good place to pass the night.

Bee’s Marketplace Dog Park 36.97300, -112.97655

Bad service here. No employee working close of the propane filling station. They have to call at the microphone. Took more then 15 minutes and 4 calls to be served. The cashier said, if you are unhappy, go at another spot.

Propane Tanks Filled here 36.49943, -114.75967

amazinnnnng. Hot hot hot and clean as. No questions asked either

free hot showers at the community center west vancouver 49.33185, -123.16960

One of the best coffees in Brazil, family farming with sustainability awards, a must-see tourist spot! We got to know the plantation and had coffee that was ground and freshly brewed by Deigson Bento, a producer who received us very well with his family. contact 69-99978-0449 (WhatsApp)

Um dos melhores cafés do Brasil, agricultura familiar com prêmios de sustentabilidade, ponto turístico imperdível! Conhecemos a plantação e tomamos um café moído e coado na hora pelo Deigson Bento, produtor que nos recebeu muito bem com sua família. contato 69-99978-0449 (WhatsApp)

Don Bento Coffee Café -11.36954, -61.33088

A nice experience. As mentioned a lot of perks given for signing up as a club member.
$10 Free slot play, $10 Free food voucher and $10 match play on blackjack (one hand).
The food voucher buys a whole mini pizza, and honestly, mine was better than most chains. A well stocked bar and a good variety of machines
Plenty of parking space and it feels safe.
Won my single hand, then hit on my $10 free play. I'll take my pizza and call this a great spot to stop.

Casino Pauma 33.33005, -116.99255

beautiful and functional campsite with heart and soul. we enjoyed the crystal clear pool in the heat of the day after a hike up Mt D'Urban. if nobody is around to check you in just choose your site so long. some of the sites have plug points for fridges (site 8 and 6 i know off)as well as usb. all solar po powered . the campsite is a family project , run by Boeta and Marietta, built by his son who now lives in Australia. Beta and Marietta live at their farm nearby and you can buy the most delicious fresh bread , meat butter and jam from them, and they also helped with fixing a puncture in our tire. they are most friendly and helpful and staying at this camp was an all-round great experience.

Mount D'Urban Campsite -25.70625, 16.85106

Not a save place at alk! We got robbered there. No watchman at night. We were 7 cars and They smashed the windows of two vehicles while we slept in the roof tents.

Thakadu Camp -21.73945, 21.67858

$8 a nice is great for this place. Simple, nice and quiet.

Dru Barber Park Campground 38.94390, -120.76476

Seriously awesome spot. It was so quiet all night, only one bike went past around 11pm, the rest was silent. The view is insane. The only new thing we would add are a few stray dogs hanging around but they seemed friendly, don't let that out you off. You have to come here!

Chacabuco mirador -32.96649, -70.71125

Parked in front of an older apartment complex. Nice, quiet, and clean. Next to #5 bus line that takes you downtown, and to the Greenwood neighborhood, which is super cute and full of great places to eat and hang out.

Street parking next to Zoo and Park. 47.66527, -122.35434

free to dump but water is locked and can only be purchased now by calling a number.

isn't water a basic necessity for life? thought it's free unless it's treated?

Tulelake Rotary Club 41.95513, -121.47365

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 17.33086, -91.92584

Valle de Bascan - Centro Ecoturistico 17.33086, -91.92584

Still open. I think it may be contingent on how your rig looks - if you look shady, the cops may ask you to move on.

Pretty constantly used as a ‘sit and smoke and listen to music’ spot by locals until midnight, after that relatively quiet. Felt very safe and nobody bothered us.

Salem Willows Park 42.52344, -70.89108

Not a great experience here... They told us our bag was 5kg (it DEFINITELY was not, probably closer to 5lbs), and charged us 8Q per kg... We ended up paying 40Q for a very small bag of laundry, and weren't even able to pick up same day.

no name 14.73894, -91.15787

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