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plenty of spots for rvs and tents, right off of a main road but the location still has privacy. call beforehand if you plan on arriving before 5 so they know to expect you. a heated wash house is available with two showers and coin laundry. $25/night (for tent)

Indian Heritage RV Camp 36.65902, -79.87808

Excelent local food restaurant! Buffet at lunch for 8000, chicken, beef, fish, vegetables, Rice and beans. Can pay with card. Its on the second floor, in front of DHL. They have even a small lounge to chill out for a bit.

501 Soul Food -8.89576, 33.44167

Stayed here twice in Nov 2021 while on my way to Hunza and after Hunza. Paid Rs2000 per night. The room is comfy & carpeted. Hot shower & wifi works fine. The owner Mr Ayoub is a very good host.

Madina 2 35.92069, 74.32909

The RV park is besides a busy road and a bit dusty but overal the site is clean and tidy. We were the only ones here and the owner cleaned the toilets when we arrived. There is not much shade but we parked next to a tree and the bathrooms, it was very nice.
We payed $200 for the night and felt very safe here. We didn't see any dogs on site that day

Palapa 206 RV Park and Motel 25.00004, -111.65898

Found a random spot down a forest road in the national forest. Really peaceful nobody around off the road.

random spot 41.52244, -121.15008

they have propane here for both RV and small tank. Price is cheaper than most places but the system is a bit inconvenient. You have to pay up front for small tank first before refill, then have to go back to pay again for the RV after they refill. For 20lb tank it's $14.99 + tax, I filled 12lb for my camper and it's $9 plus tax. A lot cheaper than other gas stations.

Canadian Tire 44.65036, -63.67303

water is non potable, red spigot, checked with staff

Love's 35.42268, -99.37216

nice place with great view on the Ocean. nice owners and little noise from 101
seccond night a pullout just closer to westport and to the beach

Juan Creek 39.70222, -123.80393
Where’s Oscar

Stayed here one night in a large rig. No problems. Not too loud. Plenty nearby for food, evening entertainment, etc…

Marsh RD. 32.44171, -80.68728

After a long discussion with the guys at the rope, they let us pass. We said we don't need a guide and we just want to camp at the campground. First they said no, we have to pay 1000 Pesos and need a guide. We went away to our Campers (we been two campers and four people). After 5 minutes they came to us and said okay we have to pay 100 Pesos in total and we can drive to the campground without a guide. The way is 5 kilometers long and after 2 kilometers is another gate where you have to pay 20 Pesos p.P. We neither camped on the campground, but we camped on the wildcamping spot on ioverlander for free. The entrance for the Tamul waterfall is 50 Pesos p.P.

Entrance to Tamul - upper waterfall 21.80189, -99.18059

November camping- only one other camper in the whole park. This park has different levels of camping- primitive was $8, developed (with picnic table and shelter) was $10, then a $14 level with electric and an $18 level with elec and sewer. Restrooms and campsites w electric/water closed for winter. Lake was beautiful! Woke to 25 turkeys surrounding us! Very quiet. Got down to 47degrees perfect sleeping in a van.
To post description it asks about water, sewer, restrooms. These ARE available but only during warmer months. Not in winter.

Ute Lake State Park 35.35576, -103.45332

Great place to camp. We stayed on the beach and would have camped for longer if we had time.. Owners are super friendly and made us feel at home... Quite alot of local people around but that didn't bother us... The beach is amazing for swimming but with low tide you need to walk quite far to get to the water... The bar is amazing... We were the only campers but would definitely recommend this camp site.. Camping is USD10 per person per night...

Mahaba Beach -6.62730, 39.17884

Car/RV dealership with propane refill service.

Moffit's 42.03550, -93.86436

Spectacular camp site in a beautiful mountain valley. Campsite at a cave or by river all to yourself. Great hiking too. 490R per vehicle up to 5 people. Plenty room on grassy pitch. Braai facilities

Balloch Cottages and Campsite -30.71230, 27.69118
Nomad N Rad

See previous description!
It’s a delightful town. Very bike friendly but just don’t ride on the riverside walkway. It’s not allowed.

Water front Memorial Park 35.54283, -77.05854

Lugar seguro e tranquilo , simoneS bar cagalho , donos do bar maravilhoso , cheguem almocem comida caseira deliciosa , bom papo

Brasil -22.94777, -43.09733

Showers are open again. there several Showers throughout this area and more than one campground. hot & cold so you can adjust temperature. clean enough, but things are left broken so may want check more than one. pro tip: check the bathroom sink to see if the hot water heater is working.

Showers at Patricks Point State park 41.13872, -124.16014

Nice folks. Let us park the motorcycles in the back courtyard, have a security camera pointing at them 24/7. Payed 400 pesos per night for two bikes and two people, very fair price for a weekend and a lovely view of the street. One thing, the walls are paper thin, bring ear plugs, our neighbor turned the tv on at 1am and I felt like we where at an imax. @vuelva__pronto on Instagram

Hotel Barroco 19.04475, -98.19452

Restful night, no disruption. Picnic tables and garbage cans. Nice to walk the beach with the dog.

St-Angele (bécancour) 46.34137, -72.50112

stayed the night no problems. expect the usual noise from a plaza of businesses, traffic and trucks running at night. Be polite and respectful so we can continue to stay here and places like it.

Walmart Streetsboro 41.25219, -81.36391

This Rest Area is Good place to stop to sleep. Super clean everything. Safe. Well lit. And wasn't bothered one bit. Fill up your Water here! Spigot located on the North side of the rest area next to the last covered pavilion.

i75 SB Ruskin Rest Area 27.68344, -82.42060

I-75 Rest Area. Well lit, lots of space, Safe, super clean with a water spigot located by the last pavilion on the north side.

i75 SB Ruskin Rest Area 27.68344, -82.42063

They are busy building new chalets and reducing the amount of camping sites.

Otherwise all the same. Lots of chatty peacocks, rooster and goose.

Vioolsdrift Lodge -28.77222, 17.62774

Great free site. Plenty of room for big rigs. Also has a dump station, water, pit toilets, picnic tables and fire rings. No shade but right now is perfect to be here. There’s also a stunning natural hot springs a mile up the road.

Dave Deacon Campground 38.38776, -115.13393

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 40.47949, -112.08835

shaggy mountain pullout 40.47949, -112.08835

Nice spot. Very quiet and secluded. The trees have grown up to obscure the view of Tucson a bit.

Mount Bigelow 32.43143, -110.74853

Nice place, You kind of get your own beach by yourself! They opened up a room for us to use the shower and the toilet. Unfortunatly only salt water showers.
The food is also very good.
We camped here for 3 nights. When it came to paying the bill, Eddy charged us for things he never mentioned that they aren’t free. For example the „beds“ where we relaxed in the sun or the „fruit salad“ (which was just two slices of melon) after dinner.
These things weren’t expensive of course but we think it was not honest and ruined a bit the good vibes we had before.
So be aware! In the end still a really nice place to go though :)
800ksh pppn

Barefoot Beach Camp -3.06085, 40.17127

This place is permanently closed.

Pumpkin rd 35.10922, -106.65800

This place is permanently closed.

Pumpkin rd 35.10922, -106.65800

Free overnight parking next to Bayview Park on Truman Ave. Stayed here on a Monday from 8pm to 9am and had a quiet night. A little noise from the cars driving but thats it.

Free overnight Parking 24.55705, -81.78974

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