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Easy going hike and views over the valley

Yokavil, Indigenous ruins and mirador -26.67108, -66.06227

This is a state park, they have sites for RV as well as tent sites. Primitive tent sites are available, still allows use of the showers. We paid 25,59$ for the primitive tent site. Bathrooms very clean. After 5 (until 9 pm) you are supposed to check in with super nice camp host.

Monte Sano State Park 34.74546, -86.51205

Magnifique spot près de la falaise avec une vue à couper le souffle sur le parc de la Baie de Fundy

Dennis Beach 45.63229, -64.85512

We came back :)
I didn’t mention the bathrooms are open 24/7

YPF - San Antonio del Este -40.71141, -65.00424

Need to have a national park pass or pay an entry fee to enter the Wahweap Marina area. After that, yes, the dump is free and there is potable and non-potable water available.

Wahweap Campground 36.99750, -111.49705

Free Area to park and sleep with water and near a nice village in Baztan zone. Also space for overland trucks

Area Autocaravanas Ordoki 43.17857, -1.48784

Rua estreita mas boa para estacionar. Ficamos 3 noites nessa rua e foi muito tranquilo. ATENÇÃO: ficamos alguns metros acima desse ponto, em um recuo na própria rua, na frente do estabelecimento “Moda Mistic Ecuador”. A rua é barulhenta durante o dia, mas a noite é silenciosa. A polícia passa com frequência. Não há facilidades por perto. Estamos de kombi e era o tamanho perfeito, para uma van ou veículo maior, acredito que a rua - assim como todo o centro histórico - possa ser estreito demais.

Narrow street but good for parking. We stayed 3 nights on this street and it was very quiet. ATTENTION: we are a few meters above this point, in a recess in the street itself, in front of the store “Moda Mistic Ecuador”. The street is noisy during the day, but at night it is silent. The police pass by frequently. There are no facilities close by. We are in a kombi and it was the perfect size, for a van or larger vehicle, I believe that the street - as well as the entire historic center - may be too narrow.

Vibe de Dois: in the street -0.93273, -78.61409

Update on bathrooms: one closest to river is out of service again and the upper men’s room had flushing issues they say are waiting on parts. Nice place for a couple of days and an easy up and over to Page and Horseshoe Bend.

Lees Ferry Campground 36.85906, -111.60614

When the road ends you drive in the valley. Some 4x4 flexing was required to get to Wadi Disah in May. At the entrance we spoke with a local guy and police men. Sleaping/camping in Wadi Disah is allowed but do not sleap on the ground (we must use the rooftop tent). Creating a camp fire also not allowed. After 4km we already set up our camp. There are large litters, but no bathrooms or water points. the ground can be a little bit wet, but there were plenty of higher placed camping spots. But what a beautiful valley in the middle of the dessert. We camped out in the middle of what looked to be a scene from jurassic park. Every once in a while one of the local date farmers drove by, other that that - complete silence and a night sky filled with stars (try to time a new moon!).

Wadi Disah 27.63520, 36.55680

Great place, no complaints. They rent motos for a good price. Nice restaurant with good wifi. Pool. All for a good price.

Xkopek Camping 20.67784, -88.19507

$1.25 or $1.50 for a wash, $1.00 for dryer. 2 washers and 1 dryer in service as of 5/25. Came here mid day on a Thursday and nobody was here the entire time.

Laundromat in parking lot of Subway 37.69217, -112.15427

Everything still the same. They didn’t ask for a Gabon visa. We chose the express application and picked up the visa 24h later.

Congo Embassy 3.88762, 11.51336

We parked our car here when we went to the reserve. When we got back we ordered some coffee at the little shop. We didn't sleep here, but there is enough space to park your car.


Reserva Rio Ñambi 1.28249, -78.09311

Nobody was here on a Thursday. Laundry is nearby the parking but the laundromat near Subway is cheaper.

Code is still 3500 :) great spot for fellow dirtbags trying to save a buck & still be clean

Ruby's Inn 37.67259, -112.15781

Quiet spot just off the main track to Song Kol. If you continue down this small track there is a farm house at the end but where we stopped was completely hidden from view of the house. Short walk down to the river. Only saw a couple of horses riding past in the evening - all very friendly. No phone signal here.

Quiet spot on road to Song Kol 41.69480, 75.67744
Journey Dog Training

Really lovely cool spot above the city. Pet friendly - our dogs and cat love exploring the trails. We’ve made a habit of sleeping here whenever we need to be in San Salvador the next day. The cool breeze, views, and good cell signal make it a great stop! Prices vary, first time we paid a total of $11 and the next time it was $14 (a week apart) for two people and a vehicle.

Eco Parque el Espino 13.70077, -89.27781

Beautiful place. Rafting Rio Negro. Sergio 311 4923255

Finca Jerusalem 5.12196, -74.42966

Nice and quiet! Though there was a curfew listed on a sign, I was not bothered and slept overnight. Only one other vehicle was parked with me - plenty of room. Couldn’t find the bathrooms but I didn’t look very hard.

Fielding Park 46.42684, -81.09697

He could somehow refill our US bottle(without an adapter), but he tried for about a hour.

Propangas 9.52189, -75.56786
Project Soul Quest (Tori and Dylan)

No posted signs saying you can’t stay here, have spent a few nights here passing through town with no problems! Large paved parking lot. Walmart doesn’t want you anymore so this is a great alternative. Try to stay on the Cabelas side instead of Kohls

Cabela’s Missoula Mall 46.83600, -114.03600

Nice spot to sleep. Might need a 4x4 if it rained but for us it was fine. Quiet spots really close to GC and easy to find. Many spots available.

Kaibab National Forest 35.98740, -112.13381

Easy street parking. I was parked right next to the zoo. No parking allowed Wed and Sat 4am-7pm for farmers market vendor setup. Pretty great spot. Buses that come down the road are pretty loud, especially as they accelerate away from the bus stops. Great cafe nearby in the bottom of a hotel for morning coffee. Highly recommend this spot!

Street Parking 41.91810, -87.63445

muy buen lugar para dormir, plano, grande, baños públicos toda la noche , iluminado y seguro! pese al frío nos despertamos a las 6 de la mañana y pudimos ver un amanecer bellísimo! recomiendo bajar por la ruta a pie al mirante 55 (Google maps) el mejor ángulo de las curvas de la ruta! 😉

Mirante do Rio do Rastro -28.39309, -49.54907

EXCELENTE MIRADOR! el mejor ángulo de las curvas de la ruta, muy bello!

Best view and curves -28.40160, -49.55180

Still $4.-/wash in regular sized, fairly new machines. The place is very clean.

Invermere coin laundry 50.50864, -116.03063

We had applied for a visa extension 2 weeks ago and hadn't received any reply. So we came here and in a few minutes we had the extension for another 3 months which cost us 3000,- Ksh pp (without a receipt of course).

Immigration Office Nyeri -0.42122, 36.94507

beautiful little spot by the river. some boat traffic in the morning at the ramp, but so quiet and beautiful.

Riverbend Park 32.24359, -84.91145

Situated inside the Kafue NP, 35km north of the Lifupa Gate, directly on the western banks of the Kafue River. Large open stands with thatched ‘lapas’ for shade. Each stand has a private bathroom with toilet, basin and shower. Very basic but perfect. Hot water provided with a boiler. Plenty firewood provided. Stunning part of the river and the boat-cruise is a must. $25pppn, kids under 14yrs $16pppn. Park fees also payable @ $15pppd (kids under 12yrs 50% off) plus vehicle fees. So unfortunately extremely expensive. Camp closed in rainy season between Nov-April, booking via email ([email protected]). Chippy very quick and effective. Plenty Tsetse flies!! Be sure to also take a drive to the stunning Busanga Plains (100km north of Mapunga).

Mapunga camp -14.71765, 26.09872
New Map

Building has a for sale sign, but laundromat is still open. Two of six washers out or order, two of six dryers out of order.

The Farm Store 53.30342, -120.16110

Nice camp near the lake, very kind staff, no atm arround, but payment with card on recepcion with no problem during whole stay

Duchonka 48.67011, 18.09348

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