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Exactly like described above. We arrived late and left early. Loved that it was right in the forrest, but still close to the entrance.

Kaibab National Forest 35.98740, -112.13381

Yup. Standard Walmart. Stayed the night here. All good.

Walmart 41.04699, -94.37220

Nice spot for the night and part of the day. Little creek close to one of the fire rings. Could easily fit 2-3 rigs separated. Large area, easy to get to. A bit of trash, I picked up most of it. I watched a forest services person dump a large trailer of yard waist in the area. Kinda weird but it has been mostly quiet.

Large Pullout/Dirt Lot 43.46956, -123.31548

camped on the grassy area, place for 2 vans or some tents. the waterfall is a half hour walk, small and smooth area. from the campsite you hardley can see the lake. beautifull area and nice people. simple but clean spot.

Las Margaritas 1.13133, -77.12983
Phillip Stevens

Nothing else around here, so a reasonable place to stop and overnight.

Wanberra Rd Wayside -33.82465, 142.25938

Definitely a nice break, when your passing this point. We didn’t have to pay an entry fee, and there was no guide. But we could explore everything by ourselves. They have toilets as well, a big parking lot with a cafeteria close to it.

First Church of Ecuador (1534) -1.72374, -78.76260

We were on our way to another spot and found this one by accident. It’s a relatively big gravel plateau above the road. Depending of your size of vehicle and the area you choose to park, you might be invisible from the street. We really liked the view and parked closer to the edge. Until 9pm cars where regularly passing by, after that it slowed down. And as soon as E35 is repaired, there will be probably less traffic on E487. And not sure if it’s always like this, but it was only a bit windy, nothing bad. Cellular signal (claro) isn’t strong (mainly E, sometimes 3G).

Flat Plateau above the road with nice view -1.75031, -78.80095

Lovely place in Jaibalito for the view and the ambience. Food was excellent. The owner was a great host and her staff were attentive. I had a great Old Fashion cocktail, and the smoothies were tasty as well. We took a water taxi back from here to our stay at Pasajcap.

Took a tuk tuk to Lomas de Tzununá restaurant and hiked to Jaibalito from there. (You can’t drive to this spot.)

El Indigo 14.56076, -90.72923

This was nice! Saw lots of wildlife. Families camping nearby were kind. The lake is stunning. I slept very well car camping and would stay here again!

Elk Rock State Park 41.39918, -93.08836
For The Love Of Kate

How do Mosquitoes get so big but find their way into everything!?! The lake is beautiful, the area is beautiful, this spot is wonderful!
As for cell svs: we sometimes get 1 bar of LTE most of the time it's 2 bars of 3 G. And we have a booster.

Lakesite place (Across rest area) 60.38131, -133.77797

A large paved parking lot next to the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium. We asked inside if overnights were permitted and they said “yes” and that vans and RVs park here all the time. Also, there are no signs that say “no parking overnight.”

Suggest that you park away from the rivers edge as people like to sit there and play music in the evening. Also, trains will start running and blowing their horn at 6:30AM. I did not hear any horns during the night however.

Public flush toilets nearby.

Mississippi Museum River Parking Lot 42.49535, -90.65833

Very close to highway. Pass the utility area thats fenced in you’ll find several level campgrounds next to some juniper trees.

Nice spot off highway 41.76481, -121.30779

fresh water. drinkable. with shade for rest

fresh drinkable water 39.34450, 26.64972

This water source was dried out. It looked like abandoned.

Free water 38.21865, 41.86653

with a van can park on the parking place.
i would not recomand to go with a car in to the Woods.

cant park on the beach.

the parking is 25 meters from where the beach zone start.

dirty toilets.

good for a overnight.
or park the night before viset the cold war museum.

buitifull sunset.

national park designated campsite 56.03792, 21.88540

Very nice Bay, the road to get there is absolutely wonderful.
Plenty of space to camp in the riverbed. If you go ask in the village they will ask for 1000pp. They are not aggressive nor welcoming.
We didn’t felt the vibe was very friendly, so we stayed for a beer on the beach and we left.
Lots of wild camp options on the way to come here.

Meva -13.39878, 12.58604

You can come here to get your CPD stamped. Useful if you're going from Nigeria to Cameroon via fastboat. They're a bit bribey but fold quickly.

Calabar Customs 4.97430, 8.32362

Here is where you can get your passport stamped if you're taking the fastboat to Cameroon.

Oron Immigration 4.82580, 8.23823

We slept here for a night. It was quite during the night. Nobody disturbed.

Quite place near small park 13.75723, 100.68460

We were staying outside Marshalls on the WEST facing lot and had a knock by an incredibly nice private security person who told us they don't allow overnight parking on the WEST lot but that they do not patrol the SOUTH lot at the moment (facing Sepulveda Blvd) and that he wouldn't bother us if we moved there and so we did.

Sepulveda Blvd 33.82625, -118.34990

This dirt pull off worked in a pinch when our truck broke down. We stayed overnight and no one said a thing, only friendly toots. It has a beautiful view actually even if close to the road. We've had worse places and there aren't many other spots along this stretch for a quick overnight.

Beside the road 10.16184, -84.31117

As described. Large area with several spots right by the river and close to the Hot Springs. The way here is a bumby dirtroad. Especially the section right after the bridge just before turning in here made me sweat. Wasn't sure if I would make it with my small clearance.
Chose this place as it's only a short and easy walk to the Hot Springs without needing to cross the river which is way too strong currently.
The Hot Springs are great, although there is only one pool open currently which is in a different spot than the pictures you see online. The ones by the river with the hot waterfall are currently flooded from the river, so no hot water there. The one which is open is up the hill by the big tree. Beautiful view and nice pool.

Campsites just before Buckeye Hot Springs... 38.23905, -119.33100

Rode up with a Mercedes sprinter van, had a solid spot to stay for the night only thing a bit difficult was finding space to turn out due to length of vehicle and height. But made it out! Great view, quiet.

Wounded Pine 39.04096, -104.98670

Nice private campsite with an excellent bathroom. There's only one pitch and you need to book ahead. The owner, Pete, will give directions and show you around. Donkey boiler for hot water, picnic bench, braai area etc. Highly recommended.

The Plot -21.37373, 25.59991

Parking of a hotel where there is also an apparently closed service station. To visit the Kaimoran Rapids is free.

Parking de un hotel donde también hay una estación de servicio aparentemente cerrada. Visitar Rápidos de Kaimoran es gratis.

Estacionamento de um hotel onde tem também uma estação de serviço aparentemente fechada. Para visitar os Rápidos de Kaimoran é grátis.

Rapidos de Kaimoran Gas station, restaurant, hotel 5.61733, -61.36398

A couple little spots on the side of the road on either side of the bridge. Larger wider spot on North Side of the Bridge. Hippie Hole located on South side, lots of signs showing the way. Cool little spot. This time of year there is a fair bit of water coming down and fairly fast. Better time to soak and play would be in the summer!

Whatshan Lake Road 49.91227, -118.12384

We stayed for two days - it’s a nice enough site, we were the only ones there’s so had the pick of sites - there’s a few shady patches under trees. Wifi works in some sites better than others but is mostly pretty good. As everyone said the hotel next door is a big international style hotel with a great restaurant and a lobby where you can sit and use faster wifi if need-be. They also do laundry - just ask at the front desk. We left our tent and pannier bags at the campsite when we went into Springbok - no concerns about safety here. 250 rand for two of us in a tent.

Namastat Lodge Springbok -29.68973, 17.88427

Free parking at Lujan de Cuyo. It’s nice to stay whit kits, close is Parque de los niños, a playground whit a lot of kids games. Very quit at night, we stay for two nights. There is a water supply and internet low, the password is alfa coco..

Parque Ferri -33.03704, -68.87430
Dori & Mena

Great spot for the night. Lots of semi trucks sleep here. They close late and open early (6am-11pm). Reasonable prices for groceries. They have hot meals to go and a salad bar during certain hours. The bathrooms are spotless. The camper closest to the building runs its generator. We parked beside the bus shelter and didn’t hear it.

Freson Bros. Hinton 53.39117, -117.61187

some very nice spot on this road. we are staying 4 nights.

Wayne National Forest 38.59082, -82.72350

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