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several rv parks on hwy 80 out of Benson and several on main Street in town. This one is 1000trails and RPI. well cared for park with full hook ups for any size rig. Nice restrooms, laundry and pool. $41 a night, cash only for non reservations. hwy and trains are heard every where in Benson but not bad here.

Valley Vista RV park 31.94956, -110.28773

Stayed three nights behind the radio station and it was no issue beside walking to the porta-John. Wifi isn’t great and it’s about a 30 minute walk into town. The restaurant is a poke stop.

Parking Lot. The Marina 42.86722, -72.55725

We were able to extend our Canadian motorcycle permits here. Took one day for paperwork. No cost, first six months in Greece are free.

Greek Customs 36.76545, 22.56318

picnic area with garbage, flush toilets and drinking fountain with spigot (currently closed for the season) pit toilets and water tap (still open, water behind the pit toilets) right along the AT.

Pinnacles Picnic Ground 38.66129, -78.44198

Mini Oasis in the middle of the desert. Beautiful little area. You will need 4Wheel drive or a traveling companion with 4Wheel drive as the sand is deep & difficult to drive in, in a two wheel vehicle. Note: Even if you have 4 wheel drive if you’re not careful you may sink.

1-2 bars T-Mobile & 1-3 bars Verizon.

Leave no trace.

5 Palms Oasis 32.94813, -115.28416

ugly and large rvpark. stopped there because late and rai. noisy and rv's passing close by late and early. payed 21$

Port of Newport RV park and Marina 44.61912, -124.05063

not suitable for tents, had police knocking on mine at 1am, luckily they let me stay until morning. could get away with it with a stealth camp and if you go up the road a bit

En la naturaleza | In the nature "Ruta de los pueblos blancos" 36.81928, -5.37575

Amazing camp site outside the park... Richard has put so much time and effort into making this camp site an amazing place for campers.. In comparison to what you pay and get inside the park, this camp site is waaay better.. Richard also does private tours inside the park.. Amazing ablution facilities with warm water and western toilets.. Kitchen area to make food and we were able to run our extension cord to the restaurant area for power. Absolutely LOVED this place.. When you are there, ask Richard what the name of his camp site means 😊 we paid USD10 pppn

Fuku Fuku Camp site -2.20285, 33.86227

Camping libre. Lugar tranquilo fuera de remporada. Bastante gente en el día, tranquilo a la noche. Solo se puede acceder caminando y empujando las bicis. Mucho lugar para la carpa. Hay señal píblica y libre de wifi.

Lake Gutierrez camping -41.23389, -71.42533

very quiet night on a thurs...camped at the top right... no one else around. site had an apparent fire ring but there was a bit of trash left around... good overnight spot

Burnt Cane Lake State Fishing Access 35.01402, -90.68254

There is free wifi here! It’s an Indian restaurant with large parking lot and a drive thru. The wifi reaches the parking lot (it’s located in an antique city bus) The network is “Netgear”

Fojol Bros (Indian Restaurant) 34.74567, -112.02562

Nice clean place, good beer, laundry! Easy access, in town. Close from the market where you can pass the evening.

Sun Outdoors 38.56479, -109.54908

dispersed camping. flat area on a ridge top.

Gila National Forest 32.96195, -107.96964

Florida State Park over night campgrounds for rv.

Jonathan Dickenson State Park 30.83680, -81.56399

very nice place. during the day busy but at night quiet.

Yiti Beach Camp 23.53188, 58.68326

Nice for large rigs. Noisy from all the trucks coming and going.

Pilot Travel Center 36.17636, -85.94972

quiet during the night. I got here about 2 in the afternoon parked all the way in the back of the parking lot by the pavilion so that I would be out of the way. once it started to get dark I pulled up to the parking area by the pier. several people in and out through out the day but haven't heard or seen anyone since it got dark. you can hear the interstate noise. there is an electric outlet behind the bathrooms I did not check to see if it worked. I also was able to put my solar panel out during the day to get some solar. no one said anything to me.

Public Boat Ramp 31.97814, -81.28690

Short story: Would not recommend this place
Long Story: We showed up as the sun was setting and our hand was pretty much forced to stay here, as we didn't want to drive at night. Off the highway we passed through and old open gate to a small fishing village. The first palapas we came to are mentioned on this app, just to the north. Some kid told us 600 pesos to stay at these run down palapas. Tried to negotiate but it didn't work out so we moved on to Octavio's. Apparently Octavio died about 3 years ago and it appears his campground hasn't seen upkeep since then. Two unoccupied, broke down trailers were on the beach but otherwise is was just us. A 'Roberto' charged us 300 pesos for the night but said he normally charges 400. There are toilets but I'd rather dig a hole somewhere than use these. The village you drive through is incredibly poor and this camp is a sort of passageway for locals to get to the main road, so people drove by late into the night and early morning. Also, with much of Baha, the wind doesn't stop.
Look, this is our last night in Baha. We have been camping down here for 17 days, all the way to Cabo and back and this was the first place I felt uncomfortable. It was 3x more expensive than anywhere else we camped and gave me weird vibes. Avoid Octavio's and stay at the palapas near the gas station south of here instead. At least that's what we should have done

Octavio's Camp, Playa Escondida, Puertecitos 30.36380, -114.63924

Technically you cannot stay here but there was about 30 other campers here so I guess that the local authorities does really care. Nice and quiet.

Parking Fortaleza Sagres 37.00479, -8.94565

Lots of space on a good forest road. There are no camping signs for the first 1/2 mile then it’s allowed. Because its close to Flagstaff there were lots of others camping here. Plenty of trees and decent cell signal.

Fire Road 776 35.32971, -111.53254

I stayed here last night, it was very quiet. there is ample space for many vehicles. 8am this morning, about 10 cars arrived for a dog walking group. No one bothered me.

Wakamow Valley Parking 50.38163, -105.52346
Dori & Mena

This place is permanently closed.

Tom Wallace Rec Area 38.08642, -85.77319

Stayed overnight. Pretty close to freeway.

Cracker Barrel 42.17737, -72.64184

Extremely friendly and helpful staff, they were able to fill our US tank no problem.

Gascom 16.22728, -92.12900

A few different pulloffs to park. The road is fine for any vehicle and cell service is better up on the road by the dam instead of the lower campsites.

Put toilets & dumpsters at the ends of the lake, no shade outside of a stand-alone tree to the east side of the lake.

Good area for dogs, just watch for the loose cattle.

3bars of LTE for AT&T
3bars of 5G for T-Mobile hotspot

Springer Lake 36.41185, -104.64935

Recomendamos. We used Ana's services twice and she is very helpful and reliable.
She is very kind.

Ana Rodríguez - Shipping Agent 10.39832, -75.51474

Old dump for locals, recently bulldozed. Boat ramp looks unused for years. Black swamp down there. Whatever is in there eats banjo players for lunch. Good for a night though. Can’t wait til dark so I can’t see it.

Swamp Boat Ramp 32.48547, -81.20749

Nice place to fix the problem of my tires

Vulca Alineados 3D -31.94157, -65.19107

Central para conseguir repuestos en general y más. Perfectas instalaciones para mecánica, latonería en todo lo relacionado con4x4. Fernando es una muy buena persona y amable.

FERLAND - The best parking for Overlanders 4.68128, -74.06440

$5 dump & fill, very easy and well maintained.

Morro Bay State Park campground 35.34755, -120.83737

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