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Stayed here on a Friday night in November and there were still open sites on Saturday.

Still $6, but there weren't any payment envelopes. Trash cans had new liners, but all pit toilets were out of TP and had not been cleaned in what looked like A WHILE. It was bad enough that I took my can of Lysol over to the one nearest our site to render it usable.

4G on Verizon.

Fun to walk up the wash and see the different shades of dirt. Plus a shy tarantula!

Owl Canyon 35.02341, -117.02153

Decent spot. Quiet tree-covered part of the street with pull-off parking on both sides, as well as some spots on surrounding streets. Wealthy residential neighborhood. Nobody bothered us, spent most of the afternoon and overnight parked here. Very close to the beach which is a nice morning walk or place to spend the night. Crescent Beach is a cute small town, all amenities nearby including beach showers, 5 bars TELUS cell service.

Street parking 49.05604, -122.88571

very quiet place. not very level but we found one spot. no verizon signal.

Dino Footprints Trailhead 40.59564, -109.43614

Current car costs:
30c p/p to enter port
550c two people + car
100c approx tax for car + two bikes.

We didn’t reserve anything and got on the next ferry. We were told to reserve if we wanted to travel on Sunday however.

Port Of San Jorge Ferry Terminal 11.45975, -85.79072

Recommend this place. Good solid work at a reasonable price. Friendly guys. We had a lot of welding done! Repaired our sump, two new exhaust sections and two welded engine mounts for under $100 inc parts and two days work.

Soldando / Welder 11.91899, -85.96565

As advertised. Quite a few unhoused folks around, some walked past my car. No issues. Saw a guy Park overnight on the No Parking side, but he didn’t get in trouble. He kindly flagged me down to let me know that I was driving away with my water jug still on the roof of my car! Not a ton of car traffic overnight. Not my favorite spot, but it worked for a night in a pinch.

Street with a lot of space 40.79331, -124.18418

This is a 24 hour open gas station with a satisfactory back structure for a safe RV overnight stay. It's mostly used by truck drivers and has a restaurant (closed from 10pm to 7am) and restrooms. In the same place you can find a truck wash service that serves RVs too.

Posto Cocamar Maringá -23.43539, -51.97733

Asadores con parrilla y bacha a un lado con canilla. Agua.Luz. Wi-fi . Precios accesibles del parador al paso en el mismo predio. Baños medianamente limpios. Duchas agua caliente $50.(sucias). No se cobra estadía pero piden que se consuman los productos del parador. Apto para rodantes. No se permite refugiarse de tormentas bajo el tinglado de la estación, tener esto en cuenta ya que el mismo dueño no permite esperar allí el paso de la tormenta.

YPF Olta -30.63833, -66.26912

24h Fuel station, security, bathrooms, clean, we sleep here and have breakfast

Posto 24h, seguro, com banheiros limpos, nos pernoitamos aqui é tomamos café na lanchonete

Posto Br imperador -21.90770, -48.81082

just at the pass, turn north on an old road.

we parked on the road, on one of the only flat area.

nice view, nice hikes

No noise, even if you can hear the vehicles on the road as there is virtually no vehicles passing!

You may have cows visit!

no network.

Old forestry road -19.65288, 32.65172

Today was very busy. too many golf cars and sellers and the place is just in the road. It was not a calm place. After some hours here we decided left it. we went where the words of "isla mujeres" in the center. too much quiet that here.

Calm free spot with a nice view 21.20485, -86.71568

There is a water fountain right in front of the Leonidas Statue. If you are standing facing the statue is behind you on the right side of the street.

Leonidas Statue 37.07902, 22.42863

We stayed here our first night in Albuquerque. We called ahead and they said they allowed overnight parking towards the street next to Walgreens. there was one other camper van in the lot as well. We did leave early in the morning as there was a police officer who was clearly checking the vans out (our van and the other van in the lot were both white cargo vans).. It was noisy as most parking lots are but was fine for an overnight.

Walmart 35.20432, -106.65658

Was told it would be $55 to park up my sleep-in Toyota Sienna. That's about double what you'd pay in California lol. Elected to take the BLM option instead :)

KOA Tucson 32.15809, -110.92278

The Camping place directly at the beach is just perfect but the toilet and shower smell like hell. The toilet doesn't work the most of time.

Casa de la Langosta 18.70712, -87.71307

We planned to stay 2 nights and instead stayed there 5 because not only Tupiza happened to be a very nice place, the city as well as the attractions, but also because Mario was a great host... As well as an excellent brewer!
We warmly recommend this place, and advise you to do a horse tour, for instance in the Canon del Inca (count 3 hours and 240 bols for 2 ppl), with Gabriella from the Amazonas Centro Ecuestro (already referenced in iOverlander). Mario organized it for us and it was perfect!

La Casa del Baron -21.43807, -65.71425

We had a wonderful stay here at the campsite. All campsites have private ablution blocks super well equipped, even better than hotels ! It’s a real heaven for animal lovers, with peacocks, adorable dogs and a cat walking around. The pool area is super chill and beautifully surrounded by nature. The must : the surprise coffee cup in the morning with some sweets
Price is still N$175pp, more than worth for the service delivered

Xain Quaz Rest Camp -22.42495, 18.89455

We really loved this campsite. The private ablution is like walking in a hotel room, so clean and beautiful. The best shower I had in Namibia. Roof for shade, but in our case also perfect against the rain during the evening. Campsite 5 & 6 have the nicest view.

Etosha Trading Post Handelshuis -19.38721, 15.93715

Only a control from north to south. So when leaving the park. Find the current park rules at the etosha website. chicken and eggs was no problem. Charcoal is? We had to show the guy 3 times our bag was saying briketten and not charcoal.

Anderson Gate -19.33023, 15.94032

Great place as described! Very clean! Must try the marlin quesadillas at the restaurant.
Toilets available at a small fee or if you eat there.

Playa Tecolote 24.33741, -110.31026

We do not recommend stopping at this place at night - dangerous place
During the day there is a blue zone charge It has a chemical bathroom in the square
Não recomendamos parar nesse local a noite - local perigoso
Durante o dia tem cobrança de zona azul
Possui banheiro químico na pracinha

Frente a Praia -13.01128, -38.50114
MindBody MotoGirl

Great mechanic shop, they work on all bikes, adv bikes, BMWs,… there were a lot of bmw GS’ in the shop when I was there.

My issue turned out to be nothing but they seemed very knowledgeable, extremely nice and honest. Great option for the area.

The address is: Blvrd Gustavo Díaz Ordaz 1610

Near el centro

Lepes Moto 28.63457, -106.09852

Big place behind a wine cooperative, which belongs to the cooperative. Quiet place to spend the night. No infrastructure. We were very welcome to taste wine from good quality. Amélie will offer you the wine with enthusiasm. Open only in the morning untill 13.00. Very close to the nice village Fournès. Also close to the highway if you are in transit or close to the "Pont du Gard".

Big gravel place 43.93103, 4.60368

Water against the building on the right side and of course fuel.
Robinet d'eau contre l'immeuble côté droit.

7 Eleven Station 29.53141, -95.12557

Many nice gravel sites, most nearly level, rock fire rings. Lots of open space, windy but that’s nice since it’s 89° in November.
3 bars Verizon 5G

BLM camping free! 34.40180, -114.16849

scoped it out and let our dog play on the park but did not stay.

very nice area, seems quiet. street is narrow and or RV would stick out, but would not block traffic flow. street has a bit of a slant to it and it's not level by any means

Big Howe Park 47.63534, -122.36096

Great spot, no trash let's keep it that way. Noone else around but felt very safe there are some houses nearby.
Unfortunately no surf and sooo many flies so we only stayed one night.

Beach 26.76190, -113.51922

Multiple campsites on both sides of the highway. Some people camp here regularly in season and have kept the land clean.

Crown Land Campsite and Boat Launch on Opikinimika River 47.49400, -81.32200

Primarily a boat launch to access the lake. Shouldn't be a problem to camp overnight. Not ideal for large rigs.

Crown Land Campsite and Boat Launch at Firth Lake 47.64700, -80.87200

The trail starts at the end of a dirttrack. Its a lot of scrambling and at the end you have to squeeze through a little gap, which I am calling "The Window". You could go across the top, but that seemed much more difficult to me.
You will find drinking water just before the trailhead as mentioned in the other pin.
I guess you could also camp there. You may turn left at the trailhead and follow the dirttrack a bit, so you are less visible.
Be careful! I have heard that people may get robbed around that area, but only when they are away from the vehicle, no threatening or so!

Tabor Canyon 25.79840, -111.33767

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