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Sir Def 110

🇬🇧 Wild camp near the Anza river (Anzasca Valley, Monte Rosa).
Free horses, you can find a ring. Recommended only 4x4 and minivan.

🇮🇹 Campeggio libero a ridosso del fiume Anza (Valle Anzasca, Monte Rosa). Potreste trovare cavalli liberi, quindi una recinzione. Consigliato per mezzi 4x4 e minivan.

Anza River 45.96078, 7.98573
Martin Triggol

Dry grassy park up by river. Lots of options to park off the track. Access by dirt road but ok for all vehicles. Had a quite night with no issues. Wind picked up during the night, blowing strongly down the valley.

Jvari, by river 42.73145, 42.04600

Station with diesel card. Very friendly and helpful staff. Easy to fill up your tank with Iranian Euro 4 diesel at average price.

Petrol pump with diesel 36.04589, 50.55641

this place is astonishing! all you need: lake, two islands, mountain view, cows walking nearby, it's like local Switzerland. almost no trash and insects. any car can access

Lake and mountains 38.34753, 42.94255

Good to see the waterfall BUT 2nd time here and 2nd time young people are coming in the middle of the night to make noise. This time, around 2am, heard two « bangs » like huge firecrackers… Next time we’ll go elsewhere as there are many other many accepted places around.

Shawinigan Parc des Chutes 46.52979, -72.76417

Parked here with stealth minivan. Signs say no overnight parking but didn’t have a problem, YMMV

Walmart 39.29945, -77.82906
De Chapa em Chapa

Small Puma fuel station but ok if you need some fuel. You have to leave the main road and drive in narrow streets

Puma Fuel Station -30.27146, 27.87999

Simple hotel with common self catering facilities.

Obelix Village -26.65122, 15.15564

Passamos a noite atrás do posto de combustível. Falamos com o segurança do restaurante que nos orientou onde poderíamos dormir.
O restaurante é 24h e tem segurança, o lugar é seguro e tranquilo para pernoitar.

Dead end of the road -28.62266, -49.07659

Étang municipal avec pêche fishing
Tables pour manger

luzeret 46.54544, 1.38388

très bien pour passer la nuit, au calme.

Sia clairière madelaine centre 49.24634, -65.35425

Pull off area by a scenic overlook and trailhead off of Top Drive, aka F447, Top Rd. or Highlands Scenic Byway. Access by Collierstown Rd. is limited to vehicles 25ft or less. Road is decently maintained forest service gravel, though there were some ruts getting into the overlook. Site is probably best for vans, trucks, or RTTs. Didn't see any good space for ground tenting.

Spent 1 night before biking in the area. Had a few passersby overnight but nothing loud or disturbing. Beautiful views at sunrise. Lots of trash around, we filled a whole garbage bag before leaving it nice and tidy. No amenities, but Verizon cell service all across the mountain.

Small overlook at the pull off and a short trail to another overlook. Nearby Pete's Cave / North Mountain ridge trail at the intersection of F447, Collierstown, and Turnpike Rd leads to several great rocky overlooks too. There's also parking at that intersection though it's not as flat and gets more traffic.

Top Drive Overlook, North Mountain 37.82968, -79.62509

Great place right on the st-lawrence. Guess it can get crowded during weekends. No water or fire pit, it’s just a gravel wharf but it’s quiet, big and the view is beautiful.

Pointe au Père 48.51847, -68.47280

The inn has its own area for motorhomes and tents, good bathrooms, water and 110V energy, good internet, if you want you can have breakfast at the inn, fair price (R$15.00 per person). In May 2023 the daily rate for motohome was R$50.00 per person.

The access for Motorhomes has to be done from the left side of the entrance, the main access has a low lighting that does not allow high cars.

The fine inn on a good dirt road where the main attractions are (cafe and waterfalls), the city of Alto Caparaó is only 2Km from the inn.

A pousada tem uma área própria p motorhomes e barracas, bons banheiros, água e energia 110V, internet boa, caso queira pode tomar café da manhã na pousada, preço justo (R$15,00 por pessoa). Em Maio 2023 a diária para motohome estava R$50,00 por pessoa.
O acesso para Motorhomes tem q ser feito pelo lado esquerdo da entrada, o acesso principal tem uma iluminação baixa que não permite carros altos.
A pousada fina numa estrada de terra boa onde ficam as principais atrações (fazendas d cafés e cachoeiras), a cidade de Alto Caparaó fica a apenas 2Km da pousada.

Pousada Recanto da Lua - Camping -20.41602, -41.86736

Really friendly and just ask where we go. But we took the stop on the stopsign ;-) so all good.

Vetinary control point -19.28411, 19.20264

Another great night spent here - pretty, some trails to hike, quiet and peaceful.

Parc des Chutes 47.83121, -69.53029

Best massage of my life! Amor has a treatment studio at the back of her house. We found out about her from a friend who lives in Walvis Bay. Amor offers full body massage exactly to your liking. She doesn’t rush and even went a little over the two hours I booked. Her prices are very low so we tipped as it was truly phenomenal!

90 min. - 550
2 hours - 750
3 hours - 950

You can contact Amor on Whats App to make an appointment: + 264 81 295 3807

Highly recommended !!!

Amor Massage -22.95127, 14.53313

This place is a large parking lot near the Goodspeed Opera House. It’s right on the river, near a small airport and small boat launch. The boat launch has a port-a-potty. There is a nice restaurant and hotel nearby where we ate dinner and asked about spending the night here. They said it was fine!

Goodspeed 41.45032, -72.46160

Nice and quiet place next to the river and the bridge (which ist still under construction, by the way). Level space, well lit during the night. We were alone in the evening, in the morning there were 3 more motorhomes next to us :-) Acceptable cell reception.

Tara Inti - Isla del Sol -27.51729, -64.88359

Hotel is on the second floor, but there is a cochera (parking) with access from the street behind.
40 soles on person, double bed, private bath. Big and clean room, old school furniture. They have a small bar, can buy a drink directly from them.

Hostal Mulato & Chaparri -6.64273, -79.38670

Passamos a noite aqui, e as pessoas ( os seguranças) nos atenderam super bem. Tem água e banheiros.

No dia seguinte começamos os tramites dos papéis que achamos um tanto complicado pra sair do país Guiana.
1 apresentar documentos do carro e carteira de motorista
2 apresentar passaporte e pagar 15 dólares americanos por pessoa
3 checar o motor home
4 pagamento da taxa motor 130 dólares americanos
5 outra fila pra carimbar a saída dos passaporte.
Você deve informar se não irá voltar por aqui, caso contrário os valores são diferentes.

Moleson, Guyana Border/Ferry Crossing 5.78072, -57.17109

Thank you guys for the great reviews. Great easy little spot. Only a couple pieces of trash to pick up 👍

Inglis 29.01462, -82.65994

Great place and as it has been said, found a level spot quite close to the street. Almost no noise over night and no one at the beach. Even managed a quick dip in the lake last night. Mosquitos galore though so come prepared!

Lake Huron Beach 46.18981, -82.79936

Nice walmart to spend a night when in the area. Big parking lot with plenty of space. Good cell.

Walmart 33.85234, -98.50034

Big Car Wash. They have a ramp to wash the underfloor and a lot of staff to wash a few cars parallel.
They helped us to remove resistant tarmac. The price was fair.

Car Wash 37.47140, 57.35143

Friendly staff with card. We can confirm 600 toman per liter.

Diesel 37.48718, 57.54919

Ypf el cruce x ruta 7 bajar a calle colectora para ingresar , Gasoline , venden garrafas , full service , duchas , wifi , y aparcamiento

YPF full -33.64859, -65.45068

Bon endroit pour passer quelques jours pour découvrir cette tres belle ville se cusco. S installer plutot en haut de la rue autrement on est coince par les bus et taxis Aucun service mais bonne reception telephonique. Gratuit a 600 m de la plaza de armas !

Calle Saphi -13.51156, -71.98442

Chriss does a good job. But we never spent more money for laundry. 1500 for 12 pieces and as we had a lot little items it summed up super quick

Servicio de Lavanderia -24.81264, -65.41914

This is the location of the new payment area for motorhomes, which is a few meters from the previous one,

La Seu d'Urgell Camping Established Campground, is no longer operational, you can park in that area but there is no water or electricity, for these services you have to enter the new payment area

The new area is managed by CAMPING-CAR PARK the European network of stopover sites and services area, this is his webpage:

Área CAMPING-CAR PARK de La Seu d'Urgell 42.35853, 1.46601

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