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This place is permanently closed.

Little Cottonwood Park and Ride 40.57249, -111.77479

Got a knock on the door by someone who looked to be in DPW. They said plugging into the picnic area is not allowed (we were plugged into a 115V to charge batteries, not on the 50A). They also implied that the police may complain if they see it. They also mentioned that parking by the cover is not allowed. However, they did indicate that it's ok to park overnight in the RV designated spots. To sum up, parking in designated RV spots is OK, but plugging in is not.

Confluence Park 38.75030, -108.07517

Passamos uma noite maravilhosa e muito tranquila.
um lindo nascer do sol.

Praça pier cidade de Muta BA -12.99106, -38.77653

Massive gravel plateau above the truck stop. No highway noise. Cooling breeze started at sunset. I had gone to the Ca border to the ‘down by the river site’- too weird and sketchy. This is a little dream spot. And there’s no way it could feel crowded. I highly recommend this as the area stop

Tom Wells road 33.63036, -114.43833

we overnight here.
they allowed us to park outside and use the common area for a small amount.
they have 2 different fees for motorhomes:
R$10 - parking + hot shower + wi-fi
R$15 - parking + hot shower + wi-fi + common areas (kitchen, pool and livingroom)

Tetris Container Hostel -25.55023, -54.57306
Peter merek

Managers calling police now that movies are open again.

Regal Cinema parking lot 45.49813, -122.92168

Sensacional estrutura sem custo, recomended! Água e eletricidade, seguro para passar a noite, parque muito lindo para conhecer.

Parque Malwee -26.50867, -49.12959

The most delicius food in Liberia! We recomend to visit! El Callejero

El Callejero 10.62913, -85.44161

I love coming here. Perched above the La Bufadora you get 360 degree views. It’s 100 pesos per nights and worth it if you are checking out the boardwalk.

El Mirador 31.72553, -116.72284

I love coming here, perfect place to check out the La Bufadora with 360 degree views.

El Mirador 31.72559, -116.72288

This place is in wrong location - it is located at -13.58221, -41.81392

esquina do sabor restaurant -13.58221, -41.81392

This place is permanently closed.

Vernon Visitor Center 50.26938, -119.27207

Thanks for adding this place! We also stopped here on our way to lamu. In the beginnig we were a bit afraid of wild camping but it was the best decision. This place is so peaceful and quiet.
The way here leads to very poor areas of Kenya. Because of missing rain there were a lot people, especially kids, running towards our car asking for water. We gave as much as we could away. If we had known that before we would have bought more water to be able to give away more. We also gave food away, so if you come here maybe buy some extra stuff to help the people atound here a bit. They were really happy and thankful for every little bit we gave them.

In the bush -0.73071, 39.63040

good option to leave the van next to the hotel, flat parking. after asking to 10 hotels. none hacer this option. nice new hotel. kids less than 5 dont Pay. 68000 COP single room. 15 minutes from airport.

Hotel Berdez 2.95871, -75.31120

Lots of lights. Closes at 10, so lot is quiet. There are signs that say no overnight parking... but if you park a little towards Walmart away from the signs it is good. Security said no longer than 24 ft

Walmart 36.97578, -120.08202
Geronimo John

I live in Honolulu. This section of Sand Island at times has been a bad place to be. Occasionally it is cleared of homeless and drug users. So, before getting too excited, be sure to check it out and to be aware of your surroundings. I recommend that you ask any local police officer what the current situation is for an overnight stay. My experiences are that over 99.9% of the our police offices are totally cool, and will respond with Aloha. Mahalo, and hope you enjoy your visit to our paradise.

Sand Island State Recreation Area 21.30057, -157.87323

Dutch owned garage. Marco, the owner, is a jack of all trades and has loads of over landing experience. Works on all vehicles. He fixed various things on our big rig, such as solar, tail lift, welding, changed a shower mixer tap, compressed air couplings, moved our control panel. If it can be fixed Marco is your man. Very knowledgeable. European staff. Not the cheapest but worth it. +2203197575 also on WhatsApp

Tulip Garage 13.44500, -16.71624

As everyone has said, terrific place to park for the night. Great views and lots of room for several vehicles.
There were three motor homes parked here last night. It was very windy but other than that it was quiet.

Rose Nulman Park 41.36259, -71.48114

next to the road and also to the bridge waterfalls right next to the parking place. very load river.
trucks passing on the road can see you and honk but the river sound demps it all

river side camping next to the road 6.36679, -72.55650

Mohawk harbor is a green space with large gravel parking lot. Rivers Casino right next door. Several restaurants in the Harbor. Historic Stockade district and downtown Schenectady also within walking distance. Free public WiFi. Casino security patrols but this part is just out of their official space. Stayed 2 nights no problem.

Mohawk Harbor 42.82476, -73.93448

street parking. No facilities. we've stayed for one night long and nobody annoyed us. It's allowed to park van. There is a door man exactly in front of the parking. we felt secure on here.

Rocha e Silva street -23.98714, -46.30561

Now you have to pay for the extension of carbon tax (10 USD) at CBZ (Central Bank of Zimbabwe).
It's not very close, so better to drive.
Long queues at the bank, took me over one hour to pay!
After that you need to go back to customs with the payment slip.

Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) -17.82874, 31.05384
Mowgli Adventures

Excellent 24 hr service, great price & the owner is the most lovely laundry owner we've ever met! Parking no problem for a few minutes outside the door.

Bubbles Lavanderia -32.88725, -68.84236

Amazing wild camping surrounded by vineyard and mountains! Network available

sitio sagrado del cueva -26.08704, -66.00831

A peaceful sanctuary just next to the city, the perfect place to rest.
We've spent two weeks here while struggling for DIAN and other papers. Beautiful garden full of flowers and colibris. Patricia the owner completely understood what overlanders need. Our two cats were very happy also to stay here :)

Chalet San Luis 5.09929, -75.52334
Alice A. Martinez

Small RV campground run by Cameron county. Overflow is free. Camp fee allows use of larger campground in South Padre. On the ocean. Short walk on beach to Clayton's Beach Bar. Free bus service.

Andie Bowie Park 26.12199, -97.16958

Nice little restaurant on a pier with a bar, we only had a drink there mid afternoon in the shade, with a nice little breeze. We ended here after needing to visit the Capitainerie.

Le Dernier Comptoir Colonial 4.02546, 9.66745

$5 hot shower in the store. The shower was clean and is a single stall in a private bathroom. The staff was super friendly and did not give us a time limit. However, the store has limited hours so be sure to check when they’re open.

Hills and Hollow Market, Sinclair 37.89915, -111.43868

Basic to say the least. But what it lacks in clean facilities is made up for by stunning views. Great beach for surfing and early morning turtle spotting. I recommend doing Gilbert's 5 am tour. Some outside people attending the tours are gathering on the property, but that really wasn't an issue for us.

Ostional - turtle spotting 9.99678, -85.70348

There is a big construction on HW68 so if you come from Taos you need to take a detour about 2km past the junction.
Other then that 4 bars ATT. Quite but lots of trash

BLM 36.10519, -106.03321

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