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Free dump station located between the sombrero tower and I-95. Two hoses, one for rinse water, and the other is presumably for filling your water tank, although we didn't need water and didn't use it. No sign indicating if it's potable or not. Drive between the Mexico Shop West and arcade/sombrero tower and circle around the back of the arcade to access the dump. You can also stay overnight in the parking lot for free, or you can stay in the paid campground if you need hookups.

South of the Border 34.49953, -79.31034

Great place with outdoor shaded seating off the main drag! Friendly people, tasty tacos.

Asadero Los Werozz 25.03432, -111.67006

ducha quente a bondade no posto Ipiranga

Posto relógio -25.29794, -51.14398
Pierre Gagnon

Stopped there this morni g to dump our waters, get fresh potable water and took à hot shower, all that for free really nice like someone said wish tbere were more places like that.

Wyandot service plaza 41.48972, -83.36941

It looked like good weather so I took a chance and drove all the way up here in my 2wd Promaster. The road was AMAZING! Even after the giant sign that said OHV 4x4s only.

*Important: camping is before the indicator. Look for road #201.

County Rd 51 39.03513, -105.27691

Dump Station still open with hose provided to flush black tanks and separate water spigot with no hose for drinking water. Easy level access but charge is now $20 because they spent over 1 million redoing septic system and that got wiped out in a recent storm so having to pay to have septic hauling out by vacuum trucks. Did not stay but have lots of spots with power and water along with picnic tables. Even spots for long touring bus Class As.

Olema Camp Dump Station 38.04402, -122.78981

We found a place to hook our hose and get drinking water at the baseball field. We had to use pliers to turn the spigot since the handle wasn’t on.

I also noticed some water by the dog park but it was too far for my short hose to reach.

Rotary park - drinking water 43.49958, -70.47388

Cumbrecita, which beautiful city. She is really worth the detour, it's a small town that recalls Switzerland, surrounded by nature with hills, mountains and small streams to give a bohemian air to the city. 500psos for parking for a van or car, for big rigs I do not know, but after all activities are free. A superb path will take you to see small lakes and waterfalls where you can swim. The place is really superb and so nice, we teleport it out of time. And little more for the French, we can eat raclette! A Swiss restaurant offers its for 2200p for 2 people. I loved this city I advise you 100x to come for a ride, unable for me!

La Cumbrecita, quelle ville magnifique. Elle vaut vraiment le détour, c'est une petite ville qui rappelle la Suisse, entouré que de nature avec des collines, montagnes et petits ruisseaux pour donner un air bohème a la ville. 500pesos pour le parking pour un van ou une voiture, pour les Big Rig je ne sais pas, mais après toutes les activités sont gratuites. Un sentier superbe vous emmènera voir les petits lacs et les cascades ou vous pourrez vous baigner. L'endroit est vraiment superbe et tellement agréable, on ce téléporte hors du temps. Et petit plus pour les français, on peut manger de la raclette! un restaurant suisse vous propose sa pour 2200p pour 2 personnes. J'ai adorée cette ville je vous conseille 100x de venir faire un tour, immanquable pour ma part!

La Cumbrecita -31.89212, -64.77641

Great overnight spot with RV specific parking spaces.

Cracker Barrel 35.67103, -88.83405

Nice place, quiet, bbq, table, mountain, Toilet, shower warm water. Host friendly. I pay 150 p à night. I stay 4 nights, close to the city with a marquer like small Walmart.

La Maquina 27.00484, -102.07751

checked out this spot early. this is a legit pull off the side of the road. definitely good if you need to catch a couple hours of sleep. I'm traveling by car so really didn't feel comfortable here with a lower profile vehicle. beautiful spot though. definitely no service at this spot

Lakeside Pull-Out 42.53971, -72.95876

As described. We did not camp here, but able to use. Coordinates take you right to dump/water.

Mather Campground Dump and water Free 36.05097, -112.12184

It's there and free, but the sewer hole was locked and the water was shut off. Two water hoses, one marked "non potable" and one a bit away from the dump with no signage that I would assume is potable.

None of the rangers or employees I asked about this knew what I was talking about, they said there is no dump here.

Petrified Forest National Park 35.08064, -109.72000

A large, level turnout big enough for big rigs, RVs, etc.
We showed up at sunset and have been here all morning.
Far enough off the highway to feel safe, very quiet overnight.
VERY good Verizon signal.
Beautiful view.
PLEASE keep it clean, we picked up a lot of trash over here.

Large Turn Out 38.64866, -123.39775

Sani station available but without water.
Here on November 8.

Shell Gas Station 49.82780, -119.63494

The house of family near the botanical gardens and golf course.

Asuncion -25.26944, -57.57667

the camping site is in the trail to Cascata and next 20m from a dirt road. Don't pay to acess the waterfall and are a perfect place to camping with tent. We didn't camping in this point, but saw the place used for make fire in night and Camping, maybe for local people. In the parking area maybe you can stay with motorhome.

Near Cascata Conde D'Eu -22.13926, -42.65245

Good spot not too far from zion. I get one bar of Verizon cel service. Lots of other people here. Nice views from here.

Kolob Terrace Rd 37.21249, -113.17711

Still open as of Nov. 8. Left it dripping to prevent freezeout.

Gunnison Town Dump 38.54509, -106.92174

water shut off... likely for winter season

Verkeerderkill Park 41.61818, -74.33876

Gas station near downtown with cold showers. Safe and quiet place at night.

Posto Líder (Ipiranga) -15.74841, -43.02791

Very beautiful and quiet not a whole lot of traffic other than people using the park. Had a peaceful sleep. Stayed 1 night

Millennium Park 49.32416, -117.65328

As described, perfect spigot where I was able to clean my Berkey water filter. (It had gotten clogged with dirt and grime from the rivers and lakes I was drawing water from.) Great spot to refill, and relax for a bit.

Oats Park 39.47295, -118.77125

Coffee with an extensive drink menu. They have almond milk. Great Americano but it was way too hot to drink. Ask for some cold water in it!

Capitan Coffee 25.03224, -111.67167
Anthony Lucente

A nice hotel or B&B only one block from Parque a Centro America.
Owned & operated by a nice family
Clean & quiet
I was able to park my motorcycle in their garage
Breakfast was nice
Wifi was fast & consistent

Hotel Villa de Don Andrés 14.83414, -91.51939

We stayed for three nights with a family of five. Lots of space and shade under coconut trees. The bathrooms are big and clean and the shower great. The beach is a ten minutes walk and very nice. Small local shop nearby Betty and her crew are great. 30 COP starting fee (half day) and than 60 COP per night. .

Camping Cispata 9.39504, -75.77476

Next to the restaurant / parking lot is a llanteria tyre shop who do great work. The little kiosk offers rooms with eg 4 beds / bathroom with shower all clean and set fir 35 COP a night. Two big fans in the room provide a quiet comfortable condition.

Planeta Rica Parking Area 8.36773, -75.56439

Check on the website of city of Waco and it said no overnight camping.

Cameron Park 31.57436, -97.14656

Beautiful spot. Didn’t see anyone else. Didn’t hear anything from the freeway though I could see the lights. Many many little turnouts! Great spot for a night. 2 if you’re into hiking around this area !

Spot in the desert . on the side of a dirt road 32.21945, -109.06647

spigot is still there, but it's locked and the staff couldn't find the right key. they were real friendly about it though.

I reckon I'll try and visit a campground tomorrow, but they are weirdly hard to find in Chatt.

Water Spigot 35.02775, -85.31608

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