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Got here while driving O5. 2 mtrs down washed away. Tried to make a ramp for 2 hours but too risky so had to turn around. can't believe no one put a warning here. So for now we think the O5 is impossible to drive

impossible crossing -12.59288, 31.74761

Quiet secluded parking area, near beach - nobody after dark - early morning surfers & fisherman pass

Ramsgate beach - parking -30.90730, 30.33460

Wet nice spot you have the beach all to your self we stop here on our way to huatulco after locals recommend this spot 10/10

Wild beach access 15.68456, -96.24019

Huge parking lot at Walmart. If you park close to University Dr, nobody was there. A bit noisy from the street, not so much at night. Didn't ask permission at Walmart as I normally do and didn't get a knock on the door in the middle of the night.

Walmart 24/7 25.99306, -80.24821

Very close to town, but LOUD music next door till around 2:00am (there is a club). It's 20 pesos parking per hour till 8 pm, plus 150 pesos for the night. Gate closes at 8 so you have to be there before eight.

we arrived in Tequila on Sunday and it was PACKED. Navigating trough the small streets and crowds of people was a bit stressful after a long drive. The entrance was TIGHT with our camper truck and cars parked in the street making the corner more tight.

Small Backyard Parkground to pay 20.88416, -103.83541

Beautiful lake and green nature around. Lots of cool birds if you look for them! In the weekend crowds from Guadalajara come to camp and party, we found them all very nice!

You are not allowed to park next to the lake (only tents can). Instead you have to park in the back of the campsite. Price for 2 persons is 300 pesos per night. Cold showers and restaurant (didn't try).

El Ranchito 20.88416, -103.83540
Disfrute La Naturaleza

Also open on Sundays. 7h-12h.
results in one hour.
1250 lempiras/pers. accept Visa or Mastercard.

Lab. El Buen Samaritano 13.30110, -87.19882
Disfrute La Naturaleza

we could park in the backyard just like we did two years ago. Friendly People. water, electricity, bathrooms. no Wi-Fi. Nice place to stay before crossing the border.

Bomberos 13.30284, -87.18669

I can only confirm: food prices at the restaurants are too expensive for what you get. I just had lunch here and I cannot recommend. Atmosphere is really nice though and great for a break. Did not stay over night.

Helmeringhausen Hotel -25.89100, 16.82346

Just a Pemex 24 hours open. 100 Pesos for the night. Inkluding cold shower.

Pemex 16.55410, -94.61741

Camping maravilhoso! Estrutura rústica, mas muito bem organizada. Lugar o lindo em meio à Mata Atlântica com cachoeira e piscinas naturais. É necessário agendamento para pernoitar. Os donos são pessoas incríveis, cheios de histórias para contar por horas em frete uma fogueira! Preço por pessoa R$50,00 por noite. Vale muito a pena! O GPS vai marca localização errada, mas siga em frete na estrada que logo aparecerão placas de localização, quando chegar na igrejinha, siga a estrada a direita e que dará na porteira do Ecco Park.

Ecco Park camping -22.55523, -46.46014

Official campsite, but still in the process of being built. They have a kitchen, bar, fire pit - even chalets. However, it is not officially open so it wasn’t fully operational during our stay.

No running water yet, only from a hand pump & bucket nearby. They put a bucket by the toilet for us to flush (everything was clean).

There is electricity, but not at the campsites. Only at the common areas. They even provided firewood for us.

The manager was very friendly, and gave us a tour. Hopefully the place will be finished soon - they have some really cool ideas.

No fixed price for camping, so it depends on your negotiating skills. Expect anywhere between MT500-1,000.

You can still hear some hustle and bustle from the town, but not too much. Probably the best (and only) campsite in Lichinga that we could find.

The Google maps directions are wrong - follow the trail on iOverlander or Tracks4Africa. Both take you to the right place.

Bruno is the manager and speaks good english.
+258 85 703 3499

Campground -13.30453, 35.23410

take this road from Gobernador Gregores to Tres Lagos to escape 75km of ripio. all paved!!!

Ruta to escape RIPIO of RUTA40 (RP27 + RP288) -49.51798, -69.62569

take this road from Gobernador Gregores to Tres Lagos to escape 75km of ripio. all paved!!!

Skip 75km RIPIO of Ruta 40 (RP 27 + RP288) -48.80018, -70.26291

skip this road
take RP27 + RP288 from Gobernador Gregores to Tres Lagos to escape 75km of ripio. all paved!!!
we lost one tire and drove until El Calafate without step.

Road Sign: Do Not pass through by rain -49.32836, -71.40105

wrong location, but I tried make it right.
hot shower for 100 pesos argentinos.
very nice people.
hotel, restaurant and gas station.

Bajo Caracoles - Hostel y gasolinera -48.03678, -71.02025

we came here to take a shower.
the guy changed us 200 pesos argentinos pp. too expensive and the shower was dirty.
So, we went to the Hotel Bajo Caracoles and they charged us 100 pesos argentinos pp.

hostel ruta 40 -47.44347, -70.92646

we asked for shower in Hotel Bajo Caracoles and the guy charged us 100 pesos argentinos pp. good for travelers!!!

Petrol Station Hotel -47.44455, -70.92694

Rest areas on both northbound and southbound Interstate 5. Both open. Both undergoing construction / expansion but no impact yet on ability to stay. We stayed at both, one coming and one on return.

Larry Combs (Westley) Rest Area 37.58374, -121.32279

Stopped here, but left because it was full of so much trash and felt unsafe. Wouldn't recommend.

Sign For River Access 40.53861, -124.14692

Trash all over and abandoned camper + car. We didn't feel safe so we kept driving. Wouldn't recommend.

Beyond founders Grove. 40.34868, -123.91791

Loggers on both sides of the road now so we didn't stay.

Dyerville Rd 40.34305, -123.88313

Large parking lot with plenty of space! Pretty quiet throughout the night and a small view of the ocean! 1-2 bars Verizon (not very reliable).

Vista Point 39.57527, -123.77220

Easy access street where you can park easily as well (29 feet RV). A bit noisy il the evening and morning due to the avenue but calm in the night. We stayed 3 nights and felt safe. Walmart express and Soriana are very close. 10 min with a taxi to the centre.

Residential street 20.68433, -103.39448
Michel Forest

It’s good sand Beach parking. Many entrees many parking just ask for a free overnight and they said ok. Paid restroom and shower all around.

Playa de Tuxpan parking area 20.98101, -97.31243

This Camp is closed since June 2021 and reopening is not defined

Mountain Breeze Caravan Park -33.91564, 18.94393

Lots of spaces here- some in full view, but some that are tucked away and hidden. Some trash, clearly well used sites. Good Entel signal. At 4am (on a Monday) a group of cars drove to the adjoining road and blasted music for 10 minutes before driving off. (Not with car stereos, but with full-on, high volume, high bass sound systems- at least their choice of music was OK). Why???

Hornopirén River Boondock -41.96087, -72.46076

grifo de agua ose frente a la farmacia. nos dijeron allí que era potable y que la gente local cargaba allí sus bidones.

agua ose -34.59146, -54.12785

Not possible anymore. They close the road for the terrasse of restaurant.

quiet street parking 20.84981, -86.87531

Like said above, several half moon turn outs. We found one that was parallel parking, which was nice because we could open our side van door right to the beach. Traffic was noisy during the day. Had the beach to ourselves though. Beautiful place to park and work

any side pull off without signs posted 30.35937, -89.10927

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