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December 21st, 2021 swansonlepine

Quiet spot (in the winter) steps from a beach just off the Island Highway.

Rest area 49.89548, -125.14688
December 21st, 2021 kaela.campanella

Great spot to sleep overnight. We pulled in around 3:30 and the lot was about half full, then it filled up over the evening with people going out to eat. By 10pm it was pretty quiet and not many people were coming and going anymore. The port-o-potty is no longer there. Some road noise. No one really payed us much attention.

Woodstock parking lot 42.04303, -74.11876
December 21st, 2021

We read that in Salta they had problems to get money, so we tried this one, we found on Google. Before we transferred I asked the guy how much money I could get, but 250€ (60000ARG) was no problem.
He speaks English too, and is very nice.

Good Western Union -25.48726, -64.96940
December 21st, 2021

We did not stay here, just drove through, but there is a boat launch and fishing areas. 2 loops, 66 sites, some with electric, some primitive. $22 for electric and water, $12 no power or adjacent water. Half price with FL ID. Very reasonable. Sites are separated amidst palmettos and pine trees. Primitive sites are nicer and more private. Really beautiful. RV sites are more open and closer together but still nice. The best RV sites are on the river.
Showers and dump station. Almost no one here the week before Christmas. Trails nearby. Caution: alligator signs!

Rodman Campground 29.52476, -81.79257
December 21st, 2021 elizabethmcjones

Mine Canyon is a primitive camping area in Ute State Park. Enter from south side, on Quay Rd. Main road to boat dock is paved. There are several pull outs off compact dirt roads (perfectly suitable for passenger sedans), right by the water. Very open area, beautiful sunrise. 2 pit toilets and garbage cans, but otherwise, no amenities. Decent 4g Verizon signal. No one else around Dec 20. $8, self pay by check or cash.

Ute Lake State Park (Mine Canyon) 35.33862, -103.49248
December 21st, 2021 me

Nice car park with a big picnic area and a spectacular view! You will propably not be alone, there were several other travellers with us here in december, but still very quiet! No amenities at all but can definitely recommend for a night and for hiking!

Santa Antonio In national park. 38.80601, 0.18608
December 21st, 2021 Michel Forest

Very large Beach with palapas. Easy access hotel zone free. Everything you could need near by.

Playa and palapas. 18.66502, -91.82632
December 21st, 2021 guy_198

Great, on even in times of below freezing temperatures

Smiths gas station 35.87941, -106.29654
December 21st, 2021 hkulcheski

as described by others, am in a truck and large camper, parked at end of lot for the night and had no problems. A comment on the plugs in the original description- they are listed in the barn structure and are not for use by Rvs etc. Was quiet and clean, have my large dog and found good places to take her for a walk.

Pemberton Community Barn 50.32393, -122.80555
December 21st, 2021

Water source is still there. Safe to drink.

Quelle 40.06174, 19.85761
December 21st, 2021 Wendy & Graham

Excellent service as this location is dedicated to Western Union - no other services in same location. Open all day.

Western Union -41.13445, -71.31216
December 21st, 2021

I am the owner of nearby Andean Roads. I don't think this place is safe to stay overnight, camp at your own risk.

El castillo -34.45385, -58.69330
December 21st, 2021 aritzmanci

Pagamos 5000 pp. Tienen ducha con agua caliente dentro de la casa. Las vistas son muy bonitas y pudimos disfrutar de un bello atardecer. Perfecto para una noche.

Supermercado and Camping -41.79005, -72.70138
December 21st, 2021 sierraindia87

Also came here and had zero service with Verizon, even with my space antenna booster set up.

Alabama Hills R.V. or tent campsite 36.63278, -118.13145
December 21st, 2021

Get your RV propane cylinders filled here. Good price, great folks! Just off of I-40. Watch for speed trap! Saw the law 2 times with radar gun out.

Conoco fuel 35.17146, -103.68030
December 21st, 2021 BeingHumanRV

1, 3 or 5 gallons.$0.25, $0.75 and $1.25 respectively. Takes cash or coins only

Watermill Express 32.75449, -111.55519
December 21st, 2021 fluchtwagen_muenster

These are the correct coordinates for the entrance to the parque.

Parque Nacional El Boquerón 13.73369, -89.27883
December 21st, 2021 thenivals

This is an oversized Parking Lot in the back of the Mirage Hotel. We were attending a show here and wanted everything to be safe, especially for our 2 young buys. You can walk strait out to the strip and there is around the clock security. Normal rate to park for a 24hour time is $30. Definitely more expensive but we wanted our boys to feel as comfortable as possible. We did have some noise but nothing to make us not want to come back. There was also a couple other vans, Rv's, and overlander vehicles.

Mirage Oversized Vehicle Parking $15-$30 36.12330, -115.17687
December 21st, 2021

We camped very near to this spot last night pulled off the road in a sandy spot. There was trash around and a view of the mountains. The road is has lots of views and appears to have had a lot of work done on it to make it wider, good for 2wd except for washboard. We have a 12 ton overland truck and could drive well past halfway from east to west on this road before it gets too rough and narrow. Then it's best for a Jeep or similar. This is a popular road to bicycle on and we saw several. While camped last night at about 9 pm, a lady started beeping her horn and calling to us at our door. When we opened it she said the Buddha camp just down the road owns all of this and we're illegally camped on private property, alongside the road in what is best described as an old construction turnaround area. She said it was 500 pesos to stay overnight. We said that number was quite unreasonable and gave her 200 which she took and left saying we had to leave first thing in the morning. Then she said if we were interested we could come down to the Buddha establishment. We left to find friendlier places because we've been in Baja long enough to know that this is unusual and inappropriate.

"Orange Road" 23.31809, -109.76828
December 21st, 2021 katjaengenhart

Parked on the side of Lowes next to a car wash and no issues. Was quiet -a truck was also parked

Lowe’s 34.66458, -79.00240
December 21st, 2021 sasnet

Entrance 4 km from the R40: at the gate / information desk register first.
Entrance for camping and hotel:
Portal Cañadón Pinturas
National Route 40, 57 km south of Perito Moreno and 74 km north of Bajo Caracoles.
Looks like quite a new build fancy place. Restaurant with WiFi. For camper-van about 6 places behind the restaurant with wooden fences for wind protection, fire pit in the middle. In the middle of the campsite a new amenity block with very clean showers ( 1 for women, 1 for men) , toilets, sitting area without cooking facilities, 2 sinks for dishwash.
We paid 3000 pesos for one night, 2 persons and a camper-van. Walking trail 4,5 km next to the entrance, spot the beautiful colors!

parquepatagoniaargentina -47.02743, -70.64406
December 21st, 2021 naturaliens

no problem staying here, lots of other campers too. :)

Walmart 34.13234, -116.38564
December 21st, 2021 chiarabercu

Beautiful views and lots of places to pull out along the road. Would definitely come back! Very light traffic some cars and bikes.

Pull off- TV tower Road with views 35.37578, -120.68880
December 21st, 2021

Open now Dec 2021. Free dump and potable water

Carl G. Washburne Memorial State Park 44.16182, -124.11568
December 21st, 2021 nessav98

We tried driving past all the buildings to go to the camping spot near the café, but the road is blocked at this point. We said we were going to the café, but the gatekeeper says it's only open on the weekends. They wanted to charge $5pp entry fee, plus $20 camping fee. As soon as we said no thank you and went to leave, the lady said we could camp for $10 instead. We ended up leaving anyways, everything just seems quite expensive.

Parking Mombacho volcan 11.84161, -86.01274
December 21st, 2021 nessav98

We tried driving to this spot for free, but the road is blocked at the last camping point. We said we were going to the café, but the gatekeeper says it's only open on weekends. They tried to charge us $20 camping fee plus $5pp entrance fee, so we left.

Canopy Miravalle 11.84037, -85.99509
December 21st, 2021 guy_198

Swim and shower for 4,50$. There seems to be plenty of public access times;

Los Alamos Aquatic centre 35.88380, -106.30908
December 21st, 2021 partiudivan

free water near by the Park
YPF doesn't give it
do it here

Park -41.96571, -71.53438
December 21st, 2021 natedog211

I was driving in the city and saw a spot where a few people (diesels, and rv’s) were parked along the street for the night.
It’s less stinky then the Walmart with the sewage water.
Close to target, Walmart, Costco, lowes, dollar store, and much more
Full AT&T 5g service

Street parking 32.81734, -115.56573
December 21st, 2021 sierraindia87

So THANKFUL this spot was posted! I couldn’t find any spots along movie road with Verizon service so I came here. Full bars Verizon LTE and was able to log onto my work VPN and do video conference calls! The surrounding ground area is not as pretty as the main area but the mountains more than make up for it! Stunning backdrop!
Site is fairly level.

Hogback Creek 36.64529, -118.16258

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