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Good place for the night. Nobody bothered me and it was pretty quiet.

KICCO Wildlife Management Trail 27.79255, -81.21710

Great place to have quiet night. But the fishermen do come early in the morning. Definitely stay out of the ramps area
The restaurant next to it is really good.

Bahia De Los Muertos 23.99334, -109.82580

Next to an airstrip so periodic noise from takeoff or landing small aircraft. Otherwise, a great little spot. Free for vans like me; $25 for full hook up. Pit toilets; Dump site too!

St. Francis - Free RV & Hot Shower 39.76611, -101.80152

Next to an airstrip so there is periodic noise from small aircraft landing and taking off. The overall site is on a little hill, but I managed to park my 144” sprinter on a flat patch. Packed dirt and gravel, $25 per night for full hookups (honor system) but free for no hookup sites. Toilets and dump too! Easy on and off US-36. Note T-Mobile service is good but it’s not on their network so data can be limited.

St. Francis - Free RV & Hot Shower 39.76613, -101.80154

We’ve parked here for 2 nights on van with no problems.
Looks like the only place in Jackson where you can park during winter month.

Albertsons 43.47182, -110.79006

Very friendly family with lot of anxious doggies- cenote and overnight 200 pp- beautiful garden, facilities are a-ok and they made a small shop for traditional mayan bracelets and co (mostly for tourists)

Cenote Aktun Zots (Esmeralda) 20.70099, -87.60975
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

This place is permanently closed.

water in front of the yamana bar -54.81415, -68.31979
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

This place is permanently closed.

Polideportivo -54.81461, -68.32102

brand new trailer park with electricity, running water bathrooms, hot showers, security, tv and wifi

El Amigo Trailer Park 24.04039, -109.98665

Minha kombi 1.4 flex se incendiou e ele conhecia o motor e arrumou. Recomendo MUITO. Também conhece do motor boxer.

Se tem uma kombi, pode trazer aqui sem medo.

VW mechanic -16.43843, -71.55579

Still here, still interesting museum/hotel. $5000pp to do auto guided tour.
Worth a visit

The Singular, Puerto Bories - Hotel, Museum and Bar -51.69248, -72.53277

Ecuador x Comlombia
1 - web check in migration
2 - Motorhome in pictures.

complicated to do the procedure, you can do it before and put 90 days of permission, but if your deadline is shorter, you will have to do it again at the border.

PDF files only, take pictures and use an app.

3 - no paper for dog, but she stay only in de car (with my husband, of course).

Immigration and Customs Ecuador and Colombia 0.27744, -76.92349

El puesto ha sido cerrado pero los camiones continúan estacionándose allí. Como vecino de la ciudad, desaconsejo pernoctar en este lugar, por la inseguridad.

Truck-stop behind BR fuel station -2.50205, -44.24306

I wasn't able to find this place.

Nantahala National Forest 35.19363, -84.50916

Very clean bathrooms and center. Employees were extremely friendly and helpful. Lived in Texas 40 years , first trip here. Headed to Quartzite Arizona for first meetup!

TA Travel Center 35.18366, -103.04918

It’s a very nice place ❤️❤️❤️ on the River w stay on Campsite 8 . Pool

Nunda River Lodge -18.10622, 21.59373

Sécurity didn t let us stay there for the night.

Soriana parking 20.98805, -89.66085

This place is permanently closed.

Hostal Lore -27.33241, -55.85681

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 18.60171, -90.70124

Casados Ranch camping and UMA 18.60171, -90.70124

Quick stop for propane. Nice clerk. Price seems right.

Baja Gas & Oil 24.10007, -110.38002

really kind owner, who knows well about hospitality and prepares extremely delicious cakes and pizza, vegetarian as well.
The lady even helped us to prepare a salad with the ingredients that we brought with us. ;-)

Shunto Pizzeria -6.70727, -77.80342

Yes. Nice place.
For this year 2023 the new prices are 10.000 pp for vehicles and 8.000pp for cyclist.
Now also huts
Very nice familly

Camping Rio Blas -46.53459, -72.70845

This is a very special place. The seashore is better then most of Alagoas beaches. It’s only for RV’s and trailers. The day’s price per person is R$30,00. You can use showers, light and water. I spent 5 wonders days in this place.

Japaratinga, Doze Cabanas -9.12375, -35.27338

all locked up with a sign on to rent no parking only cyclists

Hotel Germano -27.33943, -55.86415

Absolutely astounding. we had an English speaking guide, 500 pesos. well worth it.

Kohunlich Ruins 18.42008, -88.79341

We stayed here with our truck in the garden of the hotel . The owner is a french woman from Elsas . She is very friendly. We could use the shower and the toilet from a guestroom . There is also a nice restaurant.

Le Bélier Hôtel et Restaurant 10.24691, 1.38275

The last 5 km of the road was washboard and we took it slow. But really, any vehicle would get in here. If you want to go further north east onto the point, you may have some difficulty with low clearance vehicles. We arrived on a Friday. Except for some sunset viewers it was very quiet. Not so much on Saturday when lots of surfers arrived and kinda took over everything, including our campsite. Threw beer cans everywhere and allowed their dogs to shit anywhere without picking it up. But by sunset, most had left and it was peaceful again. Lots of flies. No cell service. We saw no signs of whales.

Playa Punta Marquez 23.95590, -110.87000

camping forbidden

Lakefront -38.94046, -71.32689

Es un lugar muy bonito, tiene electricidad, agua, baños limpios, duchas que no cobran adicional, nos costo 28us por nuestra van. Las carsbamas grandes pagan 47us.

Crazy Horse 37.04435, -112.51587

This place is open and we are just here

Fam. Schatz 31.69414, -8.13170

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