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No more water... It is either defective or closed for the season! How nose:-(

Squamish RV Dump 49.73639, -123.13437

The campsite and the sani dump are closed for the season.

Alice Lake Provincial Park 49.78260, -123.12087

very large flat area with dozens of camping

Wooded field 43.99510, -121.30865

Ripio road. RUTA 40
from Bardas Blancas til Laguna Coipo Lauquen.
approximately 110km
be careful.
drive safe.

Ripio Road - RUTA 40 -36.04446, -69.72533

Ripio road. RUTA 40
from Laguna Coipo Lauquen til Bardas Blancas.
approximately 110km
be careful.
drive safe.

Ripio Road- RUTA 40 -36.57320, -69.82797

Stayed here 2 days and nights, could hear few cars passing buy but didn't bother me, 2 more rv's and many cars were parked on the street. Great spot near the river for visiting the city. Feels safe. It was exactly like the review said. No road construction at the time for us.

Murray Blvd-Ashley River Charleston SC 32.76961, -79.93508

Gravel lot designated picnic area. Some traffic goes by, but nothing a little white noise won’t drown. Historical markers. Picnic tables. No restrooms or anything else. Nice vast views. Partial deer limb rested on picnic table. Other than that some trash strewn about.

Highway 412/56 roadside rest stop 36.30559, -104.18811

On our way to somewhere else, this place was a perfect respite. Water and electricity at the RV sites, pull-thru. Great for small rigs. There’s laundry. Showers, dumpster, and a dump station. Priced for those on a budget. No nonsense staff. Be nice and respectful, you get just that in return. Would go back.

Stafford RV Park and campground - inexpensive hookups in the redwoods 40.45594, -124.05588

just off of the interstate at the intersection of Four Corners Mines Road. Nice level wide spots with only minimal interstate traffic noise. 304 bars of Verizon. Easy on and off.

W of Green River 5 miles 38.92541, -110.37861

20€ per night in a tent, the view was worth it alone. The wifi works fast in the tent which is rare, and the facilities were clean. Delphi archaeological site walking distance up a nice trail. Highly recommended.

Delphi Camping 38.47803, 22.47431

No cops here anymore. No stop, nothing ;)

Pas de contrôle ici, aucun stop ni signe d'un checkpoint !

Police control -33.87445, -69.07250

We cross the control during sunday, lot of cars was there and all the car continue the road without stop by the police and the sanitary control. Easy

on a passé le contrôle un dimanche, il y avais beaucoup de voiture, la police n'arrêtez personne et le contrôle pour les fruits aussi. On est passé tranquille

Fruit Control -33.87446, -69.07242

Horrible !! Many people have come camped but also eating quietly and guys who want to do the interesting arrives with big sound in the cars chest and put the sound background. At 00h it was still so strong. Children try to sleep but impossible. I do not know if it's because we were Sunday but I really disappointed you to sleep the unless you like not to sleep before 3am ..

HORRIBLE!! Beaucoup de gens sont venu campé mais aussi manger tranquillement et des gars qui veulent faire les intéressant arrive avec de la grosse sono dans le coffre des voitures et mettent le son a fond. a 00h c'etais toujours aussi fort. des enfants essayer de dormir mais impossible. Je ne sais pas si c'est parce que nous étions dimanche mais je vous déconseille vraiment de dormir la, sauf si vous aimez ne pas dormir avant 3h du matin..

Virgen Del Valle Grande - Rio Atuel -34.82042, -68.48601

Restaurante Subway ao lado da lavanderia. Server sanduíches

Subway -28.68542, -49.36925

Had an amazing experience here. It was low-season and Ally gave me 3 hours private lessons for 120$. He was amazing, attentive and very good at motivating. Highly recommended!

You can whatsapp him on: +971 55 830 8768

Kishada kite school -6.27118, 39.53656

Thanks to the OP for making me aware of this spot!! Arrived to the hot spring about 12:30 on a Sunday and only one other person there. There are several small pools along the river at varying temperatures, most are pretty shallow unless you dig them out a bit. The river was mid-calf at both crossings so I did those barefoot. The river rocks are smooth but slippery so be careful!
Also, I parked at the trailhead, but next time I'd probably just walk from the VC.

Lightfeather Hot Springs Trail Head 33.22572, -108.24124

unlocked water spigot next to the air refill station (far left edge of the lot as your coming in).

Exxon water spigot 35.15304, -84.94945

Surprised this Walmart is not listed. Saw 8-9 campers of all types and two semi’s. The only signs I can find say “cameras in use”.

Parked with everyone else in the corner furthest away from the entrance (to the left as you enter from the main road).

Walmart 36.50902, -82.51660

As described. Great location to get off the highway and spend the night. Very clean.

Fort Lancaster Scenic Overlook Pic Nic Area 30.67831, -101.67292

awesome spot. I didn't go up the steep hill... the road was rough and my van doesn't need that. but on the bottom of the hill was a nice flat area with just as good as a view. built a fire.. had a peaceful quiet night

Wildlife Management/BLM 36.79490, -108.22599

As previously mentioned. Must pre-book. Price: R75pppn + R30/vehicle (once off).

Beautiful sunsets, great hiking (loads of natural pools & waterfalls).

Beaverlac -32.90772, 19.06863

trailhead parking lot directly off the side of the road. people started showing up to hike at about 8am. i was disappointed to see the amount of trash and tp scattered throughout the parking lot and surrounding area. please remember Leave No Trace principles and pack out your tp after burying your solid waste.

La Cieneguilla Trailhead & Petroglyph area 35.60883, -106.12004

nice spot. there were a couple other vans and rvs along the road, but there are so many spots available (and far apart) that it feels pretty solitary. i chose a large spot closer to the highway and did not regret it. only saw a couple cars drive by and highway noise died down by 8 or 9. I did see a LOT of tp scattered theoughout the brush. remember to pack out all tp and trash to keep these sites clean!

Up on the hill 34.22101, -106.94599

Good place tô spend the night.
natural hot pool.
lots of level and shade areas around the goats, cows, frogs, dogs, cats and chickens.

Poço Violeto -8.54684, -43.95000

they stopped first the first one and asked where we going and passport, and said to go to the 2nd team but the 2nd just waved at us.

Control Fitosanitaria 26.36482, -109.01586

This is a really nice free campground 10 minutes from the Gila Cliff Dwellings. There are 7 spots with metal fire rings and a few more with stone rings. There is one large spot near the entrance that could fit multiple vehicles. There was only one other camper here during my stay Sunday - Tuesday. Quiet, beautiful views & nice area to walk around. The toilets had a bit of a smell inside but overall very clean and well maintained.

Forks Campground 33.18321, -108.20628

Really nice quiet parkup. Bunch of geese on the pond; they got going in the morning before we did :) 3 bars of Verizon.

Jones Creek Pond 41.87148, -95.92557

What a gem. The campsite is tucked into a secluded piece of bushveld. Sites are level, far apart from each other and in pristine condition. The hosts, Rob and Elsie, are superb. Each campsite has a braai, waterpoint and electricity. The ablutions are great and super clean. In the evening you hear lions, hyenas and jackals. No cars or other noises. Limited cellphone reception, only messages go through. A splash pool for the heat. Game roam free on several farms and you can walk or cycle anywhere. Excellent rates apply. We will certainly come back again and again. It should be a perfect winter destination, it does get quite hot in summer. The last 6km is not tarred and a bit corrugated. If driven slowly ordinary caravans can also go there.

Roratau bush camp -25.63362, 28.56807

We could not find this place,we asked a lot of people around but nowbody new about it.

Ecoparque Rayos del Sol 2.51341, -76.53854

Good place to overnight. Some noise from traffic, little later in the evening and at night.
If you don't have so many hp's in your vehicle, avoid the very steep roads going up!

Lafayette Park 37.79217, -122.42897

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