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nice and quiet . lot of place .people were friendly

Peirce Island 43.07489, -70.74718

We got here and paid local price (3.21bob), the only thing we've done was covering our number plates with dust so you couldn't read is foreign. No question asked whatsover

San Cristobal Gas -21.15715, -67.16839

This is the taller of a KTM dealer and he is opening a Kawasaki dealership. I was looking for spark plugs for a Kawasaki 650 and he had it. He seems to know what he is doing. Maybe it is the best place for big motorcycles in Huancayo.

KTM Dealer -12.06385, -75.21685

Nice place direkt over the sea between big rocks. You have a good look over the sea. Good for 4-5 Camper. The last 200m are a little bit hard.

End of the road 49.51782, -1.87832

There are 3 new campsites just by the reception.
Not very big, so no possible for our 9tn truck.
No problem to stay in the parking place just a few meters of those.
New ablutions with toilets and showers, not working at the moment, the ranger said will open very soon.
It seems mostly everything is ready!
As it is not officially open they didn’t charge anything to us.
Don’t know prices.
Good option when enter/exit the park…
There are many new houses from the workers…

South gate SKELETON COAST PARK -21.17327, 13.66977

I confirm ! Maaany wild camping options here, choose the track you want, find the spot you like.
It was a bit wind for us but not too cold !
Nobody else seen or heard, so peaceful and a crazy amount of stars.
The sand is hard so no risks !

Aba Huab Riverbed -20.48619, 14.31708

No water at the time of this comment. Many kids selling souvenirs chasing your car !

free spot to cool down in creak -19.14147, 13.81515

All the same as the below comment.
Price is still the same.
We were along during half a day there.

Ongongo Waterfall -19.14015, 13.81972

a place for camping and rest in the road and near the beach ⛱️ especially for bike riders and campers

Kerpe Gebes camping 41.14383, 30.18813

TZ to UG :
Many trucks but easy for cars.
They have a scanner so we passed the car through it. They are looking for weapons (including pepper spray), because they didn’t care about our dog (not even checked his paper) just asked to take him out for the scan. We even had a drone in the car nothing in the scan…

Friendly police, we had e-visa printed out in the previous town (I pin it), so fast and easy.

If you have a CPD, no need to pay anything for the car

Mutukula Uganda border -0.99989, 31.41721

The more you drive further, the less trash you find and the more peaceful it gets. We stayed for two nights with no problems. We didn’t go swimming as the water was very brown but locals did. One morning a Shepard came by and had a coffee with us. Unfortunately he took our fishing rod in the end and never returned.

At the lakeshore 39.78297, 64.79366

If you go in low season the camping is free. There are a lot of amenities such as electricity, run water, showers, toilets, grillers and tables. You can stay very close to the Uruguay River. It is a very nice and quiet place. Don´t forget to buy the grosery before you came because it is a bit expensive.

Camping El Paraiso -33.16025, -58.35723

Food, bathrooms, potable water, place to tent camp. Road noise isn’t that loud.

Hippie Pizza & Camp 8.09710, -80.97599

Big shell station with a lot of space for trucks. Facilities open during the whole day (toilets and shower). Hot shower for 300 pesos. Shell shop to get something to drink and eat. Good wifi too.

Shell Monteros -27.17209, -65.49026

The pass is supposed to be open until 31 May, unless weather conditions temporarily prevent it.
We were able to drive on 24.05, although everywhere (website, Instagram and Twitter) said closed. We just tried our luck. The days before and after, however, it was closed again.

Paso Agua Negra -30.19287, -69.82618

The formalities were done quickly, there was not much going on at the end of May. Very nice people. However, the food inspection was very detailed. They wanted to look into almost every cupboard and even into our roof box. That was the first time. Eggs, honey, fruit and vegetables are not allowed as usual. Cheese, yoghurt, milk etc. no problem.

Chilean Police and Customs -29.97822, -70.09488
Fish and Kitty

Beautiful area, easily accessible just inside the canyon. Sites of various sizes, most with fire pits. About a quarter occupied on a Wednesday in May. Pit toilet near the first few sites. 2 bars Verizon. Mostly quiet, although there were a few loud motorbikes speeding up and down the road late at night.

Tongue River Campground 44.84802, -107.30643

Relatively big parking close to central market. No height restrictions.
25R per hour, 39R per day

Parking without height restrictions -30.03162, -51.22540

an absolutely peaceful place to spend the night. as described it's a small dirt lot of the road for the trailhead, super quiet didn't see anyone else all night. people came in the morning, but that is to be expected. road noise was non existent. cool trails to walk the dog in the morning

Sprague farm trailhead 41.90880, -71.70249

super duper pretty spot. found the signage to be a little confusing so ultimately moved on to the spraque farm trailhead in ri, aprx 20 min away. half the road said closes at dusk the other side didn't have anything, but didn't wanna risk the possibility of a knock

Old Killingly Pond 41.85939, -71.80282

there is a track up this little hilltop. i think 4x4 is not really needed, but a car with higher clearance or at least shirt wheelbase will help. On the back there are little ponds that are a bit smelly, but on the top, you cannot smell them. the sunset is absolutely great and people from the road cannot see you up there. Perfecr spot for one night.

little hilltop 40.50119, 23.50129

Nice pull off. Road was quiet at night. We picked up a lot of ticks so better to stay off the grass to avoid them.

au bord de la rivière 44.76802, -71.13393

According to the ranger, usually by spring, you'll have to lineup at the backcountry office starting at 3am to try and get a next day permit (if you haven't reserved well in advance). Typically takes 2 to 4 days before you get one.

Bright Angel Campground 36.10141, -112.09585

so.this would be my 3rd night parking here . I got woke up by the police at my door. apparently you can not park here. they wouldn't have anything but the neighbors complained apparently.

Street Parking - East End Beach 43.66646, -70.24105

Stayed 2 nights here, were the only Camper, 1 Car where somebody slept in, parking lot is very well lit.

Next to Walmart 29.92694, -90.06995

Lots and lots of bugs/mosquitos at this camp. but beautiful and serene. there are 4 camps in total in this area.

Free Camp RMK Seaside 59.37391, 24.11776

Good spot for the night after a day in Whistler. The lot was full so we stayed in the little pulloff down the hill. Nice and quiet, only several vehicles drove by, giant mosquitoes.

Wedgemount 50.17045, -122.88649

what a nice and beautyfull space to stay!! just wooooow!!

Kinaskan Lake Provincial Park 57.52972, -130.18996

Road to get there crosses a soft sand river bed. Was tricky not to get stuck with our 29ft class C. We drove to the other side of the first green hill to be away from the road and train track noise. Perfect spot.

Dalton Wells 38.72292, -109.69051

not nice but works. quiet night, no one bothered us. stayed one night. RVs have their own corner.

Grey Rock Casino 47.83109, -69.53039

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