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Wonderful spot. I sleep with my tend. The police came around 8 pm and doesn't say nothing.

Kato Vasilike 38.34277, 21.61818

I sleep with my tend. The police came around 8 pm but doesn't say nothing. Showers on the beach and drinkable water at 200 Mt.

Kato Vasilike 38.34277, 21.61818

I stayed here for one night and it was perfect, so peaceful and quiet. I was also worried I wouldn’t find a spot since its Saturday night but there are plenty of spots. This was an awesome spot, highly recommend!!

Corona Pass Entrance 39.86829, -105.74975

Had to pay 16 bol with our dodge van. I guess it's less if you're smaller.

Toll Point -21.23645, -65.79463

The first time we tried they said it was Ok and charged us 10 soles. The second time they said 60 soles, for a shower??

Hotel Selina -13.51229, -71.98368

The dump station and water are working. Skip the water for drinking since it was right next to the dumpsite.

Speedway Gas Station 37.25486, -107.07731

Water spigot with a ‘y’ connection located between the baseball and soccer field by the bleachers. Park has bathrooms also.

Veterans Park 40.94399, -123.61842

Tucked down below the Hwy - no sign restrictions. Room for multiple vehicles. 4x4 on beach

Cove North of Fort Bragg 39.61351, -123.78126

Not so much traffic at night, but some very loud trucks came in after midnight, so not the best sleep, even with earplugs.
Water spigot works and there are some cats around.

Cheyenne River Rest Area 43.32117, -105.35169

Free good wifi in the park near the visitor center.

National Bighorn Sheep Center 43.53636, -109.64400
The Irish Rambler

One of the most beautiful locations that we have parked up in yet on our Pan-American trip. We parked up at Stephen’s Inn for the night and not only got to see the most stunning sunset over the Caribbean from his roof top bar and keel billed Tucans but also got to enjoy delicious pizza as we arrived on Saturday night which is pizza night. (Fri nights too)
Truly a paradise location. Feels like a 5* hotel and not a park up spot.
This is a gated community and feels super safe. You also have access to the swimming pool and a beautiful beach.
Current price is 10$ Belizean per night per person
If you want to treat yourself indulge in Stephen’s breakfast for only $15 Belizean
Wi-Fi is great
There’s also lovely clean toilets with toilet roll and running water in the sink

The Crimson Orchid Inn, Orchid Bay 18.32948, -88.32674

Great family run campground, quite small, but such nice hosts. The day we arrived there was an asado party going on and we were invited to try everything 😊 Facilities are as described, in perfect condition and everything you need. Price per night was 1.500 pesos pp plus 1500 pesos for the car. Very recommended!

Camping La Araucaria -33.55547, -69.01617

Experiences et activites avec la terre: peinture avec terres de coleurs, construction en petite schale, souvenirs… pour toute la famillie. Facil a faire!!! Des souvenirs fait pour vous meme.

De la tierra casa taller 6.63324, -73.22680

Nice and friendly village preserved from the tourists. Lots of space along the beach. Very humid and hot. We stayed for 2 nights.
Normally nice surf there too.
Spoty phone signal with +Movil (more signal on the beach)

Playa Guánico 7.27345, -80.41901

Have toilets and showers. Get cleaned up!

estación de servicio Shell -22.43416, -68.91579

South Lums Trail Head should be the name

South Lums Trail Head 39.54452, -75.71946

Picturesque rest stop right off the highway. Woke up at five and the entire parking lot was jam packed with semi trucks, vans, cars — a popular place to stay. A little noisy in the evening with people coming and going, but quiet at night. Bathrooms, vending machines, picnic shelters, pet area, and trash bins.

Moab rest stop 38.39397, -109.45178

Denali Fly Fishing w planty of parking spaces, close by fwy, under bridge, noisy

Denali Fly Fishing 63.45248, -148.81963

basic Hotel close to the coastal road. small rooms + bathrooms with toilet and bucket shower.
room with fan 5000 CFA,
room with A/C 10000 CFA.

rooms with fan a good/ ok value but rooms with A/C seems overpriced. Restaurant on side is not working. Very basic Restaurant and shop can be found in the village - ask around. Overall a good place for one night.

Hotel 5.02310, -6.06923

Primitive camp directly off trail 96. Large enough for 1 vehicle. Primitive fire ring.

Trail Camping 35.40096, -80.06487

Grassy campsite with kitchen, washrooms (warm Shower 400isk), laundry. You can take a free spot. The owner is there in the morning for payment.

Hvolsvöllur Camp Site 63.75007, -20.23808

Dump Fee: $15
Potable Water Fee: $15

Before paying the $15 dump fee, please check the rinse hose as it wasn't working properly during our visit.

There's also a $15 charge for potable water access. Be aware, the water faucet is located on the side of the building, to the right of the tire air pump. Bring your own hose to connect.

Esso/Crossroads Market 50.51286, -115.99583
Pierre Bertte

Les campeurs et RV ne sont plus toléré, vu avec la direction de Owls head

Owl’s Head Mountain 45.07415, -72.30038

I’m afraid this one was a touch too dirty for me - couldn’t deal with the bathrooms. Everything had definitely been wiped down and the sheets were clean but it’s an old house with a level of ingrained grime - moved to the other hotel in town for our second night and it was worth the extra few quid.

Hotel Colonial 5.98875, -72.91273

Nice clean hotel, and in our opinion worth the extra over Hotel Colonial where we stayed for one night also. No problem to bring the bicycles in.

Hotel Centenario Plaza 5.98878, -72.91275

I didn’t stop here since we had a full water tank, but I noticed there is a water spigot right beside the air station.

We’ve filled water from Vons gas station spigots before.

Vons Fuel Station 35.03619, -120.48696

There is a spigot in the day use area of the park. Threaded and easy access to fill up a vehicle tank. There isn’t a park entry gate so you can cruise right up and fill water jugs or tanks. Will likely be closed in the winter or below freezing months.

Water tap at provincial park 50.75662, -120.86463

Small parking lot in shade, also no „no overnight parking“ sign, but I didn’t sleep here. There is a footpath so some people walk there, but overall quite quiet.

Small parking lot in shade 49.72943, -123.14771

This is an area where you can camp everywhere There are a lot of places nearby to town and the river we camp at the soccer field big playground from people of the town !
In the neighborhood you have a house where lives a nice man who gives you water if you need ! Around the playground, you’ll have two basic toilet ! Enjoy town. There’s also a place in front of the church there you have toilet. WC
Everywhere a lot of space it’s a good place in the dry season
Good to ask people around if you can stay

Cancha y alrededor -13.06120, -74.40666

Quiet spot along the road to grey mountain summit. 4x4 recommended. Very quiet and peaceful, stayed 2 nights. Good cell signal.

Pullout along grey mountain road 60.67769, -134.94556

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