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Perfect campsite. There are several (big) spots. A lot of people use it to go fishing and camp for a weekend. We didn’t find the envelope to collect the money so we didn’t pay. A local told us there’s no one collecting the money anyway. We saw a black bear :)

Pit toilets are okay, not great. No potable water.

Lake Waswanipi 49.46337, -76.48441

10/10 , quiet, beatiful view, no cell but great starlink reception, stayed for 3 days to decompress after long road. Easily accessible from main road.

Little Salmon River 62.09356, -135.30050
Jacob and colleen

Paved forest road with a pull off. It was perfect for a suv and pop up camper. Could fit two cars and tents in this spot. Great views of mountains and enough trees for privacy when going to the bathroom. Mostly full bars of service with at&t and t-mobile. Next to the road but hardly any passing tradfic. Highly recommend!

Off-road dirt area 39.66675, -105.60115

slept here for the night had no issues. really pretty park- please respect!

Canyon Rim Park 40.70399, -111.80613

Some noise from the highway, otherwise it was pretty quiet

Walmart 40.26036, -103.77128

Swift Current Colony, extremely friendly and welcoming. Gave me a full tour of the automated dairy operation, kitchen, homes being built, canning area and on and on.
CALL AHEAD. The number is under their colony name on Goggle Maps. They are often working, at church, or eating. Dont just show up.
Expect to tip about $10 if your are alone or $5 each for 2 or more people.
Really interesting. No food or baked good for sale

Hutterite Farm Tour 50.43361, -107.88688

The campsite is located outside of Elbasan. It's a large, grassy area, with electricity. The facilities include toilets and hot showers, there is also a kitchen area for washing up, a lounge room with TV, and outdoor seating. The family that runs the campsite and very friendly and helpful. They also run a service garage which is convenient for those traveling through. In the campsite they have chickens and ducks roaming around. You can purchase fresh eggs and locally made olive oil. There are also several cafes and restaurants within walking distance of the campsite. It was a great stopover and would recommend it for anyone traveling through the area.

Camping Fridolin 41.13027, 20.13545

Very nice campground with a beautiful view. I paid CAD22 for a waterfront site.

Meziadin Lake Provincial Park 56.08757, -129.30588

Nos quedamos en este lugar dos noches, aunque no pudimos acceder a la playa porque el sábado cuando llegamos había un concierto, así que nos quedamos en un area que está cercada por un muro. No hay facilidades, pero llega una leve señal de Wifi del hotel. La clave sigue siendo hotelemancipador

En frente a la playa -13.83505, -76.25242

Interesting place: most buildings here were built at the time the dam was built in the 1950s and therefore are architecturally very interesting, particularly the pousada (at -9.742795, 14.484814), overlooking the gorge (the guard allowed us to briefly stroll around in the garden). The villas scattered around are now inhabited by people working at the power station.
Also the fortress, where at least the entrance gate and parts of the walls are still in good condition, and the church ruins, are quite impressive.
On the short walk to the fortress, you will see 9 Sowjet tanks as a contrast.
The coordinates are at the entrance control point to the village … and you need to convince the police to let you in … we said we are interested to see the architecture of the pousada … and that did the trick. However, driving down to the dam seems to be impossible.

Cambambe -9.74406, 14.49574

Looks like a nice place. But not motorcycle friendly. You can park your car and motorhome inside but not a motorcycle. It needs to be parked on the street… so we didn’t stay here as it makes no sense

Parque de Campismo Municipal de Faro 37.00474, -7.98974

A nice secluded trailhead inside the treeline. road noise reduced to almost nothing by 9pm. No amenities, but the Castine Waterfront Restrooms are only a 6 minute drive and have potable water.

Rene Henderson Natural Area 44.41474, -68.81030

We stayed 3 nights on the weekend just before memorial day.
No one else, some fishermen came to launch their boats during the day, but only about 4.
We enjoyed it, only downside, we wanted to do the possum trail, who is close by, but the yellow fly‘s were eating us, we turned back after 1 mile.

Log Town Boat Launch 30.28044, -89.63080

we stayed 6 nights and we loved it : 5/5. It is a family business and if you want to know about their story, there is a free and interesting documentary in youtube : elephants refugees (1hour30min).
around 30 elephants every day during 24 hours. they were crossing the campsite and were very close to us.
No drinkable water because it is salty.
No shadow because the ellies were eating the trees so bring your awling ;-), sometimes no water because the ellies are breaking the waterpipe but the staff repair very quickly.
you have the choice between open air toilets/showers or roof toilets/showers : so, 2+3 showers for girls and 2+3 showers for boys !!! there is also an open air scullery.
bar, restaurant, clean and big pool. slow but free internet at the pool, restaurant, bar but not in the campsite: ok for whatsapp and yahoo but no more.
185 pula pp/pn.

Elephant Sands Lodge & Camp -19.74897, 26.07107

Worked perfectly fine. You can even get $ at this ATM.

ATM 39.49715, 67.61146

Here is another massive gravel pit. Easy access. You can find a place out of the view from the road. All you want of a gravel pit ;). Scenery also here pretty stunning.

HighwayP42 - Gravel Pit 1.56839, 15.19857

Got there at 7:30pm. Had a burrito and then Sheriff pulled thru and asked us to leave due to a lot of theft. Didn’t feel like showing my id for eating a burrito. Noticed same druggies from a few days earlier we’re still camping there, I had parked there to work on my RC truck. Wouldn’t recommend :(

Rockville street 32.83742, -116.96407

We only got 6 bolivianos per litre when we returned later and a police officer was no longer hanging around the station. The official price quoted then was 9.15 per litre.

YPFB -21.43675, -65.72052

Such a nice campground! Huge, calm (at least at this time of the year), clean bathrooms, super friendly owner. A sandy trail leads directly to the beautiful beach (around 800m). Highly recommended!!
30R pp/pn

Camping Del Lago -33.72302, -53.35895

Camping muito bom. Pequena estrutura, dois sanitários e duas duchas frias. Cozinha compartilhada bem completa. Wi-Fi muito bom. Seguro e bem limpo. O atendimento do Sergio e da Lina é o diferencial. Passamos 3 dias. Em frente ao camping tem uma trilha que dá acesso ao lado mais preservado e menos movimentado da praia do Francês, porém tem mais ondas, indicada pra quem surfa ou gosta de mar um pouco mais agitado. A trilha é linda, passando por um coqueiral incrível. o por do sol de lá é lindo. R$35 por pessoa por dia, se ficar mais dias, o Sérgio oferece desconto. Pagamos R$50 por casal por dia.
O camping fica bem perto da rodovia e tem mercados, a 1km.

Camping Praia do Francês -9.77579, -35.85106

Place is good enough for a night. Very friendly owner and cute dogs. Cold showers (at the moment, they might be hot again on a while) and toilets aren't kept clean. We decided to boondock the second night we were in the valle.

Glamping Arte y Vino 32.01146, -116.65532

Easy to level the caravan. Room for big rigs. Noisy road that get's quiete at night. Stayed here to cross the boarder next morning. Nice playground for our Kids. Lots of Lights. Felt save.

Playground & Park -25.51405, -54.61779

I have been here many times to enjoy the view of mountains, ocean and estuary. I just spent the night for the first time. Wonderful spot.

San Carlos Disc Golf Course 27.95318, -110.96824

camping only at numbered sites now. need MI outdoor pass, and free dispursed campsite permit.

French Farm Lakes 45.76231, -84.76766

Closer to houses than I usually like, but not in direct view. One other van stayed the night, and I didn’t have any issues. The train is very loud, but it didn’t wake me up.

Tahoe Pyramid Trailhead 39.48662, -119.99163

No idea why everyone is saying this is only TCell. It’s a megafon store, I’ll attach a picture. Easy process, the woman gave us 2 SIM cards with 20GB each, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc. is free. We paid 100 Somoni for one. Active for 30 days.

SIM Card Tcell and Megaphone 39.49809, 67.61497

We’ve been on the road for 11 months now and this spot is definitely under our top 3 places. It’s absolutely stunning. We made it with a 2WD, but it was tough. Especially going back up the hill.

Great place at Iskander-Kul 39.06288, 68.38037

Perfect place to visit Antigua. Gave our passport copies when checking in. Stayed a week there. Was asked if we had toilet and shower. People were refused the access if saying no, they don’t want people to use the backyard as a toilet. Obviously very safe place. Everybody around us was having outside showers from their vans.

Turista Police Car Park 14.55539, -90.73981

Exit Iran:
short control, no costs

Entry Turkmenistan:
Basically described as in the two comments below.
It took about 4 hours, but everything went quite smoothly.
Quick car inspections without too detailed looks.

We had to pay the following amounts including all fees:
- Antigen Test: 33$ per person
- Visa + entry: 71$ per person
- Car (including fuel tax for the route to Dashoguz: 592km = 119$) 261$

So the exact sum for two person + car was 469$

They asked a few times for tips, but we didn't pay.

Our guide received us on the 2nd checkpoint. She travelled in the car with us to safe costs.
We payed 269$ per person for 3 night (2x hotel in Asghabat, 1x Gas Crater) including everything except fuel and food.

border Turkmenistan/ Iran 37.62293, 58.40881

Excellent Park, we got the last RV site on Memorial Day. Surrounded by excellent mtn bike trails and free hot showers. Everything we wanted.

Craighead Forest Park 35.77630, -90.70130

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