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it could be a nice place, if they don't ask money for everything, ask reasonable prices, and the don't look over your shoulder all the time.

conclusion expensive and not friendly.

Campement Horizon bleu 14.12710, -16.47556

Helpful and good mechanics. Helped us out with some issues for a reasonable price

Kelli Experts Limited -8.90086, 33.43442

Nice hotel with rooms foor different prices (55.000-85.000)incl breakfast. Bathrooms are good and clean with hot shower. We had a good dinner. Breakfast buffet was oke. Not much choices

Peace of mind -8.89604, 33.44401

Restaurant, Truck stop and Motel. Bathroom with shower. One of the least loud truck stops we’ve stayed at. Felt safe. Paid 15.000 COP per car. Dinner was pretty good too.

Truck Stop 9.80057, -74.40276

The forest service campgroud, on the downstream of the bridge was closed. One person had a illegal tent there.

8$ Road dispersed sites 42.24595, -123.69035

Another long trip from Minnesota and I figured we could camp here for the night before Bentonville Bike Fest kicked off. When I got here, there were 2 other campers setup and talking. We parked and popped up our roof top tent and we were asleep by 10pm, Just to get woken up by the police at 11:15 pm. They asked us all politely to leave and park hours were closed from 10pm to 5am. This was the first time we got booted out. I had heard from a couple buddies that live here, that law enforcement was cracking down on non permitted campers because the locals were getting upset that there was no place to park when they wanted ride at a particular trailhead. We kindly left and will not try and camp there anymore.

Bella Vista Back 40 Trailhead 36.49469, -94.20691
Les aventuriers en gougounes

great peaceful night here on our RV, lots of places.

BUT the toilet were on renovation sniff
seems to be a long term project.

David T. Kennedy Park 25.73370, -80.23078

As described. Nice clean place, sites are a little close for privacy. Going rate was $27, no electric. Showers coin operated $2.50 on top of that?!
Private corporation running the show—Vista recreation.
Got limited phone at septic field, no data though.

Dolly Copp Campground 44.33188, -71.21950

In an industrial area. We were the ones. Ok for one night and not too noisy. You can also head into the driveway a little bit though there is only space for one car. The main parking has space for approx. 6 cars.

KP trail parking 44.27021, -76.52911

Cute campground found last minute, with decent spots. $15 for a night. There were a decent amount of mosquitoes.

Toketee campground 43.27320, -122.40376


Diamond Lake OREGON 43.15856, -122.13340


Broken Arrow Campground 43.13431, -122.13841

Tired from our long journey, we ventured here to this almost empty but pretty campground. Upon arrival, we found the most exquisite spot, however, as soon as we opened our car door huge swarms of hungry mosquitoes quickly entered our vessel. We put that mug in reverse and gtfo. We dont recommend

Mill site forest camp 43.25633, -122.17349

As far as truck stops go, this is a great place to stop overnight. They are very welcoming and have an exterior bathroom open 24 hours with cameras and lights around the lot for safety. Quiet stop. There's even a nice open area adjacent to it that my dog was about to stretch his legs in.

Chimney Rock Travel Center 41.53325, -120.46577

2 campsites, 1 just off the road - nice flat spot, 2 is farther up the spur & right on edge with beautiful canyon views (plenty room for a rig). Both have fire rings. Stayed at upper site.

Gates Canyon 39.83314, -110.25111

Stopped and slept a couple of nights in a row. Arrive late and try to leave early. 72 hour parking, but CHP gives a warning if they suspect your car is abandoned.

Calle Real 34.44252, -119.78496

Arrived a little after 5pm. The tour office was closed but we camped next to the building anyway. It was a quiet night, felt safe. Lots of biting ants close to the building an a few sweet stray dogs. Paid for a lancha at 7am. Was quoted $1800 at first but the price dropped to $1200 quickly. Really enjoyed the boat ride and the ruins! Our favorite of all the ruins we saw in Mexico. We felt like Indiana Jones being there around 8:30am. Only saw 2 workers and 1 other tourist during our visit, but lots of lanchas loaded with people heading down the river when we returned around 10:30.

Note- don’t bring a tripod as they will not let you bring it into the ruins. Camera equipment is not allowed but they didn’t say anything about our Cannon camera.

IG: twocatsandacamper

Escudo Jaguar Tour parking 16.82212, -90.88584

Don't sleep here! there are no signs and it seems a quiet place but it's full of junkies, during the night they tried to get into my van when I was almost falling asleep, I moved in another area straight away

Cottonwood Park 49.48831, -117.29662
Danes on the Road

Stayed one night without any issues. Police even pulled someone over on the pullout without paying us any notice.

As mentioned by others, there's quite a steep drop-off from the road and onto the pullout. The drop gets higher on the southern end (Cannon Beach-end), whereas it isn't bad at all on the northern end.

Quite a bit of noise from the cars, but at least you can distance yourself enough from the highway to avoid the shaking, when cars drive by.

Hwy 101 Pullout 45.92457, -123.93139

overnight parking allowed. I was in my suv, but I saw others in RVs that stayed the night.

Walmart in Foley Alabama 30.38261, -87.68475
Alveto Expedition

This was one of the best places we stayed not just in Kenya but the whole of North East Africa. The campsite offers wifi, hot showers, it's inside a conservation sanctuary and full of Zebras, Antilopes, wild buffaloes, giraffe, gazelle, orix, wildebeest, hippos and even hyenas, the move freely around the lake as this place is not enclosed. it's not rare to see Zebras and gazelle walking inside the campsite. the staff and the owners are super friendly. conservation fee 1000Ksh to pay once , 1000pp daily for camping. They also have a restaurant, rooms and possibility to camp outside the fenced campsite if you dare to stay alone surrounded by hippos. recommended

Sanctuary Farm -0.78950, 36.41982

Hay dos duchas en el baño de hombres, suficiente presión y agua fría.

Repsol gas station -11.48003, -77.30831

Drove the entire road from West to East. Indeed it gets much worse after the turn to the icefield. Thousands of potholes, many landslides and washouts. We also got some snow up at the highest point.
If you are thinking about only visiting Pastoruri, Id say it is easily doable coming from west, returning the same way.
If you wanna enjoy the beautifull sceneries of this road, count on spending a lot of time on this bad narrow road and driving very slow.
We did it in our small low clearance 2WD minivan, so it is doable, but not a pleasant drive. However the stunning views are worth it in our opinion.
West entrance still with fees, first 10sol per vehicle for "driving thru private property", later National park feel 30sol pp.

Road condition -9.87832, -77.18037

We had a very quiet night and pleasant morning talking with chief Javier, very nice guy who really loves travelers and likes to talk to them.
He let us use toilets and warm shower, offered us a bed, but we stayed in our van.
He is a motorcycle traveler himself, so even if you come by early, just make a stop for a cup of coffe or tea he will happily offer.
Any size of vehicle would fit.

Huanzala Police station -9.87049, -77.01683

Safe parking and ideal location from the trail of Acatenango. Arrived at 8am and left the next day at 12am. Payed Q30. Didn’t spend the night there, just used as parking while hiking.

Parqueo El Amigo 14.53567, -90.88682

Very nice setting and owners were very helpful. Beautiful garden to camp in with good ablutions. There was a little noise from motorcycles riding over wooden bridge but it did not bother us to much.

Simbamwanni Lodge Camping -6.80477, 37.63550

comparativly decent bike shop (for Uzbekistan)

Bike Shop 39.60477, 67.09078

Lovely spot on the Orange River - very conducive to relaxation. The staff is friendly. Nice bathrooms and canoeing in the afternoon is great. Wifi if you ask very nicely. 190pppn.

Amanzi Trails River Camp -28.69992, 17.53316

the campsite is great. it was green this time of the year and I hiked Mt ololokwe at 3am with a guide (paul) and I had the best sunrise on top. paid 1000/# for camping 1500/= for hiking. I enjoyed two nights there

Sabache camp 0.85783, 37.54517

Still a good place to spend the night. Nice owner and friendly staff.. Free. We had some beers at the bar.

Centro Turistico Diana's Sport 14.61030, -86.24277

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