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$8 a nice is great for this place. Simple, nice and quiet.

Dru Barber Park Campground 38.94390, -120.76476

Seriously awesome spot. It was so quiet all night, only one bike went past around 11pm, the rest was silent. The view is insane. The only new thing we would add are a few stray dogs hanging around but they seemed friendly, don't let that out you off. You have to come here!

Chacabuco mirador -32.96649, -70.71125

Parked in front of an older apartment complex. Nice, quiet, and clean. Next to #5 bus line that takes you downtown, and to the Greenwood neighborhood, which is super cute and full of great places to eat and hang out.

Street parking next to Zoo and Park. 47.66527, -122.35434

free to dump but water is locked and can only be purchased now by calling a number.

isn't water a basic necessity for life? thought it's free unless it's treated?

Tulelake Rotary Club 41.95513, -121.47365

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 17.33086, -91.92584

Valle de Bascan - Centro Ecoturistico 17.33086, -91.92584

Still open. I think it may be contingent on how your rig looks - if you look shady, the cops may ask you to move on.

Pretty constantly used as a ‘sit and smoke and listen to music’ spot by locals until midnight, after that relatively quiet. Felt very safe and nobody bothered us.

Salem Willows Park 42.52344, -70.89108

Not a great experience here... They told us our bag was 5kg (it DEFINITELY was not, probably closer to 5lbs), and charged us 8Q per kg... We ended up paying 40Q for a very small bag of laundry, and weren't even able to pick up same day.

no name 14.73894, -91.15787

this is at Entebbe close to Anna's B&B

Victoria Medical Services 0.05499, 32.46467

Am actually on a large dirt lot across from the flying J. No signs and a semi is also parked here so I am pretty sure it’s all good

Flying J truck stop always welcomes rv’ers...... has dump station and water for tanks. 32.73857, -111.55139

what a nice surprise to find Morro Bay has hot public showers that run on quarters. And the best part is that it only takes one quarter to turn the water on. You get approximately 2 minutes per quarter so for $0.75 I had a nice shower. I don't know about the men's room but the ladies room was extremely clean. they state that it's only open during daylight hours which is fine. Great if you're out in the water kayaking or paddle boarding or out for a hike and you want to take a nice shower. bathrooms are open air so probably want to take that into account.

Public Restrooms and Hot Shower 35.37108, -120.85733

The nearest ATM to Bwindi. If you’re foing there from north and need cash, this is the last place to withdraw. Opposite Kihihi fuel station. Bank and ATM.

Stanbic Bank -0.74787, 29.70159

This place is permanently closed.

Kankakee River State Park 41.21364, -88.02216

The laundry and shower facilities are now locked for tenants only

Public Bathroom, Laundry, and Showers 24.56122, -81.80084

if you do a Google search you will see that this marked location is not anywhere near the monument.

Sonoran Desert National Monument 33.30412, -111.99474

José is really nice and will take care of your windshield within 10 min

Windshield repair 24.13715, -110.32012

Grassy field with lots of room. Kinda bumpy. Tall grass Good sun exposure. Tight entrance. No amenities. 1 bar Verizon.

Beaver Creek Wilderness 36.90399, -84.42185

Hotel San Juan,
Small hotel, very clean and has comfy beds and a gated parking lot. We brought our bikes upstairs to our room (one set of stairs). Price is 25K for a double + private bathroom and hot shower, 20k for a single w no private bathroom/hot water. Wifi was decent and all rooms have tv

We took the single (for two people) on the second floor; the bathroom was right next door and we were the only ones using it.

We were told camping is no longer allowed because it’s a new owner.

Hotel San Juan 0.89381, -77.54782

temporarily closed

Cabin Creek Rest Area Southbound 43.47678, -123.32082

7 hours at boarder crossing Make sure you many copies of everything We had to fill out papers for entry to Costa Rica health certificate You still need negative COVID test even with vaccine. Very slow many trucks. !!!!

La Fraternidad, San Marcos de Colon, Honduras to El Espino, Nicaragua 13.44604, -86.72378

buen sitio para pasar unos dias, con costo, los baños son nuevos.

Guadalupe River state park 29.87185, -98.48838

Wow one of the best campsites we have been. All facilities are there and working properly. Highly recommend

Migombani Campsite -3.36366, 35.83819

I wasn't able to find this place.

Charlesford Farm Campsite -31.84435, 18.25336

got a room today without a reservation. I asked for the cheapest option and got a bedroom for 2, payed 15.000 CLP. Dinner would be 6.000 CLP, but I ate something in the city center. Really good WiFi, fast and stable. Owner is very nice. My motorbike got a safe place behind the house, maybe a second bike would fit.

La Blanca y El Negro -38.93150, -72.03339

Quiet spot that we had to ourselves in mid November. Room for maybe 30 but more than 12 or so would feel cramped. It was quite cold and very windy. The BEST vault toilet I have ever used! Only 4 stars because inside the loop, and outside in the surrounding area is inundated with prairie dog mounds, which is fine, but we had dogs that are supposed to be on leash as we are still in the national park here (I think) which made for interesting potty times.

Sage Creek Campground (NPS) 43.89386, -102.41345

beautiful place, stayed here for three nights, absolutely quiet off-season
for those who miss 4wd or if there are issues with the original spot: there are plenty of nice places around the beach bars in the south. just follow the road down to the end and pick a place along the beach. off-season all the bars are closed.

Great place on the beach 38.67540, 20.55654

Long beach to reach by bumpy and partially sandy track. Lot of space to stay

north of Agliou 29.84806, -9.80117

Nice place for a night. Good for the view on the dam and good for a small walk in the area.

Follow the road until the end and choose a flat place. There are trees to prptect of the wind if you need.
There are some house around the dam, so check before to ask if it's ok just in case.
Nobody around, just the maintenance guy saw us in the morning and ask why we stay here.
He was friendly and let us.

Network coverage.

Tokwe Dam -20.86700, 31.06800

Parking assez grand, bien éclairé toute la nuit et silencieux. Nous n’avons eu aucun problème. Nous sommes arrivés vers 15h et reparti à 7h am le lendemain. Tout a bien été. Je recommande.

Parking lot at Golf Club 32.78814, -79.90063

Nice little coffee serving good breakfasts, lunches and even iced coffee.
Books are also for sale for 5 usd each, and include a selection of very old beststellers from mark twain, alexandre dumas etc, mostly copies are from around 1900 and in good condition.

Indaba Book café -20.15730, 28.58787

Ótimo lugar para estacionar, passar o dia sem problemas e pernoitar.

Beach on Laguna Negra -34.04116, -53.53931

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