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Abandoned rail route between Beristáin and Zempoala. Shown on Osmand as Linea HD and Linea H ferrocarril abandonado.
Best suited to two wheel travellers who can weave between rocks and ruts but passable (slowly) for other vehicles, NOT bigger rigs.
A lovely alternative to main roads. Plenty of wild camping options.

Ferril abandonado 20.04286, -98.33077

Simple dirt lot that’s nice and dark with no disturbances. Just a good place to park for the night before going into Yosemite.

Dirt Parking Lot 37.48789, -119.96919

Really nice place, very clean rooms and very friendly owners. Secure parking for a motorcycle inside is possible.
Price for one person/night is now 500 Dh
All in all I paid around 760 Dh with dinner and breakfast.
Seems to be a popular place, so it might be good to first call to check if they have any free rooms:
0539390903 or

Hotel Villa Marine 35.84241, -5.55655

Nice campground. Lots of wildlife; turkeys, geese, blue jays, magpies, woodpeckers, eagles,deer, squirrels, woodchucks, etc.

$50 w/full hookup per night plus $8 online reservation fee. Stayed 3 nights

No cell service whatsoever

Family Campground Lake Del Valle 37.57069, -121.68742

safe quiet free place to park overnight, says 3 hour parking starting at 8a

Public Parking 37.39398, -122.08117

Excelente lugar para estacionar y hacer el River Walk. No tuvimos ningún problema. Mucho espacio para estacionar campers pequeños o vans en la carretera. Estuvo silenciosa y segura.

Really great spot to park and do River walk. Not any problem, several street parking spaces for small campers or vans. Quiet and we felt safe.

Arden Grove St Parking 29.43537, -98.48395

There’s not much here, but it’s conveniently close to the highway and with even more convenient sand mounds topped by dense shrubs for good wind protection. Firm ground, good for pitching a tent.
There’s not really a road to here, just follow some tyre tracks off the highway. Road can be heard in the distance, but totally quiet at night. A visiting camel at night.

Gravel Plain 19.17074, 57.63999

You need to come here in season. Lagoons mostly dry in early November, no flamingos.

Pink Lagoons 18.61594, 56.67761

Price for Toyota Land Cruiser and two people camping in November 2021 was
12 $ per night.

Friendly people, good facilities, hot shower, good potable water, perfect if you want a bit more comfort for a night or two.

Panama Camping RV park 8.76847, -82.43194

Wow! Really lovely venue. Not a lot of parking space for overland vehicles. We were directed to nice shaded spots that didn’t have enough clearance for our Gladiator + Alu-Cab Canopy Camper. Then we were sent to a lot that is normally used for 15-passenger van parking. There was one space in the lot where we could get level. All good. We had the place to ourselves!! We couldn’t believe it, with the beauty of the venue, swimming access, and activities in the area. We enjoyed swimming daily and laying out in the hammocks. Hot showers and clean bathrooms. For food, leave the campground and take your first right. You’ll end up at a big parking lot and there are eateries there. Riaces is nice for breakfast, but on the pricy side (for the area). The little place directly beside it is great for lunch and dinner. We tried the bocoles, sopes, and quesadillas, and everything was delicious. And the ladies in there are sweethearts. The Selva Teenek ecopark is interesting (guided tours in Spanish). Just don’t forget bugspray.

Aldea Huatesca 22.09809, -99.13956

Nice place. 15& ppn for chalet. Nice internet at bar.

Panorama Safari Camp -3.37949, 35.82220

Endroit de rêve! On se retrouve entouré des vignes à 20 minutes à pied de la ville! Super endroit et super propre! À recommander! 5 000 pp.

Alfa Aldea Observatory -30.02681, -70.72622
Why Arent You Turning Left

Asked other locals and all said ok water

Spring on hillside 36.49794, -4.72090

Stayed here a night on the left close to the garbage bin because we thought we would be most out of the way there. We asked the guy who is selling coconuts if it was fine to park there. Had a few drinks at the bar (check your bill, they won't give you a proper one and add 20% tip on top). They gave us the WiFi when we asked, but he typed it in. (Pro tip: with android you can see and share the password anyways).

Before we went to the bar "Robertito" talked to us and asked if we were camping and we said yes (he has the little board rental shack). He said he had places to rent or to camp but we said we would rather stay closer to the surf.

The next morning he kept annoying us to move the car around, first a bit backwards and later in the evening he wanted us to leave completely. Didn't like his vibe from the beginning and I think he doesn't want campers.

The beach is perfect for beginners to surf, but maybe park a bit further down away from the beach. It's a pretty tight road anyways.

Playa El Remanso 11.22174, -85.84738

One Thing: No cell service and the wifi of the bars doesn't reach very far. We preferred Playa Maderas, friendlier vibe, more space, and cell service. The waves at Playa Maderas are a bit messier though.

Playa El Remanso 11.22174, -85.84738

This is a great spot! Right off the highway, a few other cars but lots of space. I get 3 bars of Verizon service.

Hole In The Rock Rd 37.72400, -111.52808

Title says it all. 😀
We were in the area and it was already dark and didn’t want to keep driving. This wouldn’t be a “destination” spot but was nice and private and far enough off the road that it was pretty quiet.
The library just up the way has awesome WiFi and Taylor’s head was great too.
We didn’t take the road all the way back but there is a nice little section to crash at the bend going back. Good little stop over.

Close to Taylor's Head 44.84971, -62.58196

The best campground I saw at Death Valley, no generators, quiet at night, filled up on the weekend. Can go to the ranch at Death Valley and swim and shower for $14 a person as well!

Texas Spring Camping \ NP Camping Furnace Creek 36.45864, -116.85373

Road in from the east/the valley was slow going due to significant washboarding and some bumps but fine for 2WD 2005 Sprinter.

Be aware that the crossing from Badwater Rd to the West Side Road to the south can be impassable if the Amargosa river is flowing (rare) but otherwise it's the fastest route.

Warm Springs wasn't a resort - it was a mining camp owned by a female operator (Louise Grantham) who added the pool and trees because she sometimes stayed there. Neat place to poke around. There are talc mining and gold mining equipment nearby. Burros visit sometimes (soooo much burro poop). The shade and the sound of the spring-fed stream was welcome after a few days in drier areas.

We were the only ones staying overnight mid-week, but multiple groups of 4WD adventurers stopped by to wander around during the day.

Warm Springs Campground, DVNP 35.96806, -116.93194

Coming from Rusape, there is an access road before the electrical lines on your left.
Then there is a track which lead on the top of the hill.
No 4x4 needed, high clearance recommended

from there you have more than 180° views,
and on the other side, you can shelter from the wind between the trees.

not visible from the road, but you can hear the vehicles there

Cell phone reception

Off A14 -18.34518, 32.63988

Turn onto CR-313, then pull off anywhere to camp 100ft from road.
Road solid WHEN DRY.

Apalachicola NF - 313 30.28669, -84.40015

Nice little clearing just 20 yards or so downhill from a turnout. Great little view overlooking the creek, and pit for a small fire.

Beautiful spot at Shasta Lake 40.93302, -122.25000

Since we had problems with our 4x4 Toyota, we drove to "Glücksland". Marcus Batz immediately repaired it professionally. In addition, we were received very warmly and hospitably. We were allowed to visit the very well maintained parking garage for private cars. We spontaneously decided to stay for two nights on the campground, which is usually available to people who park their cars here. The campsite for its guests has several large private sites, with barbecue, fireplace, shower cabin, toilet. Drinking water is available. All the pitches are very quietly situated in a wonderful landscape with a fantastic view of the mountains. With a little bit of luck you can observe various wild animals. Driving time to Windhoek center is 45 minutes, to the airport 30 minutes.
We can highly recommend his parking garage, campsites, so also the maintenance of the car.

Gluecksland - Car Storage Namibia -22.62412, 17.32995

Still a great place. Camped on the "upper deck" (pool level) in a tent. Wonderful views over the valley! One of the nicest camping locations in Oman so far.

Wadi Ash Shuwaymiyah 17.93427, 55.52685

Still a great place. Camped on the "upper deck" parking (pool level) in a tent. Wonderful views over the valley! One of the nicest camping locations in Oman so far.

Waterfall and pool in Wadi Ash Shuwaymiyyah 17.93406, 55.52646

Very lit place, very convenient. 0 problems. Very noisy though

Cracker Barrel 29.54488, -98.58181

Great spot, lots of space for multiple vehicles. No one else there midweek in November. Cellphone service was good.

Griffith 45.25998, -77.20006

A great place to spend the night before or after crossing the border. Space can be a bit cramped, but facilities are nice and so are the views. Gloria is a wonderful person and she gave us coffee, fruit, and cookies for breakfast.

Cold showers and clean toilets.

Wouldn’t swim in that pool, however.

$10 or 350C per night.

El Divisadero 13.63441, -86.47009

No fees being charged when I stayed, think because it was out of season. Site closes in December. Pit toilet remarkably freshly cleaned and not rancid

Upper Prince Creek campground 1 39.33943, -107.15863

Hermoso lugar, amplio para acampar o para motorhome y campers, baños y duchas amplios, limpios y agua caliente. Los senderos de trekking maravillosos. Ojo q hay q cancelar el ingreso al parque por persona 4.100 (chilenos) extranjeros entiendo tienen otra tarifa. Y el camping sigue costando 6.000 p/p, conviene si te quedas varios días

Reserva Nacional Tamango -47.24192, -72.52395

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