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You have stop here !!! Great place, hot water (for moment too hot). Out and inside pools. And the best, the herbal pool, with plants, we got the feeling to swim into a big hot morito. 😊
We paid, 12 sol for the family pack. 2 adults and 2 kids, so cheap !

On a hésité au début à s’arrêter ici mais on ne regrette absolument pas, même si les installations sont par moment un peu vétustes et limite niveau hygiène (pipi dans les douches familles où l’eau est coupée), le lieu est agréable avec différents bassins avec de l’eau tiède à l’eau trop chaude. Et le plaisir ultime, le bassin avec les plantes aromatiques. Un vrai plaisir.

Aguas termales, hot springs -14.45046, -71.07297

we arrived late in the afternoon and there was nobody to pay, but the place is so clean and well maintained I wouldn't mind paying 500kz for it, totally worth it

MIRADOIRO DA LUA -9.22130, 13.09016

indeed this is a beautiful wild camp! don't miss it! definitely in the top 10 of the best wild camp since morocco

Moonlandscape bush camp -9.23392, 13.09476

très beau camping. très propre et bien entretenu. a revisiter!

Shady Rest RV Park 54.41510, -126.63270

Excellent structure, mixed male and female bathroom, cold shower, laundry space with washing machine, very good.

Excelente estrutura, banheiro misto masculino e feminino, ducha fria, espaço de lavanderia com máquina de lavar, muito bom.

Truck Cleaning Place -14.55186, -75.19357
Lianne Lish

Great spot! It’s across the street from the park.

Boitanio Park Street Parking 52.12963, -122.13431

We had a very quiet night. Nobody around except zebras in the morning :)

Above the river bed -28.01998, 17.06615
Amar e viajar sm

Pernoite aqui para fazer o passeio do Delta do Parnaíba, da primeira vez que viemos aqui, deveria ter feito o passeio, porém acabamos retornando. Vou deixar a informação para você não ter que retornar, pq pra fazer o passeio está a 17km daqui

informações real o que aconteceu com a gente, chegamos aqui na segunda feira o passeio que tinha era somente de lancha o valor 350,00 o casal, porém existe um passeio que é d barco grande o valor é 80,00 (incluso o lanche de frutas, almoço e caranguejada) por pessoa, porem neste período que vim fora de temporada. Já no perde temporada este passeio do barco grande tem todos os dias. Obs. Tem uma taxa de 10,00 pra todos os passeio por pessoas

Para deixar o motorhome ficamos no posto e bar do Jaime (Marina Martes portela) foi cobrado 20,00 para o pernoite, com água banheiro e energia.

Antes de vir, confirme os horários e dias dos passeios com o Frank do Antares (86 99406-0941)

Grande Estacionamento Praia Pedra do Sal -2.76427, -41.84024

Doesn't exist... the neighborhood seems to be under construction, couldn't find a electrician anywhere.

Perito Moreno -46.60130, -70.92107
Hidden Valley RV, A Little Piece of Country in San Antonio

Shaded Primitive tent camping along the Medio Creek COMING SOON. Call for details and status of sites! 210-623-6737 ($35/n) or use our chat feature on our website at

Hidden Valley RV Park - San Antonio 29.29190, -98.61665

As described First day open. Close to the highway so some expected noise. Quiet otherwise.

Fort Ramsay 48.84663, -64.50193
Hotel Oso Perezoso. Kayak Hostel Ecuador.

Kayak Hostel Ecuador do personalized tourism and offer lodging, tours in the Amazon rivers, food services and everything you need to enjoy your days in the jungle. We are located in the best strategic place next to the river, close to the best section for paddling in the region, surrounded by nature and close to the main city. Join this experience! We welcome all visitors who wish to camp, sleep in their motorhome, or rent a beautiful cabin in nature.

Kayak Hostel Ecuador -0.85730, -77.79363

Small precision: the Google Maps coordinates are wrong —> after the 34 km take the path on the left (can of beer in the trees)

Wildcamping on the beach 25.52415, -111.10231
Hotel Oso Perezoso. Kayak Hostel Ecuador.

This place is in wrong location - it is located at -0.93702, -77.81819

Kayak Hostel Oso Perezosos -0.93702, -77.81819

Place to fill up propane tank. Very helpful workers!

HJ poist 39.13116, -76.81834

This is private property. There is a gate blocking the entrance. Also lots of tree work being done.

Spring Creek 42.66754, -121.88280

as the last one described.... really great place to stop not the quietest though. But it's allowed to stay up to 24h. Really safe if you are going south there is another like this one in the other side of the highway. We slept well and is a safe option if you don't have another option.

Victoria County. Safety Rest Area. Northbound 28.88730, -96.82440

We weren’t very happy with this place, but we chose it because of the location. On one hand in the shower it takes the water a couple of minutes to start running warm/hot, but when we washed our socks or underwear the lady came to yell at us that we are wasting water and that she prohibits it. Yes, you can use the kitchen, but neither the electrical kettle, mixer nor the big oven don’t work - the stove is ok, just try everything before planning your meal and shopping (we didn’t :). It’s also occupied half of the day by the cook (for the landlords) or the cleaning ladies, who come here to chat. The electricity in the poles next to the cars didn’t work, you need to charge you stuff in the kitchen/outside, where you also need to keep an eye on it. The internet is ok for browsing, unless there are more people connected, but for us it was useless for video calls or downloading (books, movies). Well. The location is great though😂

La Casa Del Sol Naciente CAMPING -22.90775, -68.20286
Dejando huella en familia

Not available.
We saw the same space and went inside to ask. But they said they can’t allow people overnight in their parking lot. Also, street overnight is not allowed in the city.

Skagway Rec Center 59.45022, -135.32346

As described, port-a-potty is questionable, but functional. Also, there is power inside the picnic table shelter.

McLennan Park - RestStop and Short term Camping 51.05951, -99.78080

Description above is accurate. A nice change from rest stops along 70. 24 hour camping allowed sign is still there. Bathrooms were unlocked when we arrived at 1am. Nice large playground for kids. There is a constant noise from a nearby mill or plant of some kind, nothing awful though. And you do hear some Highway noise, but again, not bad. Nice park, nice place. Would definitely stay here again. Help keep this place clean!

Quinter, Kansas City Park 39.07083, -100.23843

Paramos para descansar um pouco da estrada de chão e fazer almoço. É uma pequena vila c.

Grocery Store 3.96169, -59.14653

Parada pra apresentar seguro e passaporte

Entrée de la réserve maison des Rangers 4.15103, -59.00763

Controle de documentação, parada obrigatória

kurupukari Police control 4.65950, -58.68414

Gravel road off hwy. 2 fire rings. level . 3 bars T mobile. limited shade.

Indian Route Hwy 261 37.59141, -109.49712

Still free , beautiful place , shower doesn't work, beautiful water falls, very quiet at night

Cueva de las Palomas 39.40124, -0.79899

Very good place to stay (double rooms with en-suite bathrooms), with secure parking for cars and motorcycles, a fully equipped kitchen, laundry, just a short walk to the centre of town. The family is just lovely.
26,000-28,000 CLP per night through in May, the cheapest we could find in town.
The rooms don’t have windows but don’t let this deter you as it’s common in the desert, you get all the natural night you need on the terrace just outside your door.

Hostal Casa Blanca -22.91743, -68.19787
Baguette et zezette

Les emplacements pour camper sont bien, propres, eau, électricité, piscine, douches chaudes, mais impossible de dormir la nuit, le bruit des camions est incessant avec les freins Jacob.

Hotel Pie de la Sierra 19.44355, -102.07564

Parked on Park and Ride Side. Other Rv’s and vehicles stayed all night. No problem.

Walmart 43.79952, -123.04127

In order for us to travel to Europe with our dog (from Colombia), a blood test had to be done. The blood had to be sent to a recognized laboratory in Germany. Mrs. Andrea Vargas and her team have done this several times and knew exactly what to do and also knew the laboratory in Germany. We felt extremely well taken care of and would recommend the clinic to all travelers!

We paid for the whole paper stuff and the consultation incl. blood collection 500 bob. We were in contact via Whatsapp all the time and they accelerated the process at the SENASAG.

Thank you very much for everything!🙏🏼

Clinica Veterinaria Hocico Spa -16.51164, -68.12928

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