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The bridges are very narrow for big rigs but in dry season you can drive through the river.

Mochaba Crossing - Turn off for Ditshiping and Morutsa starting points -19.78386, 23.64815

Also Big Rigs fit here!
You can come here easyly with a Big Rig!

Nauplie port 37.57097, 22.80077

We came here because of some (bigger) chips on our windscreen. They could rescue our screen by repairing them. Rocky did a super fast and excellent job for a fair price. But they can also supply / organize windscreen for trucks for reasonable prices.

PG Windscreens -22.57097, 17.08355

State campground with powered and unpowered sites, with picnic tables and fire pits. Toilets, dump station, etc. We went off season in November and only 4 sites were in use. The sites are close together, so in season would feel crowded, but for us it was great. Quiet, clean, safe. $6/night for non-electric site. Off season is walk in only, which works well for us.

Red Haw State Park 40.99770, -93.27882

A little better than the other sites in the valley. Has a few trees and close to visitor center.

Furnace Creek 36.46282, -116.86924

City run campground. Nicely kept up. About 18 full hookup sites. Very big rig friendly. All pull through, plenty of space. Grassy with gravel pads. $12 per night, 30 days maximum.

Riverside Park RV 28.81468, -97.00909

Dump station at a city run campground. Only $2 to dump. Potable water at sites.

Victoria City RV park 28.81468, -97.00909

Everything is still like deacribed in the first comment, a ver relaxing and enjoyable place to stay. Peggy is an unbelievable nice and interesting lady, you can learn a lot of her. We stayed 4 nights and payd the 8 $ although a donation would have been also accepted, we felt it's a matter of respect and appreciation to accept their prices and will not make us poor. The village is really pretty, not overcrowded and good restaurants. Tank you so much Peggy, we are glad to have visited you, a warm hug!

Centro Arte para La Paz 13.93832, -89.02848

This place has seen better days! Around 200 sites here but rather run down with sagging ramadas and broken tiles. No picnic tables and the shower is just a pipe sticking out of the wall. A rather dry, dusty, environment with lots of rubble. 400 Ps/night for our sleepin Toyota Sienna. American prices but Mexican standards :o

Kino Bay RV Park 28.85952, -112.02488

Visited today. Oh man. Let me do you a favor an include some details the OP should have:

It's only the last mile that will get you down.

You want high clearance OR to know technical driving. I might have busted my cat converter coming in on this section. Stay on the high sections of the ruts, they're a horrible rut + rainwash combo so they're easily 10-12" deep in some sections. I wouldn't recommend it in 2WD but I did it in my sentra.

Once you get to the fork, either park up or keep going. You NEED high clearance + 4wd for this part.

Keep walking down the road until you get to a BLM barbed wire gate. Its simple and easily un/rehooked so please make sure you actually close the gate behind you.

Walk along the trail for another mile or so to reach another fork. This time take the right one. It should immediately start leading you uphill. Eventually, you can hear the sound of running water. Follow upstream. You'll pass a dirty pool of lukewarm water but keep following it until you see the stone pit/pool. In the fall/winter you can follow the patch of green/lush vegetation versus the surrounding dead/dry scrub. There's a wood block with a rock on top of it. Use the wood block to cover the PVC drain hole, then use the rock to secure it. you won't form a perfect seal but that's fine. give it 20-30 minutes, go hike around, start a fire in the ring adjacent to the pool, and then enjoy your 110°F tub of hot and relaxing water.

Truly an expedition but easily doable as a half day trip. Be prepared to hike ~2 miles, bring PROPER SHOES (you -will- slip), bring a towel, and make sure you put fires out and close the gate on the way out.

Enjoy this absolute gem of a spot. Isolated, free, and scenic. @almost.chance on IG

Prince Albert Hot Spring 43.12343, -115.34406

Basic RV park, convenient location, super friendly owners. Good wifi. Approx $50/night for FHU, half off with Passport America. Noisy car noises at night, typical for when you stay in town. Laundry on site but there's only one washer and one dryer so we went to the laundromat. Currently self contained vehicles only, restroom and showers are closed for COVID.

La Mesa RV Park 37.35234, -108.55638

No hose
Garaphon cost 13 peso each
Easy parking outside
Nice people :)

Love water 20.51952, -99.89884

Road checkpoint, not asked to show any documents

Army Checkpoint 19.83743, 56.15767

Still a great place. Spent 2 nights here. The only noise at night is air traffic — must be right in the Muscat airport approach corridor.

Bush Camp near Nizwa 22.92201, 57.48234
Anthony Lucente

A rustic hotel on a black sand beach. I was only charged 250GTQ. They have reasonable WiFi, good parking and beautiful views.

Hotel del Sol (Cafe del Sol) 13.89069, -90.48564

This place doesn't exist anymore, and nobody heard about a certain Ronaldo Cruz.
We were not allowed to stay there but were invited to go on the other side of the building - at the gates of the city - where we had a very quiet night. In the morning, you can see tons of lamas crossing behind the wall.

Alota -21.40345, -67.60018

Spectacular example of cave paintings including some mysterious 'alien' like figures - a really nice 6km hike/scramble to get here following yellow painted arrows. Worth the effort. Leave from Campsite 1 at Toghwana Dam. It took us a couple of hours one way at a slow pace. There is a nice ledge inside the cave to sit for a picnic. Highly recommended.

Inanke Cave -20.51285, 28.50863
Instagram: @savannatales

Regarding the price there was a special tariff in all NWR accomodations but it ended on October 31rst 2021. That's why some people paid really cheap during this period. Now the prices are back, and even higher than before. They don't charge per campsite anymore. Now it's 490 ppn unless you're are a Namibian or SADC citizens, then its cheaper. There's a lot of real shade under beautiful acacia trees and not all camping spots have tap water. Showers were excellent and so were toilets. Many oryx passing close to you in the campsite. Bring your containers and bottles to refill with their tap water it's totally tasteless and suitable for drinking!

Sesriem Campsite - NWR -24.48368, 15.79557

friendly, free huge facility with 2 dump areas. you'll need their help. phone on gate. Bob was awesome!

Archie's Elledge wastewater treatment plant 36.03971, -80.29948

Covid tests are offered here, results in 24hr and paid 1200ksh. Be careful as they only collect samples twice on tuesday and thursday for the lab. Best to call in advance (Seth is the lab manager +254 722 628223)

Kitale County Hospital (PCR test) 1.01625, 35.00887

At the Canadian Tire. Probably the quietest urban space here in town. ❤️

New Minas 45.06759, -64.45264

A safe and nice place to spend the day or overnight. The kiosks were closed while we were there, so the toilets weren't available.

praia Itanhaém bopiranga -24.22298, -46.85447

At the bus stop, behind gas station. There is a water faucet.

Hawk Xpress Water 36.93318, -106.98810

Stayed here two times.
First time everything all right , slice of paradise with nice surf in front. Friendly tourists and locals come for a chat.
Second time we met the US guy.... Starting shouting right from the start, so didn't really fancy a talk in this way. Troubled soul indeed. We left for another place, not interested in any yes/no arguments with this monkey. First time we met anyone like this in 16 months of camping.

Playa Pan Dulce 8.39775, -83.28156

Adorable little lonchera with wifi. Great food great prices

El Viejo Cactus 28.28676, -113.99926

off Lovell Canyon Road on public land. road is pretty Rocky and high ground clearance vehicle may be needed, depending on how much you like your oil pan, I'd guess.

Saltgrass Rd 36.06173, -115.55886

An absolutely lovely stop. We stayed here for 4 nights before crossing into El Salvador, and the owners were extremely welcoming. They offer good food and drinks (non alcoholic) at all hours of the day, and medium speed wifi. We were welcomed to use their quads and air-conditioned "movie room" (a converted van) all for free. Cold showers and clean bathrooms. The gates are closed at night so it feels very safe. Make sure to give them a donation at the end to thank them for their hospitality, and say hi to their adorable mini chihuahua Todo (Toto?), he's so so sweet.

La Combi 14.06266, -90.37141

The place is beautiful. Do not listen to what people are saying about Google reviews. The place is very well maintained, and really super pretty, at the foot of the mountains with a great view. There are basins at any temperature. The water is turquoise and natural. There is the opportunity to make Tyrolean, but I do not know the price. The parking is 300pes, the entrance is 800 pesos per person and the locker is 100pSos but with a deposit of 100 more than we give ourselves at the end of the day. We spent the day it was really nice! They give you a bracelet at the entrance and you can enter and go out as you want, restaurants in front of attractive prices with good food. It's worth the detour

l'endroit est magnifique. Ne pas écouter ce que les gens disent sur les avis Google. L'endroit est très bien entretenu, et vraiment super jolie, aux pieds des montagnes avec une super vue. Il y a des bassins a toute température. L'eau est turquoise et naturel. Il y a la possibilité de faire de la tyrolienne, mais je ne connais pas le prix. Le parking est de 300pesos, l'entrée est de 800 pesos par personne et le casier est de 100pesos mais avec une caution de 100 en plus qu'on nous redonne a la fin de la journée. Nous y avons passé la journée c'était vraiment trop sympa! Ils vous donnent un bracelet a l'entrée et vous pouvez entrer et sortir comme vous voulez, des restaurants devant on des prix attractifs avec de la bonnes nourriture. Sa vaut le détour

Termas Cacheuga -33.01407, -69.11763

I wouldn’t call this an RV but more of a parking lot. We rolled in because I was sick and was wanted lots of hot water to soak in. They gave us a rustic room with maybe 6 beds in it and a nice shower with plenty of warm water. Had several meals at the restaurant. Enjoyed talking to the kids. Kind of felt like the adopted us. Very friendly, very affordable. Our room with RV parking, 4 meals, 4 sodas, a beer and 2 candy bars came to 800 pesos.

San Ignacito RV Park / Restaurant 29.32271, -114.29039

Rolled in late, tired and cold so got lazy and meant to put the registration slip in the dropbox in the morning. Volunteer caretaker came by at 7am to gently remind me, followed by a park ranger who would've ticketed me if I didn't have the completed paperwork in my hand. So don't be sloppy like me and get that form done upon arrival.

$22 with good bathrooms and a great vista

Saddlehorn Campground 39.10228, -108.73140

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