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This place has closed.

North Umpqua River 43.31018, -122.11981

Nice campground with 7 sites. When we stayed here site 6 had the best morning sun for drying a roof tent, will definitely need leveling blocks or gotreads at this one though.

Something Island Campground (USFS) 43.33851, -122.72269

Douches dans tous les vestiaires H/F du complexe sportif, accessibles gratuitement, eau tiède, sèche cheveux, toilettes, distributeurs d'eau

Aréna Centre Mario Tremblay 48.53837, -71.65660

Well runns with a lot of water in may right now.
Water Taste is pretty good

Weymouth, Nova Scotia 44.42703, -65.99393

I got myself a good, hot, hard pressure shower for free. Until school is out, the front gate is open, due that the campground is open. Once school is out, the kids will take over the booth and you'll need to pay to get in.

Lake superior provincial park-rabbit blanket 47.75183, -84.83080

Es un parque público con libre estacionamiento. También te podes inscribir en el museo de Ubajay y te asignan un quincho por 2 días gratis, ideal para quienes viajan en moto, bici o mochila. El quincho incluye agua, parrilla, 220w y mesa. El predio cuenta con baños pero sin ducha.

Ubajay Parc -31.03277, -58.07394

Lovely place to camp for a night. Paid $12 pppn.

Woods Camp -15.87389, 29.07189
Victor Hugo

Lugar gratis para pasar algunos días, electricidad, agua, asadores, etc

Balneario el puente de Marull -31.01093, -62.78851

The shower is only open during school houres.
Mabye you need a key, now

Centre Sportif Université Sainte-Anne 44.33184, -66.11792

new rules you need to apply Evisa before you cross the border no more VOA. Check website : http:visit. gov. krd/applications/news

Grenze zwischen Irak und Türkei 37.14395, 42.56932

Fuera de temporada pasar el día es gratis. La noche para una persona en Motorhome es $3.000 pesos arg. Hay que registrarse en turismo en la entrada del camping.

Camping Balneario San Jose -31.03278, -58.07397

El lugar se encuentra cerrado por estar fuera de temporada.

Camping Municipal de Puerto Yerua -31.03277, -58.07396

Perfect Dump station and potable water.
Station de vidange et Eau potable.

Drummondville Tourist Centre 45.89416, -72.53288

The police stopped us and checked really everything, driving license, insurance, passport, lights, seatbelt …. After a short discussion they let us go. Seems they are interested in tourists because many trucks without lights passed by.

Corrupt Police officers -14.25618, -75.68711

Two water spigots located next to the dump station.

Flying J 42.65394, -112.27759

Le robinet ne fonctionne pas, donc pas d’eau.

st Augustin Mirabel 45.05102, -75.19937

Nice, helpful hosts. Great place to stay.

Chisholm Trail Ridge 34.25343, -98.03328

Laundry is $5 for a washer and $.25 per 2 minutes on the dryer. The shower is $5 for 15 minutes. Outdoor pay water is $1.50 for a gallon $1.75 for two and then $3 for 5 gallons so only really worth it if getting 5. gallons. Skatepark in the parking lot, not really made well but it's something. Coffee and bakery next door and grocery across the street. Semi decent spot to get everything done at once but a little expensive.

New Hazelton Laundromat and Showers 55.24689, -127.58479
Claudia Iglesias

Very Nice place, camping spots and cabañas. We arrived late, there were cabañas ready to use, with all you need. The camping spots have bathrooms that can be private, table with benches and barbecue.

Camping Bahía Club (Guanaqueros) -30.19721, -71.42283

This place is permanently closed.

Stoney Mountain Road 56.39210, -111.27610

Bankomat Eskhata. Good ATM with cash and accepting visa. You can get somonis and dollars

ATM accepting Visa 37.91442, 69.78020

since this year only Iranians are allowed to visit. but a man from Teheran called the manager, so could visit too

Salt Dome 28.21784, 51.61625

Asked the cashier about water to fill my trailer’s tank, sent me in the back of the station where there is a spigot. No charge

Irving gas station & restaurant 48.18557, -58.78058

Free water in the back just ask the attendant

Irving gas station & restaurant 48.18557, -58.78058

Asked the attendant about water to fill my tank, sent me in the back of the station where there is a spigot. No charge

Irving gas station & restaurant 48.18551, -58.78071

Asked the attendant for water to fill my trailer’s tank, directed me in the back . No cost

Irving gas station & restaurant 48.18552, -58.78073

This place is permanently closed.

Large spot off 342 about 1 mile away from 385 43.60490, -103.51047

I called an was told these are no longer free with a permit. You must go on Reserve America to book and the cost is 10.00 nt. plus a 6.50 fee because they can only be booked with a credit card.

Tioga State Forest (PA Grand Canyon) 41.38665, -79.81759

This place is permanently closed.

Loja -3.99152, -79.20344

Creek side camping 4x 4 or short hike in accessible

Wild spot off creek side waterfall 34.21241, -94.73084

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