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A windy Spot but with a beautifull View of rise and sun dawn. preatty quite, but in the morning there might be people with there dogs for a Walk. Wide Open area with a Bench and Tabel.

Schäldeberg Hantenkreuz 49.47593, 6.76110

*For costco member only. I asked the manage to park for the night and no issue. He told me to park at the back of the Costco. Place is very quiet and big rig friendly. There is hydro but respectely did not used it since we stayed for free for the night. Does not seem to have wifi. Big store to shop around. A little way away from away 17 but it was convenient for us because we shopped at Costco and it was late. We parked aroind 9:15 pm and some employees was there still.

Costco 46.50279, -80.94615

Easy access for all types of rigs. There is a call box at the propane tank.

Love’s 37.17789, -81.14058

Just a pull off from the road lakeside, trees for shade, nice view, almost no traffic during the night and a lovely free cricket concert.

At the Lake -26.61993, -65.19539

Restaurant at the corner of the plaza. You can ask for a room there at the restaurant.
I got the last room left, which was a single room with shared bath. The bathroom is in another building in the yard.
The electric showerhead was toasted, so no hot water.
Wifi available from the restaurant only.
Room was very basic/rustic. 20 soles.
The lady/owner was very nice.
There might be better options in town.
The restaurant food was good and cheap.

Hotel/Restaurant -6.75604, -78.82470

Puesto de Gasolina 24 horas para pernoctar en la parte de atrás, cuenta con una cafetería y restaurante abierto hasta las 10pm.

Posto Nova tanguá -22.73842, -42.78564

Krimulda’s classicism-style manor.
Hostel, local winery, cafe, landscape
More information:

Krimulda Manor 57.17014, 24.83189

Wooden Baroque manor. Hotel, restaurant, tourism
More information:

Ungurmuiža Manor 57.36249, 25.08887

Mini Zoo "Mežiņi" is Latvian rural crafts and animal mini zoo

Mini Zoo Mežiņi 57.54732, 25.11804

Cafe, bike, boat rental, leisure park
More information:

Leisure park Rāmklani 57.12468, 24.65899

More info

Cafe pub Bucefāls 57.15365, 24.89877

Huge Parking lot, there was another Rv parked here as well. Planet Fitness is open 24 hours, five days a week.

Planet Fitness 40.06538, -80.86289

Nice Cafe (Big) with inside and outside tables. Good cafe, breakfast, French croissants, …

Frida Cafe -34.61387, -68.33736

large lot, no signs restricting time period.

municipal parking 45.48700, -77.67511

Nice location, with flat ground either on grass or in a pine forest. We paid about 5$ per person. Bathroom clean but shower is basically a bottle of water over a squat toilet. A bit of a mission to get to on bike, steep uphill out of town, peaceful location if people don’t end up having a party at the bar/restaurant.

Hilltop forest leisure centre -0.53107, 30.73322

Estacionamento grande com pedrinhas na lateral do centro de eventos, passamos a noite, sem problemas, não tem nenhuma estrutura, apenas estacionamento.
na praça pública em frente as termas tem wi-fi grátis. @carrodeviagem

Ao lado do centro de informaçoes turisticas -27.42467, -51.78982

here you can find some hot Springs. it is old spring but private ones.
you will see some houses along the road. just ask with people to the Springs.
we paid 200 som by person for 1 hour
it is old but it is funny and good vibes. and you are totally alone

Hot springs 42.45464, 78.54669

Hotel simples, mas com boa estrutura e limpeza. Ótimo atendimento! viajamos com um camper e foi ótimo achar esse hotel que é um dos poucos que tem estacionamento sem limitação de altura na região. Pagamos 250 bolivianos por um quarto de casal.

Hotel Glorioso -17.96266, -67.10310

Quick checkpoint. Be advised: from this point heading into western direction road sections can be closed between 7.00 and 12.00 and between 13.00 and 18.30 due to construction.

miltary check point 38.29982, 71.33661

single room with bathroom and breakfast 8500kw. clean room and friendly staff. dinner ranging from 2000kw to 6000kw

Rewards Lodge -13.79187, 32.89053

Very nice place. I was supposed to sleep at the town but accommodation here are quite expensive. So decided to ride further and have a lunch here before.

Kaya Karina -25.04182, 33.64112

Great spot for being in the city! The environment is very relaxed this time of year. Of course, there are people around, but we felt comfortable with our side doors open and slept very well! There are bathrooms at the flight buildings/açaí shop near the roundabout. We didn’t need to pay to use them. 10r for 24hr parking/5r for the day. We are 5.72m in length and just fit in the parking spots. Longer rigs can parallel park on the side street - the parking attendant will direct you

Clube São Conrado De Vôo Livre -23.00059, -43.27131

We are staying at that place for one night, any signage of No overnight parking, 2 store are open 24 hrs. Quiet place but before midnight we hear some ambulance with their siren. We had park in the back of Walmart parking.

Walmart/Circle K/Tim Hortons 53.52004, -113.59532

not stopping anyone heading northbound. the southbound side looked more active

Control checkpoint 27.27759, -99.61100
Kathleen Hunt

Private spot, with some *almost* good views - trees block a lot of it but you can see the mountains from various vantage points at the site. Pretty clean - minimal trash. 2-3 bars LTE on T-Mobile.

The road is fine - you may not want to take a low clearance vehicle or a trailer up here (then again I’ve seen trailers and vans in some gnarly places!) I made it up in 2wd no problem, and that was with mud from rain and snowmelt. A stock SUV should be 100% fine.

Along Gamble gulch road 39.87481, -105.52856

CLOSED pipe broken, waiting to get it fixed, hedge hasn't been trimmed either yet

Chevron Sani-Dump 49.82798, -119.63050

estacionamento na frente da estação do trem de itabirito. não tem nenhum facilidade mas na frente tem um supermercado bom e uma loja chamada rei da empada é é muito boa. Aqui é área de estacionamento pago até as 18h, mas quando viemos não estava sendo cobrado. paramos aqui apenas para recarregar o gás na loja cyma pesca e relojoaria.

estacao de trem itabirito -20.25540, -43.79935

Good mechanic, quick service without appointment and some spare parts can also be bought.

RS Rapid Services - Servicio Automotriz -29.91436, -71.21220

We spend one night here. Calm e quiet at night. There is a specific place to stop and park your car, on the right when you ar coming from south. We feel safe here and we don’t have any troubles.

Petroperu Gas Station -14.83501, -74.92446

We paid 400 pn. Very nice place with private ablutions, power and a covered terrace with table and benches. Well stocked convenience store on property. 15 minutes from Cango caves. Nice place !

Oppi Dam -33.47582, 22.24799

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