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Stopped for a night or two but with the entrance and impending rain I decided to go a little farther south.

Mayersville 32.89918, -91.05870

It seems it used to be a gas station. Wide flat spot next to the highway. I see it in day time, I didn’t stay for the night. Lots of noise from the highway. Might be good for one night. Lots of trash.

Spot Rd 32.83651, -113.35744

Nudist Beach - Nice beach-area, heated pool in the high season. Normaly day-use only. 400 Pesos pP.

Playa Escondida -38.22706, -57.72773

Great camping. Pleasant place, silent and familiar. it has a swimming pool, hot bath, soccer field and restaurant. Excellent service.

Ótimo camping. Lugar agradável, silencioso e familiar. possui piscina, banho quente, campo de futebol e restaurante. Excelente atendimento

Camping das Estrelas -23.04487, -45.91289

Nice area after I finally found it. Top of Levee turn right about 1 1/2 miles then left. Gate is very narrow but my truck camper fit with room to spare. I would stay here again.

Shipland WMA 32.77351, -91.14339

Rua tranquila, ficamos com dois MHs por duas noites, bem perto da praia e do centrinho,

Rua tranquila, pouco movimento -9.84605, -35.90247

We stayed here one night in our roof top tent and no one bothered us. Few cars passing by. It’s just a pullout on a hill (about 7% steepness). No “no” signs, or private property signs like many of the earlier pullouts on this road. I drive through the first two poles and then backed up into the spot. Went out the same way.

This road is steep and bumpy. We were fine in our 2011 Subaru Outback. I can imagine it being muddy after rain.

Varies from no service to 2 bars fast service with Verizon. No service with T-mobile.

Awesome sunrise. Keep it clean!

Uneven pullout with sunrise views 35.91260, -121.45915

12p/ garrafon (20l).
Cheaper if you buy in La Paz instead. We bought here because it was Sunday and it’s late….
They look clean.

Agua purifica Centenario 24.10958, -110.41855

No blockage today, we passed at 3:10pm. Police were at the crossroad in town patrolling

blockage by zapatistas 17.02250, -92.13322

Passed at 3:40pm and there were no rope blocks

Rope block 17.10336, -92.14630

Great place to stay the night! Many places next to the road along the beach under the trees.

Playa grande 9.63588, -82.67846

Under power lines. Rough'ish ground in scrub, but flat. First spot occupied. Lights up ahead, probably at the next checked-in spots, so took a left and parked under the the power lines.

It will do for a night.

Update: Car at the first location departed. So rather than sleeping under crackling power lines, I relocated to that first now vacant camp spot.

BLM 32.20719, -106.62971

35 cents a gallon refill station outside the grocery store on the left side

Stater Bros Glacier Refill 34.12893, -116.39737

Couldn’t get to this via Google maps. There’s a gate and permits are required. Tried via Apple Maps and it didn’t work either. We tried via old fashioned maps but couldn’t find it either. We gave up after 1.5 hours.

Incredible vista 45.45472, -121.61269

Great location. They didn't have space for my motorcycle in the courtyard but they have what seem an extremely secure off site parking. A bit pricey for me ($785 pesos) but I love the building and the location.

Hotel Posada del Centro with parking 17.06270, -96.72799

2 bars LTE Verizon. Arrived at 10pm. No attendant. Paid $5 in drop box. Nobody in parking lot. Parked in the first lot on the left as posted by other user. Dark and quiet. Plenty of space for a large RV

Tugaloo State Park 34.49922, -83.07549

They wanted R900 for 2 people per night. We did not stay. Overnighted on the beach parking right in front of the campground instead.

Glentana campsite -34.05040, 22.31509

Stopped for dumping only. $20. Has fresh water as well.

Olema Camp Dump Station 38.04359, -122.79058

Stayed the allowable 72 hour max. It is loud with the train and traffic but for free it was worth it. I would go to Buccaneer park during the day to chill!

Parkinglot 1 oceanside 33.20588, -117.38749

saw 7 on my toute. your marking at wrong place

Stone Man Statues -18.23841, 13.76837

Super spot with great views. Quiet at night, leveled pit. Gravel or field road to get there but not too difficult. Unfortunately some garbage around (including construction material leftovers)

Old Water supply 45.55673, 25.37405

Parking du cimetière pas de service mais tranquille la nuit.

San José de Feliciano -30.38457, -58.76461

Bikeventures rents out bicycles, organises bike tours and has accommodation. It is run by cyclists and they support local charities. They have a number of different types if roles catering for individuals or groups.
There are decent bathrooms with hot water, running water, toilet paper and toilet seats. The kitchen looks well equipped. The beds and bunks are comfortable and have mosquito nets and electrical points. There are also fans in the rooms. The WiFi is not the best and was erratic when I was there. There is secure place to store bicycles or motorbikes. The parking area is big enough for RVs. A good place to stop over. May not be the easiest to get to bit it is quiet.

Bikeventures 0.42968, 33.19997

Inside International Continental Hotel you can take PCR test and antigen test. By appointment only

COVID test centre -26.13325, 28.23035

An actual brewery with restaurant. Nice seating outside and friendly laidback staff! A must try is the Buchu beer!

Copperlake Breweries -25.94609, 27.93639

Great lunch stp. friendly staff and excellent food. wrap based menus. Good veggie options. recommended

Restaurant Noa Barichara 6.63610, -73.22262

Didn’t stay the night - arrived to see a few sketchy looking people drinking down by the river who gave us the evil eye, pretty bad vibes.

Also the water spigot has been turned off.

Public Boat Ramp 31.97789, -81.28717

We appreciate a very delicious food and we finished with a perfect organic tea and dishes home made. The owners are very lovely give us some useful information, we have a very good time. We parking for the night very quiet.

Aras Nomad Tourist Camp 38.94954, 45.60661

Camping R$ 50,00 por pessoa, R$ 10,00 por motorhome/trailer. Para usar a piscina paga mais R$ 25,00 por pessoa. Local limpo, com vários pontos de água e energia, mas poucos locais planos para estacionar o RV. Tem também cabanas para alugar. É permitido som automotivo, então durante o dia é bem barulhento. Aceitam pets.

Águas da fonte -28.74272, -53.13708

Nice campground. Limited electric and pond view sites. Currently every other site is blocked off because if you’re not 60 feet from the next Winnebago you gonna get the rona.

$12 for basic sites. Cash in envelope system.

Ocean Pond Campground 30.23920, -82.43559

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