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Now high season, small truck 2 pers. 650 pesos p/n very slow WIFI and not that clean bathrooms as mentioned before. Around 50% of the spots are taken. During the weekend they are selling beach tickets....for several bus loads from the big cities. During day time there are long waiting lines for toilets and showers, its a big mess for a lot of money!! Pis in the early morning and late afternoon only. Complained this with the manger, it will go to happen more and more....

Paraiso del Pescado 21.02252, -105.27440

Nice place, bring your mosquito repellent. if you go all the way to the waters edge it's a pretty steep path back to the main road.... not a lot of room to turn around so be warned. probably subject to flooding

Tennessee River Pulloff 35.04510, -85.48194

Just to add to the previous description that was posted years ago. It’s 2021 and they are allowing you to stay overnight up to 7 days.

Harrah's Resort of Southern California 33.26463, -116.95497

It’s a quiet spot right off the road. I wouldn’t advise swimming in the lake. There are ducks swimming and the sunset is beautiful. There were a few others camping here. It use right down the road from white sands national park. Debating on staying here another night.

Raptor Lake (Holloman Lake Entrance) 32.80786, -106.12261
Billie Whizz travels

At the far end of the seafront, a civilised beachfront location, on two floors open to the cooling sea breeze.
Good food, classy, relaxed atmosphere. 80k COP for chicken Caesar salad, fries, dessert and three beers.

El Muele 10.39701, -75.56431

There is an open network called “Ripton Hotspot”. I parked next to the Town Offices and used it for a couple hours multiple times. I never asked anyone for permission but was never told not to use it. It is fast WIFI and great for a spot that has no service at least for Verizon users.

Ripton Town Offices WIFI 43.97514, -73.03670

I was told by the owner of the Ripton Country Store that “to the best of my knowledge the spring is potable”. I am overly careful of waterborne diseases and still treated the water. A local friend later assured me that many people fill up at the spring and that it is definitely potable. The water is cold and delicious.

Lucky 7 Spring 44.00114, -73.02161

As described previously, it has seen better days but appears well secured with a huge gate. Lots of room, we paid 10,000 for a couple and vehicle and 2,000 for the hot shower. Beach is close and stores not far away. Owner, Katy is very nice but knows only a little English. Helpful and friendly though. Not much else in this area and we wanted to skirt around Santiago on the way south so it worked for us.

Las Cipreses -33.49511, -71.63445

I stayed here in the parking lot last night, there are no signs stating no overnight parking. It was quiet.
I felt safe, nice scenery next to the river. There's a walking path along water.
There is also a large greenspace for dogs.

Deep River beach park 46.10336, -77.48554

Very cool visitor center with dinosaur fossils and lovely staff! Tons of free maps / magazines of the surrounding areas.

BLM Visitor Center 37.07649, -111.66389

Day pass C$4.50/adult. Hot showers. Access to the pool. Free wifi.

St Catharines Kiwanis Aquatics Centre 43.18088, -79.22626
R.T. Van Go

Stayed the night at the other coordinates by Target, but came over here for gas in the morning. Same setting as the other location, 18 wheelers, a couple of night campers, vacant lot to the east separates houses from this street. May rotate between both spots for a couple of nights. No parking restriction signs evident.

Street By Costco 36.29225, -119.30522

Just a few minutes from Canyon de Chelly Visitors Center. Right off the road. Fairly quiet at night. Beautiful trees. Wild horses graze the area in the morning and evenings. Good att and Verizon reception. We stayed here 3 nights, out in the canyon during the days, no one bothered us.

Sand Pit near Canyon de Chelly 36.15188, -109.54574

Good spot. Crowded but lots of space. I get Verizon service with 3 bars. Road is very bumpy/rutted out but go slow and ok if no rain.

BLM Free Camping West of Zion 37.20628, -113.24041

Quiet spot on the side of the highway have service 😊 safe travels 😘

Tiger Dunlop Road 43.75575, -81.69940

Casa Yee does not sell or refill propane. The guy next door to Casa Yee does. They are two separate businesses. That’s why the original OP was confused.

If you are facing Casa Yee, the correct location to refill your propane is located to the left, behind the first door you come across, which is currently painted blue.

Propane @ Autoshop 26.89079, -111.98183

Local com camas confortáveis, limpeza muito boa e custo benefício ótimo. Pagamos 2600 pesos argentinos por 1 noite. Quarto privativo com banheiro.

Hostel Trip Bariloche Select -41.13613, -71.31231

Nice spot! I parked below and walked it because you def need 4wd to get there.

Fs 123 by the creek 39.47505, -105.77446

I agree! There were some heavy washboards to get here but it was worth it. Lots of options just like this one, but like a realtor told me once, “If you can see it, you can feel it.” We’re on top of the world here and the wind is flying free! This is THE spot for unobstructed sunsets and sunrises.

Pike National Forest 39.34167, -105.72857

Nice place, but service very long! 100pesos for 3 fish tacos, 95pesos for 3 meat tacos, 110 for 3 shrimp tacos. Nice home made lemonade.

Viktor's 27.21874, -112.21386

this is one of many sites along this road. this road gets steep and rough quick. we are in a 34' converted skoolie, we went about a mile up and turned around not finding a place big enough except this one only a short way from the paved road. tons of traffic on a Sunday afternoon. not bad at night, just an occasional passer by. I've included photos. there is a tire ring at these coordinates. one bar of 5g Verizon and at&t.

old 105 pull off with fire ring 35.79456, -81.92175

Lots of spots to wildcamp, amazing surroundings. 1200 meters altitude. Light offroad to get there and little road noise. Good 4G.

Rocky forest 36.80489, 29.51209

Very nice place. Shortly after we arrived it rained heavy. The staff was very helpful and took care we could settle. Made nice coffee and food. We had a hot shower. One of the best campsites we had during our long trip. Highly recommended.

Nkuruba Community 0.51839, 30.30222

Walmart parking lot. Large lot[. 4 or 5 rv, vans, trucks parked in back lot. I don't see any no overnight parking signs.

Walmart 40.13530, -74.96660

Very loud overhead highway bridge meant i couldn't sleep and had to move on. large well patrolled area with flat spaces. Possible to walk or scooter downtown. great for a visit or if you can handle the noise.

Bass Pro Shops - Pyramid Parking Lot 35.14958, -90.05406

Definitely not closed on Nov 1, as we just stayed here for two nights. On their website, it shows that this year (2021) some of the loops are open through Dec 13 and one loop is open until Dec 31. Not sure if that's the same every year they're upgrading the electric hookups at the sites. Decent campground otherwise. 3 bars of TMobile and Google Fi.

Holly Point Campground 36.00837, -78.65269

Stayed here Friday through Sunday. Free campsite since season is over. Small campground. Most sites are level. Stayed right next to the river. Very peaceful this time of year. Campground is not plowed during the winter. Road to get there was dirt but very smooth. Highly recommend.

Greendale Campground 43.35069, -72.82081

Nice Walmart. parked on the west side by the garden section, not a single car in sight. sign for "no trucks" but no sign for no overnight camping. large area for dog to run off you have one

Walmart parking lot 33.90244, -84.11131

Pretty spot on the side of forest service road. 2 cars drive by in the evening, then no one all night or Monday morning.

Fire pit, lots of leftover / downed wood, mostly pine, dry enough to burn once the fires going

Faint signal on t-mobile. Enough to send a text or look something up, not enough to stream video

Rensselearville State Forest site 2 42.49957, -74.19559

small area next to the see,
accessible for bikes and motorbike,
at the end of a gravel road

Makre wild camp 40.84766, 25.74428

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