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Nice sunny spot as described. Hike down to the river. I prefer El zalote because river is closer though more popular.

QUIET camp 23.53717, -109.79333

We went from Uyuni to the Chilean border today via the 701. Overall, it was okay. You really have everything, from perfect asphalt to huge holes, where we could only go 10 km/h. We had to cover one night from a sand-/thunderstorm in San Cristobal, sweet little town.

Muddy dirt road after storm -20.66449, -66.87623

Filled up for local price, not a word of discussion.
But no US Dollars or tarjeta, only Bolivianos.

San Cristobal Gas -21.15701, -67.16843

Wow what an amazing place! The mine itself, the environment and estacion 8 are amazing! Absolutely stunning and worth the drive but ... the road up is now in very bad conditions (definitely high clearance 4wd only)! We crossed Rio Amarillo 54 times (each way), some are easy crossings but in few sections the road disappears into the river and you are just driving in 40cm deep yellow water for 20-50 meters. Some locals told us that normally in April they maintain the road and after that it is easier. We drove from California to Argentina, did many dirt tracks and definitely this was one of the hardest but most beautiful ones. If you have a proper 4wd just do it :)

Abandoned Mine "La Mejicana" (4WD only) -29.01274, -67.77510

Lugar grande e tranquilo para passar a noite.

Huge and calm area. Great for one night.

Axion Station -28.58029, -56.08499

very nice place for tents and vehicles. Grassy bit was wet and muddy but still a lot of space left atound.

Hidden in a grove -50.40469, -72.71887

We were asked to leave my midnight by the traffic enforcement… they were nice and told us to go to an avenue called Miguel Angel, which was a bit weird as we got there… so we found another place close to it that was looking better.

Next to Los Dedos de Punta del Este -34.95560, -54.93494

Goverhand hotel in Fatehpur sikri perfect for a night after visiting the city. They charged us 500Ri for parking with access to the bathrooms. They let us stay with our dogs in the garden. Very friendly staff

Goverhand hotel 27.09438, 77.66677

correction: insurance available only with chevaux fiscaux.

motorcycle insurance ecowas west Africa 16.02717, -16.50527

Nice small guesthouse they are knowing immediately what we want and we can drive in on the other gate. The woman and her son are very friendly. The noise of the bar stopped around 10pm after quite only a few cars passing the street. They’re opens a bungalow for toilet. It was useable. Nice for an quick overnight.
TSH 20000

Della Monte Hotel -4.29601, 33.90167

Beautiful location in the heart of the Berg. Remote camping, which is basic but right in the mountains. Ablutions are good but basic. Lovely, helpful and friendly staff. Basic shop selling canned foods, long life milk, sweets. Can trout fish in the Lotheni River. Suggest you bring your own rod and flies. Excellent walks from camp. We’re did the Emadundwini Trail - excellent views of the mountains and valleys. The weather is very changeable so be prepared. There was a storm when we arrived to opted for a chalet. R460 pn for two people. Highly recommended if you like wilderness.

Lotheni Camping -29.43957, 29.51875

Very good and safe fuel station, open 24h.

Posto de combustível muito bom e seguro, aberto 24h.

Parada Havan -27.66019, -48.67804

Safe parking lot with a lot of other Motorhomes.
Next to the beach and a short walk from the Main Street.

Parking Lot -34.65441, -54.14795

They did our laundry in 24 h. Price for 3 loads 94 BRL very neatly folded. Very friendly service as well.

Lavandaria Brilhante -29.04677, -50.14043

We tried to take the real northern route but the rangers didn‘t let us pass - so we took this route with the barriers.
We made it over all 3 barriers with our Toyota Hilux without problems. High ground clearance and 4wd is needed!
If you make it over the barriers you can drive to the Edge of the World and camp there. Beautiful views at sunrise & sunset.
During sunset a lot of guided tours with tourists will come to join you. They leave after sunset.
Not recommended at or after rainy days.

Walls / Barriers 24.96227, 46.02462

Propane between the RV Superstore and Westwind RV Resort, in the back of the parking lot. Next to a grooming salon.

Propane 32.66925, -114.46011

Stayed here in January, it was super chill and there was no one around to collect payment. No vendors either. We got snowed on. I have a feeling that these touristy places don't operate consistently in the winter.

HOWEVER, the next morning we drove on down towards Guachochi and saw a TON of roads that led off toward the river and great campsites in the trees. We wish we had have stayed at one of those places. You may or may not be seen from the road in some of those spots, but it's chill out here. There's no one coming to get you, or to collect payment at any time of year.

Happy Adventuring!

Camping next to the lake Arareco 27.70934, -107.59613

GREAT MECHANIC. We got some work done in Agua Prieta and had the sway bar links replaced there. A few days ago we noticed some terrible knocking under the van and realized that one of the links was completely gone. They hadn't tightened them enough.

So we stopped in here, and Pancho was amazing. In less than 45 mins he checked under the van, went to the store to get a new sway bar link and had it installed, plus replaced another bolt he saw was missing. Everything cost $300 pesos ($21 Canadian dollars).

Can't recommend this place highly enough. Don't forget to tip your mechanic. If they don't own the shop they're not getting all that money for themselves.

llantas y suspensiones de la Sierra 27.73890, -107.63758
Chateau Ski

Auto-Propane for vehicles, RVs and tank fills as well.. Fair price.

5003 45 Ave, Millet AB

Propane pour bonbonnes et véhicules. Prix raisonable.

Petro-Canada 53.09000, -113.47000

Not the best food (for example no veggies) but an excellent place to heat up and dry things, cause it is cosy and they have a stove. Very friendly people as well. They also have accomodation for 20.000 CLP pppn, including breakfast.

Ensenada -44.32563, -72.56276

Stayed 3 nights and caught some good surf. Big parking lot for camping. Very chill scene, quiet at night. Lots of families. No showers, but toilets which were not well maintained so a bit of a bummer if you prefer a little cleaner situation. Half the time the toilet didn’t flush. $10/night so a really good cheap deal with you need minimal services.

Los Cerritos Beach 23.33088, -110.17694

really a beautifull place, we stayed here for 2 quiet nights with one other van. cold when the sun is down on this height. next day we left our van on the field ( felt safe and was oké) and walked a few minutes to the entrance of the butterfly sanctuary ( 80 pesos entree fee pp). than you climb 2,5 km on a good hiking path or take a horse to see the milion of mariposas.

Mariposas well hidden 19.66790, -100.27422

No ATM anymore they only make appointments but no cash withdrawal.

Banco Pinchincha 10.42408, -75.54761

Pernoite gratuito nas dependências da Casa Valduga. Água, internet e energia disponíveis. Recomendável ligar com antecedência para verificar a disponibilidade.

Owners allow a handful of RVs to stay overnight in a parking lot within the winery for free. Beautiful premises. Water, electricity and internet available. Call in advance to check availability.

Casa Valduga - wineyard -29.17713, -51.55593

Huge parking lot to stay if you arrive late from the ferry or want to wait for the ferry next day. Is like 150m from the conf administration. We spend a very quiet night. There are bathrooms behind the Conaf admin. A park ranger told us in the morning that we can cook at the place but we can use the tables that are like 20 meters behind the bathrooms. The night we spend it was like 8 other vans, cars, and Rv in the place.

Gran estacionamiento para pasar una noche si llegas tarde del ferry, hay baños detrás de la casa de conaf. Es muy tranquilo pero no puedes cocinar en el lugar. Si puedes usar las mesas que están a unos 20 metros del baño.

Conaf parking lot -72.60433, -72.60433

Huge parking spot where truckers sleep. We spend one night, very quiet. That night where 4 more overlanders staying.

Next morning we went to cook breakfast to playa santa barbara and we figure it out that is a better place to sleep, much nicer for the views

Truckers rest place -42.92035, -72.71326

This little hideaway is beautiful. Workers are nice. Had a nice 2 hour conversation with Ryan (military vet), we talked war stories. So there is no showers, but there is bathrooms. Dump station and about 10 ft away is potable water to fill up your fresh water tank, just no fill up spots at the individual camping spots. Last two thing is not really a place for pets. Gator in the pond that everything surrounds. And directly across the highway is the largest population of larger gators I have ever seen and I use to work in South Georgia with a lot of them. And at night the mosquitoes aren’t the worst I’ve dealt with but there is enough of them to make you stay indoors. Almost forgot, one bar service for all cell phone services. But starlink was perfect. All you Astrophotographers will love it.

Midway NPS Campground 25.84986, -80.98908

The owners are so cute and giving. A bit of muddy grass at the time we parked but nothing our 2000lb rig couldn’t handle. Not sure how the soft grounds would handle heavy rigs. If it is a problem the owner would figure out a solution for you surely. Came for one night left after two, 100 pesos per person. Toilets with toilet paper! And hot showers! And amazing wifi connection!! Little outdoor kitchen with running water / sink, garbage and a place to dump. All the recommendations and checking in to make sure all is well🥰 I really enjoyed at night a flock of birds would swirl around for 10 minutes and an organized fashion. Didn’t see the river but saw it on our way out. Nice that there’s a store right down the road too, as there is every 10 feet on that road:p cute town as well! For some reason I felt VERY safe on this campground. Slept with door unlocked, it’s not often that that happens for me since coming to Mexico!

Note if you’re a tall rig:keep an eye on the light wires above when you pull in, not sure the clearance

Campamento Tiempo & Espacio 21.83123, -99.14671

We just stayed for the night. Spacious Campsite, clean ablution block with hot water. Lots of shade.
Wifi only at the bar and electricity at reception.
We paid 10 US$ pppn. Card facilities available.

Gwango Heritage Resort -18.67953, 26.94030

I crossed this border third time on my trip. This time leaving Iraq toward turkey (and I crossed into Iraq ex Kuwait).
Totally new experience. Last time it was really crowded but this time not.
I arrived at 07:30 at the kurdish site. At the entrance gate I had to convince the guy that I don’t have any Kurdish documents as I am coming from central iraq.
Parking lot was almost completely empty this time and no guys who want to sell you the „passenger list“. After entering the immigration building they were discussing something untill they gave me the stamp after some time.

Leave the building and drive with the car to the next counter (on the other side of the roofed driving area).

Right side right Counter: give them passport and the yellow or blue document you got at the entry border. They give you a slip and you have to go to the counter on the opposite side of the street (left of the street). There I had to pay 38.000IQD. Only accepted in Dinar. One of the smugglers was friendly and helped me out to exchange money with him (for a good rate).

After that you have to go to the left counter on the right side. Here you get a slip for the exit gate. At the exit gate give them the slip and one passenger list.

As I arrived so early on the border I was the fifth car in the row on the bridge waiting for the Turkish site to open. Additionally they now have beton walls on the border bridge. Now it’s not possible anymore for the Turkish vans to play their sneaky game of trying to overtake and get into the row in front.

I arrived on the bridge at 8am. Turkish fence opened at 8:30.

On the Turkish side park at the first counter. You have to go to the window by feet. They check passenger list and passport. After that they check your car and give a signature on your passenger list (my list was handwritten).
After that you can pass the counter and proceed to the next counter. Get out again, Gomito the window, show car and insurance documents. After that you can drive to the exit gate where they might check you in the system again. Now you are free to leave. :)

Iraq / Turkey Border 37.14395, 42.56932

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