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Like said above, several half moon turn outs. We found one that was parallel parking, which was nice because we could open our side van door right to the beach. Traffic was noisy during the day. Had the beach to ourselves though. Beautiful place to park and work

any side pull off without signs posted 30.35937, -89.10927

Great spot tucked in trees, fire pits around and flat spaces to park and camp with our tent and motorcycle. No one came by, we filtered water from the creek. Peaceful night. Road here from 98 junction heading north to south is mix of sandy, gravel, slight washboard and hard gravel. Doable two up on motorcycle but had to watch some deeper sections particularly coming in and out the ravines.

shaded camping by creek -34.52595, -69.28038

We slept wonderfully here for 3 nights. Only camping guests are allowed to enter the site after 7 pm. The pool is lovely. The showers are fine (you can shower before 11am and after 7pm). Cleaning is done twice a day. The grounds are also kept very clean. We paid € 2.50 per night camper + 2 people + electricity + shower. And there is wifi at the camper field.

Camping Municipal Carlos Xamena -24.81324, -65.41969

Stayed at Sunset camping - 5000 colones per person, parked right along the beach and stayed in the van, beautiful beach front site! Security guard next room at private house, close to where we parked, felt safe! Plenty of other tents pitched on the camp ground! Toilets and showers available byo toilet paper. Gabriel is the manager, very friendly and pleasant man, wifi available if you ask Gabriel! He and his wife cooked us a delicious breakfast for 3000 per person! Would highly recommend this spot!!

Sunset Camping 9.25306, -83.86643

You can camp anywhere along this beach front road! Back onto the beach! Plenty of other campers set up. Street well lit with street lights, other accommodations across street - felt safe staying here. Used the facilities at the room2board hostel down the street, bought a beer and used facilities - including pool!! Great spot to camp!

Beach front camp 9.25307, -83.86647

Showed up and there was so much broken glass on the ground I didn’t even want to let my dog out. Looked like someone had been shooting bottles all over the place. Didn’t even want to look further so moved along. Would be fine to sleep for the night but if you want to exit your rig be careful…

East Ranch Rd 2 32.85710, -111.22575

Camping au bord de l’eau tranquille mais avec beaucoup de moustiques. Pas de wifi, douche (froide) sanitaires propres. 3500 pesos pour 2 nuits 2 adultes et le CC.

Guarderia Sol Dorado -27.43197, -58.84520

Free water spigot next to the Air. $10 fee for grey/black water. Dog park. McDonald’s. Convenience store.

Love’s Travel Stop 30.73410, -86.34934

Lots of "No Overnight Camping" signs in the large parking lot. Many of the surrounding streets are no parking 4am-7am

24 hour lot in town 39.40200, -107.21080

Street parking on a quiet, non-residential street just outside of downtown. No signage indicating restrictions. Next to a lot for a wellness center. Didn't hear or see anything the whole night.

Jackson Street Parking 35.61824, -88.82009

Very friendly staff. Little space for you to cook with a private table and electricity. Protected from the wind. 14000 for 2 and a tent on the roof

Camping Alborada (4,3,3) -45.55301, -72.06466

Everything in the park is free. And one of the previous comments is wrong, it has a lot of room for at least 10 vehicle. The lady of the Tourist Office of the previous city Uspaallata, has the park phone number to see if you want to book but nobody answered all day. The lady of the tourist office told me that at 17h there was no one in the park is wrong. The showers are hot and free but we do not just take them from 20h. And for the observatory you have to book in advance (in the day SA sufficient) by going directly to see them or calling them (2648441087)! Great place it's a treat

Tout dans le parc est gratuit. Et un des précédents commentaires est faux, il a beaucoup de place pour au moin 10 véhicule. La dame de l'Office du tourisme de la ville précédente Uspallata, a le numéro de téléphone du parc pour apeller si vous voulez réserver mais personne n'a répondu toute la journée. la dame de l'Office du tourisme m'a dit qu'à 17h il n'y avait plus personne dans le parc c'est faux. Les douches sont chaude et gratuite mais on peu les prendre seulement à partir de 20h. Et pour l'observatoire il faut réserver à l'avance (dans la journée sa suffis) en allant directement les voir ou en les appelant (2648441087)! super endroit c'est un régale

Parque Leoncito -31.79678, -69.33442

Great place. Organized and crowded at weekends. Offer rooms , space for tents and RVs. Waterfalls and a river for swimming, lots of barbecue places. Silent rules are strict ( thank God)

Lugar com boa Manutencao e natureza. Bem silencioso ( graças a Deus existem regras muito restritivas quanto a propagação de som 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼) tem banheiros, cozinha comunitária, restaurante. Lugar pra barracas, muitas churrasqueiras com sombras. A água é limpa, mas turva . Internet lenta e só próxima a Recepcao. Não há sinal de telefonia celular. Recomendo!!!!

Recanto Saltinho -25.91542, -49.25624

Restaurant with traditional Mineira food very cheap! They also deliver up to 15km Tropeiro costs 8.0 reais

Melgaço Churrascaria -19.28475, -44.40486

Huge pullout. Pouring here last night. Some road noise but nothing we couldn’t handle. When we arrived only a schooler was here. Didn’t have any problem. Excellent view had it not been for the rain!

Port Orford Sunset free 42.72195, -124.46658

We have been there on a sunday evening near the mainseason. There were no visitors on the big area, the playground was in a horrible condition and the ablutions were nearly the same. Although the beach was far away, so we went to the next place in kleinmond.

Caravanpark Kleinmond -34.33347, 19.04048

Place is called la cantina.
Verry good food and nice people who talk a bit of english too

Náquera 39.65768, -0.42331

Wonderful quiet place. Great after visiting the pools. Just the donkey in the upper village is loud 😂.
Perfekt to park and turn around for big vehicles.

Route 32 - Wadi Bani Khalid 22.63929, 59.09037

big parking with drinking water and playground for kids. we stay one night and no problem. A restaurant nearby this place

happy impruneta 43.68026, 11.26438

As described, cozy nice place, with sweet Swiss owners. The WiFi is fast enough, I think they upgraded it.
Sleeping at night is quiet, trucks are making noise at day time (mostly) However, I was awaken by a rooster in the early morning, but I have my earplugs so was ok. Did the walking trail, nice view over Vulcan.

Finca Cañas Castilla 11.12184, -85.59424

Large open parking lot. Didn’t see any other fellow vans or RVs, but the area felt safe and I had no issues during my stay.

Fuddruckers 35.60313, -82.54760

quiet street. A little cars through here. We moved here because in the middle center is very busy and weekends it is crazy and very loud. We couldn't sleep there. I recommend this place.

Sobre la calle H. Colegio Militar nos estacionamos. Es la más tranquila de San Miguel. Muy pocos autos pasan por aquí. Era sábado, estábamos estacionados muy cerca del centro historico pero estaba lleno de gente y los bares con gente que salían del lugar y se apoyaban en la combi y nos alertaba cada vez, así que nos tuvimos que mover aquí. Recomiendo esta calle.

Street H. Colegio Militar 20.92095, -100.74295

very nice place,quiet, not visible from the main road.
Sandy there, need a 4x4 to find the place but there are many other places...

wild camp in a riverbed -21.88892, 15.58257

Several spots along short dirt road, some with stone fire rings. About a mile in the road becomes very narrow & soft, but it's in good condition until there. Road is within a beautiful cactus forest & spaces are well spread out. This road seems to be a lot less busy compared to the "Cactus Forest" location across the street. Very quiet & fairly private, at night you can hear coyotes.
3-4 bars on T-Mobile.

Red Rock BLM 32.61297, -111.20672

disponibilizo o pátio da minha casa para motohome que está de viagem que prescise pernoitar.

casa luana -29.69354, -51.22044

DO NOT STAY HERE — extremely brutal, violent winds. We stayed on a night with no storm, just a regular night, and the winds exceeded 40MPH. Our Sprinter van was violently shaking and rocking with loud, deep howling. We did not sleep a wink but it was too windy to drive this road in the dark. Do not sleep here, move on down the road away from the lake for a less windy spot. The caution sign “high winds” is right; this is next level.

Dispersed spots around mono lake 38.04625, -119.16888

Nous y sommes restés une nuit, c'est relativement brouillant avec l'autoroute et le train à proximité, mais le parc est calme et les propriétaires de chiens très sympathiques! Poubelle et recyclage sur place, bon réseau cellulaire!

Yellow Quill Provincial Park 49.95681, -98.33175

We came to this place after locals recommended that this is the best reef to snorkel and they were right if you come here ask for charlo he’ll let you park overnight for free if you eat at his place.

Charly’s place 15.68781, -96.23845

Some parking lot style and some parking on rocks. Shower and flushable toilets. Cost $14 a night. Right next to the beach.

Malaquite Campground 27.43006, -97.29608

We tried to enter the Campamento Geográfico Corfo but the roads are blocked for small cars, clearly they don’t want anyone around. Just off the road, it’s flat and spacious

Off the road before Tatio Geisers -22.36762, -68.01691

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