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amazing place, about 30 min drive over a dirt road from town. I was the only one there

cenote oxola 20.67845, -89.24150

Large quiet parking lot. Seems safe. Rear of building have no parking signs. I parked far right by dollar backed up against some brush/grass for the pup to pee.

Seaboard Commons 33.71136, -78.89604

Very very nice place, hot shower, clean and quiet 200pesos for 2 people with a camper

Hostal Casa Mazzoco 18.51571, -89.46164

Convenient to visit the Calakmul site…300pesos for 2 people Very very basic but nice in the jungle

Yaax'Che 18.48905, -89.89311

Beautiful place and quiet 200 pesos 2 people and the motorhome

Casados Ranch camping and UMA 18.51569, -89.46159

Very nice and quiet place as described 120 pesos per person and the van

Tutulliha 18.51572, -89.46162

The price is 60 pesos per person… sorry No shower it’s the river.. Funny

Tutulliha 18.51576, -89.46160

we arrived at sunday afternoon. Parking fee was one dollar. It was very bussy but also very intersting to see all the locals celebrating. the parking area is very safe and quiet at night.

Parque Acuático Araque 0.20676, -78.20539

good place to stay for night. we chose the way just before go down in the river (more easy to leave the place and see who can come) but all the place is safe there was nobody, very quiet. on the morning on the other side of the river we saw a shepherd but all ok
you can't take water, it's a sort of marshe

Riverside -22.37129, -68.64961

Nothing to be excited about. Basic food. No fresh vegetables just fried fish and Anglo food. On the river, which is beautiful for walking, biking and kayaking along.

Jungla Jim’s (Jungle Jim’s) 26.89810, -111.96692

Just a rock quarry off the highway I went in with my bicycle, that has a wall that helps shield traffic noise where you can pitch a tent or park by.

Rock quarry 20.72446, -88.21584

fantastic camp sites hidden between the Rocks with amazing vistas.

Hidden Rocks -18.35333, 32.50482

24 Hr, Weekly, and Monthly Parking Lot. Just call or text the number on the sign to park - you can pay ($5) with cash/check at the box or send Venmo after texting. Off of a main rural road, and right next to train tracks.

Parking Lot 37.06313, -93.55864

sunny, beautiful, great cell svc, but windy.

Parking librairie 35.64679, -118.46561

Ok for the night. Pretty quiet. Not much to say. We were the only one RV. Just a truck that left at 4am

Walmart 45.60830, -62.01406

The MEC parking lot in Barrie. I haven’t personally stayed here but every time I come to shop at the store there are large rigs parked over towards the RBC bank.

MEC Barrie 44.35710, -79.69435

This is a nice place to stop while on the road. We stayed here overnight, warm bathrooms with hot water and picnic shelters. It was a bit noisy for the highway traffic. It is well light and lots of parking. Many truck drivers stop here.

Quebec rest spot 47.49049, -69.86044

estacionamento com ducha ,tranquilo , atendimento perfeito . preço camarada .

Estacionamento - Bertioga -23.85495, -46.14103

quiet parking , friendly price , perfect service , accept motorhomes close to the ferry

Estacionamento - Bertioga -23.85496, -46.14110

Local tranquilo e seguro, em frente ao mar, passamos uma noite super agradável

Praia dos Coqueiros -20.81017, -40.66128

another camp spot along the dirt road after the truck stop/gas station. I can here nearby traffic from the highway but it's not bad at all. kind of peaceful. I have 5G tmobile, good service. I was able to do my work here.. but it was a little slow. Super nice views and open land. BUNCH of spots along this road:)

overlook 33.63036, -114.44215

potable water and a dump for 15$ bring your own hose

Havasu State Park 34.48976, -114.35620

camping spots down the road if you want more seclusion. full service of tmobile. nice views. can hear the road but its not too bad. lovely spot!

Havasu Heights 34.66606, -114.30996

great parkinglot not too far from bordercrossing Osoyoos

Walmart parking lot 48.41513, -119.50622

We were looking for a place where we could stay a little longer. It definitely isn't. Apart from the unobwarted, dirty bathrooms, it is probably not as safe as the manager first claimed. He himself claimed that we hadn't paid yet and that in front of all his friends, who always make loud music on weekends. We just wanted to park our camper one night(to make a trip without it) , and should still pay the price for 2 people. Afterwards, the manager said that the responsibility is too great because it would be so dangerous.

Hicaco 9.61162, -84.62660

Camping on the edge of the Rio Grande, good space for camping, well wooded. (BRL 60.00 p/p) Bathrooms with hot water. Sale of cheeses and dulce de leche on site. They offer transfer to Maria Augusta Waterfall (R$ 25.00 p/p) Electricity 110v. Excellent internet.

Camping à beira do Rio Grande, bom espaço para acampar, bem arborizado. (R$ 60,00 p/p)
Banheiros com água quente.
Venda de queijos e doce de leite no local.
Oferecem translado para a Cachoeira Maria Augusta (R$ 25,00 p/p)
Eletricidade 110 v. Internet excelente.

Camping do Cocao -20.52178, -46.51066

Agua purificada - really helpful service. No hose, but we brought a funnel from across the road 10peso per Garafon

Parque La Pirámide 23.71723, -105.50611

amplio lugar a orillas del río, perfecto para camper. sin problemas de acceso.

ground near river -43.66308, -72.32841
mark walker

Gets a little dicey with numb nuts not checking out their fields of fire but super chill at night and as about off the grid as you can get. Don’t go off the road more than 15’ rangers are super serious about damage to the environment. RV’s are best left in the parking lots, especially if it’s wet and muddy



Maybe if your kind pick up somebody else’s too or they will close this place down :(

Panoche Hills (BLM) 36.71251, -120.86258

Arrived at 6pm slept here and left in the morning no problem, nobody bothered us, we took only one parking spot and were really quiet.
Alot of buses with motor running around until late and early in the morning but really close like 12 min walk to Disney Springs.

Ride Share lot near Disney Springs 28.36693, -81.51719

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