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Stayed a block or so north. Best sleep I've gotten all week.

S. Pacific Street next to Bradley Park 33.13953, -117.19852

asked if the water is potable and two local men said of course it is. anywhere in the village, apparently it's "potable"

by the beach toilets -27.44874, -55.74970

$2,5 per laundry. Quarters only, the machine gives change in quaters. Dry: 0,25$ per 8minutes
Clean restroom. Wifi available.

Rapid Wash 40.22938, -111.64646

Called and they said “no overnight parking and that’s straight from corporate” the cracker barrel down the street does allow it though

Walmart 33.58841, -79.01062

Had a quiet night here and were allowed to use the bathrooms.
Delicious cheese for sale.

Runa Wasi -3.64816, -79.25467
Travel from Nigeria to Cameroon via Sea

Travel and Transport your motorcycle and Vehicle via boat from Oron Immigration Jetty , Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria to Idenua Port, South Western Cameroon by Sea. Get your Carnet both stamped on Exit and Arrival in 3 hours. Departure schedules are: Wenesdays, Fridays and Sundays: 9am - 12pm arrival time. Dinner and Brake Fast and Comfortable accommodation for the Night before the Trip for $300 including handling, 1 passenger, 1 motorcycle, meals, Hotel and Customs both in Nigeria and in Cameroon.
WhatsApp: +2349135306373 for more information.
Also click the website link below

Nigeria to Cameroon 4.80099, 8.21822

This is the office of Cesar Lillo Figueroa.
Address: casa matriz , san Martín 255, oficina 124

Tel : (55) 2554032
We used the agency to complete paperwork and accompany us as we delivered vehicle to the dock.

Three steps: 1. Cancel TIP 2. Aduana inspection 3. Deliver keys and do port paperwork.

Gianella at the office speaks some English and was very helpful through the process. See othe entry for Agunsa shipping agent.

CLF Agencia de Aduanas -20.21270, -70.15246

Threaded spigot by water fountains and right next to parking lot. Could fill a tank if you have a hose.

Quarry Park 37.50337, -122.46270

This is a special place. The Owner, Joachim, a German, married with a Moroccan, is a well known Mineral collector and processor of Minerals, mainly Agate. He builds his amazing dream house for his collection (in construction), with guest rooms, parking places for Campers. With Pool, fresh water, electricity. Surrounded by Plantations, Garden (bio) in a quiet place. The place is worth a big detour. Joachim is an Artist and was Tourist guide in Morocco. Extremely frindly and willing to show his activities, his workshop, and to propose tours.
To enter the place use the correct entry at (33.142027*N / 5.916262*W) ca. 190m north-east of the track, shown in maps.

Agate Farm 33.14059, -5.91463

restaurant with swimming pool. if you are looking for a peaceful and secure place for a stopover on your trip, this is the ideal place! you can park your vehicle in our closed car park with guard. there is no price for parking, everyone is free to give what they want.... you can also eat on the spot, skewers, braised fish, braised chicken or any other local dishes. There is also a swimming pool at 4000f for adults and 2000f for children. There is no obligation to consume on site. We are the owners, a Franco-Cameroonian couple and we would be delighted to welcome you to our home.
We are localised not so far to Yaoundé center.
You could on our WhatsApp :+237 699515474.

RV Beach 3.78533, 11.62536

Very clean laundry and showers. Variety of washer and dryers. Showers are $4 for 8 minutes. Can also buy water with your own container.

Junction Laundry and Showers 48.70271, -119.44025

FYI-- This location is temporarily closed from Dec 1- July 15 for protection of the Gunnison sage grouse. See pics

BLM - Black Canyon North Rim 38.63284, -107.64809

Temporarily closed for sage grouse protection Dec 1- July 15.
see signs in pics.

BLM near Black Canyon 38.63282, -107.64807
Se Joga No Mundo

clean water. low pressure. they charged 5 soles to fill the motorhome's tank. 5% fee for paying for fuel by credit card.

Fuel and water -13.42378, -71.84807

Came here and asked the staff to stay overnight. They told us the new owner no longer allow overlanders to stay.
Permanently closed

Recreo Campestre La Colina -9.59938, -77.17748
Se Joga No Mundo

We were very well attended by the gas station employee.

Fuel and water -13.42385, -71.84806

Propane and dump and potable water. For propane, the hose it short, coming from frontage Road so you’re facing the right direction for your propane if it’s on the passenger side. Come in off of Lynx Lake if your dump is on the driver side. Free to dump and fill. Propane is expensive but at least you can get it.

Blue Compass 34.58349, -112.34539

a nice little pull off by the river. There's actually a few different areas that seem possible to park in, divided by big bushy plants. Stayed here one night and nobody bothered me. It was actually pretty peaceful. In the morning the road has more cars so it can get noisy. But worth it to stay a night or two or even just hang out. Not sure of nearby restrooms, but the exit from I-5 has lots of options before you head about 10 minutes down to these spots.

Sacramento River 38.41996, -121.52688

Amazing spot, road noise, has service. Minimal bugs (late May). Wish it was better weather when I was here. Please don’t ruin this spot, leave no trace. This spot is great

US forest dispersed camping 46.43859, -86.68819

RIP this great spot. Stayed here 2 nights and on the 3rd a cop knocked and woke everyone up. He was nice about it, but said there wasn’t any place to stay in this town. Another camper said she stay here all summer and this was the first time this happened.

Shelbourne bay boat ramp 44.40001, -73.23498

Great place for water. 15p for garrafones. Wednesday 2 for 24p.
Easy parking.

Love water 20.51967, -99.89866

Stayed here a few days. No problems. Went on the edge of the parking lot as previously suggested. There is some noise at different times of the night. Garbage, street cleaners etc.
But otherwise had no issues.

WalMart Main Street 36.76634, -108.15235

Carte brune for a 800cc Motorcycle for 4 months including the CIMA countries for 17.290 CFA

Assurances ATA- For Western Africa 16.02672, -16.50525

Great spot. There is also a blue spigot in the gas fill stations between 9/10/11/12.

Maverick Gas Station 35.26084, -112.19319

Been to way better and way worst. Water is ok tho. Still 50 pesos.

Showers - Baños Floresta 31.86059, -116.61682

Indeed beautiful camp spot for multiple vehicles of any size, no 4x4 needed.
Direct at the beach edge with mighty waves and peaceful noise !!
Just couple of 100 m away from busy surf spot but very well secluded

Camino Cabo Este 23.18274, -109.47391

Several flat spots with fire rings just pass the sno park parking lot.

Ski Trailhead 48.38349, -119.89540

Beautiful place and definitely worth a short visit. Really kind staff. Dogs are allowed inside (exception: not in the museum).

Parking cost $300 pesos. Be aware that the parking guy will charge the right price. In our case the guy wrote a 1 in front of the 300 so we payed 1300 in the first place. After we showed the staff they made sure we got the 1000 back.

San Ignacio Mission -27.16569, -55.43980

Lovely camp ground- pool isn’t working- pity. Also 84 bucks/night….but fully serviced and clean sites.

Dinosaur Trail RV Resort 51.50072, -112.83279

Almoçamos aqui, arroz com legumes, carne com curry, uma bebida 3.700 guy. Tudo muito limpo e organizado.

58 Miles 5.38751, -58.58071

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