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Free primitive camping near lake 13. There are pit toilets and trash cans and minimal shade. Real beautiful area for bird watching and fishing.

Maxwell Wildlife Refuge 36.74436, -103.99907

Passing note on the site - there some trash around the area that we noticed in the morning. We spent 5 minutes doing pickup and filled two garbage bags. Please bring garbage bags and leave this site nicer than you found it in order to keep it free and enjoyable for all :)

Inks Lake Road 50.61609, -120.47838

Nice spot to be. It’s loud and busy during the day, at around 8 is quiets down, I was here on a Monday. There are bathrooms but they are locked at a certain time. A few port-a-potties in the parking lot. Beautiful sunset and sunrise. I asked the woman at the visitor Center about overnight parking and she said it wasn’t a problem.

Water front Memorial Park 35.54281, -77.05849

They also have fantastic lemonade at the place.

panam emergency nightstop 14.25519, -90.22659

I called ahead and was told overnight is available. Close to main road but traffic isn't too bad. Lots of stores, shops and businesses of all sorts.

Walmart 34.83299, -87.62658

Closed with gate from sunset to sunrise...Spout recommended from local! normal sized hookup but turned off for the winter season. check back in summer!

Peebles State Park 42.78496, -73.68036

water is still on as of today. large rigs are not allowed in the lower lot where the spigot is located.

Moab 38.60301, -109.57551

Arrived at 9pm, quiet, flat. We parked in front of a field at the end of the parking lot. Close to interstate 40

Palestine. Arkansas church 34.97861, -90.90134

The other very close by place is the northbound rest area. Likely the same typical Interstate rest stop amenities both sides.

Here, the restrooms are pretty clean. All traffic shares a common parking lot, so lots of truck noise as they come and go. But - hey - it's Rest Stop!

Rest stop - Southbound 44.23608, -123.06167

Stayed for 1 night with another Sprinter. You can get Starbucks wifi at the end of the parking lot.

Safeway 47.48753, -121.79258

Just stopped here to dump. It was a shocking $20 for dump and refill, but easy enough

San Luis Valley Campground 38.19232, -105.94103

We booked a tour with Fun2Dive to swim with the Manatees. We asked them if we could overnight in their parking lot and they directed us to a spot on the lawn under a tree. We had a very quiet and restful night.

Fun2Dive 28.89730, -82.59152

We heard the story from Mike and Shannon when we met them in 2017 and we couldn’t miss the opportunity to visit Ducati since we were passing through Nicaragua. Being the end of the rainy season Ducati’s resting place is well under water however we found him and added a few rocks…

Ducati's Resting Place 11.44086, -85.55982

Speed trap! South end of SONOYTA .As you are heading north into town on the main highway. The speed limit suddenly drops to 40 km. There are cops there with a radar gun. They tried to fine us 4800 pesos ($240 U.S.)! We firmly said no way were we paying that much and ended up bargaining down to $80 U.S.

SONOYTA 31.84695, -112.85832

As described, dirt road out was a little wash boarded, but it was totally fine. I had crazy high winds that rocked my car at night, and got woken up by some fighter jets doing training or something directly over my head. But good place for a night.

Close to a salt flat 39.24212, -118.39753

A really great car camping spot. No signs, lots of space, very little light, no bothers. Residential but very quiet. It’s a popular morning walking / running route though so use blinds/window covers if you have them since there is some light morning foot traffic.

Pacific Grove, CA 36.62838, -121.92173

I'm writing you with a reminder: please always check on the official website of the campground.
Don't forget always to Get in Contact with the owners and official communication Channels.
someone here says $250pp. (maybe it is an old Post)
This is old post or fake info. That price is from 2017.
Now NOV 2021 price is LOW SEASON $500pp and HIGH SEASON $600.
PLEASE REMIND to contact us always. don't follow possible fake news or information!
thanks, everyone hope to receive you soon =)
the campground has Delimited Plots with:
* Electricity
* Quinchos (for set up the tent under roof)
* Hot Showers
* wifi (just for messaging)
and many more...

Please contact us for more information

Camping Playa Mansa -31.74207, -65.00940

Note once it snows, these camp site are not maintained. Luckily till mid November, it’s a great spot, 15 minutes from McCall. Don’t get discouraged if this spot is occupied, keep driving plenty more secluded camp spots

Little Payette Lake, USFS Dispersed Camping 44.92881, -116.02630

Water spigots labeled unsafe to drink- do not use for water fill

Rest Stop 38.99881, -99.80436

Gas Station safe and clean. Usefull to spend one night after visit the falls of the region.

Posto Sertão - Espinosa -14.93097, -42.82014

Closed for season. Looks like nice facilities.

Old Station Dump Station 40.68027, -121.42246

Got my tanks refilled there. They had great rates but be sure your tanks are empty. They charge by the tank size not by the amount of propane actually given. Flat rate of $15 for a 20lb tank.

Ben send Hardware 42.88140, -71.32798

There was plenty of space for our big rig and a few others.

Cracker Barrel 42.87382, -71.33990

Stayed last night. Was the only person here. No problems. Very quiet. 4 bars Verizon! No bars on Tmobile

Backbone Trail Parking 34.08556, -118.86292

Specializes in vegetarian, greens, smoothies, and healthy chicken and fish options. Open 8am to 10 pm Wednesday through Monday. $400 mx for two entrees, two drinks, and a glass of wine. Fish tacos $80 mx.

Spirulina 15.85136, -97.05341

After 11 hot sweaty days without showering, this place was a godsend. Best $1 I have ever spent, yes, it's still just $1. Staff was nice and friendly. Many thanks to the city of Las Cruces. ❤😁🚐

Aquatic Center- $1 Showers 32.31723, -106.76645
Dori & Mena

Fast free wifi inside the library. DL speeds 150 mbps and UL speeds 100 mbps. You can use a study room if they’re available for working quietly. Great friendly staff. Massive library by the waterfront.

Raymon M Blasco MD Memorial Public Library 42.13666, -80.08604

Small flat nice spot for one vehicle beside the row. As per COVID conditions, to get into the park a special permit is requerid in www.asp
The door is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am until 14:30

Antes de puerta al Parque Queulat -44.47120, -72.56211
Dori & Mena

No overnight parking allowed as per the manger.

Walmart 41.64138, -81.44659

$17 for a day pass. Gym is run by hotel so shower was very clean, free towel, and there’s soap and shampoo in the shower. Decent amount of privacy. Water could have been hotter and the temperature control gives you only one temperature, but it was warm enough.

There’s also a workout room, steam room, sauna (limited to one at a time thanks to covid), good amount of bouldering, and outdoor rope climbing with autobelays (outdoor section does not have good setting IMO)

A decent place to spend the afternoon. I didn’t ask about WiFi, but I assume they have it, and there’s a couch and coffee table to hang out at. Though the music was a little loud so probably not the best way place to post up and try to get some work done.

Base Camp Climbing (Whitney Peak) 39.52798, -119.81433

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