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there are two large pullouts on the downhill side, right off of Highway 1. they are not level butt their spots you can make work. they are very large and good for big rigs having to stop. there's also a call box here in case of emergency. no cell phone signal of any kind in this location. this stretch of highway one doesn't seem to be too busy and would make a good one night stop.

Pull offs. outside of Leggett 39.85209, -123.74143

Lovely place. Owners are very friendly and accommodating. Lovely clean bathrooms. Good services. Excellent option for pets, they have one dog that is very friendly. No problems with our cats like we had at other places. Highly recommend.

Casa Soley 11.02300, -85.67066

Nice services and convenient location for the border. Trails are well marked and easy to explore. Nice clean bathrooms and ok WiFi. Didn’t stay long because of the dogs and our cats, really not pet friendly for this reason. Also quiet loud at night, lots of trucks air braking, which we didn’t expect.

Finca Cañas Castilla 11.12147, -85.59404

Full hookup sites behind motel. Fire pits, concrete pads for doorway. Sites are a little too close to each other. Sites have a small amoun of trees. Some sites near the Portneuf River and sites near mountain side. Very busy during the summer. Located right across the street from hot pools.
$65 a night for Summer Rates
$30 a night off season.
No water hook ups for off season - risk of freezing.

Lava Spa Motel & RV Park 42.61835, -112.00711

Wild dispersed site on BLM land overlooking Christmas Valley, nestled between some sagebrush and a large Juniper. Beautiful views of the sunrise and sunset. We were driving towards Crack in the Ground and it was getting late so we were pleased to find this spot. About 15 minutes from the town of CV and about 3 miles from the Crack. Dirt site about 25yds from the road with a turnaround for larger rigs. No amenities, but fair cell service on Google Fi. Road in was some decently bumpy washboard but you could make it in any vehicle. High clearance if you want to go fast :). On satellite imaging looks like some other options for dispersed camping along this road towards the Crack.

Near Crack in the Ground 43.30075, -120.66144

NOT BLM - parked near some decommissioned oil tanks not far at all off the road and was approached respectfully in the morning by workers who asked if we were headed out today. When I asked, they informed that this is privately owned property, not BLM, and said that there is some BLM 'down by the river,' pointing generally north up the 65. Anyway just a heads up. Cool spot and might be doable if you arrive after dark and leave in early morning, but not government land.

Oil field BLM 35.53921, -119.08188

Both the dump and the water are locked, closed due to "potential environmental issues."

Potable Water and sanitary dump - City Park 33.12111, -107.28328

Beautiful view of the Pawnee Buttes.
Very Windy, not good for tents.

Warning: The road is only 3mi, but it would be Very unsafe if wet or snowy.

Buttes View - National Grassland 40.80644, -103.98973

Turn into the dirt road to access these campsites. Many fire rings along this maintained dirt road. 2wd accessible. Getting 1-2 bars T-Mobile lte for the first couple of sites and loses signal as you go further down the road.

Fs68 33.19390, -108.83136

Fuel, Showers, Laundry, and Parking.

Travel Authority Oasis 41.15999, -104.52008
El Elefante Blanco

Now $500 PP x day and MH.
Good x one day to take a rest.
Water, light, bbq and restaurante and rooms.

El Domuyo Camping -36.82202, -69.91411

This is a nice little spot. Train yard right next to you but they didn’t bother me. Take a walk down the road after you park to the historic downtown and see all the “standing on the corner” kitch. Quiet spot, no one bothered me and was able to spread out a little and not feel rushed.

Winslow Visitor’s Center 35.02502, -110.70396

Beautiful quiet spot on top of the mountain. 15 min from new minas, up a winding twisty road. Quiet, wooded, and secluded, so happy 🥰

Parking lot near the woods 45.05344, -64.33048

Ask for fresh water here and it’s ok the water is on the left side of the gas station

Mobil K 29.88138, -81.32560

Crossed the Border to Belize with European MAN Truck 8.5m, you can pay everything with Creditcard, except Fumigation.
We had about 3 hours for the whole process, almost alone at the border.
List of Costs:

Leaving Mexico -> Nothing

Fumigation B$ 130 (Cash)
Antigen-Test B$ 100 p.P. (CC)
Roadtax 1 Month B$ 60 (CC)
Insurance 1 Month B$ 69 (CC)

Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico to Four Mile Lagoon, Belize 18.50409, -88.39044
Hobbes OnTour

Same as above. Simple hotel, bike friendly, good location 35k per night (single)

Hotel Sion Real 2.92544, -75.29026

Get a block of ice cut to the size you need. we bought this one for 60 pesos. Will last 1 to 2 weeks in our Yeti cooler! If you're driving South, it's on the right just past the first speed bump in Buena Vista.

Hielo - Ice Store 23.66652, -109.69916

It’s a very quiet place for the night in the main zocalo of the small village of cacao. Nice people. Very close to the cenote

Cacao 20.69288, -89.74716

This is a must for Overlanders (and for your creativity). Whatever you are missing in your comfort during travel, need to replace items for lightweight and durability, or convenience in living style, this is a place to stop by when you are in the area! Lots of AWESOME store in this lot as well, including bookstores, groceries, bakeries, and take outs. Your one stop shop for the luxury of life before heading on the road again. (Large rig not recommended. Max would be the extended Ford transit)

Daiso Japan 37.31474, -121.97710

Will work for a night if you just need to crash. Right off Highway and very visible. Area worn down and unattended. Extremely loud

Texas picnic area 35.23750, -102.83496

We ask around and a neighbor told this is a safe area with no parking meter everywhere else there are parking meters 8 pesos per hour but streets are to narrow that why we choose to stay here.

Near historic center 22.14961, -100.97016

Redwoods, trails, Banana Slugs, Deers, and shades! Entrance fee $6. One RV site and 3 tent sites. Tent camping $34 peak season, $24 Winter. Unlimited HOT shower from 8 AM - Sunset. No cell service (T-Mobile) but 2-3 bars at Valley View on the East side of the park. Staffs are really nice and respectful. Roads coming in are paved but can be steep before entrance. Take it slow and mind your own driving. Traffic can be fast and pushy.

Mt. Madonna County Park 37.00302, -121.70776

Average parking lot, very quite at night. Not other facilities. No dumping station or water in the premises apart from the bathrooms inside the store

Cabela's 37.66465, -77.63825

Pretty much the only place to get propane in town. Nice people, good service

Tractor Supply Co. (RV fillups and tank refills) 37.00277, -121.54663

Good stop before heading south. Chevron here is always the cheapest in town. All kind of Asian food nearby (Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Japanese, Korean). Sprout, outdoor supplies, banks for cash withdrawal (campsites cash only?), Costco in the distance northwest. Large rig friendly in parking lot (look on satellite maps), not sure about overnight camping.

Cheapest Chevron in town, plenty of GOOD Asian food, outdoor supplies 37.30716, -121.81168

Parking is good at the entrance. Not much service on Verizon. Perfect place to park if you want to visit the hot springs the next day

Roadside campground loop 35.85395, -106.62349

Less than half a mile to get there I believe. Trail will take you right to it. The upper pool was warmer for me. Very relaxing!

Spence hot springs 35.84965, -106.62982

very dirty. over half of the washers out of order. only 4 of the dryers working.

select foods laundromat 49.35563, -124.44029

Large parking lot
Rv and car wash
Electric car charging posts

Chevron gas station 38.24829, -112.65357

Sweet, like new palapas on 12 mile beach and easy access to black sand beach south of the lighthouse. Very kind locals, feels safe and good (blue) store with fresh vegetables. Pay for palapas at the other store Pattis(orange) much smaller store but bigger building. About 150 nightly. It’s probable you won’t get charged unless you go in to pay but it’s better karma to pay. Two entrances get you to palapas, best is to turn right at old burned store and then a short drive into beach to find which palapa suits you. As always, walk the short sandy distance to the palapas just to know you’re rig can make it. Enjoy the charm and the peace here, it’s pretty sweet. Good birding too.

Beach camping 30.27681, -112.85311

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