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place next to a very small, uncrowded park, with a view of the sea. We were able to put our RV almost level, unlike the parking lots on the street in front of the sea. excellent 5G network.

place à côté d'un tout petit parc peu fréquenté, avec vue sur la mer. Nous avons pu mettre notre VR presqu'au niveau, contrairement aux stationnements sur la rue en face de la mer. excellent réseau 5G.

Esplanade park (waterfront) 36.63408, -121.92485

Easy fill up for water on the left side of the building . Good flow and water was fine.

Cenex 47.48869, -111.32878

This spot worked out well to visit the town. it changed a little in that you need to park on the side street, not pull off into the grass because it is now fenced. See pic. Steps away from cheese shop. Quiet overnight and pretty level

Canaan church 9.45449, -83.60785

There is a parallel gravel road to the 3N which follows the river.There you can camp everywhere. It's beautiful and calm at night. Watch out when you drive to the river, it could be wet.

Down at the river -10.06577, -77.31422

Water not on as of 5/30/2023 wow this app apparently needs 40 characters so here’s some bs

Lions Pavilion in Confluence Park 38.74814, -108.07519

No camping in Snake Canyon at all, in any spots. We stayed further down the road and got a knock with a stern warning. Be advised.

Snake Rivers Canyons Park 42.60478, -114.40167

Spent a good night here …
For about 47£ for two people you get a nice, clean room!
Some noise from the road in the morning, if you leave the windows open.
There is also a bar right in the Hotel and a bunch of stores around.
3£ extra for 24h of WiFi

Travellodge Andover 51.21053, -1.52105

Parking at Log Cabin Diner just off the motorway. We didn’t end up staying here, but there is a sign saying you can stay a maximum of 1 night.
Enough space for all sizes of vehicles.
Toilets are open to the public during business hours of the diner and picnic tables available.

Log Cabin Diner 50.98182, -3.66905

Park right next to the ocean, golf course and free roaming horses and sheep.
Lifeguards at the beach, visitors centre, toilets and restaurant, picnic tables and walking trails.
Closes overnight.

Northam Burrow Country Park & Beach 51.05560, -4.22665

This is a private place. Parking overnight is forbidden ! Pléiade respect the locals privacy !

Domaine de Valliere 46.90855, -70.79005

Sporadic hours for propane. It was closed when we got there. At 12:30 pm on a Tuesday.

Source Motors 60.75529, -137.53156

the last answer in WA was he couldnt do tgis job anymore due to health.I d refrein bother him now.closed!

Guayaquil Propane -2.15726, -79.92016

Llenamos balón/estanque de gas chileno de 5kg en menos de 10 minutos. Gente muy amable

Gas/ accesorios - ferretería -34.45079, -57.84231

Nice and quiet. There are a few other people around but not packed by any means. Lots of trees so there is privacy.

Kanab wild camping very nice! 37.07774, -112.54040

spot has been closed. could tent here but not enough room for anything bigger then a single vehicle.

Spencer Flat Rd Site #6 37.72191, -111.43766

Several machines are out of order, but still very clean. Open daily from 6am to 8pm. Large capacity machines available as well. A spacious bathroom is available with a good size counter top. Good for a quick sponge bath! Get a good french fry from Chips-r-Us next door while you're waiting!

Woods Laundromat Atikokan 48.75760, -91.62421

Como hotel, é muito bonito e organizado, mas acredito que não valha a pena para overlanders pelo seguinte: pagamos 8 dólares por pessoa, chegamos no fim do dia e a água do banho estava morna, o que, em um dia de 10 graus, significa um banho muito frio. Há uma tomada no estacionamento, mas lá não funciona o Wi-Fi e nem 4G da Claro. Para ter wifi, ficamos estacionados na frente da recepção, sem tomada. A internet também funciona muito mal e não pudemos trabalhar muito bem. Conseguimos uma torneira com água entre umas cabanas, mas uma van maior não entra nesse espaço. Mas o hotel é muito bonito, tem sauna e piscina (pagando a mais, claro!).

As a hotel, it is very beautiful and organized, but I believe it is not worth it for overlanders because of the following: we paid 8 dollars per person, we arrived at the end of the day and the bath water was lukewarm, which, on a 10 degree day, means a very cold shower. There is an outlet in the parking lot, but Wi-Fi and Claro's 4G don't work there. In order to have wifi, we were parked in front of the reception, without an outlet. The internet also works very badly and we couldn't work very well. We got a tap with water between some huts, but a bigger van won't fit in that space. But the hotel is very beautiful, it has a sauna and a swimming pool (you pay extra, of course!).

Hosteria El Surillia -1.37028, -78.65198

Is a private family home. Mom Sonia and her family offer a barbecue, bathroom, WiFi, hot water shower, large green space with some trees to set up a tent or park a motorhome. 40Bs per person **It is necessary to coordinate by phone +59178036326 before** and Sonia is a cook and you can order delicious meals at a very good price...

Es una casa de familia privada. Mamá Sonia y su familia ofrecen, Parilla, baño, WiFi, ducha agua caliente, espacio grande y verde con algunos arboles para armar carpa o estacionar motorhome. 40Bs por persona **Es necesario coordinar por teléfono antes** y Sonia es cocinera y se pueden encargar ricas comidas a muy buen precio...

Prívate House "Mamita Sonia" -17.61569, -63.10766

Answering the person below. She tried to enter PARQUE DA CRUZ, which yes, it was always closed and you can never sleep. The spot marked on the ioverlander was off to the side, in open ground. That yes, I could spend the afternoon there or even sleep.

However, I'm here to inform you that the land has been fenced off and now you can no longer enjoy the sunset and neither can you camp.

Respondendo a pessoa de baixo. Ela tentou entrar no PARQUE DA CRUZ, que sim, sempre foi fechado e nunca se pode dormir. O local marcado no ioverlander era ao lado, em um terreno aberto. Que sim, podia passar a tarde lá ou até mesmo dormir.

Porém, passo aqui para informar que o terreno foi cercado e agora não se pode mais curtir o por do sol e tão pouco acambar.

Mirante Parque da Santa Cruz -29.72890, -52.41580

Totally renovated, there is regular electricity and water, a bar which offers food and drinks.

ECO River Camp 46.32158, 14.20493

nous étions garés sur Bedford street, de l'autre côté de ce parc. vraiment un très bon endroit, calme la nuit, un peu bruyant le samedi soir jusque 9pm.
toilettes, supérette et de quoi manger à côté.
nous y avons passé 4 nuits avec nos deux chats dans le van. la journée nous laissions même une petite fenêtre avec moustiquaire ouverte et n'avons pas eu de problème. endroit safe !

we were parked on Bedford street, on the other side of this park. really a very good place, quiet at night, a bit noisy on Saturday evening until 9pm.
toilets, mini-market and something to eat nearby.
we stayed there for 4 nights with our two cats in the van. during the day we even left a small window with mosquito net open and had no problem. safe place!

Williamsburg Free Street Parking 40.72147, -73.95120

The boulders are gone. Property on either side of where I am have “no trespassing” signs. I stayed here last night. A local was parked here when I got here last night to watch the sunset. She said lots of people park here.

Beach-Site 44.01620, -66.15787

Nobody repeat nobody is here…….
None of these cp are „alive“

River crossing between Michoacan and Colima 18.72354, -103.72146

Walmart traditional, quiet et clean. Pincher Creek is also a nice place to visit

Wal-Mart Pincher Creek 49.48568, -113.94930

Holà amigos !

Nous sommes de retour au RV parc Roca Azul depuis près d’un an ! C’est la 3e fois qu’on s’y installe, mais la 1ere fois où on y demeure plus que quelques semaines.

Teodoro (Teo) & Jasmine nous accueillent avec le sourire dès l’arrivée et sont disponibles pour répondre aux multiples questions avec douceur et patience. Teo parle espagnol bien sûr, mais il peut également vous répondre en anglais et je dois avouer que son français s’améliore de jour en jour. Mariana, la nouvelle responsable qualité, est d’une grande gentillesse et toujours souriante elle aussi.

Le parc est très bien entretenu par Hector, Armando, Martin, Fran, Francisco, Felipe et j’en oublie assurément car certains travailleurs sont de passages temporairement pour des travaux spécialisés.

Que de changement positifs et d’améliorations continues depuis la dernière année ! Ajout de barrières sécurisées, rénovation des douches, réaménagement des terrains de jeux (volleyballs de plage, tennis, basket-ball, pickleball, immense terrain de soccer) re-tuilage de la grande piscine et ajout d’escalier, ah oui et le sauna est ouvert le week-end! Sans oublier la piscine thermale (eau volcanique) qui elle aussi a fait peau neuve et est entourée de tables et grill BBQ pour nous permettre d’y faire un pic-nic, et de chaises longues pour se prélasser sous les chauds rayons de soleil !

La faune et la flore sont magnifiques et diversifiées ici ! La parc est paisible, on se réveille et s’endort au chant des oiseaux ! L’espace au Phare permet de faire des feux et dispose de nombreux bancs pour s’y rassembler !

Il est facile de se rendre au village de Jocotepec à pieds ou à vélo en moins de 30 minutes, si vous n’avez pas de voiture ou moto. Vous y trouverez tout, tout, tout, pour votre séjour à Roca Azul ! Un besoin particulier, Guadalajara est à environ 45 minutes en véhicule et assurément que vous trouverez ce que vous cherchez !

Les Taxis viennent au parc, de même que Uber. Cependant, vous devez sortir de Roca pour aller prendre le Bus qui vous mènera tant vers Guadalajara que vers Ajijic et Chapala !

En terminant, pour notre famille l’emplacement ici est parfait ! On est entouré par les sublimes montagnes et en bordure du Lac Chapala …
On est à qqs minutes du village, à moins d’une heure de la 2e plus grande ville du Mexique et à 3h45 de la mer !

Roca Azul RV Park & Cabañas, c’est une belle équipe gérée de main de maître par Teo ! Une équipe, une familia, souriante, accessible, disponible, et toujours prête à aider si requis. Bref, c’est un parc où il fait bon vivre et où l’entraide est omniprésente.

Ouvrez votre coeur au Mexicain, un peuple accueillant, chaleureux et reconnaissant !

¡ Hasta luego !

Roca Azul RV Park & Home Mobile Community 20.26669, -103.42166
Danes on the Road

Paved parking lot at the start of the Shadow of the Sentinels Interpretive Site Trail. Free to park with a discovery pass or America The Beautiful pass (according to website and a park ranger).

Stayed here for 3 nights without any issues at all. More sun than at the old campground up the road and big enough of a clearing to set up a Starlink.

Nothing exciting, but we needed internet and solar power, so it got the job done.

No signal with T-Mobile, Verizon or AT&T. Vault toilet available, but hasn't been cleaned for a while.

Shadow of the Sentinels Trailhead 48.66929, -121.71615

Very good food, big portions, so naturally you spend a bit more money here.
Local beers, very nice staff and beautiful pub
I’d definitely recommend a stop by!
There is free WiFi and charging

The Rock Inn 51.13813, -4.19437

Nice handyman that was able to repare our plastic side mirror bases that were broken. Did it by adding metalic fiber in the plastic base. Stronger than before!
He does also all bodywork and paint for any cars.
The yellow door on the right side of the street at 250m of the principal street (exiting at the traffic light).

Willy's workshop Bodywork and paint -9.05269, -77.80723

Self service laundry mat. 75mxn for wash, 23mxn for dry. Clean and bright, parking on site. Free WiFi.

Open 7am - 10pm

AquaMatic Lavanderias 20.72813, -103.41295

Lugar muito bonito e tranquilo, aqui os pescadores vêm largar os barcos no rio, tem bastante sombra, algumas mesas, bancos e umas churrasqueiras improvisadas, a vista pra lagoa é fantástica.

Confluência Rio Perequêu -26.40557, -48.61453

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