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All earlier comments correct, only today you’re not allowed to drive on the beach anymore. You have to park and camp next to the shed from the guard and the track entrance to the beach is blocked with a gate and pylons.
Beach is beautiful but the parking lot isn’t

Punta Arenas de la Ventana 24.04550, -109.82788

Had a nice quiet stay by the tennis courts across the street from sheriff’s office. Checked in with them
And they said it was fine.

Pioneer Park 26.32153, -80.09621

A nice quiet place with a large parking lot.

Cracker Barrel 39.97851, -83.14561

Surprisingly really great spot! Like the other comments I stayed in the parking lot of the abandoned office building. Stayed two nights. No other vans in the lot both nights. Mosquitoes are bad though!! We made the mistake of opening our windows and went to war with the mosquitoes in our van. Would absolutely stay here again though!!!

Note: don’t know how much longer this building will be abandoned though. Friday morning a contractor came and was working in the building. Not sure if this is indication of a new lease moving in or not. I would check it out or regardless or try some of the other abandoned office building lots on this street.

Utah Housing Corporation 40.71488, -111.98661

Up a stony and steep but manageable with 2WD road, there’s a nice flat area surrounded by trees. Campsite is not visible from road/any houses. It seems like locals may be here sometimes, there is a nice fire pit (lots of wood around!) and some trash (all cleaned now). You can hear some noise from the main road, but at night, it was pretty quiet. No street dogs, no water source, good LTE with Magti.

Secluded spot above main road 42.18031, 44.68208

There is another spot with the same name but we could not fond it at the location given, instead we found this bush camp closer to the entrance of the road. Nice place, quiet and spaces for camping divided by the bushes. No facilities but it is not in the National Park so you can camp. No network with Optus.

Karijini Bush Camp -22.57193, 118.07851

Neat camp site with hot running water, near the river and free firewood. The lodge and surroundings are beautiful with lots of different plants and trees to look at. Restaurant offers food for decent prices, we had the pizza which was good but just not enough to fill us up.

The hot springs are obviously the main attraction and, although camping for $20 pp is expensive, it is well worth it for at least one night. Great to soak away and it is well kept. There is a swimming pool you can use to cool down as well.

Mark and Mel, the owners, are very friendly. Had a nice chat with Mark and he gave us some tips on our route in Zambia.

Note: road to get here is ok. Not in the best condition but very doable.

Kapishya Hot Springs -11.16952, 31.60015

Theres a fence with a big lock half way to the spot.

Clay Canyon 43.28037, 78.99090

Really delicious local food, great service and setting. Homemade local juice. Highly recommend.

eDladleni Restaurant -26.37282, 31.15504

Overflow gravel car park for the heritage railway. Fairly flat. Free and no restrictions. Quiet.

Keighley & Worth Valley Railway Oxenhope Station 53.81490, -1.95107

next to the street a watertab with middle pressure. 200l - 20minutes.

Watertab next to the street 37.01604, 35.32627

Great place to disconnect from the world - no cell service whatsoever. However, there is an actual pay phone that works ($1 gets you two minutes anywhere in the US)

Potwisha 36.51680, -118.80067

Lovely campsite amongst the rocks with some shade trees. Three huge rock buttresses at campsite look like elephants, here the name.
Everything as described before.
Paid $300 Nam pppn.

3 Elephants / Schattenwand -21.58042, 15.53485

Facilities neglected. Hot water "donkey" chimney is blocked so fire dies and smoke pours out of opening. Shower drain blocked and water runs out of door. At $140Nam pppn plus $30Nam to see the footprints, it is pricey for what you get.

Dinosaur's Tracks Campsite -21.04043, 16.40019

Konkamoya Lodge's Private concession's camp on the edge of the Itezhi Tezhi Dam inside Kafue NP. Shared ablutions, hot showers, running water.

We camped one night.

Park entry: $15 ppp day x 2days
Park camping: $5 ppp night x1
Vehicle entrance: $15 pday x 2
HippoBay camping: $30pppn

Hippo Bay Campsite -15.87546, 25.88408

at the edge of the lake, quiet, close to the city center, there are 2 platforms, one of which has an electrical outlet on a tree trunk (the one with a wooden overhang). and in addition, the temperature is much more bearable here in the mountains and in the wind.

By the lake 12.46319, 107.18244

a place for camping and rest in the road specifically for bike riders and campers with very polit and kindness owner

karaburun camping samad&sanaz 41.07203, 31.00640

From UZ to KG. All in all this was Central Asia’s easiest and fastest border crossing. In total just one hour. Both side allows passenger to join driver for passport check in the car lane. So no need to go to the separate building and queue. On the KG side remember to get a 12 months TIP paper just opposite the passport control - you will need it to exit the country later.

Osh Dostuk Port of Entry 40.57305, 72.75958

Big tall building at the street corner.
Very nice, clean and modern hotel.
35 soles for one person (single bed) with private bath. Big widows in room.
Very good quality/price.

Gran Hotel Las Zarcas -6.62684, -78.94552

Spacious spot, but it’s all on a slope so it’s difficult to get close to level even with blocks. Turkeys walked through our camp midday.

Dispersed Camping 39.68313, -107.65012

Dump station just before reg office, rinse water. $10

Journey KOA Allentown 40.65897, -75.69252
Toyota Dolphin 1987

Perfect overnight spot before leaving on foot to Arco de Tiempo. As we go with a guide to the Arco de Tiempo, they let us stay free of charge. We could even plug in electricity for our small RV. The last 5km is unpaved dirt road, but if is not rainy, it is doable. They have toilets, prepaid wifi, a little shop and restaurant.

Cabañas Arco de Tiempo 16.89823, -93.72900

stayed in the tent sites near the river, paid $139 for 3 nights in unserviced site which was very expensive. toilets near river don’t have hand washing sinks, just bottles of sanitiser. Wifi and showers near the office with a coin laundry too. Bugs were horrendous. Not sure if it was too early in the season but pool was half empty and not maintained.

Serpent River Campground 46.21110, -82.59992

Good spot, descriptions are accurate. Large enough that it could easily take a handful of campers without people feeling on top of each other.

One woman stopped to ask what we were doing there (neighborhood watch-type situation?), only saw a few cars pass by otherwise.

Empty lot 34.51611, -93.04005

Quiet at night, good cell service. Clean pit toilets to use when centre closed.

Icefield RV Parking 52.22063, -117.22932

Best place for a night!! No more words are needed!! :)
Please keep clean this place!!

Pancake Bay - Lake Superior 47.05809, -84.76210
Mark Rhodes

great overnight stop. better than many campgrounds. we're 40' motorhome and plenty of room. we ar ived around 2pm. by 6pm room for maybe one more big rig. plenty of room for vans and small rigs. winery and brewery mile away. salido, co about 5 miles with Walmart, Safeway and nature's market along with many restaurants, bars and breweries downtown.

stop has potable water and dump for a small fee. sign in parking area says 24hour parking limit.

Poncha Springs Visitor Center 38.52180, -106.08153

Basic state park. Water and electric, central dump station.
During our visit there were abandoned dogs (pack of 5) that made many folks uncomfortable. Rangers couldn't catch them. Park is in need of maintenance and more security.

T. O. Fuller Campground 35.05809, -90.12793

$10 donation, call sheriff to get a spot. One side for camping with horse, the other without.

Rush river campground 44.50626, -93.93230

2 individual rooms with toilet, sink and shower. And a bench and a power outlet. Not the cleanest at the end of the day (super wet). There’s a 10 minute timer, then you need to wait 5 minutes to get another 10 minutes. Which means you can’t turn the water off during those 10 minutes. That’s a huge waste of water. Bonus: Capitol Burger food truck is on the parking lot most night!!

The Chuckwagon 38.29928, -111.42121

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