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Nice campsite in a beautiful nature, we loved it here , parked our van by the river, there are tables and bbq s everywhere, no electric, no wifi, but there is a good reception with data, you can do a bit of trekking by the river. We paid 20.000 CLP for 2 people per night

Camping Chochiguaz -30.16221, -70.38091

The visitor center has been knocked down. Currently, all that's there is an empty field with a fence around it. It'll probably be closed for a year or two.

I found their new temporary location, and the lady there said that they're going to build a new building at the original location. But, that apparently Won't be any time soon.

Visitors Center 49.29592, -117.65129

200 for 2 persons, nice swimming! Another family came but the place is very tranquilo!

Balneario Los Lobos 15.73003, -86.74978

nice place, gazebos to sit, and it's huge. really nice place to boondock for a night

Rest Stop on 85 35.84067, -80.13364

Some road noise, but not bad. We were the only RV in the lot. Overall, pleasant stay.

Cabela’s 43.16608, -89.27011

Great spot right off the road with terrific views of Santa Fe. like others have said be careful of all the broken glass and scattered litter around the area. perfect for rooftop tent camping. 5G AT&t service.

Santa Fe Overlook 35.79696, -105.89656

Typical truck stop. Trucks in and out most of the night. Good place for a one nighter.

Pilot truck stop 42.94716, -74.35529

very nice quite spot but with a lot of mosquito & horseflies but would definitely come again :)

Secret Lake Wild Camp 49.77037, -94.08015

This is a great site lovely views, can be windy. We stayed two nights un disturbed. Not sure if the dump station is still operational, nothing to say it is not to be used.

San Luis Lake SWA 37.67957, -105.73764

Great place to pass the night. Dog friendly too!

Bug Light Park 43.65433, -70.23445

Víctor is very friendly, but the place is very dirty. Bathroom was a bit disgusting and the place seems as no one take care of it. It's a pity. 40s/2p/n.

Hostal Casa Amelia -8.07475, -79.11889

Called and asked permission to stay overnight in our camper van and we were told that it was allowed. It is a large lot with designated RV spots. There were a couple other overnighters here when we were. Quiet night, felt safe, would stay again.

Cracker Barrel 43.19556, -88.12776

The price is now 30,000 pp. We were a group of 8 people (this is the maximum) with 2 guides. They speak English, Spanish and French. Everyone had enough time to look through the telescope in the 2 hours and we learned a lot. The observatory is higher than most, it is completely dark around it. It's a bit more expensive, but definitely worth it as it's more personal and I think more exclusive. Hot drinks afterwards. Recommendation!

pangue observatory -30.14409, -70.69043

After the tour at El Pangue observatory, we were allowed to stay here. It's right on the road, but no traffic at night. It is absolutely quiet and dark. The sky is amazing!

Observatorio del Pangue -30.14420, -70.69047

Très belle place tranquille, magnifique parc juste au bord du lac, très tranquille, espaces de picnic et barbecues à disposition!

Saint Donat, Parc des Pionniers 46.31466, -74.22585

with a Toyota sienna, came at night, the gravel way down to the camp looked too much, decided to sleep in a little pull out after the turn left from the 87 highway. not sure if it is allowed but no one disturbed me. was hard to level though. beautiful sunrise

NF Camp spot 33.92384, -111.46003

Really great camping ! Lot of space, beautiful with trees everywhere, access to a river, kitchen with fridge, and everything you need, loads of bathrooms, hot showers. We paid 40 reals per person. Very quiet at night, highly recommend this place !

Padang Surf Camping -23.39507, -45.00976

Beautiful campground with natural park and fishing
19$ primitive site
39$ with electricity
In nature! Perfect to spend 2 night near 66 road
Dump station, potable water, shower and free wifi at restaurant

Maramec Springs Park 37.96002, -91.53288

Air de pique nique, à côté d’une station service qui n’est plus en activité à l’heure actuelle, calme avec belle vue

Saint Anne de Monts 49.12897, -66.49194

okay spot with no facilities. you can hear the road during the night, but the traffic is low. there is room for lot of people.

Next the road 48.30951, -69.96379

Definitely an amazing place to camp ! Very quiet and the view is super nice. The bumpy track is pretty rough for our home on wheels but the landscapes are breathtaking so it’s worth it :) there are some steep and rocky parts I wouldn’t take with a big rig

Piambo Pools - Wild Camp -14.70808, 12.27512

Closed 5/26/23 :( stopped instead about twenty five minutes up the road at another, however much smaller location. Hope this one opens back up soon

safety roadside rest area 36.10756, -119.32279

Spent the night here with no problems. I was a bit concerned with the hwy noise at first, but it became white noise and/or tapered down as the evening progressed.

Mt. Pleasant Waterfront Park 32.80208, -79.90081

Good place to have a break. Nice view, place to refill water and beautiful nature!

water 49.05111, -113.90615

this was a safe and quiet spot to spend the night. we were here on a weekend night, when no one was coming in and out of the Pixar offices. might need a little more caution on a weeknight.

Street Parking 37.83406, -122.28225

Filled up our water tank today. there is a black hose attached. opposite some public toilets!

Brennan Recreation Center 49.72616, -123.14367

wasn't working for us today. not sure if still shut off for winter or you had to pay $2 to use it.

Petro Canada 49.74120, -123.13438

On our way from Mendoza to Buenos Aires. They didn't want us to stay at the other YPF that's on iOverlander, but this one is just fine for a night when you're on route. Plenty of space and really kind staff.

YPF Villa Mercedes -33.64284, -65.47202

Good place to stay for one night. We parked our Van in front of the Flying J and not by the trucks. We asked if it is allowed and they say it is not a problem. There slept outhers too. The shower was great and super clean, but with 18$ very expensive.

Flying J Travel Center 35.53086, -119.18779

Daniel is a super friendly guy and the place is nice. It's the off-season but he was happy to accommodate us. Now $2000 pesos for two in a van.

Camping Las Toscas -33.63970, -65.56639

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