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This is a teeny weeny trailer park. I wouldn’t really call it a camp ground. Came by in November and it was flooded and smelly. Right next to the old cemeteries. Lots of lizards. Very close to food, drink and bike rentals.

Teeters Campground 35.11656, -75.98089

spot on a sandy beach without the need for 4x4. it has umbrellas and unfortunately some trash. Narrow dirt access road for 300 m from the main road from the north. it runs along the road to pass under the bridge and arrive on the beach. Not for big RV! you can hear the road above but the beach is deserted at the end of the day.

spot sur une plage de sable sans avoir besoin de 4x4. il a des parasols et malheureusement des déchets. route d’accès étroite en terre sur 300 m depuis la route principale en arrivant du nord. elle longe la route pour passer sous le pont et arriver sur la plage. Pas pour les grand camping car! on entend la route au dessus mais la plage est déserte en fin de journée.

Beach 18.99402, -91.18473

They would not allow us to fill up our tanks here

Shell station 44.12357, -69.11818

Really crowded during the day. You are in the middle of the vendors, lots of noice and not a lot of privacy. We stayed one night, nothing happened and felt safe. Next day we moved to the parking by the beach a few kms north and was much nicer. That side of the beach is more quiet and much less crowded of vendors and people.

Manuel Antonio 9.39254, -84.15109

nice quiet spot. bins have now been installed too. and there is also a donation box of you have any change to spare.

Meadow 38.86227, -112.50560

Nice place right on the water. When we stayed here there was a crazy storm moving through, so lots of wind and very wet.
View was still great and would stay here again. I bet it gets very busy in the high season.

Chapel Island 45.70516, -60.77535

Lots of space, multiple fire pits. 1 bar T-Mobile LTE. Beautiful!

Wide open in the pines 34.45337, -111.36346

Fairly quiet for a rest area. Good for a quick overnight. 2 bars Verizon.

Weatherby Rest Area Westbound 44.49604, -117.36679

It's your classic Walmart parking lot.
It's windy out here on the plains.

Walmart Ogallala, NE 69153 41.11259, -101.71937

Had some issues with our car radio and couldn't get it out for replacement. after 1.5 hours they got it, charged 300 pesos for it. Friendly guys and good service

Sammy's Garage 28.94557, -113.55992

Filled our RV tank (we could attach our own hose) and other containers. 66 peso voor ~80 liters.

Fresk-Pura 27.96742, -114.03790
Dustin Bogart

About a mile of I-80. Permit required.

Free Camping: Bald Eagle SF Site #2 41.08090, -77.06075

Forgot to mention: clear, transparent and reasonable prices! :-)

Omar Sanhueza 4x4 Workshop, superb mechanic and passionate overlander -33.47366, -70.59048

Pullout off of a gravel road on a hill overlooking Kelowna. Super pretty. No garbage, no bathrooms. Please clean up after yourselves. Good for 2 or maybe 3 vans. Not recommended for big rigs, you have to go up a long and winding bumpy road and I don’t think the pullout is long enough. AMAZING view of the city. No issues, no signs posted prohibiting overnight camping.

Overlooking Kelowna 49.78102, -119.51800

Calle silenciosa. No tuvimos ningún problema durmiendo una noche.

Quiet street. Not any problems overnighting one night.

Side street to 24hr Grocery 29.88767, -97.92572

excelente lugar para dormir, y pasar día de playa, gratis, seguro, iluminado

Península Soler Ayui -31.23410, -57.94723

Very dissapointed by this campsite. The abblutions are disgusting, in very poor condition and the male toilets are infested with rats. When we were here, 4 groups had to relocate because campsites 3-8 had fire ants, making is impossible to sit there without getting stung. Overall very poorly maintained campsite and definitely the worst one in the Chobe/Moremi parks.

Ihaha Camp -17.83922, 24.87853

Nice campsite close to the parks. The waterhole attract lots of animals and the viewing deck provides a nice view. We stayed at the site closest to the water hole under a big tree. The other sites did not have shade and appeared to be less value for money. We paid 300 pula p.p. The abblution block was a bit run down and had many insects because there are no doors to close the block. Nice place to relax after a while in the parks, but did not get the 'upmarket' feeling that others mentioned. Lots of elephants around at night and lions. They offer dinner (3 courses for 250). Friendly host.

Thobolos Eco Lodge and Campsite -18.20543, 24.39119

I agree that that the first turn in is the most difficult. I took the right track in with my Promaster but opted to make my own track through the trees on the way out and it was much better! Stayed two nights alone on a Thurs and Fri night. I was surprised at the amount of trash and toilet paper strewn about but overall had a peaceful stay here.

Excellent unimproved site with LTE 34.80867, -119.09321
Disfrute La Naturaleza

Oups, got our measures wrong. Our van is 1.9m wide and 2.75m high.
Parked on the top parking near the entrance. Very quiet at night.

Miratenango 14.53503, -90.87772

Water good, and good pressure. Just on the left after the red building, close to the tree.

Agua Potable 24.50925, -111.34698

4x2 drive vehicle is okay and good weather to get here. the road ends and you see a very tiny boat ramp marked with the #13. several campsites around. October and November most of the people that parked there will be hunters. it was quiet and for one day and night I had about 10 people drove down the road and parked for a little while but there was only one person that spent the night. beautiful spot if you're looking for a place right next to the water. I had a van but the other guy was tent camping.

Down by the River 38.77000, -78.39386

You can fill your propane @4.09 per gallon. And we dump for no fee event if we were not at the campground.

KOA Tennesse 36.23321, -86.70704

absolutely beautiful spot!! I got campsite 8 all of the other spots I passed were taken, I got here at 3pm on Wednesday. I have a spotty cell signal (T-Mobile) but occasionally get 5g. 10 out of 10 recommend

Leeds Creek Dispersed camping #7 and #8 37.27300, -113.38881

Free Water to refil your tank, on the grass in front the restaurant Demetria.

Robinet d'eau pour remplir vos bidons ou réserve d'eau. Sur l'herbe juste en arrivant sur la place en face Demetria.

Near Restaurant Demetria -31.94542, -65.19038

An adorable mechanic. We have been looking for a garage everywhere to change our tires and parallelism and balancing, no one wanted to take us before next week. This gentleman wanted and was really nice. 5000psos for all. I recommend

un mécanicien adorable. Nous avons chercher partout un garage pour faire changer nos pneus et faire le parallélisme et l'équilibrage, personne ne voulais nous prendre avant la semaine prochaine. Ce monsieur a bon voulu et étais vraiment gentil. 5000pesos pour le tout. Je recommande

Vulca Alineados 3D -31.94513, -65.19016

A quiet place, no noise, without traffic, without being seen from the road and especially with a full view of the mountains! In the middle of nature, without waste and with the sound of the birds, we were safe and we slept well

Un endroit tranquille, sans bruit, sans circulation, sans être vue de la route et surtout avec une pleine vue sur les montagnes ! Au milieu de la nature, sans déchet et avec le bruit des oiseaux, on était en sécurité et nous avons bien dormis

View of Mountains -32.13403, -65.11719

Great place to camp! Lots of sites along the road too.

Fr. 8 Site 7 44.36038, -70.96865

This Fish Restaurant is sensationell. Very very Good. And very Kind stuff

Fishy Corner -22.11680, 14.28058

JC's is great! They serve strong margaritas and the best shrimp cocktails. You'll wait an hour for it, but it's worth the wait.

Restaurant JC'S 26.73287, -111.91024

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