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Fuel station, small shops and restaurant (big plate of rice with chicken for 4 people cost 50 rials)

fuel station and restaurant 25.96152, 38.06085

On this road you can make a circle from La Higuera back to the road nbr. 38.
The views are great and the road is ok to drive.
If you stay in the Casa del Telegrafista in La Higuera ask the owner for a route description as only OSM maps show this route

Panorama road from La Higuera back to Road Nr 38 -18.81480, -64.18807

Excelente. Super seguro. Comida boa e preço justo, Wi-Fi free, ducha e sanitários. Top

Posto rede Siga Bem BR -26.06446, -48.85985

A few local visiting in the evening, but quiet and private through the night… Just what we needed

Lighthouse - Fort Amherst 46.19021, -63.12943
Des routes & nous

Still here payment by card okay.
They olso have a tap water but very slow.

Shell gas station -18.36806, 21.84434

Has everything we need ten minutes from center

San Miguel de Allende Mexico 20.89574, -100.62099

Many RV’s here. Security asked just us to move. They pointed us at the road behind the parking. Good night and no problems at all. Great wifi reception

Walmart- Deerfoot Mall Calgary NE 51.10566, -114.03976

Very quiet little embassy right next to a restaurant on the corner. We parked opposite the restaurant as instructed by the friendly security guard based in a little hut outside. He then rings you in. There is a window in the far right corner of a small courtyard with a table and chairs in front. The visa sorted through this window.

The prices are:
56,000 CFA - 15 days
70,000 CFA - 1 month
105,000 CFA - 3 month
140,000 CFA - 6 month

Cash only

Plus an extra 10,000 CFA for same day service. We paid for same-day and were seen at 10:30, but had to return at 5:30pm. At time of collection we were told it was not possible to get the 15 day visa and had to pay for the 1 month option. Since we have no choice and needed to head off to Benin the next day we agreed and were able to still get our visa. The staff were all very friendly and polite about it all, with some English spoken.

The visa is dated from your expected entry date as you put down on the application form they provide.

All very easy and friendly, and although no hotel booking we wrote the name and town of one we found on ioverlander, and the lady seemed happy.

Republic of Congo 6.20124, 1.24914

Drove in around 5:30 pm on a Wednesday; lots of permanent looking dwellers towards the front along the river. I kept driving towards the back and found a level spot adjacent the main road. As it got dark, the traffic driving by stopped and was very quiet at night. As others have mentioned, very strong LTE (Verizon) and a well paved road winding thru the area.

BLM Land 35.62851, -118.50452

Nice spot with the occasional car driving past but it settled down after around 10pm.
Curious but suspicious cows nearby

Pullout with fire pit at defunct road 38.96755, -79.23628

Forgot to note... lots of space at entrance to the road, easy turn-around for large vehicles. Little traffic so minimal road noise. ATT signal poor with 2 bars

Outside Ely 39.02279, -114.67469

Fuel station shell, we also got water here to fill our tank.

Shell fuel station 10.93018, -10.75689

Petrol station. If there is no gas here check the nearby Agra store as they also sell petrol in the back.

Puma -24.84299, 16.98283

Friendly staff. Apparently this insurance covers all African countries. We paid the same price for two months as the comment below.

Zenithe Insurance 3.88636, 11.50684

We drove down this valley as far as we could and hiked to a lovely waterfall! It was beautiful (view of mountains and along a meandering river). From where we parked at the bridge the hike was about 6km roundtrip. There were signs for the hike as well. Lovely spot to camp in our van! We were across the valley from some locals and there were many locals picnicking along the river.

in the sokuluk valley 42.56570, 74.23698

There's no electricity available. We stayed here a good place to stay and overnight.

YPF Station Overnight -27.44296, -55.87648

super nice place, quiet and dark, easy to access, you even have a bit of Vodafone internet here. only bad thing is a trash around

Near Nemrut mountain 37.96833, 38.73973
Des routes & nous

Choppies supermarket. Relatively well supplied, even in vegetables. Meat seems to be average quality.
Liquors store next to it.

Supermarket Choppies -18.36829, 21.84578

Endroit très tranquille. peu de bruit de la route 101.

holt Mine Complex spot on the lake 48.52081, -79.69935

Nice camp, but ...
The price is identical for all adults or young children, 220 pula per person per night
The manager remains inflexible on the rates, even if we stay several days and we are many!!!

Woodlands Stop Over Camp & Lodge -21.06564, 27.44174

Large grassy spot with tables, fire place, swings directly by the river. Didn’t camp here, but should be feasible for 1 night. No facilities.

Rest & possibly camp by the river (EuroVelo 6) 46.90899, 18.96473

We stayed one night and were awoken by loud music from the employees at 7am. The camping space is a dirt area at the very back. The 15amp sockets have electricity but need to be grounded.
There is a no dogs sign at the entrance but they said nothing about our visible dog so we kept him away from the pool area.

La Vega Balenario 20.53052, -99.88624

Endroit sympa pour passer la nuit avec une belle vue sur les montagnes justa avant la boutique d entree des salineras. C est le seul endroit ou dormir car on ne peut pas dormir dans le parc. Aucun service bonne reception telephone !

Salinas de Maras -13.29988, -72.15075

almost flat meadow, very nice views. virtually no passing traffic. Good 4g signal as well

great view 42.23774, 19.70088

long grassy sward, large flat area by side of road but shielded by trees. Locals welcoming. Space for several vehicles. Big rigs would fit on here but very tricky to get them up the road to it so marked as no for them

wild camp near phone mast 42.24503, 19.70096

Lugar tranquilo para ficar com o motorhome, ao lado do centro de turismo, com um grande estacionamento. Tem um ponto de energia escondido embaixo de um bloco de concreto, ao lado do prédio de turismo

Serviço de Apoio ao Turista (Tourist Information Center) -9.39870, -38.21963
Bruce Forrester

The campground is fine but just be aware that the beach is very rocky and therefore not really useable, hence the low price. 30 minutes walk to Kai Beach ( Airforce campground ) which is an amazing sand beach. Best to stay at this campground for $31/nt. and have easy access top this incredible beach.

Kin Beach Provincial Park 49.72749, -124.89699
Bruce Forrester

I called Bates Beach campground yesterday and was quoted $70/nt. for a spot. No thanks! : (

Bates Beach Oceanfront Resort 49.77484, -124.97470

Still a good spot to pull over in a pinch, but not level and it’s immediately out front of a peacock farm. Not quiet.

South Carrillo Highway 37.37699, -122.40419

Lugar super tranquilo durante a semana, e muito seguro.

Ao chegar, precisa falar com o gerente, ele vai dar as orientações e tirar foto do carro. Mas são super gente boa.

Tem banheiro com ducha caso precise, wi-fi, água e energia.

E tem mercado, farmácia e outras lojas por perto.

By "Sonhos e Patas por Km"

Estacionamento da HAVAN -7.16468, -34.86016

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