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Less than half a mile to get there I believe. Trail will take you right to it. The upper pool was warmer for me. Very relaxing!

Spence hot springs 35.84965, -106.62982

very dirty. over half of the washers out of order. only 4 of the dryers working.

select foods laundromat 49.35563, -124.44029

Large parking lot
Rv and car wash
Electric car charging posts

Chevron gas station 38.24829, -112.65357

Sweet, like new palapas on 12 mile beach and easy access to black sand beach south of the lighthouse. Very kind locals, feels safe and good (blue) store with fresh vegetables. Pay for palapas at the other store Pattis(orange) much smaller store but bigger building. About 150 nightly. It’s probable you won’t get charged unless you go in to pay but it’s better karma to pay. Two entrances get you to palapas, best is to turn right at old burned store and then a short drive into beach to find which palapa suits you. As always, walk the short sandy distance to the palapas just to know you’re rig can make it. Enjoy the charm and the peace here, it’s pretty sweet. Good birding too.

Beach camping 30.27681, -112.85311

For two of us cost $5.47 to use the showers only (would have been roughly $13 to use the pool too). Women's had three private showers and a group shower, men's appeared to only have a group shower.

Perth & District Indoor Pool 44.90480, -76.25923

No signs regarding parking. Parked on the street in front of resident cars alongside park. Arrived around 8pm and left at 6:30 and no issues. Average amount of traffic passing by and planes overhead, but relatively quiet.

Jordan Park street parking 33.64328, -117.89972

A good shop to change tires of all kinds.
Julio, the owner, seems really invested in what he does and takes great care of his craft.
I had my front motorcycle tire replaced for a few bucks and will be back when the rear wears out.

Llantera sante fe 24.15458, -110.30148

Very good camping to rest after 110km of RIPIO ROAD coming from Malargue.
Hot showers (try during sun light).
Lot of trees shades.
Big parking area.
Power everywhere.
Clean restroons.
Well located.
They charged us 300AR$/pp (including motorhome)

Camping Municipal Chos Malal -37.37134, -70.27492

This spot is close to a camping ground. The local police stops tourists here for „crossing a red light“ or „speeding“ and write ticket for 4.000 or 8.000 pesos. They will take your driving license until you pay the ticket on the police station (this is actually legal in Cancun). Or you can pay the half to the cop and you are free (bribe). We were stopped here 3 times and it was always the same. We always play dumb and we don’t speak English or Spanish with them and they let us drive without pay anything. Please be very careful on this road or on the roads to the airport. They know you are probably in a hurry.

Local police stops tourists here 21.20286, -86.81295

200’ off the road, fire ring, easy to get level, gorgeous view of the red rock cliffs around Palatki Heritage Site that are illuminated by the sunset. Little wood available so bring your own. Within earshot of other sites, but not visible. Plenty of traffic along road until sunset.

Red Rock View 34.90039, -111.90975

No bill propane until further notice, per posted signs on front door and employees. Cylinder exchange only. Nov 22 2021.

Shell garage 36.15080, -109.59163

We called home depot and asked if we could park here.

They said yes, as long as we pulled off to the side where you enter the parking lot. To stay away from the main parking area.

not bad for levelness.

Walmart, value village, and more around the area.

Home Depot in Owen Sound 44.57477, -80.90782

We moved to this spot on our 2nd night we found out that you can park on the streets after 8 pm but you have to move by 9 am. We felt safe on this spot police told us to stay close to the town center on a well lighted street.

Street parking 22.15010, -100.97446

Location is now run by Dutch guy, named Jesse. He really is improving the place. Small things like fresh water showers and free stable wifi are now operational. You can camp between the palmtrees on the beach. Nice bar to have a cold beer.

Mikadi Campsite -6.81916, 39.32137

Stayed here for 4 nights no problem. Rolled in at 10:30pm tonight to sleep and they were busily towing cars. Got out of there real quick.

Cracker Barrel 29.78335, -95.69209

all as described below. owner very friendly. a little close to the road, si some noise in the night. but very pleasant place.
not si well indicated from thé road, thé panel is little..

Symponia Lodge and Campsite -21.65260, 21.69676

One of the most beautiful places I've stayed in. beautiful sunset and sunrise. gorgeous views of the San Rafael Swell. Verizon connection is poor. texting and Verizon phone was good last evening but nothing this morning. The road, Temple Mountain Road, getting here from the east was gravel and in good condition. There are many other spectacular dispersed campsites along this road.

Temple Mountain Road 38.67247, -110.71679

Very nice place at the River banks. It's an established Lodge with beautiful cabins and space for camping. Reservation prefered: Natasha +27 8182 169 10
5 bars 4G cellphone connection. No wifi at sites.

Rocky Ridge River View -26.91408, 27.39700

Drive to the end of the road, follow right around the park to the sea.
Sand is very hard, easy to drive with all cars.
no light, very calm, feels save

Laft Park 26.90478, 55.74942

Very easy check point. Passport and CdP needed. You fill out an other paper.
You get a small paper, need it if coming back.
nothing to pay

Ferry Custom Office 26.97741, 55.74893

guy asked me about ticket, I gave him 50k Toman not 2€

Bandar Pol - office to obtain permission to visit Qeshm 26.97584, 55.74964

Yguaçu and Silvia até a amazing couple with a huge experience in world traveling. The area outside their house is very nice. There is also Bric, another world traveler full of stories

Yguaçu and Silvia -25.39815, -49.14723

nice located campground with view over the city and the coast.
pitches are much to small; we were here only with our friends, but if the campground is full, it's like a parking area with some green. 6 toilets and 6 (in the morning cold) showers are not enough for at least 60 pitches.
electricity was broken down - so no lights in WC and showers. WiFi also did not work.
Dogs at the campground barking all night.
we do not recommend although it's the only one in this area.

Laguna Park camping 32.72563, -9.04366

As described, 3 sections (semi, passenger, RV/camper). gets very busy 10-2pm but fairly quiet late evening. Dogs required on a leash but lots of space. I'll advise like others have, park in the RV section as it's the furthest away from the freeway. 3 bars Verizon LTE

i75 Mile 346 NB Rest Area 29.09261, -82.18347

great mechanic where some of the staff speak really good English. We had a transmission problem on our VW T4. Although this car is virtually nonexistent in Kurdistan-Iraq they were still able to help us plus they knew a VW spare part shop. We had no appointment but they took care of our issue right away. Their garage is well equipped, modern and clean. They worked on our car for about 3 hours. We found the price we paid really fair.
They have a separate waiting room which is pretty quiet. They have hot tea and fast wifi.
They also have a cleaning service (which we did not use)

Grand Auto Service 35.55485, 45.39296

nice and quite place, no facilities! beautiful view! i've spent 1 Night!

Tabatinga II beach -7.31299, -34.80296

Nice place with a friendly owner. Ablutions basic but clean. We recommend. 3 hours with the boat to go to an island and visit the tribe for 7500 Ksh.

Bush Baby Campsite 0.61408, 36.02124
SylvanGoes Instagram

Water and dump services still open!

When you copy the updated coordinates into google maps it still brings you to the wrong part of the park. It is in the North East corner. We set out directions to BCA Pediatrics to get to the location. See attached photo for location!

Eagle Draw Park dump & water 32.84763, -104.39881

Decent spot on the river! A few locals drive by but that's about it. Gravel lot is only somewhat level. 1 bar Verizon 4G yet still fast, I can stream netflix off 1 bar.

Squirrel place at the Licking River 38.33961, -83.95772

went to set up camp. Ground was a bit unleveled for our camper. went over to home depot. basically next door.

Walmart 44.57427, -80.91101

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